Which discount fashion store do you shop at? Is it high or low yield?

I've done a lot of shopping at Nordstrom, Anthropologie and gotten some Kate Spade sale items too but all of those tend to be on the expensive side. So I'm wondering which is the best discount fashion store to go to and whether it's high yield enough in terms of finding up to date good quality fashionable clothing to justify the time to go there. I've bought quite a bit from Gap and H&M and have been pretty happy with those items (although others have said that the quality can be hit or miss). I went to Zara and to a local consignment store as well, but ended up empty-handed at those places. MaryK and I went to Loehmann's which is a place I'd love to try again when I have more time to browse. And I really want to try Nordstrom Rack next time I have time to go into the city to shop.

Part of the problem is I have little time to shop, so I tend to want to go to stores that I know are likely to have the specific item I need (as opposed to just going to the store to browse for unexpected finds). I like shopping online, then going in with a list of things to try, which is why Nordstrom & Anthro work well for me. And I like their generous return policies (esp Nordstrom). The discount stores seem like they might be more of a treasure hunt or crapshoot, which is fun if you're in the mood but not if you need something in particular (like say, the red jeans I'm currently searching for). I don't want to spend more than I need to though either. Thoughts? Just wondering if any of you go to these discount stores and if any of these should also be on my list to try?

JC Penney
Old Navy

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  • Elly replied 10 years ago

    Kohl's--- this is super hit-and-miss for me. Often I don't even find anything to try on, but last time I was at a one in a higher end part of town I saw several nice blouses. Quality is sometimes a problem.

    Ross and Marshalls-- depends alot on the area you are shopping in. I live in the middle of nowhere so ours tends to have poor selection and is very picked over. Name brands are rare except in the Juniors section and I see alot of no name made for discount stuff. That said, I have been into some in other locations that have had beautiful cashmere and leather at great prices. Not the best for trendy things though unless you are looking for something that has been popular for a few seasons. They can be a good place to find denim brands like lucky, levis, diesel, and guess.

    JC Penney--- I find the sizing runs large. Our local store is small and selection is awful, but I know others occasionally score good buys, especially if you are short or regular height and wear a 6 or larger. Juniors department can be a good place for trendy items. Overall I just see too much poly.

    Old Navy--- good for scarves. I have a pair of men's sweats too.

    Target--- I hate target clothing with a passion, but I am in the minority. I do like their bedding and homewares though.

    DSW-- I am a fan, but it is a hit or miss place especially if you have fussy feet or wear a really common or understocked size.

    Payless--- NO! Super-cheap shoes are the devil! *or so my fussy feet say*

  • Kari replied 10 years ago

    Kohl's: I have one nearby, and pop in from time to time, but I've nearly always come away empty handed because they didn't have quite the item that I was looking for. The store seems to be pretty clean/organized and the items are in good condition. One of my coworkers has had a lot of luck with accessories at Kohl's, and forum member KristenKP has a plethora of "kickass Kohls dresses" that she's picked up there, and she wears them fantastically.

    Ross: I shop there rarely. I have a negative impression of the store because the Ross that was nearby the area I grew up at was always a mess with items that were damaged or defective. It didn't seem worth going.

    Marshall's: A pretty good selection of discounted brands comparable to lines that you might find at Macys or Nordstrom. I've had good luck in the accessory and footwear department. A few years ago, when I had a mishap at work involving a collision between light gray pants and a full can of V-8 juice, I ducked into Marshalls to find replacement pants during my lunch break, and had good luck. You didn't list TJ Maxx, but I'd put them in the same category as Marshall's based on my own shopping experiences. With both of those stores, the offerings don't usually tend to be the most current or on-trend, and sometimes though the item is high quality, there's something "off" about the color of cut where you can tell why many shoppers didn't purchase it initially.

    JC Penney: More a less expensive department store than a discount fashion store. I haven't shopped there much in recent years but usually buy underwear there, and I've had good luck with accessories/sunglasses, or sometimes inexpensive handbags that look less cheap than they actually are. Their clothing tends to be more classic/less trendy, and sometimes dowdy in certain departments. The quality is probably around/a little below what I see at Gap based on my past experiences of purchasing clothing there.

