WIW 2/18: First Lady copycat

Thanks Claudia for posting about Michelle Obama wearing this Jason Wu for Target dress:

I decided to do a copycat of the First Lady! Here are some pictures of me and the kids at the park, and of Mrs. Obama in her dress. I know you guys weren't too keen on these Jason Wu pieces on me, but it's a fun springtime dress and if it's good enough for the First Lady, it's good enough for me!

Jason Wu for Target sleeveless chiffon navy floral dress with yellow skinny belt (belted over the cardigan)
White House Black Market ink blue cardigan
Ugg Hazel wedge sandals in baked clay
Kate Spade orange slice straw bag

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  • Isabel replied 12 years ago

    FAB !! I just saw this a couple of days ago on mrs-o.com !!!

    BTW - you have amazing legs !!! Holy Cow...you need to show them off.

  • replied 12 years ago

    This is so cute on you, Natalie! You have such pretty calves and I love the pop of yellow.

    Also, your kids are beyond adorable as always, and I am crazy for your little boy's flyaway hair!

  • Meredith1953 replied 12 years ago

    You look darling in the outfit! Also you have terrific legs!

  • Jem replied 12 years ago

    That dress looks amazing on you! I guess it's all in the way you style it. :-)

  • Jilly replied 12 years ago

    You look adorable - especially with the kids!

  • Queen Mum replied 12 years ago

    This was my favorite Jason Wu on you. I'm glad you kept it. A perfect springtime dress.

  • Lisa replied 12 years ago

    I like this dress on you. (I must've missed the keep return thread). And the yellow belt is a fun touch. You have a lovely family!

  • goldenpig replied 12 years ago

    Thanks so much for the compliments everyone! I'm glad you think the dress is a keeper after all! :)

    Now here is something I do not understand. I was just looking at the pics of Michelle Obama and it seems like the dress hits her just at/below the knee. I was wondering if maybe she's just shorter than me (I'm 5'5" and the dress is rather short on me) but according to the web she is actually 5'11"! So how can the dress be so much longer on her? I wonder if she had it specially made in a longer version?

  • replied 12 years ago

    I doubt she is getting the off the rack version but who knows. She is really tall.
    You look very pretty in that dress.

  • Ginkgo replied 12 years ago

    This silhouette is so flattering on you!

  • taylor replied 12 years ago

    I am with Zap...hers is not off the rack.
    You look absolutely fabulous in this dress with your 2 adorable accessories...the very best!

  • modgrl replied 12 years ago

    This is a great breezy summer dress. You look great in it! I really like how you styled it, thanks to Mrs. O!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 12 years ago

    You look lovely Natalie! I love the yellow belt with it and your orange slice bag is fabulous in action!

  • Jonesy replied 12 years ago

    I just read somewhere about her relationship with designers. They routinely make her copies of whatever stuff she wants with added inches in length, to accommodate her height.

    I really liked this dress in your K & R thread, and I think you look fab in it! You know, I don't think your pictures in your closet do you justice, frankly. Something about the relative darkness with the overhead lighting, coupled with the angle, vs. these fab outdoors pics!

  • ManidipaM replied 12 years ago

    Natalie, you made the Wu look wonderful! How lovely you look. Adding that cardi was inspired.

    That colour is brilliant with your skin and hair. I don't think I realized how much in your closet photos (Jonesy may be on to something). And I love how your belt and bag play off each other. That belt's a fab accessory --- you say you're an apple, but I see a tiny waist!

    Your live accessories are even better --- they make you look every inch the yummy mummy --- but I imagine it's harder to get them to stay put at your side in a park! :-)

  • RandomThoughts (Andrea) replied 12 years ago

    The cutest! I love it. I think you do it better than Mrs.Obama! The shoes are adorable too!

  • Debora replied 12 years ago

    Natalie, you look so pretty in this and the orange slice bag is adorable!

  • replied 12 years ago

    You look great in this dress! It's perfectly styled and perfect for the park. I love your "on location" photo shoots! Where did you get that yellow skinny belt? I'm looking for one.

    So this is how Mrs. O. gets her dresses long enough.These litle dresses are routinely too short on me because of my long torso. Skirts I can generally find at knee length. Bring on the midi!

    I'm crazy about the orange slice bag! Yumalicious!

  • nancylee replied 12 years ago

    You look fabulous....and I can't think of a better style icon to emulate! :)

  • Jewell replied 12 years ago

    Just FAB! I love it styled this way!!

  • replied 12 years ago

    I would like to see Michelle Obama wearing stripes.

  • Claudia replied 12 years ago

    Natalie, I am happy to see you wearing this dress. It looks great on you, and is so pretty, sunny and fresh looking. I love it.

    You look just as lovely as the gorgeous and stylish First Lady.

  • Nakidra replied 12 years ago

    Agree with Jonesy - MUCH better in action rather than in the closet. Glad you kept it! :)

  • Beth Ann replied 12 years ago

    Natalie: Ok, so first I'm jealous of the sight of someone with better weather! Next, I'm loving how you've brought out that orange slice bag and made it work so well in the middle of February!

  • goldenpig replied 12 years ago

    Claire, the yellow belt came with the dress. But I've bought a similar mustard yellow skinny belt at H&M before.

  • Sunita replied 12 years ago

    OMG....you have spectacular legs! Loved the whole outfit and your styling. The bag is scrumptious and I think the yellow belt looks better than Mrs. O's red one.

    Your kids are too cute! Looks like everyone had a fab time at the park.

  • Angie replied 12 years ago

    Love this on you! You look terrific in navy, Natalie. It's sensational with the orange bag!

    (Good grief your kids are cute).

    Your smile has got to be your very best accessory :)

  • nicoleb replied 12 years ago

    Fabulous! And omg that orange bag. Like, literally, orange. Haha. I can't get over it. Your kids are cuties too!

  • catgirl replied 12 years ago

    You are the First Lady of YLF! Remember when I told you that whatever you wear, you look like a lady? Let it SHINE!

  • sarah replied 12 years ago

    I think that this is a GREAT look for you! I missed the whole "Mrs. O wearing JWFT thing". How great is that?!

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