Bombshells, check in here!

Una suggested we start some more threads for style families. Who else here self-identifies as a bombshell? I know MaryK is a Business Bombshell, and Teri has said she is a bombshell too. I think Kari and TXSarah have also been described as Bombshell, but I don't know if they consider themselves bombshells.

I would never have thought of myself as a bombshell--neither my personality or my body type matches the typical bombshell persona. I'm not a diva, star of the show attention getter...I'm more of a quiet unassuming type. But when I was searching for a descriptor for my style persona, I read the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style and the one type that resonated with me the most was Bombshell, surprisingly enough. I love red and other bright colors. Pencil skirts and full skirts and dresses. Leopard print. Fitted waists. Very feminine clothes. Flirty details like ruffles and fur collars. But I don't dress in tight, sexy, revealing clothes or wear feather boas and mules at home, dahling. My aspirational style would be more 1940's secretary than 1950's pinup. So I came up with the oxymoron description Demure Bombshell for myself. Whether or not it's accurate is maybe beside the point. It has helped me shop because in my mind I can picture who that person is and what kind of clothes she likes to wear. I know Angie doesn't think I am very bombshell, and not UWP either even though both of those styles inspire me. Actually I think I have to agree with her, when I wear an "UWP outfit" in my head I feel very UWP, but when I go back to the pics later I can tell it's not very UWP at all. I suppose maybe I'm really more of a Modern Classic, but for some reason I really don't identify with that term. Maybe because I think of it as my old pre-YLF style--Ann Taylor and Banana Republic and classics and trousers and it's too generic for me to help me shop. But I know lots of YLFers who really embrace that style and have the killer style to match! Anyways, I'll still call myself DB even though I'm probably more of a pseudo-bombshell. My mom, on the other hand, is more of a classic bombshell, both in personality and the way she dresses (she even dressed up as the Playboy bunny for Halloween a couple of years ago, and her husband was Hugh Hefner. Gack!).

I couldn't find much on the forum that actually talks about bombshell style, mostly about how to avoid looking bombshell. So I think this is not a popular look here on YLF. But here are some of Angie's original threads where she talked about de-bombshelling pencil skirts.
Funnily enough, lately I've been wearing chunky sweaters with pencil skirts just like in Angie's first thread! Hmm!
I posted a couple of threads in response to Angie's threads, asking about the definition of bombshell style--not sure I ever got an official answer on that but the discussion on bombshell style was interesting!

Here is the original thread where I was trying to find my style persona.
And here are some of my demure bombshell looks:
7. A page from the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style, bombshell section.

Who else here is a bombshell? Post your looks please!

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  • catgirl replied 11 years ago

    Yay, for a new thread! I don't know if Zap will check in here, but I thought she would make a perfect Bombshell Assassin, with her high pony, elegant beauty, and tailored looks.

    I find it interesting that you aspire to some UWP looks but aren't sure they come through. It makes me wonder if who we are colors how we wear things. I feel absolutely 100% confident wearing the outfit I wore last night, but in your outfit #2, which is gorgeous, I would feel (and consequently look) less than comfortable.

    What are your thoughts on that?

  • Angie replied 11 years ago

    I am already posting on Da Vies, Kari, MaryK & Zap's behalf :)

  • Janet replied 11 years ago

    I definitely relate to some components of bombshell (I like to wear bodycon dresses like the B44 tiered dress when the mood strikes), but I don't consider it one of my main style components. DayVies and MaryK immediately came to mind.

  • replied 11 years ago

    Yes, DayVies and MaryK own this. I think Jenava has some bombshell looks too. I love looking at these looks, but I don't have a bombshell bone in my body, I am afraid!

  • Emily replied 11 years ago

    Do I count? I really admire your style, Natalie!

    I like classic, waist-defining silhouettes, high heels, pussy bows, and jewel tones. A couple of my style icons are Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren circa the 60s.