    Old Navy: Inexpensive items that are generally pretty on-trend and, while not impeccably well made, are usually okay in quality. A good place to look for inexpensive casual wear.

    Target: I've had mixed results in their clothing department. Some items are real winners (like the chambray shirt that YLF forum members got - sadly, I missed out on that one!), but other items I've purchased at Target just prove to be crummy quality and fall apart after a few wears. I've had better luck at Target purchasing pajamas or workout wear. I think their shoes are generally pretty uncomfortable.

    DSW: Probably my favorite on your list. Usually good markdowns on shoes, and they have a *TON* of selection for shoes of various different styles. I've bought quite a few favorite shoes - by Me Too, Chinese Laundry, etc. - at DSW, and have also scooped up a couple great Franco Sarto handbags that I love and use often.

    Payless: To be honest, I've never found their shoes to be great quality, and I find most of them pretty uncomfortable.

    Nordstrom Rack - generally a pretty good selection, though it can vary depending on how recently the merchandise has moved out of the main Nordstrom store. Know that the Rack has a 30 day return policy (in contrast to Nordstrom's unlimited policy) and their customer service and organization inside the store isn't at the same level of what I get in a normal Nordstrom store; however, their merchandise is usually pretty high quality and if I'm patient, I can usually walk away from the store with a few items that were buried in the racks. I've also had good luck a couple times finding KILLER discounts - in the neighborhood of $15-30 - on bras in my size - and at 32G that's quite unusual! It's a rarity but I often watch the lingerie racks carefully just in case one of my favorites is lurking there.

  • Makrame replied 10 years ago

    I think I more or less figured out how to get the most out of discount stores (this is for me and my style - someone else might have a different outlook).

    In TJMaxx and Marshalls, I will go to the handbag and scarf sections and take a quick look around, because these sections tend to have pretty interesting/good quality items. Might check out shoes. Great dress socks and/or tights can be found in those stores but mostly in season (for example, now might be a good time to look for socks and tights, but later in the season they will be gone). Most of the time, I don't bother looking at clothing, except for activewear (got great Marika workout/yoga clothes at Marshalls). Completely agree with Kari in that you really have to be careful with these stores because the fit and the quality of clothes is sometimes (not always) not so great.

    Kohl's clothing almost never fits me so I don't even bother but it is a good place for dress socks if I can't find them at Marshalls.

    Target - very occasionally I might find some clothes there. Great place for cheap colorful/interesting belts.

    Marshalls, Kohls, TJMaxx and Target are very close to my house, and I will usually take a quick look in some of those stores if I happen to be at this shopping plaza; I would not make a special shopping trip there.

    Payless is a no-no for me, I agree with Elly. DSW - maybe (but only if I am already in the mall). Old Navy - maybe one item a year or so; only if I happen to be at the same shopping plaza. JCPenney - most of the time I don't bother to go in. But as Angie said, leave no retail stone unturned - occasionally, you can find a great and long-lived item at any of these stores. It's just that if you want to get the most out of your time, these might not be the best places to go.

    BTW, one strategy I found that saves money, is putting items on the wishlist on Nordstrom website, and checking prices every couple of weeks. I found a few things I was interested in when they went on clearance. For example, Kut from the Kloth skinnies I love were $24 etc. Or, in another case, I noticed that my size and color were selling out even at full price so I pounced as soon as they were back in stock (probably a return). This is not a particularly time-consuming approach (certainly takes less time then driving to the mall).

  • Kari replied 10 years ago

    Makrame, I do the same thing with my online wish list, which is probably why so many items I buy tend to be from Nordstrom. I do the same with Amazon and Zappos for shoes/purses/occasional clothing purchases.

  • lyn* replied 10 years ago

    Old Navy I find is very poor yield - the quality is subpar, the sizing enormous, and the styles are very bleh.

  • Kate replied 10 years ago

    GP, you might want to add Express to your list of discount/lower priced stores to try. You can shop online to target items you like, then pop into the store to try the clothes on. I've had some good luck there, especially with items like blouses, belts and coats.

  • sarah replied 10 years ago

    I shop at Target. I never find anything at Marshall's, but my sister's do all the time, so I think I just am bad at shopping there. I would shop at H&M and the Rack more if they were closer to my house.

