How fab or frumpy are you at home? What do you wear?

Just curious...what do you guys wear at home? Are you still fab at home or do you just hang out in loungewear? I must confess my at home wardrobe is sadly lacking in comparison to my newly fab work/MOTG wardrobe. When I get home I pretty much immediately change into PJs or the equivalent--baggy sweatshirts, T shirts from our former dive vacations, PJ bottoms or an old pair of sweat pants with my school logo...I don't even wear a bra at home. I don't even wear jeans that much--the bootcuts are too long to wear without heels (I usually just wear socks--we take off our shoes inside) and I don't want to squeeze into skinnies at home (my apple belly needs to breathe!). Even my PJs are old and schlumpy. DH is even more casual than me--he usually strips down to T shirt and boxers. Comfort trumps fashion around here!

So what do you guys wear at home--anything goes or do you still look nice? Is there a way to upgrade my lounging at home clothes? I've never stepped foot into Lululemon and Athleta and the like...should I get some yoga pants and workout wear even though I never do yoga or work out? LOL!

Needless to say, there won't be a WIW attached to this post...;-)

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  • lyn* replied 12 years ago

    I wear loungewear - t-shirt and patterned pj bottoms. :) Cheap and easy and comfy.

  • nancylee replied 12 years ago

    I'm very often in yoga or workout gear..some of it more fashionable than others. :)

  • replied 12 years ago

    Busted. I'm wearing bagged out Gap skinnies and a short sleeved T-shirt at the moment. And socks. I gave my yoga pants away, remember? I was thinking about this last night. Loungewear used to mean mu-mus and now it's athletic wear. I'm not sure which is worse! We definitely need soft comfortable clothing after a day of sucking it in and looking fab out in the world! I do now own a matched set of aqua/grey leopard PJs. That's kind of fun. Didn't Angie write a post on this a while back? I don't remember what category it was in.

  • catgirl replied 12 years ago

    I do the same - immediately change into the coziest fleece I can find in my closet. It's cold and I'm tired. My husband changes into flannel PJ pants (with a Pink Floyd motif) so he can't complain, and my son and the pets could not care less.

  • AJ replied 12 years ago

    Well, I can understand your desire to come home from work and change into comfortable clothes.

    Since I'm a SAHM, I have the opposite reaction. I want to look good at home. Since I only get "dressed up" for church and holiday parties, I try to make my casual style a bit more fun and feminine which makes me feel pretty.

    I find leggings under long tunics to be comfortable. Also, long flowy skirts with knee high socks while I'm at home and tall boots when I need to go out.

  • missvee replied 12 years ago

    I change into casual jeans or cords until about 10pm and then jump into my PJ's. Any earlier than that and I feel too sloppy.

  • Queen Mum replied 12 years ago

    I keep my day clothes on until I'm ready to get into bed usually... or atleast until after dinner. I just pop an apron on to cook and clean. If I have a day just at home I dress down a bit, but 99% of the time that's still jeans and a decent knit top. The last time I lounged around in lounge pants and a running shirt was when I was spending the day with my injured foot up in my recliner. And after 2 days of that I couldn't stand it and had to "dress" again. I feel schlumpy in stuff like that and can't tolerate it for very long at all.

  • anne replied 12 years ago

    I am home a lot more than you (as I don't work outside the home) and sometimes my home outfits are my MOTG outfits, with a few modifications (eg I may take off necklaces, change the top half to a more homey one, change the shoes)
    Leggings or jegging and tunics and dresses are fairly comfortable options, but I to have days and nights where all I want to wear are trackpants etc. And I was just thinking this morning that I'd like to have more than the one pair of winter PJ's I own.

    I do have a few items that I specifically bought for home wear. 2 brightly coloured fleece jackets were probably a mistake, but this year I bought a plaid sweatershirt material jacket and a tunic in a similar fabric that I bought specifically for home wear, but have actually worn out as well. Will try to find a picture

  • AJ replied 12 years ago

    Right now I'm wearing dark boot cut jeans (the hem cuffed since I also don't wear shoes at home), dark brown long sleeve layering tee, black short sleeve draped cardigan, and bronze hoop earrings. When I had to go out, I added my heeled black boots, black belt over the cardigan, brown faux fur scarf, and purple trench coat.

