Burgundy hair--do I dare?

It sometimes takes me a while to find the time to schedule a cut and color as it usually takes at least 2.5-3 hours. Pic 12 is just after my last cut/color (which was in February, can't believe it's been 4 months already, yikes!). Pic 13 is one of the more recent ones showing how my hair has grown out a bit. I finally booked another cut/color appointment on Friday. So far when I've colored it no one can tell it's any different except the grays look more golden colored, and it's a semi permanent single color so it just gradually fades away. I've been tempted to do something a little more daring with my hair color and am attracted to doing something with more burgundy or black cherry highlights. Kinda letting my UWP persona come out a bit, but I still need to look professional. These are some of the pics I sent to my hairstylist. She warned me that if I change hair color it would involve bleaching and more frequent upkeep. What do you think--am I being crazy? Also, any thoughts on cut? She wants to get rid of my bangs but I'm kind of partial to them. Although they do get in the way when they get long. I'm thinking something like 14 for cut? I think I prefer the current longer length of 13 to 12 so probably not going to cut too much length off.

Thanks for your advice!


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WIW 6/2 Taking a stand against gun violence (with my food baby)

I wore orange today to take a stand against gun violence on National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Please make it stop!


Felt great in this outfit all day. Until my coworker pulled me aside to ask me if I was pregnant. I nearly bit his head off. WTF. Not again! Damn food baby! OK, yes he is right, if I don't stand up straight and suck it in, I do look pregnant. (5/6) I do work out regularly, but my belly has birthed three babies and the food baby is not going away anytime soon. Maybe not ever. Heck, even Jennifer Garner has one.
I felt bad and initially felt like skipping dinner. But I decided I'm not going to starve myself. This is embarrassing to post these pics, but I'm going to take a stand with my food baby and 1) show you that I don't have a perfect bikini body and 2) it's OK--life goes on. And 3) there are many more important things to worry about (like gun violence!). And 4) please do not ask a woman if she is pregnant unless she has a baby dangling between her legs! Gah!

Trouve navy leather jacket, orange T and striped skirt, Paul Green Cayannes (also wore the Michael Kors tangerine loafers--which one do you like better?), Long champ bag, Tommy Bahama necklace, Stella and Dot bracelet


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