  • Allison replied 10 years ago

    Kohl's- Don't waste your time. Cheaply made stuff. I haven't found anything good there in a long time.

    Ross/ Marshall's- You have to search for the gems. My Ross has a large selection of great dresses (day and evening). I have seen Michael Kors items there as well (and recently a MK furry vest for $40). I like searching but it sounds like you don't.

    JC Penney- Depending on the area you live in you can find some decent items here. Some stores carry trendy brands like I Heart Ronson while others have extremely dowdy offerings. I have several pieces in heavy rotation from JCP (utility vest from ANA, I heart Ronson denim shirt I posted in yesterday's WIW, black blazer...)

    Old Navy- I like ON for basics. Quality and sizing are often an issue.

    Target- I have pretty good luck with Target clothing and shoes, but the fit and sizing is hit or miss. I have had excellent luck lately though so they may be improving.

    DSW- Love DSW. I can usually find what I am looking for here.

    Payless- I can't stand their shoes but I always see other bloggers in cute payless shoes. They are usually plastic/ vinyl and uncomfortable to me.

  • Diana replied 10 years ago

    I love TJ Maxx and Filene's Basement (FB may be only east coast, not sure...). I like Marshall's also, although TJ Maxx tends to have better quality stuff (some TJM stores have a "runway" section, which is like stuff you'd find at Neiman Marcus or Saks, brands like Theory or Nanette Lepore).

    I have a soft spot for Ross because I used to go there w/ my mom when I was younger, but do not shop there much b/c Ross is not in Boston. I still go on occasion when I go to CA to visit my parents. For some reason,at least the Ross in their hometown tends to have super low prices (lower than marshall's for the same thing).

    I have never been in a Kohl's and have been in JCP maybe a couple of times 20 years ago, rarely shop at Target or ON, and never shop at Payless (my feet hate cheap shoes!). Sometimes I shop at DSW but honestly these days I prefer to buy shoes online. I like the warehouse aspect of shoe shopping though (no waiting around for someone to see if they have your size) and sometimes they have good deals.

    So I guess the discount stores I like are those that carry discounted and off-season items from department and mall stores rather than those that have their own cheap lines. The former tends to have better quality and better selection, but you have to like treasure hunts.

  • rae replied 10 years ago

    Kohl's - went into a Kohl's exactly once. Was frankly appalled by the prices for the quality.

    Ross - my go-to spot for shoes. Every one is different, though. You have to find one with a buyer who matches your taste, sort of.

    Marshall's/TJ Maxx - I have to stay away from these two for the most part, as I can ALWAYS find something that I love for a great deal.

    JC Penney - I once had a coupon for $10 off any item, with no minimum. It took me a solid three hours to find anything that was worth it. Ended up getting a cat-with-sunglasses tee for $1.

    Old Navy - Their stuff doesn't usually fit me well, but I saw good stuff when I went to check out their leggings.

    Target - I don't think their clothes are worth the price unless on sale...plus most of their stuff ends up at our local Goodwill, anyway.

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    The Rack is #1 but the assortment is very sporadic in my size. However, I am there often because I take all my clients there - which helps.

    I don't think H&M and the Gap qualify as discounters, but they are low budget, and I like to shop there too. I don't think of Zara as particularly low budget either, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Zara. Have been shopping there forever and don't see this changing.

  • Queen Mum replied 10 years ago

    I wouldn't call Express discount either. I bought 2 blouses there for $50 each. That's about my limit for Nordies blouses as well.

    I honestly have given up on the discount places. I think it may be more my personality than anything else, but I get distracted and overwhelmed and seasick trying to navigate the racks at TJ Maxx and the like. I go to TJ Maxx when I need to replace wine glasses or want to look for a tablecloth actually. (The downstairs of our TJ's is the Homegood's section)

    My strategy is much like Makrame and Kari... I keep my Nordies wishlist full and check the prices daily.

  • chewyspaghetti replied 10 years ago

    If you're limited on time and have higher end tastes- Marshall's and The Rack would be good places for you to try.

  • Jonesy replied 10 years ago

    The Rack online!!!! I browse there at least once a week (I only make it to the brick and mortar Rack maybe twice a year). The merch is constantly changing and you can get fab deals on lovely stuff! Great selection of blouses/tops and jackets, and now free shipping.

