Anyone want to take a stab at my color analysis? (pic heavy)

Tarzy's thread got me interested in color analysis again (I had been wondering about that before). I don't have the time/money to get a professional anaysis done right now but I'd love to hear what the peanut gallery says about what colors I should seek or avoid and what my season is. I can't tell if I am a Winter or Autumn and whether I need warm or cool colors. I wear pretty much all colors (except pastel or neon) and tend to favor bright colors over pale neutrals, but I don't know if that's just a personal preference vs. what looks good on me. Here are some sample pics (I tried to use outdoor shots when I could). Look at this rainbow of bright colors! The only ones I don't like so much are #15/16 (moss green), #24 (pale blue), #28 (true purple as opposed to bordeaux) and perhaps 31-32 (brown/camel--I like the colors but they tend to wash me out). What do you guys think?

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  • krishnidoux replied 8 years ago

    Goldenpig, you might be a warm Spring! In any case, mid-tones suit you best IMO.

    Warm tones such as 5-8, 11-12 compliment your skin tone. Yet cool lemon color in 9-10, and 14, bright red on 1-2 looks very vibrant and cute on you.

    I personally much prefer the sweater's shade of 20 over the one in 21.
    Softer, deeper and warmer colors suit you best.

  • lyn67 replied 8 years ago

    I think it really all depends on....(for ex the lighting, if you have a tan or not, what occasion you dress for, the clothing item(shirts/bottoms or outerwear) and the overall styling itself). I do not really give so much attention to all this mess arround colour analysis...I think you know very well which colours are good for you.
    Bythe way, you may have right with the camel, pale blue, green---they are not so good as the others nearby your face, but I especially love how you styled the camel cape-so ladylike, in a good sense, and red bag do the brighting there, too. So that's it, try everything and see if it works for your bests, trust your feelings:-))

  • Fruitful replied 8 years ago

    Man this is hard.

    I read my Grandma's copy of "Colour Me Beautiful" when I was a child, and took it to heart. I'm a Winter, and I think she said people of Asian descent are often Winters (not always) - maybe she's totally wrong, but that info got lodged in my head early.

    So you may well not be a Winter but that is what plays in my brain :)

    Also, I think I'm drawn to my favourite colours and it's hard to objectively decide what suits you. That may be useless information - or not; it might help you keep a critical perspective on what other people tell you you "should" wear.

    Your skin seems to come the most alive in 16 and 26 (which happen to be almost complementary opposites).

    I also love the navies, reds and orange on you as posted above.

    BTW I hadn't seen the outfit in 22 - amazing dress!

  • replied 8 years ago

    You're so cute!

    Sorry, not helpful, but that's what popped into my head!

  • rae replied 8 years ago

    I stand firm on deep winter, because you can wear warm or cool colors and look great in *saturated* color, whether it is bright or darker.


  • Aunty replied 8 years ago

    Heck! I am no help at all!!
    I like you in the bright and strong colours, but you do the softer colours as well. See I said I was no help!

  • HeleenH replied 8 years ago

    I think you aren't a winter as in picture 21, with the colder blue and purple, I see your tops first, and then your face, whereas you can very well wear the yellow/mustard earthy colours that I cannot wear (I am told I am a deep winter, also explained as 'a snow white'). Most of the colours you have chosen look like they are warm. It is difficult to say though, because colours can appear different depending on the white balance on the camera and the screen.
    One of the pointers would be if you can wear black.

  • replied 8 years ago

    I think you might be an "Earth" according to this system:


    And would look best in these colors:


  • Diana replied 8 years ago

    GP & Fruitful, my suspicion is that standard color analysis does not really work all that well for people of Asian descent... (keep in mind that I have not actually read "Color Me Beautiful," just read *about* it on the web). I think our skin tone (golden undertones) would make us Autumns, but the dark hair and eyes make us winters. The combo of autumn and winter is a pretty good indication of the colors I like though, and that I think looks good on me. Pretty much anything saturated and high-contrast.

    GP, I think your skin coloring is somewhat similar to mine but a bit lighter and your hair is darker (because mine is dyed) so if I had to pick a season, I'd say winter, but honestly I think you can do both warm and cool colors.