    In practice I am probably more modern classic; I prefer tailored rather than skin tight fits and avoid cleavage. I also do not lean "flirty" - I prefer pleats to ruffles and am not crazy about fur.

    Pseudo-Bombshells represent?

  • rachylou replied 11 years ago

    I find *bombshell* very apt for you, Natalie, personally. You aim for a pretty curvy silhouette. Modern classic is too... straight-lined for you, IMO.

    I don't think I have any bombshell in me at all, probably because I tend to think of pin-up girls as seen on the walls of old gas stations when it comes to bombshell. I could maybe identify a wee wee bit if I remember to remember Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. That sort of big-skirted dress those two would wear actually suits my body shape, although it's a bit pretty for me.

    Anyways, in my late teens I did like to do the *femme fatale.* That's more me. I like the *nightside.*

    But back to you, I like your *demure* a lot. It bridges some mental gap in my mind to bombshell, which I find a little baffling in the abstract.

  • Sarah A replied 11 years ago

    I don't think i am a bombshell or even a pseudo-bombshell but I love your style! I am off to find this lucky style guide thing now!

  • Thistle replied 11 years ago

    This really fits you, Natalie!

  • MsMary replied 11 years ago

    Business Bombshell, reporting for duty! LOL Like Natalie, I hadn't really ever applied that word to myself, but when I read the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style it was clear that Bombshell was the style that most resonated with me, largely because I think my body type lends itself to those kinds of looks!

    I think Rute belongs in the Bombshell Sisterhood, too!

  • replied 11 years ago

    Buaha! Hellooooo... Someone called me?
    I am so in this group and what a great company I keep.

    ETA: I see Angie and Una had checked me in already. LOL. Thank you for looking out ladies:)
    Una, ideally, the killer assassin look will come with that 6-pack Jennifer Garner was sporting in Elektra, and to think that I had it, once upon a time. Sigh...
    I am thinking of going back to my workout nut days, once little Zap's goes of to college.

  • Isis replied 11 years ago

    I think of Teri from Houston as bombshell!

  • Day Vies replied 11 years ago

    Thanks Angie for the earlier post. Of course I wouldn't miss a chance to comment on this fascinating post.

    I honestly feel a little conflicted about the whole bombshell thing. I feel like I didn't really get to choose, because it's a style that's figure flattering on my body, but doesn't necessarily gel with who I am in other parts of my life. (marathoner, tax attorney, painter...) I won't say that bombshell style holds no appeal to me at all (I'd be lying) but I feel like it's kind of hard to explore any other style without it morphing into bombshell because of the body that I put clothes on -- so I end up back at square one (bombshell) by default.

    In general I gravitate towards Asian influences and modern classics-- I love perfect fit, clean lines, and excellent tailoring (think Grace Kelly) but when you put a blouse, pearls, and pleats on these curves it doesn't look "lady like" or "demure" it looks like "pin-up" or some other adjective with a sexual connotation.

    I am learning to dress the body that I have but, I resent the fact that it's harder for me to convey "qualified professional", "demure", or "smart" through my outfits without adding 10-15 years to my appearance or 10-15 pounds to my frame.

  • kimlee replied 11 years ago

    Can I check in as a wanna-be bombshell? I have said it before but I aspire to embrace business bombshell ala MaryK. And Natalie, I always love the demure bombshell looks you put together.

    Maybe I'm a bombshell in training?

  • Jules replied 11 years ago

    I know what you mean Day Vies. I never saw myself as a bombshell type but I have an hourglass-pear figure and those looks are often the most flattering - once I had some degree of body acceptance, anyway, rather than trying to minimize my curves.
    I can't put my hand up because I don't have a lot of bombshell clothes. I'm pretty casual and I'm not sure where and how that meets bombshell. I don't do heels often due to wobbly ankles and I don't do structured lady-like bags (although as I get to closer to 40 these have more appeal). But when I dress up a bit, it tends to be bombshell-ish. And most of your looks Natalie, which you know I love, would be 'dressy' for me. I like "dem,ure bombshell" and picked it as one of my ylf style desciptors - I love that you coined it!
    I also love the looks of all the women identified as bombshell here - so I guess it's definitely something I want to develop.

