What have you accomplished this year and what are your NY resolutions?

Happy Holidays everyone! Now that this year is drawing to a close and the new year is fast approaching, let's take stock(ing) of the State of Your Closet. :)

What have you accomplished this year? What are your fashion-related resolutions or goals for the coming year?

What have I accomplished in the last six months:
1. Joined YLF and became interested in fashion for the first time in ages.
2. Learned about correct fit, dressing the body you have, wardrobe remixing, layering, belting, accessorizing, mom-on-the-go formulas, and the importance of feeling fab in whatever you're wearing.
3. Stretched my fashion boundaries and tried lots of new looks for me, many of which have become new staples in my wardrobe (like skinny jeans).
4. Figured out my best color palette.
5. Figured out my style persona (I can't tell you enough how huge this is!)--Demure Bombshell
6. Figured out a shopping strategy that (more or less) works for me. How to navigate shopping in-store and online, how to get price adjustments, how to order items that are out of stock online, etc. etc.
7. Completed a major closet purge and reorganization.
8. Completed a major wardrobe overhaul.
9. Found a wonderful supportive community filled with new friends who make me smile and laugh and are always willing to answer all of my questions and give feedback on my K/R's and WIW's and always make me feel super fab!
10. Had lots of fun with fashion!

My New Year's resolutions:
1. Go on SYC/SYB. Haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do yet, still mulling the options--complete SYC, exceptions for lounge and casual wear, one item per month, monthly or yearly limit, etc. I just know that I won't be buying clothes at the same rapid pace I have been because my wardrobe is pretty much complete. And even though it's scary to think about SYC, that actually is a great feeling!
2. Buy a steamer. I never iron clothes--I'm not even sure if we have an ironing board anymore. I really need to get a steamer so I can de-wrinkle clothes before wearing and cut down on dry cleaning costs.
3. Make an appointment with a tailor. I have to get over my laziness and PPL anxiety and bring in all those new pants and flare jeans I've bought for a proper hemming so I can finally wear them.
4. Learn more about thrifting and how to successfully find stuff in vintage or consignment stores.
5. Figure out how to sell stuff on eBay. I have a whole collection of Paul Frank T-shirts and purses from pre-kids that I need to whittle as many of the T-shirts are now too small/short and I have way too many PF purses, plus I never carry them anymore since they don't seem to go with my new style.
6. Learn more about scarf-tying. I have several scarves now and never seem to wear them.
7. Start using StyleBook and keeping track of daily outfits and CPW. This probably won't happen but still a theoretical goal!
8. Figure out how to play against my style but in a way that works and doesn't feel contrived.
9. Keep working on creative wardrobe remixing and advanced pattern mixing.
10. Try to keep sharing what I've learned and help others here feel as fab as you make me feel! You guys are the best!
XOXO, Natalie

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  • Mo replied 9 years ago

    Mine's short and sweet! I accomplished shopping within a budget this year ($250 bi-monthly) and for next year my goals are to shop within a designated plan and to Shop My Closet until/unless I start work.
    The plan is sketched out in the pic. Roughly a dozen pieces for S/S and F/W seasons plus 2 accessories (bag/belt, etc). This should cost about $1300 for the year or an average of $100 per month. The 'plan' also involves a one in one out principle to keep my wardrobe around 150 pieces.

  • Vildy replied 9 years ago

    Boy, this subject title really bummed me out until I remembered I hadn't set out to
    accomplish anything. :D And when I open it and see it's fashion related, I feel okay
    now. ahahaha

  • citygirldc replied 9 years ago

    Accomplishments in 2011
    1. I discovered YLF and am now obsessed by it.
    2. I started blogging.
    3. I lost 22 lbs. but still have 8 lbs. until goal.
    4. Hubby and I biked all summer long, our longest at 55 miles.
    5. I shopped. A LOT!!!! Not always an accomplishment. :)

    New Year's Goals in 2012.
    1. Run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in March
    2. Shop less or SYC until Spring time.
    3. Bike to work every day, train for half marathon.
    4. Buy more quality clothing, not quantity.
    5. Keep up with my photography.
    6. Start sewing projects
    7. Buy home stuff: new couch / microwave / refrigerator / redo kitchen
    8. Travel to: NYC, Boston, Austin, Paris, Barcelona and Milan.
    9. Post more on my blog
    10. Eat less and exercise more.

