Salvador Dali and a tale of two new watches

I have been wearing this Tissot silver watch every single day for many years, but over the last few weeks the numbers started falling off the dial. It felt very Salvador Dali (#2). First the 10, then the 11. The numbers were floating all around the dial and disappearing. I finally decided enough was enough and started looking online for a new watch. I narrowed it down, but I couldn't decide on a style. I was very drawn to silver watches with a blue face, and also the studded dark bracelet style. I went downtown to try on the watches.

When I walked into the watch shop, the salesperson looked at my outfit (#5) and suggested the Karl Lagerfield line, especially since it seemed to match my pyramid stud Forever 21 bracelet exactly (#1/4)! Those were actually the watches I had come to see! So I ended up getting the slim black one with the white hands (easier to read than the other ones). The funny thing was that the other woman in the store (a tourist from Australia) bought the same exact watch as me at the same time!

I went to Nordstrom to try on the Burberry watch. The Burberry watches were on sale for 20% off so I bit. I think the watch looked bigger than I thought given my slender wrists, but the blue was only available in the 38 mm size (they had a 34 mm but only with a silver dial). I really liked the look of the blue one. Very streamlined and polished, but still unique. I love classics with a twist. So I ended up with two watches, one for my primary polished ladylike style and one for my edgier shadow style.  I wore the new watch with a very preppy outfit--DH said I looked like a Ralph Lauren ad. Hard to believe that #12 and #5 are the same person--I guess my style is very schizophrenic! Which is why having two watches is perfect!

I included pics of the runner ups, including the Fossil Cecile with a Pacific blue dial (#10), which had just come out. It is very pretty, but I thought that it was too busy looking for me. I can't find it on the Fossil website any more--maybe it sold out in a flash!

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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  • leopardluxe replied 6 years ago

    I really love the Lagerfield watch. So cool! I have such a hard time with watches since my wrists are so small (less than 6 inch circumference) so most end up being way too large on me. I have a vintage gold movado with black leather strap from the 30's that is the smallest I've ever seen on a "basic" watch face but because it's a wind-up watch I find I don't wear it often because I always forget to wind it.

    Your choices are fabulous and I love how you ended up with two --one for your edgier looks and one for more everyday wear. I think it's incredibly interesting how watches have become much more a fashion item than a functional one thanks to the prevalence of smart phones as timekeepers.

  • Aida replied 6 years ago

    Hah I love the Dali reference with the watch numbers floating around ^^ I think you made really excellent watch choices, they suit you perfectly! The gunmetal Lagerfield watch is great too, I'd probably go for that over the black myself but that's just because I haven't worn my black watches in years. The blue plate on the Burberry is such a great deep shade! I like the Fossil one you tried on (it's similar to my own rose gold Fossil watch!) but I think you might like a tonal version of that without the high contrast dials better. The outfits in 5 and 12 look like the same person to me, there's a touch of your ladylike persona that's present in both :)

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