  • renae replied 12 years ago

    I was just thinking about this on my way home from work today. I usually change as soon as I get home into something comfy. It's not just that I want to be more comfortable (get outta those heels!), I also want to keep my good clothes good. I don't want to cook or clean in them. Even relaxing watching TV, I don't want my good clothes to get more wrinkled. Another issue I have is that my DH likes the house cooler than I do, so I always have the same jacket on at home. It very conveniently has a pocket for my cell phone. I have all kinds of excuses!

  • anne replied 12 years ago - the second dress in this was bought for home wear (but actually worn out quite a bit)

    And this jacket (no 3 )

  • Jjsloane replied 12 years ago

    If I know I'm not going out again it's loungewear for sure. I have decent yoga pants and casual pants from Athleta and Gap and Nike. Tops are usually a decent fitted henley or long sleeve t in the winter and socks and slippers (although I threw out my slippers this weekend for the smell and need some new ones. TMI I know) If I'm going out (even just a quick trip to the market) I do try not to go out in lounge or gear so it's my BF jeans or cargo pants and sweater top. Like others the kids and DH don't seem to care what I'm wearing and I want to be comfy. I do have a few nice pjs, but they're not really for wearing around the family IYKWIM.

  • anne replied 12 years ago

    I am really attracted to leisure wear like this

    I like the feel of waist ties - perhaps adds a dressing gown feel to the outfit
    Though not sure if it would be warm enough. Sal on Already pretty posted recently on her desire at times to feel like she was wearing a blanket, and I can really relate to that, which is why I still keep an unattractive, pilling longline cardi for home wear.

  • qfbrenda replied 12 years ago

    I'm in the same boat as A.J. and Queen Mum. Since home is what I dress for, I dress "up" at home most of the time. I put on lounge wear if I'm really sick and/or right before bed. I want to look nice when hubby gets home.

  • Kari replied 12 years ago

    I think my frumpy factor increases in the winter when all I want is to be warm and cozy.

    Most of the time, if I'm in a dress, I'll stay in it because dresses are for the most part comfortable enough to curl up on the couch in. Most jeans and skirts I have are more structured and stiffer and aren't so cozy.

    Right now, I'm curled up on the couch with a blanket wearing the tops I wore to work today - a gray tee with a twisted neckline under a cinammony-spicy orange boyfriend cardigan with thick navy blue knit pants that I usually work out in. My watch is on but jewelry is off.

  • Mo replied 12 years ago

    Since I am not working right now and home 99% of the time, I also do a casual look one step up from loungewear so I don't feel like a slob. I will stay in my PJ's in the mornings for a good hour or two after rising, though. The BF immediately changes to loungepants and a tee shirt when he gets home from work. I follow soon thereafter or after we eat dinner. I do like to be dressed at least for a little time around him, even though he starts insisting we should be in cozy wear the minute he comes home. He's not home yet, though, and it's almost 10pm so you get an idea - I am in bootcut jeans and a cowlneck/turtleneck knit shirt with my fuzzy slippers on. :)

    I should add it's like a little game with us. He says, "let's get floppy." I will change either my top or bottom to loungewear and proclaim myself 'floppier'. To which he replies "est!", "floppiest is best!" TMI? :D

  • citygirldc replied 12 years ago

    I wear a t shirt and yoga pants.

  • Queen Mum replied 12 years ago

    kari- that is true. On really cold winter afternoons I'm much more inclined to don a frumpy fleece from my husbands closet.

  • anne replied 12 years ago

    Kari and QM - me too. And because my house is quite cold, I can be wearing dresses outside but need to change to warmer clothes for inside.

  • Jonesy replied 12 years ago

    Especially in the wintertime, I am immediately into my snuggly layers of loungewear once I walk in the door from work. Right now I am wearing a t-shirt, a striped turtleneck, and a men's gray cardigan, paired with green flannel pants with reindeer on them, and thick socks and down booties :). It's all about comfort and warmth for me from now until around May sometime....I sometimes even wear scarves, hats, and/or fingerless gloves inside, depending on just how cold it gets.

  • Joy replied 12 years ago

    An interesting thread. I don't own loungewear and I don't own pj's. Right now I've just finished walking for an hour on the tread mill. I'm wearing Gap Always Skinny jeans, which are quite comfortable and warm, an AT navy and cream striped tee, wool socks and short brown boots and, if I feel chilled, I add a red cardigan. It's nothing great but looks pulled together and is quite comfortable.
    In the morning I throw on a robe long enough to get a cup of coffee, then shower and get dressed for the day. It's almost always a MOTG type of outfit even if I don't leave the house.
    I wouldn't want my nearest and dearest to picture me wearing ratty, ill fitting stuff when they think of me. If that's mostly what they see, that's going to be their image of you. The stuff I wear at home is not expensive and much is from second hand stores. So many fabrics have enough stretch in them that nothing is tight.