    I am also a fan of Target, and I sometimes wander around Marshall's.

  • goldenpig replied 10 years ago

    Jonesy, OMG I did not know the Rack was online! Thank you for this, will check this out right away!

  • Mo replied 10 years ago

    I only have discount retailers within reasonable driving distance so that is where I shop more often than not. I like to hunt for treasure so I enjoy TJ Maxx and Ross and, here in FL, Beall's Outlet. I have a knack for finding the goods - Tahari shoes at TJ's and Doc Marten boots at Ross, BR tops for $3 at Beall's. Whenever I go to Nordie's it's for the BF's clothes lol!

  • Barbara replied 10 years ago

    Kohl's - Vera Wang leggings and tights are what I zero in on here.
    Ross - never found anything in this store. Off my list.
    Marshall's - best choice for housewares, accessories and shoes.

    JC Penney - my personal favorite. A veritable goldmine of top designers. Brands to look for : Liz Claiborne, Nicole Miller, Gloria Vanderbilt, Levis, American Living (Ralph Lauren for JCP), JonesWear (Jones New York for JCP), MNG (Mango for JCP), Allen B (Allen B. Swartz for JCP), I heart Ronson (Charlotte Ronson for JCP), Nine and Co. (NineWest for JCP) and storebrands that rock: ana, St. John's Bay and Worthington. I consistently find modern, fashionable clothing and accessories, usually on sale WITH additional coupon discounts. Fabulous.

    Old Navy - I have never found anything here that fits my tall, slim hourglass body.
    Target - Merona brand is tops, especially the pencil skirts and cardigans.
    DSW - don't have one near me, but there is an SRI shoe outlet close by!
    Payless - my narrow, hight-arched feet cannot wear footwear from here.

    TJ Maxx is excellent. Just got a Michael Kors leather moto jacket (this season's) for 50% less than Nordstrom's. Check out TJM for the best international foods selection - great for gift boxes. Especially the coffee and Mozart chocolates.

  • MsMary replied 10 years ago

    Kohl's: Don't have one near me but just bought a leopard belt online with a coupon for $10. Stay tuned!

    Ross/Marshall's: I don't like the experience but have found some good finds. Generally if you are pressed for time I'd give it a pass.

    JC Penney: Have had good luck here! Bought all my workout wear there recently on deep discount and really like it. My leopard cardigans (gray/black and yellow/brown) are from here and I paid under $25 apiece with free shipping. I also have a few favorites from the consignment store (I'm looking at you, sequined tank) that surprisingly turned out to be from Penney's. Go figure.

    Old Navy: This is a great source for inexpensive tops to wear to work.

    Target: Although I love my chambray shirt, Target has been very hit and miss for me and if I were short on time I don't think I'd bother.

    DSW: LOVE. Love, love, love. Be sure to sign up for their rewards program so they can send you discount coupons.

    Payless: I am a fan, although I know I'm in the minority here.

    Big shout-out for the Rack. LOVE IT!!

  • Kelly replied 10 years ago

    A lot of my clothes come from Kohls. It is my price range (especially when i get a 30% discount), I like a lot of what they have, and my 4 year old son likes the shopping carts there :) Plus, it's pretty much that and Target that are the closest to me. There's a Sears and JC Penney and Younkers in the same town too, but their sizes are usually too big for me.

    I have had to try on a lot of different things there, though, and sometimes come away empty-handed, which is fine. I have now started finding out which of their brands fits me best in which items. AB Studio dresses are fantastic for me. Apt 9 shirts fit me well. I have a great fitting Vera Wang skirt, but her pants are too big for me. I also like a lot of their accessories, too.

  • Vildy replied 10 years ago

    I'm one of the few who like Payless, but depends on the season. Sometimes a few years go by and I don't see anything I like. A number of their brands really work for me in terms of comfort and it being non-leather doesn't seem to make any difference. And I have very fussy feet and many expensive leather comfort brands cause me pain. I'm totally pragmatic, so whatever works.