  • Mochi replied 9 years ago

    (Please share your secret for ordering things online that are out of stock! :-)

    This past year I started reading a few fashion blogs and found my way to YLF, where I feel really at home and able to express a new part of myself.


    1. bought my first pair of tall boots, finding out all of a sudden that yes, I could find boots that fit my "large" calves, LOL. That opened the floodgates for buying (for me, being such a short amount of time) a large shoe collection--most of it in the past 2 months!

    2. I came to be much more of a stickler on fit. I am also adhering about 99% to the "shop for the body you have now" philosophy.

    3. started studying fashion/style to try and break down why an outfit works or doesn't

    4. began buying myself STAPLES that I was lacking for a long time. Actually, this year I began to learn what staples even were. I didn't realize I needed camisoles, shells or some other type of layering garment.

    5. have begun to fill in deep gaps in my paltry wardrobe, and mostly on useful things, with a few "fun" items thrown in

    6. began to shop online. This just wouldn't have occurred to me in past years. I always wanted instant gratification as well as the ability to try things on...but this opens up a lot more opportunities for me, and I'm getting good at figuring out sizing.

    7. learned about brand names and designers (lot more to learn)

    8. realized that I'm not that bizarrely shaped and am capable of looking nice in clothes

    9. have gotten a clearer idea of a few style personas that appeal to me...just not sure if they're all going to work in my case, but will have fun investigating

    10. decided I love how I look in skinny jeans, whether or not books tell me I should stick to bootcuts or whatever (there's lots of conflicting advice for short, apple women!)

    11. learned to get over the unpleasantness of paying what had been an unthinkable amount for a pair of shoes or a bag...really, it's easy to spend more money on coffee or other frivolities, if you add it up...

    So my resolutions for the upcoming year:

    1. to keep plugging the basic wardrobe holes: a few more coats for different weather/occasions/moods, a few pairs of durable, well-cut trousers, layering tops, a few sweaters

    2. decide which kind of accessories work best for me, and focus on them

    3. buy a really nice handbag (or a few): not necessarily a costly one, but the one(s) that are perfect for me

    4. I've concluded that a persona I want to adapt is to dress in a streamlined, uncluttered fashion, in an outfit that has that one subtle thing about it that's different or unusual (accessory, cut of shirt, etc...hard to explain but I will continue researching this)

    5. I also realize I really don't want a huge wardrobe, but quality is SUPER important to me. This year I returned a coat I had bought off of yoox.com. It looked adorable online, but it was kind of skimpily made, buttons were not sewn on well...just not worth the discount price, much less the original price. I actually get really happy when I pick up a skirt and feel the weight of the fabric, the strength of the sewing in the seams, feel how durable it is.

    6. Tying in with the thought that there's a lot of fun costume jewelry out there, but I am thinking I may want to hold off and buy fewer but more amazing, unique things.

    7. in this upcoming year, I need better organization for my closet as a whole (I have some space, but the shelving configuration is not good), and for specific capsules like jewelry and shoes.

    8. I'd like to try having something tailored, and see if it makes a huge difference and is worthwhile to me.

    9. I'd like to wear low heels more often, and boots and other nice flats almost entirely

    10. would love to find my perfect leather jacket, but am absolutely holding out for that

    11. would love to get down at least one more size--at least enough to know for sure what my fundamental body type and proportions are

    12. I want to continue to hone in on what my go-to looks are, but take adventurous risks that pay off, too. This would probably be where a genius professional stylist would come in (and also help me fill in gaps in wardrobe, if I hit a wall) :-)

    13. How could I nearly forget? This has to be the year I figure out how to deal with my hair. Very wiry, hard-to-manage hair that I have always given up on...that needs to change!

    14. get back into skin-care routine

    15. keep a careful balance of androgynous items (which I always leaned toward), and try and incorporate more feminine shoes, skirts, etc.

    16. keep learning from everyone here!!!!

    17. not just buy the clothing, but live a fantastic LIFE in them!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Thank you, all, for being such a wonderful resource here!