  • Makrame replied 12 years ago

    I have separate set of clothes for "house wear". I almost never wear "outside" clothes in the house and almost never wear "house clothes" outside. My "house clothes" in the fall-winter -spring are yoga pants (Marika brand - nice quality but less expensive than Lululemon - about $15-20 on Ideeli or at TJMax) + long-sleeved t-shirt (usually fairly good quality dressy t-shirt or a waffle-knit V-neck or henley) + a zip-up hoodie. Last winter DH convinced me to buy a "fitness fleece" hoodie from LLBean, and it is pretty cozy and soft.

    In the summer I often wear long sleeveless dresses (I have a couple that have been relegated to house wear but still look OK).

    Most of my house clothes were selected so that I would feel OK if a neighbor suddenly rings the doorbell or if my son's friends come to visit. The tops are long enough to wear with close-fitting pants, the hoodies are not ratty etc.

  • Suz replied 12 years ago

    Such a fun thread...

    It is 10:30 pm here and I am in my PJs, which consist of a not very lovely Tshirt and blue and white cotton PJ pants. I spent half the morning in my workout gear—shorts, turquoise top, fleece.

    But it was dressing that way virtually ALL THE TIME that finally brought me to YLF. One afternoon around 2 pm I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and said This. Can't. Go. On. But then I didn't know how to address it!

    Part of my style quest is to find the most comfortable yet stylish work-at-home wear that I can, so I don't NEED to wear my PJs or yoga pants all day, every day for my work-at-home life. And so I can make just a few additions or subtractions and walk out the door feeling good.

    Lately my at home "uniform" has been:

    Slippers (because we rarely wear shoes in the house).

    Jeans (usually skinnies or straight legs, because the boot cuts need to be cuffed and I don't like how that looks on me).

    A knit top of some kind. Note: In summer, I much prefer woven tops for their crispness. And I also really like the look. But especially in winter, and especially at home, I crave the coziness of a knit. Sometimes I will wear the long-sleeved T at home and change into a button down if I am going out. Other times, it's knits all the way. I just reach for them more in the winter, and that's that!

    A cardi or jacket which I may or may not wear inside depending on the temperature nd what I am doing.

    Ditto for a scarf.

    Pretty basic, but it's comfortable and cozy for me. In the past I would never have described jeans as "comfortable" but the ones I have now seem to give enough that they don't bother me.

    I also find that jersey skirts and dresses really fill a need. I can wear these just as easily at home and out. And they are every bit as comfortable as yoga pants. But look a bit more put together.

  • Ana replied 12 years ago

    I wear knit black pants or ankle length leggings, a tank top, and I have a few cotton cardigans that I use for layering. Sometimes I wear fuzzy socks. I could do with some more stylish toppers, my cardis are getting all stretched out now.

  • chewyspaghetti replied 12 years ago

    My WIW's are what I am wearing at home, running errands, to appointments and shuttling kids. I do change into jammies/robe in the evening, and sometimes if I have a day when I am not leaving the house I will just wear loungewear, but I have to be feeling crummy or doing dirty chores for that to happen.

  • Diana replied 12 years ago

    I'm almost always in loungewear at home. The street clothes come off pretty much right after I walk in the door, unless I am going out again soon. Partly this is for comfort reasons, partly because I do not want to get cooking smells/stains on my nice clothes, and partly because many of my street clothes look weird and/or drag on the floor without shoes, which I never wear in the house.

    Loungewear is various "house" dresses (which are really old comfy dresses that have been demoted for one reason or another), or tank+yoga pants/PJ pants. I go barefoot mostly -my apartment tends to be overheated so I don't usually worry about bundling up or wearing slippers.

  • Sveta replied 12 years ago

    When I come from work I want to change from my work clothes immediately: it is like a symbol of leaving the work behind I guess. I have a couple of tunics and dresses I wear with leggings at home because I find them very comfortable.

