NAS: need jeans help

1-4 is what I wore to shop at NAS--Tokidoki casual. DH hates these Rag & Bone pajama jeans. He calls them my "I've given up" jeans. I agree they are kind of sloppy but I've gained some weight and my regular jeans are getting pretty snug and uncomfortably digging into my sides and giving me muffin top. So I decided I would try to find a new pair of jeans at NAS. My current jeans that still fit are 15-16. Vigoss ripped jeans size 28 (my favorite but they're getting kinda snug), 17-18. Kut from the Kloth Catherine boyfriend jeans size 28 (below the knee length), 19-20. J brand size 30 (too long so I rolled the hem), and 21-22. Banana Republic cropped flare size 29 (I don't know why but these always seem kind of weird/frumpy on me).

I tried on three pairs of jeans in store--5-9. Rag and Bone Dre size 29. DH hated the turned up hem and yellow stitching and said it's too baggy on me (I agree the rear view is rather unflattering), 10-14. AG jeans size 30. OK but kind of boring? I kind of like a darker wash. And 15-16. J Brand size 29. DH does not like these ones because they "don't look like real pants". He doesn't like jeggings I guess! He also doesn't like ripped knees or baggy jeans. He's super traditional. What kind of jeans are "in" nowadays?

Anyways, I have a few more on order to compare, but what do you think of the first three so far? I'm not entirely sure any of them are the right one. I've got another two Kut from the Kloth ones and another Rag and Bone on order as well. I just think the ones I currently have look better but I wish they weren't quite so snug on me! Gotta get cracking with the exercise and diet again!

Thanks for your help! By the way, I got the Halogen cardigan below and a swimsuit and some underwear as well when I went in store. I have a lot more on order, but surprisingly everything is very drab and grey/black/navy (see my NAS finds collection). Where did all the color go?

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  • Traci replied 3 years ago

    The ag 30s are my favorite. I think they're great on you!

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    Where did all the colour go is the same question I've been asking myself, Natalie. Sheesh. It's a grey and black season, it seems. Kind of depressing. I hope somebody else does colour! 

    Before I weigh in with any opinions, let me ask two questions: 

    1. Which ones did you like (if any)? It sounds like you were not crazy about any of these. 

    2. Do you want distressing? All of these are distressed. Which makes them a bit limited, maybe. Or maybe that's just me in freezing cold Canada talking.  :)

  • UmmLila replied 3 years ago

    I think the AGs are the best of the lot.

    Outside of NAS-world, I find the Paige Edgemont high rise and Jane zip jeans to be very slimming. They seem kind of 80s to me with the zippers but for some reason I am loving them anyway.

    My husband is also not fond of boyfriend or destructed jeans. He has a strange combination of not liking too much exposed skin but also liking form-fitting looks.

  • Muffin replied 3 years ago

    I think the AGs are the best as well. For myself, I'm tiring of distressing on every jean out there. Off to look at UmmLila's Paige recommendations.

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    I think the AGs look great on you.
    My favorite jeans right now are Mother. I love my dark wash high-rise skinnies: The Looker high rise, in Coffee Tea or Me wash. I got them last year, and I see Nordstrom has them now. I also have the Looker in an off-white called Whipping the Cream. It's such a comfortable, flattering cut, and the fabrics they use are soft, stretchy, and substantial.

  • goldenpig replied 3 years ago

    Thanks Traci, Suz, UmmLila, Muffin and Sharan for your help! I agree with you, I like the AG 30's the best. I'm going to return the other two and keep the AG's for now to compare with the other pairs I have on order. I was worried that the wash was too light, but after looking at the pics I think they are actually OK. Suz & Muffin, I'm usually not that RATE, but I actually like a little bit of distressing in the jeans, it goes with my shadow UWP persona. I think it would be good to have one of each, but the distressing would still be fine in the winter with our moderate climate. (DH did not like the gaping holes in the knee with the third pair though). It's weird because he likes fitted jeans, but not too fitted/legging like. Thanks UmmLila and Sharan for the additional suggestions. I'm going to order the Paige jeans too to compare. Why the heck not! I just have to make sure DH doesn't keel over with shock at all the boxes that will arrive. It's all returnable. I tried over 50 pairs of jeans when I first joined YLF to find the best pair for me (Gap Long & Lean--too bad they don't fit me anymore!). Sharan, I find it amusing all the names they give to jeans (both style and wash). Like "MOTHER 'The Looker' Skinny Jeans (Here Kitty Kitty)." LOL! I think I need that one just because of the name!