  • Mo replied 9 years ago

    Ooh, Citygirl, thanks for reminding me!
    I also aim to consume less (in all meanings of the word) and do more. :)
    Which RnR half are you doing? I did the Mardi Gras one in New Orleans in Feb and it was great fun.

  • Janet replied 9 years ago

    Wow, Natalie and Mo, you are both very organized in your goals!

    Last night, my husband and I went out for a beer and a burger and drove around looking at Christmas lights on the way home, recalling where we were at this time last year and all that's happened. It's been an eventful year with some big changes for us, and I'd say even though there have been some very challenging times, the vast majority of it has been very positive.

    2011 was a year in which I surprised myself in a lot of ways. I didn't set out last winter to specifically do the things I've done this year, but I was opening myself up for new experiences and directions in my life.

    As related to style, this year I gained a new attitude toward my body as I discovered a bit of my inner athlete and embarked on athletic pursuits I never would have expected. One nice side effect: losing approx. 15-20 lbs and nearly 2 dress sizes. A second, even better, side effect: gaining a new appreciation for my body based on what it can do and how it feels rather than beating myself up for how it looks.

    Last winter I discovered style blogs and most importantly the YLF community. I started thinking more consciously about my style and my clothes than I had in quite some time. I've purged a huge amount from my wardrobe and have bought lots of new items. I've tried a lot of things I previously wrote off as not for me. Some have been more successful than others, but on the whole, I feel like I'm on the right track for honing my own personal style.

    Next year I look forward to continuing on this path. I want to keep up my running and yoga schedule to keep myself healthy and maintain my current size (although I wouldn't mind losing maybe another 5 lbs or so, and improving my muscle tone more). I plan to continue revisiting my closet with a critical eye, shopping with an even more critical one (of the clothes, not my body), and surprising myself with items that work to keep pushing the rock'n'roll edge of a refined style that works for my age and body type.

  • Diana replied 9 years ago

    This year, my #1 accomplishment is really becoming more involved in the YLF community, posting WIWs, etc. I realized that I really missing having fashion-y friends around all the time now that my good IRL girlfriends are mostly all in other states.

    My top style-related change this year is that I became interested in jewelry, especially necklaces, and, not only did I acquire more of it, I also decided to actually wear the jewelry that I have.

    I also made a start on adding some more regular exercise (in addition to the walking I do every day) to my life.

    Next year, I am going to continue to have fun with fashion! I don't have any big fashion-related goals to accomplish, so I'll just see what happens. (Although I guess I should make a concerted effort to get rid of all the old/unworn/ill-fitting clothes that have accumulated in my closet since I last moved 8 years ago.) I am also going to continue with the exercise, and will hopefully lose that pesky 10-15 pounds that have crept on over the years.

    Finally, the big change that will happen next year is that I will be getting married... we have not yet set a date yet, but it will happen probably sometime in the fall.

  • Ana replied 9 years ago

    When I saw the title of this post and pondered what I had accomplished, my first thoughts were, "graduated college and watched all nine seasons of 'The X-Files' streaming on Netflix." But then I realized it was supposed to be FASHION related. My fashion accomplishments were equally as exciting. ; ) Namely, I cleaned out my closet and updated my wardrobe with a few new things after 18 months of buying very few things. But that's about it. Next year, I'd like to see if I can set a small clothing budget and stick to it because I need to get some things for the hot weather ahead.

    CitygirlDC, are you coming out for ACL or just a general visit to Austin? It's a really fun city (I'd advise trying not to come in the summer if you can help it--April/May are actually beautiful months). : )

  • Makrame replied 9 years ago

    Nice topic!

    I did not have any particular goals for this year, and next year they are mostly work-related, so I won't share them here. :)

    I did run two half-marathons this year, so that feels like an accomplishment, and I hope to do the same next year. Really improved my wardrobe and also got very picky with my purchases (I have started a separate post about that). I started cleaning out my closet and hope to continue with that and also try to stick to a somewhat disciplined shopping budget or plan so I am reading everyone's shopping lists with great interest. I also found a good tailor in our town and started taking my clothes to a dry cleaner! Both actions have improved the state of my clothes.