  • Marley replied 12 years ago

    Because I don't have a job right now (sob!) I don't dress "up" when I get up in the mornings, but I do dress in an attractive, but comfortable way - so that if I get called to come into work (I fill in at a used bookstore and oftentimes dont' know until the last minute whether or not I'm going to work) or to do some type of volunteer work at the animal shelter, I can easily dress up whatever I am wearing - with different shoes, added jewelry or scarf and leave my house within 5 minutes. I really hate wearing "loungewear" - it honestly makes me lazy - and I fight enough with myself to be productive during my days at home, without wearing clothes that encourage my laziness! Now, if I worked full-time and had to leave my house every morning for my job, it would be a different story - loungewear would be my "go-to" outfit in the evenings!

  • christy replied 12 years ago

    When I get home from the office after a day in heels and constricting clothing, I go straight for my loungewear in the evenings after I work out. But on the weekends, if I'm dressed casually, I'll often just stay in whatever I'm wearing until it's time for bed. So, depends on the day!

  • Lantana replied 12 years ago

    After the day's work is done, I pull on drawstring linen pants and a much loved linen- cotton sloppy joe over a shelf bra cami. Very comfortable but presentable in case we have folk drop by unexpectedly. As we live in a small country town that does tend to happen.
    I hope this posts OK. I had a majorly weird "happening" with my last post. Anyone else had problems posting from 'an iPad?

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 12 years ago

    Do jeans and a t-shirt count as loungewear? If I know that I'll be home all day doing menial stuff, that is what I will wear (usually the more casual, looser cut of jeans rather than a trendy skinny pair, say). I don't really own loungewear per se that isn't workout wear or pajamas. Well, that's not entirely true - for the summer I have a couple of sleeveless knit dresses that I can wear when it's superhot and wearing anything else would be obnoxious; I never wear them out of the house. But for most of the year, no.

    I work at home and sometimes I stay in my PJs for an hour or two in the morning, or on a lazy Sunday morning. But these days it's really too cold to do that - I've thought of making myself a 'bed jacket' type fleece thing instead of pulling on one of my cardigans. But honestly I feel more together and get more done when I get dressed, so it's not a priority. And on weekends/holidays I am happy in my PJs until I pull on a pair of jeans.

  • shipskitty replied 12 years ago

    Here's the post Angie did on Loungewear:

    I like to be comfy if I am sick and wear old clothes for heavy cleaning tasks and so forth but most days I just want to be able to get dressed once and once only. With an 11 month old in tow although I don't want to be wearing clothes I'm worried about ruining (so I can't make workwear do double duty) I do like to feel like I'm good to go if I need to run an errand or if a friend drops by. I try to wear something that, at most, needs a few accessories flung on for good measure before I head out the door.

    I'm still working on my MOTG outfits though. So many of my clothes got so stretched during my pregnancy and the aftermath of feeding that they are really not enjoyable to wear - I just feel frumpy and dumpy wearing them. I'm gradually weeding them out and replacing them with better options.

  • Kristen replied 12 years ago

    When I am home for the night after a long day, I change into loungewear. The pants are cheap yoga ones from Old Navy or Target, and the tops are tees or henleys, with some nicer-looking sweaters or hoodies for colder weather. LOFT had a nice line of lougewear that I will splurge on sometimes; I feel better when the tops are not rag-a-muffin looking.

  • Mochi replied 12 years ago

    Interesting discussion. Yes, at home I haven't been especially pulled together (though I wore what I would wear out...but that wasn't anything great either.)

    Ironically, now I'm making a lot more effort to look nice, so that inversely it's not the kind of stuff I would always want to wear at home. Blazer, chunky jewelry, etc. It's not so much a comfort factor, either. I come home and change into frumpy clothes to cook dinner (aprons never worked for me, and now that I'm investing more $$$ in nicer things...)

    So when hubby comes home, he isn't seeing me looking dolled up, that's for sure. Then again, he likes to hang out in sweats.

  • replied 12 years ago

    I actually don't own workout wear. all my favourite sports are biking / badminton/ dancing which require more social outing clothes. You don't do the tango in sweats. Therefore my loungewear collection is limited to leggings and tank-tops/t-shirts. When I'm lazy I wear my boyfriend T-shirts. he's a tall guy and they work like short dresses/tunics on me. When I cook or have friends over to study I wear a light wash destroyed type pair of boot cuts. Super comfy and soft. I keep the house really warm so I'm in no need for layering. I really wish to step up my lounge collection but I'm kinda cheapskate.

