Cobalt dress for sister's wedding--pick best of 3 options

My sister is getting married and wants me and my other sister and sister in law to wear cobalt dresses. We are not officially bridesmaids, but will be walking down the aisle before our kids (the cousins are all flower girls and ringbearer). She is getting married in Sedona AZ--the wedding is at 5 pm (outdoors) and the reception is to follow at the hotel/resort. We will be taking family pics before the ceremony.

I posted these dresses before when I was shopping for options in this thread (if you want to see what they look like without a huge belly):

These three were the top contenders, so I kept these three and figured I'd decide later. But later is now--the wedding is next week, so I thought I'd open it up to voting again since my figure is quite different now! :) Which of these three dresses do you think looks best on me for the wedding? They are not maternity dresses, so hopefully they don't look too funny with my big preggo tummy!

I'll probably bring all three and compare to what the others are wearing before making a final decision, but I wanted to get some feedback on which one you guys think is the winner. If it's a tossup, I could change from one dress to another between the wedding and reception, but it would be easier to just wear one dress the whole time. I'll probably end up returning the loser to Nordstrom.

1-5. Adrianna Papell--aka mermaid dress. I think this one probably looks the most sophisticated of the three. I think it was my second favorite before (I felt like it looked a bit plain compared to the sequin dress), but now I kind of like how it is figure hugging and highlights the bump. The only slight problem is I have to keep an eye on the "scales", which have a tendency to want to flip up around the top of my big belly (it's pretty easy to smooth them down though). DH said he liked this one the best, and the JS Boutique the next best.

6-10. JS Boutique. This one got the most votes in the previous thread and was my favorite before. I think it's the dressiest and probably the best for an evening wedding, with the sequins. I like the twirly skirt--it's a fun dress to wear. I like the front view but I'm a little unhappy with the side view--I think I look a lot bigger in this dress because the skirt hangs straight down instead of hugging the underside of my belly. The empire waist kind of makes it seem more like a maternity dress. Also, I'm not sure about the high neckline on me--I tend to prefer V necks. And I'm wondering if it looks too young, like a prom dress.

11-14. Seamline for Cynthia Steffe--I like the neckline and the dress is very similar to the J Crew Origami dress that I have in orange. This one was the least expensive of the three. I'm keeping this one regardless--I actually have worn this to work several times already, even while pregnant. However, it's more of a daytime dress (so maybe not fancy enough for a wedding) and my growing belly is causing some puckering at the sides of the skirt.

Well, what do you think? Do you like any of these or should I scramble to find something else like a true maternity dress? Thanks for your help!


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