WIW 7/4: More red, white & blue for July 4

Another red white and blue outfit for July 4. I was going to wear red sandals but I didn't have time to paint my toes blue, so I went with the red Converse instead. I took the kids to my sister's house and we went swimming. She made brownies served with mochi ice cream for my upcoming birthday. I brought a couple bags of clothes & shoes for my sister. She said she is happy to go "shopping" when I pass things on to her. I know I could get a little money back if I tried to sell stuff but it isn't worth the effort. I've brought stuff to a consignment store before and never get that much, so I'm happy to just hand things down to her. (I gave a bunch of baby clothes to my other sister too.)

Side note, I have to confess I am not feeling that fab about my flab around the waist. I semi tucked my shirt and really watched my posture/sucked it in for the photo, but it feels better to untuck and hide the evidence. I lost 7 lb earlier this year, but it seems to have crept right back on and my pants feel really tight. I know we're not supposed to dwell on negative body image but I'm posting for accountability. I'm just 5-6 lb away from having an "obese" BMI which is shocking, so I need to get my health under control.  I need to get serious again and up my game in the healthy eating and exercise habits. My goal is to lose a couple of pounds a month through the end of the year. Don't know if I can do it, but I at least need to try.


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WIW 7/1: Independence Day red, white & blue with fireworks

You know me, I love theme-y holiday outfits and here's another July 4th outfit. Wearing this a little early since Angie's July 4th ensemble came out today. I don't have a stars shirt or red striped skirt, but I can still have some fun with the theme!

Red Converse, white shorts, and blue T shirt. With red "fireworks" necklace and bracelet. And just for fun, the Paul Frank British Julius handbag to celebrate our independence from England!

By the way, my kids have been loving the series "Liberty's Kids" (7), which is a cartoon miniseries all about the Revolutionary War. It's really detailed--40 episodes! They watch it in the car. Even my three year old likes it and they're learning a lot about American history. There are three kids, a girl and two boys, and each of them identifies with one of them. They learned about Patrick Henry saying "Give me liberty or give me death!" and I told them about the Far Side cartoon (8) where young Patrick Henry says "Give me potatoes or give me death!" and they thought that was hilarious, so now whenever they want something passed to them at the table they say, "Give me seaweed or give me death!"


4-6. Here's some more of my previous July 4th outfits (fun to see old kiddo pics!):




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