  • MsMary replied 12 years ago

    I stop at the gym almost every day after work, then it's workout gear all evening unless we're going out. On the weekends it's the same -- generally workout gear unless/until I go out.

  • kimlee replied 12 years ago

    Like MaryK, I go to the gym after work each day, so unless my husband and I have plans that take us out for the evening, I spend my nights in my workout gear. On the weekends, I will either wear my running tights and a tunic top or yoga pants and a cute tee and hoodie when I am cleaning up, playing with my daughter, or just longuing on the couch with a good book.

  • banananutmuffin replied 12 years ago

    I'm a a SAHM to two little kids, so most days my clothes are smeared with either fingerpaint or pureed prunes.

    Unfortunately, my stay at home clothing pretty much is as frumpy as it gets. Typically I wear oversized jeans (I prefer them over yoga pants because they have pockets for me to stash the various choking hazards I find around the house). Jeans are usually paired with a t-shirt (sometimes an oversized men's tee) and a shapeless hoodie if it's cold. I don't wear socks or shoes in the house because I prefer barefeet.

    I've been thinking about ramping up my SAHM outfits, but just don't know what to do.

  • Astrid replied 12 years ago

    I don't have any loungewear per se. When I come home I remove my watch and jewelry, but I stay in my everyday clothes apart from that. I always shower in the evening, so I change into my pyjamas after showering and wear a fleece or a sweater over them. I always dress when I get up, even if I stay at home on the weekend. But I wear something comfortable then, like a dress and leggings.

  • rae replied 12 years ago

    Pajamas for me! I don't spend all that much time at home, I don't think. By the time I get in from work and eat a little something, it's wind-down time. I need to be able to decompress or I have terrible insomnia.

  • bj1111 replied 12 years ago

    i work from home several days a week. i normally roll out of bed, pull on some leggings and a tshirt, puffy socks and sweatshirt or fleece jacket added in the winter. i have been swapping the tee for a comfy slimmer fitting dress made or tshirt or sweats material.

    i've also started wearing the " good" jewelry, mostly necklaces, all the time regardless of my outfit, just to decrease the cost per wear and remind me that i have "enough."

  • Elly replied 12 years ago

    Oh gosh-- I think it completely depends on living and working situations.

    I usually just think I have the home-wear figured out, and then I move again. When you live alone, it is a non-issue. Living in a small town, I get more people showing up at the door. When I lived with the ex I never had any warning when he was going to bring someone home or one of his friends would call me or show up on my doorstep. When I am at home with my family, it is about the same since I have a younger brother and he often shows up with teenage boys in tow. Roomates are equally problematic.

    Right now I am still not working, so I have two sections in my closet: pyjamas, and my beat-up everywhere else clothes. Pyjamas are the clothes I don't wear outside-- but since I am outside 10+ times a day between errands, yard work, and the dogs, I'm rarely in pyjamas if it is light out.

    When I am working, I have work clothes, home/weekend clothes, and pyjamas. Generally I work out straight after work, so I come home and shower, but then I have to have something else to put on. After I get home, I tend to try and get outside for awhile, and it is often when I run errands, do visiting, or eat out. So, I might go from woven button-down, dark bootcut jeans, blazer/cardigans, and boots, to workout clothes, to loose straight leg jeans, an army jacket, striped t, and converse. There are also some days I just come home and put on my nice sweats and a long-sleeve top or cargo pants and a flannel shirt.

    I am currently working on replacing all the men's t-shirts and sweatshirts I have with nicer stuff for my day-to-day time outside running around and in the yard as well as leisurely hikes outdoors and time spent in the mountains, ect. What was flattering and cute in a tomboyish way when I was younger just looks frumpy now, no matter that it still fits.

    Also, I'm looking for some lounge/sleep bras that actually function as bras instead of breast smooshers--- I need something to wear when in my lounge clothes when I have company.

  • Kappy replied 12 years ago

    I haven't read all the replies yet, but I am with AJ, QueenMum and qfbrenda: I am in my "regular" clothes once I've taken a shower. Are all the SAHMs the same?? I don't change into PJs (athleta bottoms and a Target tee) until about 10 minutes before going to bed.