    Started taking photos of my outfits with some regularity and found that this really helps figure out what works, and also started a spreadsheet for what I wear daily - hope to continue both next year. Or, and one other achievement - got much better at packing for travel, thanks to YLF teaching me to "think in outfits, not items". Hopefully I'll get to travel a bit more next year.

    Happy New Year, everyone, and good luck with accomplishing your goals!

  • chewyspaghetti replied 9 years ago

    I managed to maintain a small, functional wardrobe through weight loss, gain, health problems and stress- and that is no minor fete!
    I don't do NY resolutions, but my goal for the next year is just to love myself, my body and my wardrobe- regardless of what happens. Part of that is to continue to maintain a small functional wardrobe in a way that maximizes space and convenience.

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    This was a fun read!

  • jumpingfrog replied 9 years ago

    This is a great topic.
    I have been lurking here for over a year, but reading this I decided to join the forum and this is my first post!
    My goals are:
    to define my style,
    dress in a more pulled together and more feminine way
    buy better quality items that fit right (very hard for me to spend money on myself, for some reason)
    start exercising again
    join this great community.
    try to manage my hair - it has it's own ideas on how it wants to behave. Most of the time I tame it with an elastic or scrunchie. I know, I'm trying to figure something better.
    I work in a job where I wear coveralls and tie my hair back out of the way, so it really doesn't matter what I wear to work. A year and a half ago I decided I needed to look better on my days off, and that's when I started reading books and blogs on style. I love this blog, and read it pretty much every day now.
    I hope everyone here realizes all their goals for the coming year.

  • qfbrenda replied 9 years ago

    This thread is fun reading!

    This has been quite the year. Since last December I've lost 30 lbs, maintained it, and replaced my entire wardrobe. Thankfully hubby hasn't had a heart attack over the cost involved. My closet is not quite where I want it, but it's getting close.

    In 2012 I plan to:

    **continue to fill wardrobe holes

    **learn how to inject preppy into my dressing without looking costume-y

    **learn more ways of wearing scarves

    **grow my hair into a bob

    **expand the jacket and dress sections in my closet

    I'm not sure what else

  • HelenInCanada replied 9 years ago

    Tough task masters around here for this Christmas Eve day! :D

    I've accomplished:
    - being more mindful of proper fit and flattery for my (yes, even 2 years later!) "mama body";
    - discovering great quality retailers online, where I can browse and do a little research before rushing into shops buying everything that catches my eye;
    - discovering YLF and this forum, and following it regularly - very helpful!;
    - deciding that it's ok to wear what I love and not have to look like so-and-so when I'm not comfortable doing so (i.e. nixing ultra sexy clothing, etc.)

    I want to accomplish:
    -loving every item in my wardrobe;
    -having a better selection of footwear!
    -learning how to re-mix better
    -probably a version of SYC!

    Good luck to you all - and Happy Holidays!!!

  • Amy replied 9 years ago

    I'm so impressed with all that you have accomplished in the past year! You ladies are amazing.

    I don't have anything nearly as impressive to report for 2011. The only major fashion changes I made were to my hair. My hairdresser told me my hair was too conservative for my personality (we're friends, so she knows me fairly well), so I let her do what she wanted to it. I'm still not 100% sold on short hair on me, so intend to continue experimenting with it throughout the new year.

    My goals for 2012 are fairly simple and actually fun. I'm going to go shopping! For the past few years, I've either sewn or knit all my clothes (yes, including socks). And while I do a fine enough job at that, I've ended up with some fairly major gaps in my wardrobe because it takes a very long time to alter patterns to my satisfaction and yet more time to actually make the garment. So, I'm ready for a little "instant gratification."

    If I can find important basics in the stores, that will let me focus my creative time on making fun/interesting things instead of boring basics like t-shirts.

    I would like to continue experimenting with creative ways to style basics. In the past, I've been unimaginative about that.

    Finally, I'd like to be able to articulate what my style personality is, e.g. Natalie is a Demure Bombshell, Una & Rae are UWPs , Suz has European Chic down pat, MaryK is the Queen of Color and pencil skirts, etc.

    Right now, I'm all over the map style-wise and frustrated with the restrictions my work environment places on my sartorial choices as well as the dearth of opportunities to dress up in my fancy clothes. It would be wonderful to work more date nights with my husband into the year-to-come.