  • Emily replied 11 years ago

    Day Vies, me, my hips and my DDs (attached to my chest, I don't have kids) sympathize. Hourglass figure + tailored fit traditionally is bombshell by default.

    I don't think it has to be to the exclusion of demure and ladylike, though. I think that our culture has, to a degree, convinced us that boobs and hips are not demure or ladylike and that is just not true - obviously any lady's parts are lady-like regardless of shape.

    Natalie said something like "Feminine, Flirty, Fitted Waist" which I think is a nice summation that makes no mention of body type. I'd say polished belongs in there too, but I'll leave that open to debate.

  • Mander replied 11 years ago

    I kind of lean toward bombshell looks, at least in dressier clothes, because of my body shape. The oversized, drape-y, arty looks just don't look good on me -- they tend to emphasize my biggest bits and hide my smallest ones, so I end up looking very shapeless and much bigger than I actually am! Even in casual clothes and gear I gravitate toward body-skimming shapes.

  • Tricia replied 11 years ago

    I like some elements of bombshell, I guess - I do like the 50s pinup look sometimes, but I don't do skintight or very revealing. And I don't love full skirts. Last summer my vintage dress collection ended up having a ton of 60s-era shifts with slightly defined waists. But I also love pencil skirts, pussy bows, winged liner and red lips (wearing all three in my avatar!)

  • Day Vies replied 11 years ago

    Jules & Emily -- I am so glad you understand.

    Emily I love what you said "Hourglass figure + tailored fit traditionally is bombshell by default". It's true any hint of curve and suddenly "lady like" is out the window.

    I'm probably more "American classic" in my tastes than bombshell.

  • Caro in Oz replied 11 years ago

    My body suits this look & I love it on others but my personality says no way.
    I don't like heels or skirts the only part of this look I do wear are fitted jackets so maybe I'm top-half bombshell.
    I hear you Day Vies.

  • KikiG replied 11 years ago

    I think maybe I'm "demure business bombshell" especially in a skirt. In pants, I think I come off Modern Classic. But on some days (like, micromesh hose days) I'm "secretly naughty librarian."

  • Diana replied 11 years ago

    I definitely have a bombshell body type but as a result (and for all the reasons Day Vies has much more eloquently stated) I am super uncomfortable in bombshell styles so I tend to avoid them even though they suit me. And because I'm not comfortable in the look, then I have no self-confidence either. It's weird, I want people to take second looks at me but for my clothes and not my body, if that makes any sense. And bombshell clothes on my body make it all about the body.

    I admire all you ladies who pull this look off with panache!

  • Karie replied 11 years ago

    I DEFINiTELY don't have a bombshell figure - I am shaped like a triangle, nothing on top and everything on the bottom! - but I do enjoy some elements of this style. Pencil skirts can be very flattering on me (as long as there's a good pair of Spanx underneath!).
    I wrote on my WIW post earlier today that I like things that are a little traditional with something fun and funky mixed in.
    I need to get this style guide you all are talking about, it might help me figure out where I fit in.

    P.S. - How awful to have one's own parents dress up like a Playboy Bunny and HH! Double Gack!

  • replied 11 years ago

    I think I am slightly bombshell ( DDD bust and curvy bottom) but I am not comfy in skirts although they look nice

    I am a classic something. If I wore studs, or Docs, or metal in any way I would have a heart attack along with all my colleagues, friends and family...and I own a million cardigans, I gotta be a classic LOL

  • catgirl replied 11 years ago

    I think there's a difference between a bombshell body and bombshell style. But more so than most styles, they are tied together somewhat. I can see the frustration. On the other hand, I do not have the option of having a defined waist!

