WIW 4/10: Picture Perfect Day 4--Metropolis

This was the toughest one since I haven't seen the movie (I ordered it on Netflix but it hasn't arrived yet), but I did research on the movie online. It looks like a fascinating film and DH and I are planning to watch it together (he loves sci fi).

1-7. This first outfit was inspired by the buildings and diagonal lines on the skyscrapers and the city lights. The dress has diagonal ombre lines and so do the purse and shoes, and they are all in black/grey/taupe which fits with the color scheme and gritty urban feel. I went with a Art Deco style bracelet to reflect the time period, and chain necklace (since the workers are symbolically chained down by their work).
Classiques Entier ombre dress
Missoni for Target pumps
Fossil vintage striped satchel
Nordstrom Art Deco bracelet
Banana Republic chain necklace

8-11. Since it's a black and white film, I thought I'd have fun with my pics in black and white too. This sequin top reminds me of the rings surrounding the robot and the stiff tank is like the robot's hard shell.
White House Black Market geometric sequin tank
Anne Fontaine black blouse
Gap Real Skinny pants
Stuart Weitzman black ballet flats
Michael Kors black studded satchel

12-17. I couldn't resist throwing in my flapper dress from the recent 20's party I attended. This reminds me of the heavily beaded and somewhat risque outfits that the socialites and dancer wore in the film, plus it's consistent with the time period, since the film came out in the 1920's. The beaded dress is sheer so I wore a slip underneath, but maybe if I was in the film I would ditch the slip! ;)
Beaded flapper dress and slip
Clarks black Mary Jane pumps
Nina beaded clutch
Black gloves, feathered headband, and long bronze pearl necklace

I didn't think I would be able to do this movie well (since I don't have any metallic corset tops or anything, LOL), but I'm actually really happy with the way these outfits came out!

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WIW 4/10: Picture Perfect Day 3--Breakfast at Tiffany's x4 (so fun, darling!)

Dear Fred (and YLF),
I went to town on this challenge and had lots of fun recreating different looks from the movie with accessories, toys, the cats (and baby too, because he didn't want to be left out). So much fun, darling! How do I look? Are you amazed? ;)
Natalie GP-lightly

1-8. LBD.
Bailey 44 black lace Lolabelle dress
J Crew pearl necklace
Banana Republic pointy black kitten heels
Cat earrings
Black gloves
Chopstick from the kids' wooden sushi playset
Target black hat
Niles and Baby GP

9-13. Orange coat and cat mask.
J Crew rust orange Plaza wool coat
Calvin Klein grey sweaterdress
BR kitten heels
DD's cat mask

14-16. Trench coat.
Kate Spade Topliner trench

17-20. My real outfit for today--loungewear, Audrey style.
H&M black and white striped T
Gap Real Skinny black pants
Stuart Weitzman black ballet flats

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WIW 4/9: Picture Perfect Day 2--Star Wars (3 ways)

The first outfit is what I planned for the challenge and actually wore out today to take DD to school and run some errands. I didn't have a galaxy print shirt or dress (bummer) so I went with this agate dress, which reminds me of the clouds and water on a planet surface, and the draping is similar to the flowy costumes they wear. The white jeans and denim jacket combined with and silver purse and sneakers are similar colors to Leia's outfit, and I had a little water gun blaster and my necklace which reminds me of the Death Star. This denim jacket with dress as tunic over jeans and sneakers was a very comfortable MOTG FFBO, I'll have to remember this formula!

The funny thing is I came back home and was talking to DH and he said he was sending back our Netflix DVDs. I asked if we could rent Metropolis and Vertigo. He was surprised and said, "Why are you interested in those films? Does this have something to do with fashion?" I told him about our movie poster challenge and said, "This is my Star Wars outfit". He asked if I had posted my pics already and then said it didn't look Star Wars enough and that I should wear a white sweater or top and that he would lend me his Nerf gun. So, DH made me change! Hilarious that DH got into the action--he is a bit of a Star Wars geek. I didn't have a white tunic or drapey sweater, so the beige turtleneck or the cream sweater were the next best options. Just for kicks I tried to make my hair into Princess Leia cinnamon buns, but I am awful at styling hair, so they look more like pretzels. LOL!

Which of these three outfits do you like best, and which looks the most "Star Wars"?
1-4. American Eagle white denim jacket
Michael Michael Kors agate dress
Kut Diana white skinny jeans
Skechers grey wedge sneakers
Michael Kors pewter studded satchel
Alexis Bittar orange leopard pendant
5. INC beige turtleneck and Michael Kors snakeskin belt and gunmetal "starry sky" stretch bracelet
6. Gap ivory dolman sweater
7-8. Princess Leia/Star Wars inspiration


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WIW 4/8: Day 1 Movie Poster challenge--Indiana Jones

Thanks Ornella for organizing this movie poster challenge!
For the Indiana Jones theme, I went with a safari shirtdress, leather jacket, lace-up boots, vintage looking satchel, leather belt as a whip--and snakeskin cuff and snake earrings because Indy hates snakes! Gratuitous baby pics included! So fun!

H&M olive safari shirtdress
Lafayette 148 cognac leather jacket
Frye Melissa cognac leather boots
Pelle and Anthro leather belts
Fossil floral satchel
H&M snakeskin cuff
Snake earrings
Alexis Bittar orange leopard pendant

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WIW 4/5: Channeling Mom--black and white lace floral top and cobalt skinny jeans

This is weird, but I sort of feel like I'm channeling my mom in this outfit! This is totally something she would wear. I bought this top while shopping with my mom at Ann Taylor and she almost got the same one. She loves to wear colored skinny jeans too. I've been wearing the heck out of my new grey snakeskin studded wedge sneakers and matching pewter studded satchel, and added my gunmetal spiky bracelet as well. Even though my mom is 25 years older than me (she loves to shop at Forever 21!), I'm wondering if this outfit might be a little too young and trendy for me? LOL!
(I added the leather jacket to cover the muffin top, since I can barely squeeze into my old jeans).

Tahari black leather jacket
Ann Taylor black and white lace cutout floral top
Old Navy Rockstar cobalt skinny jeans
Skechers wedge sneakers
Michael Kors studded satchel
F21 bracelet

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