    We recently got a Nordstrom's nearby and I wasn't interested in their stock. So I haven't bothered to try the nearby Rack. I've been in the Philadelphia Zara's a few times and was bored. I hate H & M, partly their color palette whenever I've been in and partly the way their fabrics sometimes feel. I can occasionally find exactly the item I want in Forever 21 and on sale, too. I rarely go but... I have never once found a single pair of shoes that fit me at Ross and I don't waste any more time there trying them on. It's a very disappointing and frustrating experience. I can't stand the store atmosphere in Old Navy and any time I've found something I like from them at a thrift store, I can never find the updated version in the store. So I've given up. I don't like Kohl's stuff. I have 2 close fitting shells from Target - might be exercise wear - that I wear all the time as a base. Can't figure out from their website whether something like that is still available. Nothing seems the same. I have a couple pair of shoes from them that are okay. No other clothes, though. I used to like Penney's zealousness over quality control - Fashion Incubator says they were known as quality nazis. Had a couple pieces from them that could have used more quality control and now I'm soured. I also hate the way they arrange their store in as much of a maze as possible. Thoroughly disorienting. I'm sure that's to make people spend more time. Have many, many wearable things from Walmart that I get compliments on all the time. Go figure. I used to do well at Marshalls but that was long ago and I don't like the hunt and peck so much anymore.

  • christy replied 10 years ago

    I love the Rack, but I find that I need time and an open mind when shopping there. Time because I tend to want to try on a million things and an open mind because I don't always find items I'm specifically looking for. Target is hit and miss for me, more miss than hit. I do like Old Navy for more casual items, but not work wear. I don't have the patience for Ross - I have a girlfriend who comes home with some really cute stuff from there, but she goes often and I just don't have the time or inclination to hit it once a week. DSW is terrific - I can almost always find a pair of shoes (or two or three!) when I shop there.

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 10 years ago

    I've had some winners from Payless but I am not a super-fussy foot person. Their stuff is manufactured by several groups so I suspect the quality varies a *lot*.DSW can be frustrating for me because I wear a size 10 and so often they don't even have 10s in the styles I like. I still shop there but I find it takes a serious time commitment and I rarely can find something specific, I just have to be open to what I find. (One thing I do appreciate about Payless, and Nordstrom Rack, is that shoes are shown by size so I don't waste my time considering something they don't even have in my size.)

    I think all of these places require time commitment, otherwise you're going to be frustrated. I have gotten a few good deals at the Rack, which I would say is the most like a 'real' outlet, but the ones near me are often very crowded and frustrating to navigate. Kohl's can be hit or miss, but they have good quality for the low price on balance. I haven't been in ON or JCP in years - I can get equivalent stuff other places including at the thrift store for similar prices. Ditto Ross and Marshalls - if I'm in the mood for the search, I will try them (or TJ Maxx) and I have gotten some good stuff over the years, but they are not my first pick in a hurry.

    I think Target is the most user-friendly of the ones you list, because the clothing section is big enough to have variety, but small enough to be manageable. And I've had good luck with their quality, on average, and the fashion-forward-ness.

  • modgrl replied 10 years ago

    I also don't have a lot of time to shop. I end up running over to Target late at night after my kids go to bed. I'm often the only one in the women's clothing section. I love being able to browse a full range and full size assortment. I don't have time to dig in places like Ross or TJMaxx, they drive me nuts. Much of my MOTG wardrobe is from Target. The prices are good, the fabrics are machine washable and I don't mind if something gets ruined when I am worm digging or puppy chasing. I've even found some great work pieces there like lined pencil skirts and summer dresses. Just stay away from the shoes! They are super cute but terrible quality.

  • ironkurtin replied 10 years ago

    I like the Rack and Philene's Basement for bricks and mortar. (if you're ever in NYC, try Century 21 and Daffy's, but they are only in NYC I believe?)

    For sites, I also visit the outnet and yoox's sale and clearance sections online. I hear decent things about Neiman Marcus Last Call stores and site

    If you have consignment stores nearby, they are worth a look. There may even be boutiques in your area that specialize in new, off-season merchandise; I was stunned to uncover one near me in Austin that gets unsold inventory.

