WIW 12/27: Tory Burch rust and cobalt A-line midi skirt

This is a followup to my prior Tory Burch K/R thread:

I decided to keep the Radnor rust and cobalt A-line midi skirt and the Erin navy and white shirtdress. The skirt is so cool with the shimmery cobalt and rust in a honeycomb pattern. It almost looks like fish scales. Everything else got sent back today including the cardigans and Hull skirt (sorry CocoLion!). I couldn't wait to wear the skirt! At first I thought it looked too frumpy in the A line silhouette and that I would only keep it if I had it altered to be a pencil shape. But the A line look is growing on me, so now I'm not sure. I wore it today, and I realized that it might be tough to narrow it, because then it might be too tight to hop up into the car easily or move around. I don't have many A line skirts, so it would fill a relative wardrobe hole (not that I'm lacking for skirts, haha). What do you guys think, leave as is or try to get it narrowed into a pencil shape?

I paired it with a super old INC rust mock turtleneck that I've had for almost 20 years so it's a little faded and the neck seam is developing a tiny hole, but it is such a perfect color for me that I'm still hanging onto it as long as I can. And over that I wore my Halogen black plaid wool zippered peacoat that kind of looks like a moto jacket. I like the A line better here (as opposed to with the cardigans I posted it with in the last thread) because of the nipped in waist from the jacket. And then I wore grey ribbed tights and my favorite Chie Mihara rust sandals. I did a lot of walking/shopping (mainly returning stuff) and my feet were still pretty comfy for wearing 3.5 inch heels...the Chie's are amazingly comfortable heels! And I really like wearing this skirt too!

Comments and suggestions welcome!

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  • san replied 8 years ago

    I think you did a great job of choosing what to keep and you look beautiful! Please don't change the shape of the skirt, I love it in it's A line way much better. Just look at you in Pic #1. Just perfect.

  • lyn* replied 8 years ago

    I LOVE that cobalt skirt ... *drool* A-lines are definitely my favourite ... I don't think it looks frumpy at all!

  • Angie replied 8 years ago

    Outfit #1 is KILLER sensational, Natalie! Please leave that skirt an A-line wonder of your wardrobe.

    Anthropologie needs to hire you as their model :)

  • replied 8 years ago

    You are SO good at styling things Natalie! The skirt looks great paired with that awesome jacket. I think you should leave the skirt unmolested, too. There might be days where you'd like a little more freedom than a constricting pencil skirt can provide. The heeled sandals give you a nice lift and balance out the proportions. I hereby grant you permission to actively seek a replacement for your rust top (I'm sure you've been looking!) There is a lot of that color in the stores right now....what gives? Maybe you could pick up a rust blouse if you can't find a sweater.

  • goldenpig replied 8 years ago

    Thanks guys! Claire, I agree--after wearing the skirt I realized I do need the room and the pencil shape would be too constricting in this skirt because the fabric is not stretchy at all. And the nipped in waist from the jacket helps it look less frumpy. I'm really happy with the shape now! And yes, I have been looking for a replacement rust top for ages! In fact I specifically went to H&M yesterday looking for greenglove's rust pleated top that she posted, but I didn't have any luck finding it. There were a lot of other rust-colored items, including a cardigan and a rust-colored button down shirt. The shirt was only $7 (!) but I didn't end up buying either of them because they weren't perfect on me. I almost bought the shirt because of the great price, but decided it wasn't really a bargain if I wouldn't buy it at full price. I had bought that silky rust colored Tory Burch shell as well, but returned that too...also not the perfect fit for me. So I'll keep wearing my favorite falling-apart rust top until the perfect replacement falls in my lap!

    Angie, you make me blush! :)
    Actually, none of the items in this outfit are from Anthropologie. But it does have a very Anthro feel, doesn't it? Anthro does have a very similar skirt, which first caught my attention. So when I saw this skirt on the Tory Burch website I bought it. I like the colors on the TB a lot better than the Anthro version. Also the Anthro fabric is not as nice--it feels more like flat sweatshirt fabric rather than the threaded/embroidered (I don't know how to describe it) fabric on the TB. The pattern on the TB one is more multi-dimensional with color variation (rust and cobalt) within the navy honeycombs and shimmery threads on top.

  • rae replied 8 years ago

    Oh, I'm so happy you're leaving it as-is. I believe I voted against this skirt in your other thread, but it looks a million times better styled with this lovely, untucked turtleneck of yours - makes all the difference. I have a few a-line midis, and I do love the style - I think you will, too. It's ladylike, but still gives you that mobility you mentioned.

    I also LOVE #1 so much I can't stand it - the peacoat was the perfect choice. The length leaves the fun print unobscured, and the cinched waist both preserves the A-line and raises the leg line, preventing any possible midi-stumpification. Killer pattern mixing with the striped tights, too.

  • Sara L. replied 8 years ago

    Your skirt is so unique! I don't think I've seen anything like that pattern before. I like the A-line silhouette better also. I really like how you styled it with the sweater and coat.

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