  • Bijou replied 3 years ago

    I like the AG's on you the best - but as they are distressed, it sounds as though these are not what you (or rather your husband) are looking for.  I understand your frustrations, finding jeans that fit well is difficult for me too, however don't settle for something that is not right, as remember, it is not you it is the jeans. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Frame jeans Le Skinny fit me well - I go for a size larger than normal for a comfortable fit. I recently bought a white pair of NYDJ that fit well. With NYDJ I needed to size down as they are on the larger size. 

  • goldenpig replied 3 years ago

    Thanks Bijou, I think DH was OK with the amount of distressing on the AG jeans--he thought that of the three I showed him he liked those the best because of the fit of the jeans (the R&B were too baggy for his tastes). I actually like some distressing--the ripped Vigoss jeans in 15-16 are my favorite pair of the ones I currently wear, and those are actually more distressed than the AG's. But it sounds like none of you are that keen on the distressing--are ripped jeans passe?

    Side note, I wore the BR crop flares all day (size 29) and noticed that it was starting to slip a bit and my underwear was showing. All the ones that I have that are snug are 28's. Ugh I can't win!

  • Style Fan replied 3 years ago

    Another vote for the AGs.  I am seeing lots of distressing/destroyed jeans out there.  Not sure if that means they are still current but they sure are popular.  I love them but that is me.  I am also seeing "deconstructed" used on pieces. 
    I like the gray cardigan you ordered.  Black and gray everywhere.  Help.

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    I think the distressing is still very popular. People who are early adopters say they are tired of it -- they are looking for the next trend. Others find it too much going on for their style or too RATE. And for some, it's just not practical. If you wear jeans on a daily basis, you need pairs that you can wear in smart casual contexts a bit more easily. And then there is climate.  ;)

    Your needs are different -- you don't really wear jeans to work and they are weekend wear for you only. 

    I still have one pair of distressed jeans. I like them best when I contrast them with dressier items for some juxtaposition. But on the whole, I prefer my non-distressed jeans in different washes. 

    Of the ones you showed, I like the AGs best, also. 

  • Colette replied 3 years ago

    Did you try the Paige Verdugo? I have them in black and really like them.

  • crazyone replied 3 years ago

    Natalie, if you're looking for jeans, I recommend going to a Madewell--I love their jeans and they have a huge variety of fits and washes.  They'll do free hemming in store and they also have a trade in offer-- if you take in an old pair of jeans, you'll get $20 off a full price pair.  Nordstrom sells Madewell stuff too but their *sale* prices are higher than than Madewell's since Madewell almost always has 30% or 40% off their sale prices.

  • kikidee replied 3 years ago

    I like the AG on you as well, I think your R&B's are too big. I really like Kut for comfort but sometimes prefer more expensive brands for their more interesting washes.

  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    I think the jeans in #6 are very good...but if 9 is the rear view of the same pair, then no...

  • viva replied 3 years ago

    I like the AGs too; are they the Stilt? I'm kind of obsessed with that jean. I love how they fit me (and they are available in a million washes). I got a pair on ebay for $35. :)

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    Natalie, may I suggest these: 

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    Yes, I will admit to being drawn to the names of some of the Mother jeans and colors. . . ;)

  • goldenpig replied 3 years ago

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Will return the Rag & Bone Dre and J Brand jeans. I'm keeping the AG for now and will compare when some of the other options arrive. Viva, the AGs are called "Leggings." Angie, thanks for the suggestions--will have a look. I love those denim culottes--may have to try those out! Colette--I think I ordered those Paige Verdugo in Aubergine--on the hunt for burgundy jeans too. UmmLila, thanks for the recommendation for the Paige Edgemont. Love the side zippers--a little extra moto style. They just came today and I love the high rise for some tummy control. What do you think? They're full price and not NAS but I think I'm keeping these for now until I do the full run through with the online orders, because they feel really good on.

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