  • goldenpig replied 10 years ago

    Yay, thanks Jonesy! I checked out the Rack online and ordered a few things--white clamdiggers for $25, a ponte skirt, and a camel trench coat and black zipper peacoat. Free shipping! I have no idea yet if they will fit or look good on me, but since I don't usually have much time to drive into the city this is the next best thing. And if needed I can return them to Nordstrom which is nearby. I noticed they had a lot of stuff from NAS on there (although not much left in my size).

    TJMaxx and Marshall's and Old Navy and Express and DSW are also in the city and Target is 1/2 hour away from me and JC Penney even farther away, so they're not as convenient, but if I have more time I may try some of them. There's a Ross nearby, I might pop in there next time I go to the Babies R Us next door, just out of curiosity. I'll check out Express and DSW online too. Thanks everyone for your input, it is super helpful!

  • Joy replied 10 years ago

    Of your list, DSW is my favorite. Kohls and JC Pennys as well as Payless and Old navy don't fit and are not good quality for the price. I've found things like Calvin Klein dresses, micro fishnet tights and nice belts at Marshalls and TJMaxx. Most of the time it seems best to shop sales at Nordstroms and other better stores if I can't afford full price rather than buy from discount stores. I'm looking forward to the opening of our first Nordstrom's Rack this week! I also shop at Brooks Brothers, Ann Taylor, and BR outlet stores nearby.
    Target used to be good for layering tanks and a few other pieces that fit and have held up well, but in the past year I've found nothing. The quality doesn't seem as good even on layering pieces. The shoes don't seem comfortable. I still have several older Target pieces in regular rotation...denim trousers, skinny cargos, a sleeveless fit and flare sundress, a Chanel-esque cropped jacket and a 3/4 sleeve cardigan.

  • Velma replied 10 years ago

    I buy Merona tees from Target (basic "ultimate tees" for sleeping, and some embellished and long-sleeved scoop tees for layering). I have some similar tees from Kohls for summer and for winter layering. I don't like the quality of any other Target or Kohls items for the price.

    I have a pair of ON Sweetheart jeans in rotation, but they are perhaps three years old, and the current ones are not as nice. (I've tried them on without luck.) Same goes for denim skirts--I am still wearing one from 2005 or 2006, but I can't find a replacement that seems to be decent quality.

    I find some good things at TJ Maxx. I just bought three nice merino sweaters there, for a total of $75! Success at TJ Maxx requires some of the same skills as thrift shopping, however--don't bother, if you don't have a quick eye and the time and patience for digging. One of my new sweaters, for instance, is a medium that was mislabeled as a large, as I discovered by matching it up to mediums in other (yucky!) colors.

    I don't wear cheap shoes--and definitely no vinyl--due to picky feet. But I do buy good-quality shoes with very little wear secondhand.

    More than half of my wardrobe comes from thrift or consignment stores. These stores (including ebay) offer better quality for much lower prices than discount stores, but the shopping experience is not for everyone.

  • Lissy replied 9 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the list. :)

  • Marley replied 9 years ago

    DSW or OFF Broadway for shoes

    Loehmans also for shoes

    Rack for any and everything!

    Target - big hit or miss - very seldom buy anything there

    The others? I've never been to!

  • CocoLion replied 9 years ago

    All of the discounters -- Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Loehman's and Nordstrom Rack sell merchandise made exclusively for them (direct to discount) as well as merchandise that has been passed down rom better dept. stores. Also, they will sell imperfects and past season merchandise directly from brands. It is a time consuming art to distinguish the merchandise. It is easy to end up with junk from these stores. But with practice you get good at it and it becomes part of the fun.

  • goldenpig replied 9 years ago

    Just wanted to chime in and say that this is an old thread from several months ago that got resurrected...

    I did find the tip from Jonesy very useful about the Rack being online and have found a lot of great deals there. I did try Ross once but came up empty handed (didn't seem like they had a whole lot there that was my style), and bought a couple pairs of shoes at DSW on sale, but mostly I don't have time to shop in-store so the Rack online is my go-to discount place. But I think I'm done shopping for a while unfortunately...

  • shoppingisfun replied 9 years ago

    I don't do tons of discount store shopping, but here are my takes:

    Kohl's: I don't buy clothes there all that often, but when I *do* find something, it's usually a great deal. Plus they have some cute jewelry sometimes.