  • replied 9 years ago

    Amy, I was really surprised to hear that you are not 100% sold on your short hair. I LOVE it on you. I think your short hair is going to be key in defining your style. Like you, I want to be able to come up with a name for my style, but that would require me figuring it out.....but I am skipping ahead to the second question.

    2011. Well, I found YLF midsummer and let's see.....what have I done? I feel like I have such a long way to go that I'm not really sure what I've accomplished besides getting rid of everything I don't love. I am good at culling, I will say that, lol! So I will call my accomplishments simply *discoveries*.

    *I have broad shoulders and a long skinny neck! I don't know why that fact managed to escape me for so many years. This will shape my future purchases and perhaps my hairstyle.

    *Fit is everything.

    *Less is more.

    *Perfect (for me) doesn't have to mean expensive. Faux is ok.

    *Some things that I just LOVE I don't love on me :( and that's ok. I can love them on other people.

    For 2021 I hope to:

    *coin a two-word style statement like MaryK and you, Natalie

    *identify pieces that are key for me and acquire them

    *continue to have fun with fashion and participate on YLF

  • replied 9 years ago

    You can definitely nail it by 2021, Claire! ; )

  • MsMary replied 9 years ago

    Claire, you are definitely well on your way!

    Honestly, I think I accomplished my fashion goals in 2011. I feel pretty awesome every day and my wardrobe comes through for pretty much every occasion!

    My resolutions for 2012 are not fashion related:

    1. Be happy

    2. No cussing ;)

  • lyn* replied 9 years ago

    Stuff I've done:
    - 6 mth collection of my clothes on StyleBook - it's crazy! I totally overestimate how much wear my clothes and underestimate how often i wear my accessories! I think my leopard print drop earrings have been worn to the point where they're about 10-cents cost per wear!
    - Found fantastic boots that I can wear with almost everything...
    - Embraced the Midi!

    My resolutions:
    - Only fab-ness goes into the closet! Perhaps I may have to adopt a one in-one out policy
    - Maybe try pants. BIG maybe.

  • annagybe replied 9 years ago

    My big realization and it was huge for me was that I didn't need to be on every trend that comes down the pipe. I'm still not entirely sure where I'm going in 2012. Should be interesting. I am hoping to get my hair grown past my clavicles though.

  • citygirldc replied 9 years ago

    Mo - I'm doing the Rock and Roll half here in DC and it will be my first half. I've done plenty of 10 milers and 10ks but am excited to see if I can do more.

    Ana - I've always wanted to visit Austin since it's the music capitol of the area, just not sure when.

  • rae replied 9 years ago

    These are so fun, positive, and helpful! I didn't realize how much has really happened this year. It feels good to look back and see that there has been progress.

    - Really nailed down my personal style statement (Utilitarian Fashionista/UWP)
    - Rounded out summer shoe options (forced self to buy for dominant season)
    - Successfully integrated brights into casual wardrobe (red & citron utility jackets)
    - High heel breakthrough! Completely revamped boot wardrobe with arch supporting heels.
    - Cracked my personal tall casual boot mystery
    - Finally secured nude boots to wear with shorts
    - Learned that it's okay to pounce
    - Learned that it's okay to pass
    - Started blogging/personal shopping/foray into custom thrift venture
    - Met several amazing YLFers at swap parties and meetups!!

    2012 Goals
    - Lose my poor-health weight
    - UWP-ify office wardrobe
    - Crack that stubborn dress pants mystery
    - Secure structured, edgy cardigans
    - Continue blog and sales endeavors
    - Update hairstyle

    Thanks for helping me get focused, GP!

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    As usual, Natalie, you started a great thread! This has been so fun to read and think about.

    Here's my fashion recap of the year:

    *Purged an entire closetful of clothes (for all the seasons) and started buying for my new size and shape.

    *Experienced my first fully successful "capsule" wardrobe on an artist's retreat in Vermont. Tasted the joys of having exactly the right clothes for the environment and never wondering "what will I wear?????" while standing in front of the closet...even while living out of a small suitcase! Recognized that part of this arose from the fact that for the first time in my life I had actually permitted myself to BUY myself the clothes that I would need for this trip, so I HAD the requisite pieces to make it all work. (Well, Suz, DUH!!!)