  • replied 11 years ago

    I agree Una. I think a few people mentioned it earlier. The bombshell shape looks better, sometimes, at least for me, in bombshell styles. But that is my personal perspective. I feel personally awkward in UWP or bohemian chic or anything eclectic.

    Again, just me. I am I awe and jealous of lots of others pizzazz but can't pull it off.

    I love these discussions

  • teri replied 11 years ago

    I cannot deny my "bombshellness"... lol

  • Vix replied 11 years ago

    Hi all --

    Enjoying the discussion, especially what Emily, Jules, and Day Vies have called out as the Catch-22 of having a figure that works well with tailored, feminine silhouettes.

    It took me a long time to move away from unisex or obscuring clothing and be comfortable with it. I'm so glad we have forum members who happily identify as Bombshells -- as well as those who don't, but often dress in the above silhouettes and also do it beautifully.

    As I'm fairly androgynous in mind but not in dress, I love the inspiration. ;)

    [And thanks for the photos, GP. Others?]

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 11 years ago

    If pencil skirts, heels, animal prints, bright colors, and defined waist is a bombshell - I qualify, at least a great deal of the time (although I usually think of myself as colorful modern classic).

  • goldenpig replied 11 years ago

    Una, good points. I know I often feel very uncomfortable in androgynous/masculine, RATE, or baggy waist-surrendering outfits, so I'm sure who we are and our style preferences color how we wear things. What about my outfit would make you uncomfortable to wear it--the defined waist or figure skimming stretchy skirt? Oh by the way, your quote, "On the other hand, I do not have the option of having a defined waist!" made me chuckle. If I, a 3rd trimester pregnant apple, can still do fitted waist and bombshell styles, then anyone can! You have no excuse! LOL!

    Janet, you do wear that B44 dress so well! I agree, you are more rocker than bombshell though! And Ceit, you are definitely UWP not bombshell!

    Emily, you definitely count...pseudo-bombshell or bombshell, whichever you want to call yourself! I love how, just like UWP, there can be many variations on the bombshell look!

    Thanks Rachylou! I do find I like more of a feminine look. I could totally see you doing a full skirt outfit with a touch of darkness to offset the pretty.

    SarahA and Karie, here's the link to the book:
    I checked it out from the library so unfortunately don't have it to look up what the bombshell style features were.
    MaryK, I read the book after you recommended it, so it's no wonder we both ended up seeing ourselves as bombshell after reading the book! Maybe the book downplays the typical "bombshell=sexpot" association enough that we could both identify with it! Business Bombshell is the perfect moniker for you!

    Thanks Thistle!

    Zap, why am I not surprised we both posted in the UWP and bombshell threads! You and I are so similar it's eerie! I must meet you and visit your closet! Love your sleek pony and long dark hair too...if you ever cut it I'll be sad! Bombshell assassin is a perfect moniker for you!

    Isis and Teri, agree that Teri is the perfect bombshell in both looks and style!

    DayVies and Diana, thanks for your input! I find it interesting that you are less attracted to bombshell looks *because* you have the typical hourglass bombshell body. I guess that makes sense that you feel that bombshell looks make you feel *too* sexy/bombshell and I could see how people with less voluptuous figures might be able to "get away" with more form fitting clothes. I do struggle sometimes with fitting into bombshell looks because of my apple tummy but overall my figure is not as curvaceous so I don't mind adding a few curves when I can. DayVies, I do really admire your style though whatever you want to call it--I think your style is VERY ladylike, professional, smart and beautiful! And Diana, your arty eclectic style is to die uniquely you and so breathtaking!

    Kimlee and Jules, welcome to the bombshell club!

    Emily, "Feminine, Flirty, Fitted Waist" is a great bombshell mantra! I'll have to remember that!

    Mander, I agree, I feel uncomfortable in shapeless clothes--like a sack of potatoes!

    Tricia, I love the sound of your vintage style. And your avatar is just what I would picture to go along with it--love your makeup and bangs!