    Ross: Hate it. The ones near me are always so messy and disorganized that I usually give up in about 10 minutes and head to the mall. Plus, it seems like they just don't carry clothes in my size (0P or 00P).

    Marshall's: I have the same feelings about this one that I do Ross. The stores I've visited are a little more organized though.

    JC Penney: I don't really shop there for clothes.

    Old Navy: Hate it. The quality is almost universally awful and their sizes run super big on me. I DO have one pair of jeans from there; they were too long when I got them, and now, after repeated washings, they are pretty short. bad quality.

    Target: Personally, I love their juniors Mossimo jeans. They fit me great for some reason. I also like them for things like basic tanks. Their juniors department also sells some very cute tops. Occasionally they have decent sweaters, too.

    DSW: I LOVE DSW. The ones near me are large, organized, and have GREAT prices on name brand shoes. I also like Off Broadway shoes.

    Payless: I hate this store. Their shoes all run super wide for me (although they might be okay if you have wide feet). I find their quality lacking as well.

    I also like to shop at Goodwill. Not that I find much, but when I do find things, they're super cheap! And if you find a quality item that doesn't fit the way you like, you'll have money left over to take it to the tailor.

  • citygirldc replied 9 years ago

    Kohls: Never shop there because there isn't one near me.

    JC Penney: Don't really go into this store although I bought a swimsuit once about 20 years ago.

    TJ Maxx: I like there accessories, some bags, jewelry, and the occasional shoe, but never wander in the clothes department.

    Target: The store in DC is a zoo and always picked over that I would have to go to the suburbs to shop. Rarely find anything I want anyway, maybe the occasional shoe.

    Ross: The store near my mom is scary messy and picked over but sometimes you get lucky with inexpensive shoes.

    Marshalls: It's hit or miss when it comes to shoes. That's all i really shop for when I go into these discount places.

    Express: don't like the quality of the fabric they use on their pants, but they have some cute items. I rarely shop there.

    Old Navy: good for basics, sportswear, but mostly bad quality items, and never find jeans my size.

    DSW: I always manage to find something in this shoe store at a discount. I think I get lucky in this store.

  • Beth Ann replied 9 years ago

    Natalie: DSW is an absolute yes for you -- fits your style, lots of selection, good price. As for the others, part of your success is based on how well you know the store. I, for example, have good luck at Kohls and JC Penney these days. There "vanity" sizing works for me, as I often find things to short at H&M and Loft and too small at places like Zara (size 12, 5'6"). I know Kohls in and out by now, so I can make a quick "reconnaissance" sweep of the floor and immediately zero in on new stock. I know that in Apt. 9 I will always take a large, that I size down in Sonoma and up in Lauren Conrad's line. Because my mom is an excellent seamstress and taught me some of her tricks, I can quickly handle and garment and make a good guess as to how it will launder and wear. I buy most of my intimates here, and know that 30% off at Kohls is not a serious sale (never buy full price there), but 40% with an extra 30% coupon is time to pounce! Yes, I shop often, but I can work very quickly in the stores I know well, which helps. I will close by saying, however, that I would dress myself with an from Nordies, Banana Republic, JCrew, Talbots and Ann Taylor if I could afford it! I also prefer my Marshall's to TJ Maxx and Loehmann's to Nordstrom Rack.

  • DonnaF replied 9 years ago

    This thread has really made me think about *yield*, and whether it makes sense for me to keep visiting stores that give me such low returns. OTOH, I have been looking for a dress for the past year and haven't found a flattering dress that I would wear in the past decade, and finally found one at Ross a few weeks ago. I guess this is after trying on maybe only three or four dozen at various places. . .

    I haven't quite figured out why certain stores (BR, JCrew, AT, Loft, H&M, Target) don't give me the fit that others seem to find, but part of the reason may be that bricks'n'mortar in my area don't seem to stock much in the way of Petites and so maybe I just haven't tried enough on.

    Time vs. low/no yield is a good point. NR is fabulous for high end bras and sometimes good for other stuff depending on the NR; TJ Maxx/Ross/Target can be good for scarves; TJ Maxx & Target for hosiery; sometimes get lucky at Ross when I'm killing time. . .but it is too easy for me to get seduced by the price alone. . . .

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