  • Mander replied 12 years ago

    I'm pretty frumpy and schlumpy most of the time, especially now that it's cold. Since I'm a graduate student who spends the whole day writing in my home office, I pick my clothes for warmth and comfort. I'm on the lookout for some nicer looking big cozy sweaters and yoga pants or similar to wear in the house. Most of the time I just throw on whatever pair of jeans happens to be handy, fuzzy socks, slip-on shoes or sometimes my fake Uggs, and one of several really hideous cardigans. Lately I have taken to wearing a scarf in the house as well.

  • Sylvie replied 12 years ago

    I wear the same clothes at home that I wore all day because I'm usually in knits and/or jeans. If I wore something woven, then I'll change into something more comfortable.

    Generally, if I'm not comfortable lounging in something, I won't be comfortable when I'm out and about outside the house.

    Even if I don't do anything interesting on a weekend day, I still want to be dressed in such a way that I don't *have* to change if I want to walk out the door.

  • rachylou replied 12 years ago

    I don't change when I get home. But for at home days, I'm into loungewear. I've been making an effort to improve my loungewear by styling it like it's not. Long yoga-cut pants with boots and a sweater coat. Mary Janes as sneakers. Knit dresses and Converse.

    I've totally made an effort to toss everything that makes me look like I subsist on beer and hot dogs, although I can't give up my Totoro hooded sweatshirt. Can't make it look cute, but can't give it up. It's Totoro!

  • rae replied 12 years ago

    Rachylou, don't give up Totoro! He would be so sad... I've thought a lot about this because of my Totoro canvas tote. :)

  • DragonflyJane replied 12 years ago

    What a great thread. I usually wear a dress to work but my first task on getting home is walking the dog so I'll change into (nice) jeans or trousers with a good top & stay like that for the rest of the day. My husband & I were self-employed for a couple of years in the building trade so I really enjoy making more of an effort now rather than living in worker jeans & fleeces which was our previous "uniform".

    When I'm dressmaking I like to wear a tunic with leggings underneath - super comfy & easy to get on and off for fittings! And I don't know why but that combo helps me feel more creative!

  • Louise replied 12 years ago

    I stay in my day clothes till I'm ready for bed, I have my dressing gown on over them at the moment because I'm cold, not a good look!!!! x

  • Queen Mum replied 12 years ago

    so here is today's schlumping outfit.
    Kut bootcut jeans
    black long sleeve t
    purple cardigan cuz it's a tad chilly
    socks to keep my footsies warm.

    headless picture due to no makeup :-)

    This is a typical type of outfit that I wear when I have no plans to leave the house (which is about once a week) I feel comfortable yet put together, don't cringe when I look in the mirror, and wouldn't be embarrassed to answer the door. If I had to make an emergency run to the store, I wouldn't feel bad about that either...although I'd probably put a touch of make up on.

  • HelenInCanada replied 12 years ago

    Good question! I am in the process of revamping my entire at-home wardrobe. The order of the day was usually black leggings with an oversized World Cup (or related) t-shirt, and my pink satin-like Isotoner spa slippers (so comfy, and they don't fall off.) I am so tiring of this uniform, as I'm sure my SO is also. :) I'm in the market for some well-fitting, flattering jeggings and tunics that I can wear inside and outside the house.

  • Lisa replied 12 years ago

    If I am home after work, I wear American Eagle sweats to lounge in. If I am home for a full day, I wear jeans and a top. Any blazers/cardigans/scarves are only put on right before leaving the house. For both cases I wear slippers around the house. I've never been a big fan of barefoot, I always slip and slide in just socks and I have a no shoe indoors rule, so slippers it is!

  • banananutmuffin replied 12 years ago

    In the interest of full disclosure, here's what I wore today:

    - Hanes men's white v-neck tee-shirt with rip in v from nursing my baby
    - Pair of ON jeans, 1 size too big
    - Barefoot
    - Hair straggly in a clip because my kids have been tugging on it all day

    Yeah. I need help. lol

    I'd be very embarrassed to answer the door in this and really have no business being a participant on a fashion forum like YLF. But... so far... this is pretty much my standard uniform on days when I don't leave the house.

  • Mander replied 12 years ago

    I feel your pain, Banana! ;-)

  • Transcona Shannon replied 12 years ago

    I usually change out of my work clothes as soon as I get home - for two particular reasons: I love to cook and don't want to spill on my work clothes and secondly: I have two extremely hairy kitty cats and just don't need to deal with all the hair on my clothes. I'm usually in more casual jeans and t-shirt with a cardigan at home.

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