  • Suz replied 8 years ago

    I think (if we are buying into this whole thing, and despite having had it done, I have serious doubts...) you might be deep autumn. But to do this properly you need to have be in natural light, no makeup, with your hair pulled back, all distracting elements taken away, and draped only in the colour, and then compare many, many colours, warm and cool against your skin. So this is a guess based on what I see and your preferences.

  • texstyle replied 8 years ago

    Based just on these photos of you I think "earth" is a good suggestion - warmer, more muted tones look really good on you. Some of these are esp. nice!: #6-7,11-12, 16, 20.

    The ones I'm not sure are the best colors for you include #14,18,19 and 21 - but some of that may be due to lighting.

  • Aziraphale replied 8 years ago

    Goldenpig, I'm not sure if I can tell what your colours are based on photos, but here's a shortcut someone told me once: if the veins of your inner forearm appear greenish, you are either spring or fall, and if they're blue/purple, you're summer/winter. That narrows it down. I'm not sure if this trick always works, but for me it does. My veins are clearly green, and there's no question that I look best in 'spring' colours.

    But again, I am not a staunch supporter of the colour season system, because it feels restrictive to me. Also, according to that I should never wear black, and I think I look good in black. (My face has a lot of natural flush to it, and black seems to tone that down).

    I think the colour analysis thing is fun for the same reasons that astrology is fun. I don't actually believe in it, and I don't seek out its advice, but can't resist reading my horoscope if it crosses my path.

  • tarzy replied 8 years ago

    From my recent research for my article, color analysis has changed a lot since the old "Color Me Beautiful" days. There are many different systems, but most now use 12 categories, including some that are neutral but lean slightly toward either "warm" or "cool."

    I won't go into it all here - I know that Angie doesn't buy into any of this - and I'm not trying to sway anyone to believe or not believe. I've come across lots of interesting info researching my article.

    Suz is correct - it all comes from the skin, and the hair and eyes are secondary. It's very, very, difficult to analyze yourself, and even people with a good eye for color can have trouble figuring themselves out.

    I can give you a few links that might give you a basic understanding. I've also included a few links that specifically talk about Asian skin, as you may find some interesting info there.

  • goldenpig replied 8 years ago

    Fascinating stuff!

    Diana, I agree that it seems like traditional color analysis is tough with Asians, maybe that is why I am so confused. It seems like there are a lot of varied opinions on this thread too! Elisabeth, I can't even see my veins that well so it's tough for me to tell what my undertones are. Alicat, I'll look into the Earth tones more. Thanks Tarzy, those are fascinating links, especially that second one where she compares her skin tones to other Asians in pictures. I should try that!

    I know what colors I *like*, but I don't feel like I have a very good eye for color (and I don't wear much makeup so I don't know what shades look good on me) so I don't know if the colors I like really correspond to what looks good on me or not. I do seem to be picking a lot of autumn/Earthy colors, but is that just because it's Fall right now?

    How would I find someone who knows how to do color analysis well on Asians? I might be interested in doing it if it's not too expensive. Then again, I've never had my palms read either (love the astrology analogy!) ;-)

  • anna replied 8 years ago

    The pictures that stand out to me are 9,11 and 20. Those colors suit you best as far as I can see. Especially the cool tone of the sweater in #20. Love that on you!

  • rachylou replied 8 years ago

    I think one of the things is, it's about the colours you wear next to your face. Like anybody can wear any colour, but we wear some colours better than others next to the face.

    Anyways, I think you're an autumn. The warmer colours, rather than the clear cool colours, look better. Like, I like the red of #1 better than the fuschia of #21 on you. And I think the orangey red of #3 is a bit depressed by the true blue over it, while you look smoking in the "dusky" blue of #20.

    I'm not sure what "deep" means in terms of colour analysis. Really, I don't know what I'm talking about at all in terms of seasons.

  • ImogenL replied 8 years ago

    I've done heaps of colour analysis on Asian skins - they work exactly the same as Caucasians - you just leave the hair out of the equation (as it's always very dark).

    Paler Asians need lighter colours all over, darker skinned ones tend to look better with more intensity and depth.

    Having had a quick look at your photos and the difference between you in different outfits I'd say you are definitely warm.

    You are not bright, but neither are you really muted - so I'd go with warm colours that are a little bit toasted (what I call my exotic or spicy palettes).

    Like what you're wearing in 7, 8 and 28 are all beautiful on you - the worst colours are the cooler and either bright colours such as 21, or cool and light such as 24.

    Hope that helps!

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