Maximal Matchy Matchy florals x 3 and matchy matchy mama and mini-me

I totally blame Angie and her Maximal Matchy Matchy thread she posted about the Banana Republic florals! I had already bought a bunch of matchy matchy floral items on sale at Kate Spade, but I couldn't resist trying out the Banana Republic florals as well--both prints to boot! Initially I was going to post a K/R on which of the three floral patterns to keep, Kate Spade hazy floral or the BR daisy floral or BR watercolor floral, but I couldn't bring myself to return any of them, so I kept them all! I'm justifying by saying the skirts are different silhouettes (A line midi, pencil, floaty pleated mini). OK I know it's a stretch, but I did wear them all! And in my defense, everything was on sale! I even have scarves in two of the patterns (no scarf available for the watercolor), but I couldn't quite work them in this time (I'm not really a scarf girl, I'm more into necklaces). Saving them though to extend the matchy matchy possibilities so I can wear the purses with other outfits.

And interestingly, I tried on the floral blazer and pants, but the pantsuit felt too masculine on me (haha, floral blazer too masculine?!) so that's why I stuck with the skirts. I don't know, I may decide to go back for the floral blazer after all. I used to wear a floral blazer all the time in 1985 with a big lace bow in my hair and long knotted pearl necklace (a la Madonna), so I may need another one in my life. I am still kicking myself that I didn't get the H&M one to match my floral pants, or the blue Zara floral blazer from a couple years ago.

My matchy matchy tendency combined with my maximal tendency of going overboard has resulted in another "anything worth doing is worth doing to excess" post. Pardon the plethora of pictures (do you like the alliteration in the title too?). I thought about making this into more than one post, but then where's the fun in that?! If it's maximal matchy matchy, then you need to see all three of these sets together! I'm all in for matchy matchy maximal mums (and other springtime florals)! Who's with me?!

People really get a kick out of seeing my handbag match my clothes. A cafeteria worker came up to me as I was carrying my tray in the hospital cafeteria and said "Excuse me!" I looked up, startled and concerned that somehow I had done something wrong, but then she said, "I just wanted to tell you that your outfit is so fabulous! You look amazing!" (28-32) Which of the shoe options do you like better, by the way? Turquoise pumps or orange loafers? I wore both. I'm really into swapping shoes for work to MOTG.

Another super fun thing about matchy matchy? Getting to do it with my mini-me! DD told me the other day, "We are the same. We both have black hair and glasses and we both like things to match." That day we had actually both worn purple and pink so we took a picture together (9). She's like my little twin! She is a little fashionista and does pattern mixing and matchy matchy like a pro. She doesn't let me dress her. She's much more stylish than I ever was at her age. It'll be fun to see how she dresses when she gets older! She's already planning to raid my closet...she's always commenting "Can I have that when I get older?" about the necklaces and purses and shoes that she likes. She's already called dibs on the butterfly necklace in 24 (lucky she's my only girl!). So I found a copycat Betsey Johnson like my Chanel silver boy bag for her. I had so much fun doing a mini-me three years ago when I got my other Chanel Ms. Scarlet and found her a Forever21 knockoff. We even had matching peplum stripe tops, floral pants and red ballet flats (8). Here's the prior post about it, fun to look back to the baby days!

I had initially worn it with my white purse, and we went out to dinner with the kids for Korean food in the city (I switched from the lace up flats to sneakers for MOTG because we were going to play at the park after dinner). Then I noticed that DD coincidentally had the same sort of floral skirt and silver sandals like my silver flats. So when we got home, she put on a denim jacket and we did a little matchy matchy mini me photo shoot. Super fun for both of us! She asked to try on my purse and shoes so I let her (5). Of course, it took a long time because the boys made it challenging to get a good shot, and DD also wanted in on the puppy pile (14-15), so I'm including the outtakes 10-15) because they are just too funny!

Thanks for sticking with me through the profusion of prose and photos! Having fun with fashion with my mini-me! Happy Spring!

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  • Diana replied 3 years ago

    OMG, you and your whole family are so adorable!  Of course I love all the floral explosions, but I think  my favorite is the KS head to toe.  (Maybe because I have the big tote in that print too!).  You also look amazing in the pencil skirt - I know you've been worried about your belly recently, but honestly you look smashing.  So whatever you are doing is working! 