    *Found InsideOut Style in the spring and began reading it.

    *Found YLF in the early summer and then joined this great community!

    *Went back to short hair on Angie's excellent advice. THANKS, Angie!!

    *Began to figure out my style persona. Despite being crowned Queen Eurochic (fans self) and being blessed by a unique Una acronym (ART = arty, retro, tailored...fans self again) AND having been the subject of a Mrs. Eccentric case study (thanks, Steph!) I STILL don't feel that my style has come completely into focus, but I do know I'm moving in the right direction, thanks to you all!

    *Discovered my local consignment store and also one in Toronto that I really like.

    *Bought myself something at full price.

    *Bought online from the U.S. for the first time.

    *Began refining my best colour palette (and buying more clothes in my more flattering colours).

    *Figured out my body shape and proportions and why some sizes and styles work better than others.

    *Started putting more of my money into decent accessories and footwear.

    *Established perfectly working sleepwear and workout wear/gear capsules and the basis of a really good work-at-home capsule, plus date wear and some special occasion wear.

    Style Goals for 2012:

    *Continue refining my personal style through purchases and ongoing wardrobe edits.

    *Acquire some basics that I am still lacking (e.g. trench coat)

    *Define my perfect work-at-home wardrobe and continue to purchase clothes for this.

    *Figure out the best bag for me.

    *Identify wardrobe holes and address.

    *Figure out a good source of my basics and ensure I have those I need (e.g. layering Ts, etc....many of my current ones are substandard.)

  • Shyla replied 9 years ago

    This is such a nice thread! Enjoyed reading everyone's posts!
    My accomplishments in 2011:
    - Became more aware of my body and how it looks! (yeah!)
    - Started running! Ran three races :)
    - Lost 10 lbs
    - Discovered this gold mine called YLF !
    My goals for 2012:
    - Understand the essentials of fashion, explore, interact and learn a lot at YLF
    - Dress well and look good
    - Run at least 5 more races
    - Lose 5 more lbs.

  • soobee replied 9 years ago

    This is the thread I need to get some perspective of past and future. I’ve loved reading all your achievements and goals.

    In 2011 I:

    Discovered that I’d become a frump
    Took positive action to improve my appearance
    Purged my wardrobe
    Had my long (stringy) hair cut off
    Started accepting my bone disease and its limitations
    Discovered YLF
    Rediscovered the joy of sewing for myself
    Started the process of defining my style
    Became less critical of my appearance

    Goals for 2012:

    Improve my health
    If not lose weight, at the minimum take positive actions to not gain
    Fill my closet with clothes I love
    Have a new shelf built for more *wardrobe pets*
    Replace all uncomfortable shoes
    Box and store unworn jewelry and add some more fab pieces to my everyday wear
    Acquire some stylish new watches
    Keep having fun with clothing!

  • nancylee replied 9 years ago

    I'm still out of town visiting family for the holiday, but I couldn't resist chiming in on this fun and thought-provoking thread. :)

    My 2011 accomplishments (fashion-wise):

    *Discovered YLF and this great group of smart, fashion-savvy, and supportive women.
    *Purged my wardrobe of items that weren't "me."
    *Defined my style for the first time ever: Eurochic with an American twist
    *Moved out of my comfort zone on several occasions: skinnies, booties with dresses/skirts, fur vest, bright color, slouch boots.
    *Made the switch from team knit to team woven tops.
    *Bought 3 pairs of Frye boots: Carson shorties, Melissa button-backs, Cindy slouch
    *Refined my fall/winter wardrobe so I love everything and it's a snap to get dressed and feel and look fabulous every day.
    *Discovered Paige premium denim and became a complete convert.
    *Made more of an effort to look good all the time, and not just for special events.

    Goals for 2012 (fashion-wise):

    *To refine and build my spring/summer wardrobe so it's in as good shape as my fall/winter one.
    *Add more dresses (casual and work appropriate) to my spring/summer wardrobe.
    *Add a couple more blazers/ fitted jackets to my wardrobe.
    *Continue pushing myself (gently!) out of my comfort zone.
    *Continue to dress well for all occasions...even lounging and workouts.
    *Have more fun with fashion!