    Caro, "top-half bombshell" made me smile. You're definitely in!

    Oooh KikiG, I love the idea of you as "secretly naughty librarian"! I love doing librarian looks too!

    Karie, it was my stepfather (my dad passed away a long time ago and my mom is remarried--my dad would never in a million years have dressed up as HH). But yeah, double gack is right! So embarrassing! I don't know any other 60ish mom who dresses up as a PB bunny!

    A, classic is great, nothing wrong with classic!

    Vix, I agree, others need to post some pix too! So do you consider yourself partially bombshell or not? I do love your feminine style!

    Linda, I do believe that counts as bombshell! I think you can be both bombshell and modern classic!

    Thanks everyone for the input! Now who would like to add some pics to this thread?

  • Vix replied 11 years ago

    >>>Vix, I agree, others need to post some pix too! So do you consider yourself partially bombshell or not? I do love your feminine style!

    Hi again GP and other bombshells, bombshell-lites, ambivalent bombshells, and onlookers!

    GP, I find myself dithering when trying to answer your question! [And thank you.]

    I think bottom line I can't "own" the category name no matter what its modifiers.

    Because I absolutely use the style persona names to help me shop and put together outfits, I need to be really comfortable with all their overall societal connotations, my own interpretation of the word(s), and how they fit with my personality elements.

    In the end I'm not comfortable with Bombshell variations, feel too constrained by Modern Classic, and am really too reined in for the Artistic Eclectic group -- though I stuck myself into that thread, ha.

    Probably explains why I came up with my own style personas a few years back that feel 100% me. [With apologies to those who've read this a million times: Minimalist Magpie, Contrarian Classicist, and Persnickety Bohemian.]

    That said, some of my outfits -- or at least 1 or more of the items in the outfits -- may fit into the spectrum of bombshell as forum members have defined it...demure to business and beyond.

    I do appreciate/wear a fair amount of:

    -- knits/jersey that are form-fitting +/- draping +/- rouching

    -- vintage or repro looks that are very feminine -- pencil skirts, sarong dresses, cloche hats, flounces or ruffles, items with a "goddess-y" undercurrent

    -- prints or patterns that aren't very unisex...including animal prints

    BOMBSHELL, UR DOING IT WRONG elements of my looks:

    -- Often RATE hair, little obvious makeup, nails frequently a hot mess from chores or DIY projects (or laziness)

    -- Clunky shoes/boots since I walk tons in my heels

    -- Something random -- be it whimsical, severe, or boho -- paired with the element that might be bombshell

    -- too messy, hotheaded, and vulgar to be a demure bombshell

    -- too cautious, modest, and uninterested in being a femme fatale to own the other end of the spectrum

    In the interest of furthering discussion, some items from my closet -- depending on your interpretation "Bombshell" content may vary ;)

  • catgirl replied 11 years ago

    Natalie, in thinking about your question I think it's the combo of form fitting and skirt and waist def that I find challenging. Since I don't have either a defined waist or hips, it is hard to create the illusion of both. I find it easier to obscure and let people imagine there is a figure under there, rather than attempt to create what isn't there! If I wore a peplum sheath dress it would bombshell me - but can you see me in a peplum sheath dress? This is what I meant about personality and I'm wondering which came first, the personality or the style?

  • Kari replied 11 years ago

    You called? ;)

    Yes, I identify with the bombshell style persona. But I've come to realize a lot of things that bombshell style doesn't HAVE to go hand in hand with. It doesn't have to be all about sex appeal; I've been happily in a relationship with B. for years and haven't had the least interest in soliciting other male attention. It doesn't have to mean maximum exposure; the Bailey 44 dress is a very bombshell look, in my opinion, but it's also very covered. It doesn't have to mean trying to be the center of attention; you can be demure AND dress in waist-defining pieces that create an hourglass shape

    That's just my take on the matter.

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