  • LACeleste replied 3 years ago

    Oh Natalie!  These photos are so much fun!  Spring personified!  I really love your style and am a big fan of floral prints.

    You are looking extra fab and of course, your kids are so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing so generously!  So enjoyable!

  • Eliza replied 3 years ago

    Wow- the queen of floral maximalism reigns supreme. All of those colors suit you beautifully. Fun to see your fashion forward kids, too. I am liking more of the modern florals than I ever thought I would. You show us how to embrace them.

    Must be an efficient way for a busy mother to get out the door in the morning, too!

    Happy spring!

  • Xtabay replied 3 years ago

    Really love all the floral fabness, and the mother-daughter pictures are just wonderful!  Even the photobombers are adorable.  If you guys get any cuter, my head is going to explode!

  • deb replied 3 years ago

    Love MiniMe's pose in #1. Great matchy matchy maychy.

  • Sara L. replied 3 years ago

    Great family photos (and the Korean food looks delicious).  I like your floral matchiness and I do think the shapes and colors are different enough that the outfits don't overlap. 

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 3 years ago

    So much love for all of this!  Your family is too adorable and all of the floral prints and silhouettes are different enough to justify keeping.

  • JAileen replied 3 years ago

    OMG! Your kids are hilarious! It must be hard to take pictures with them "helping".

    I love your mini me. I wondered why she didn't get the smaller purse, and then I saw why. I missed all of this - I never had a daughter - you two are adorable together. Your whole family, including your husband, who obviously has a good sense of humor (Halloween costumes), is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mauvish replied 3 years ago

    I will comment about outfits later . But helllllllllooo... What is happening between 10-15 ?? Hahahaha thank you for posting these --- they made my day ---- cuteness over load.

    #12 is killing me.

  • harmonica replied 3 years ago

    You and your family are awesome! Love everything, esp floral Kate Spade and pencil. Your posts are the highlight of the day! :-)

  • Scarlet replied 3 years ago

    I can't comment to everything, but these are just so adorable (kids) and gorgeous (you!). The florals suit you so well.

  • AviaMariah replied 3 years ago

    I love your posts.  If you were asking which to keep I would have said the Kate Spade.  But since you're not, I really do love them all on you.  My second favorite is the BR daisy (I like the turquoise shoes best), the the BR watercolor is fab too.  Someday I'd like to see a picture of your closet.  :)

  • UmmLila replied 3 years ago

    Never stop. Keep going. Floral fabness.

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    Natalie, you are like NO OTHER. Rock on. 

    You are your DD's matching outfits are ALL Killer to the power of Killer. 

    (I prefer the turquoise pumps). 

  • catgirl replied 3 years ago

    I can't even.  I just need to live through you and your absolute commitment to do it all.

    Your kids need their own show.

  • replied 3 years ago

    So much to look at so many things to consider, but because I can only keep track of one outfit at a time in my small brain, I will say I love how you look in the BR pencil skirt !  Wow - I would give anything to be able to wear one of those again sometime.  And having the bag to wear with it?  Even better!  And between the orange and turquoise shoes - I much prefer the orange:)

  • Sally replied 3 years ago

    Those pictures made me smile.  Your kids are so cute.  As far as the outfits, they were all good but I absolutely loved the pencil skirt, white shirt and turquoise shoes! 

  • Momo replied 3 years ago

    Love love these pictures. What a beautiful family, your kids are so adorable.
    And I love the matchy matchy florals. Particularly the darker ones, and the colors in 22+ are amazing.
    Also adore the silver lace up flats!

  • Debbie replied 3 years ago

    I am late to this but you look amazing and your kids are so cute. They have grown a lot since wesaw them in Seattle. You do matchy-match better than anyone I know! Your daughter is definitely following in you footsteps.

  • bonnie replied 3 years ago

    You are amazing. What a fun and fashionable you have,

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    You slay me with beauty and cuteness!! LOVE!! 

    I think my fave is the Kate Spade, but honestly, it's all fantastic, and the kids are just plain adorable. 

    I like the turquoise pumps by the way. 

  • shevia replied 3 years ago

    You and your kids are a sight for sore eyes!

  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    Spectacular spectacular! Love your mini me :)

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