  • Jewell replied 9 years ago

    Like jumpingfrog, I'm a former lurker who was compelled to join after reading this thread.

    My style accomplishments for 2011:
    -I got out of a fashion rut (hadn't shopped for new clothes/accessories in 3 years).
    -I learned to love the skin I'm in.
    -I started exercising.
    -I gained 10 pounds (need to gain about 8 more to reach my goal weight).
    -I purged almost a closetful of ill-fitting clothes.
    -I evolved my personal style by adding skirts, feminine apparel items, and accessories to my wardrobe.
    -I got and maintained a sleek new hairstyle.
    -I tossed all my expired cosmetics and restocked my make-up essentials.
    -I started documenting my daily outfits.
    -I discovered YLF and learned tons about clothing, footwear, and accessories.
    -I scored some fantastic deals on items that make me feel fab.
    -I started shopping with a plan.

    For 2012, I want to:
    -finally conquer my fear of color
    -keep a photo log of my outfits
    -fill remaining wardrobe holes
    -focus on quality over quantity
    -kick 2 very bad habits (impulse buying & habitual returning)
    -shop from a budget
    -begin a consistent skin care routine and wear make-up regularly
    -exercise consistently

    By paying careful attention to what appeals to me in 2011, I was able to classify my personal style as "feminine flair." The dictionary definition of feminine is delicate and pretty, but I'd like to throw in sexy (but in a subtle way in my case). The dictionary definition of flair is stylishness and originality. It's the originality part that I need to work on in 2012 : )

  • Jenava replied 9 years ago

    My head is buzzing with thoughts, so I'm going to write mine and then go back and finish reading everyone's!

    I accomplished:
    Managed to buy a few items that make me really happy and match with the style I want to have (3.1 Philip Lim dress, Marc Jacobs blouse, Alexander Want dress).
    Purged a bunch of stuff (dresses, blouses) that, while perfect fine, did not make me feel like myself - they were too girly and not sophisticated enough

    Next year I want to:
    -Buy a cropped moto jacket (a nice one I can feel good in for a long time)
    -Spend my extra money on new furniture
    -Only shop when I really need something (see #1) or need a replacement - and then upgrade to better quality where possible.
    -Figure out how to dress casually and still feel like myself.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 9 years ago

    I feel kind of overwhelmed by everyone else's response in that I don't feel I accomplished a lot in 2011. But here it is anyway:

    - I joined YLF and read/studied threads & photos to learn how to dress my petite apple frame
    - I started to try on clothes in different stores to determine what I liked and what worked
    - I became more discriminating in what I purchase via thrifting/consignment
    - I started to post WIW to get better feedback from other YLF members to help me continue to learn
    - I bought my first two Angie recommended purchases - the cross body polka dot Aldo bag and the Fish Bow Mary-Jane pumps (both of which I'm thrilled with)
    - I started to see a pattern develop in my style leaning towards a mix of modern & retro

    What I'd like to accomplish in 2012:

    - Continue to develop my personal style and narrow that down - maybe even come up with a name for it (like Una's UWP)
    - Finish posting pics including the rest of my current wardrobe so that I can finalize the purge of my closet and start fresh
    - Buy the perfect white button down shirt; navy cashmere sweater; white trousers; fabulous flats; something orange; red pumps
    - Continue to HAVE FUN with fashion!
    - Non fashion related: keep up with physio on my knee so that I can get back to exercising and running

  • banananutmuffin replied 9 years ago

    Well, my big accomplishment this year was keeping my husband and kids all healthy and happy. But on the fashion front...

    In 2011, I pretty much accomplished nothing, except maybe a renewed interest in my appearance and fashion in general. My goal list for 2012:

    - Add color to my wardrobe! I have got to break out of my all-black, all-the-time rut.

    - Wear heels more often. I usually wear flats cause I'm chasing after kids, but I know I'll get more comfy in heels if I wear them more often.

    - Start doing my "face" everyday I leave the house. I rarely wear makeup, but now that I'm older, my skin needs help. Even just tinted moisturizer and some lip stick makes a difference.

    - Lose the weight. One reason for my lack of interest in fashion is simply because I am not happy with my body, so I hate myself in everything I wear. I know that losing a few pounds will really make a difference in my approach to clothing.

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