WIW 4/27-29: New specs, white bottoms, denim on denim, dressy shorts

My new glasses arrived! Two pairs, one red, one brown. How do they look, and which one do you prefer? (I had a similar set of red and brown glasses before--old pairs in 17/18 for comparison--hopefully the new ones are just as good?). I wore this blue floral top recently but had to share pics, as DH took a bunch of me (without me having to ask!) so I thought you guys would like seeing nicer "real" pics of me instead of my bathroom mirror snapshots. He even spontaneously took a picture of my shoe!

The other two are my attempts at Angie's denim on denim formula and dressy shorts formula. I wore my Kut white skinny jeans--these are more practical than my Paige because I can wear Cons and sandals with them...I have to wear wedges with the Paige and the hems drag on the floor. I'm really liking the look of white bottoms--you'll be seeing the springy tops/white bottom/nude sandal combination on me over and over again this spring!

1-6. Super busy day, ballet and two birthday parties.
Prada red specs, Tulle navy peacoat, White House Black Market blue and white floral blouse, Kut from the Kloth Diana white skinny jeans, Kate Spade Tretorn sneakers, WHBM silver bracelet

7-12. I took the boys to DS1's swim lesson, while DH took DD to an all-day state chess tournament. Her Kindergarten team placed second! She has fun playing chess and can already beat me!

Gucci brown glasses, Gap polka dot denim shirt, Gap white maternity tank (because the shirt is a little too tight to button across the bust now), Kut white skinnies, Naturalizer flat nude sandals, Kate Spade fiorella white bib necklace

13-16. Hello spring! It's hot and sunny today so I wore bright florals.

Prada red glasses, Ann Taylor Loft floral blouse and green sweater, white shorts c/o Claire, Banana Republic bracelet, Dooney & Bourke yellow satchel, Clarks nude wedge sandals.

17-18. Old specs--red Prodesign Denmark and brown Vogue.

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  • claracluck replied 6 years ago
    what a great set of happy bright sunny pics.you look so well put together even the coats hanging up in pic 16 match in with the theme!and your little ones are so adorable its really cheered me up in gloomy uk !
  • rachylou replied 6 years ago
    The new glasses are incredible and the flower sneaker a serious find! Your mini me's are  just too cute, btw!
  • replied 6 years ago

    The sneakers are great, and you look lovely!

  • replied 6 years ago
    You are the cutest mom on the go!  I am always amazed by your energy.  How awesome that your daughter is already playing chess!  Great outfits, adorable kids!
  • Thistle replied 6 years ago
    You are by far the most fab MOTG!  You look amazing in all of these shots, and your children are adorable.  I can't beleive how big the smallest one has already gotten!!
  • pil replied 6 years ago

    Your children are absolutely adorable - and the baby, sigh. I love those floral sneakers and your outfits are great. I like both new glasses, but lean toward a preference for the red.

  • deb replied 6 years ago

    I like the new specs better than the old. The red is my fave. And those sneekers are so cute as are the kiddos!

  • shevia replied 6 years ago
    I really like the red specs and you look truly terrific in all the outfits and your boys are adorable but the picture of DD leaning over the chess board is just slaying me! Love!
  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago
    Adorable, vibrant children, and fab MOTG looks!  I'm particularly fond of the green/white! 

    As for specs -- I like them a lot, but I'm a glasses novice!
  • ManidipaM replied 6 years ago
    Hee, I'm a fan of the brown specs, just to balance things out!

    Please tell the budding grandmaster in #11 that she has a fan and cheer group in India :-D C'est adorable!

    As for your outfits, am amazed how much freshness you can obtain from the one formula! That's one of the most hardworking spring capsules I've ever seen. I'm taking notes on how you make them extra fab with accessories---the bib necklace, the sneakers(!), the bright bag... they add that extra touch of intention ('I thought about this outfit') to complement your matchy ensembles.

    Speaking of hardworking, do tell me the 'secret of your energy'? What do you eat/drink to power through the days like that? It's all I can do to feed the baby, feed self and get a little of my (very forgiving) day job done most days, never mind a full work day and older kids with their fun and games, school and outings. Whew!

    PS: Does the delicious munchkin you're toting dress to match his mama? Or does he have a distinctive style already?
  • Suz replied 6 years ago
    My gracious, you are a stylish MOTG!! Can't believe how gorgeous you look in your new fringe and specs! I love the white jeans, too -- and the sneakers are adorable! I love how, with pattern, you have maintained your ladylike vibe even when wearing jeans. It's amazing. 
  • Kiwichik replied 6 years ago

    Love the new specs. I think I prefer them to the old ones. You look great in all these outfits but I especially like 7-12. What a fab MOTG you are.

  • replied 6 years ago
    I like your new specs very much and I think they suit your face shape. You look fab in all your outfits. Love your navy peacoat and the colourful spring outfit with shorts is a breath of fresh air!
  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago
    I think you look great in all these outfits - love the flowered sneakers.  I also really like your dressy shorts outfit. I think the green sweater looks great with the white shorts and heeled sandals. 

    Also love DD's skirt and matching flowered tights.  So cute!
  • nancylee replied 6 years ago
    Love the new glasses....they are a really great shape and color for you!

    All of your looks and accessories are lovely.  I still can't believe you are so fashionably put-together so soon after your little one's arrival.  Good job.  But you do have to stop featuring your incredibly adorable kids in your fashion shots...they really steal the show!
  • goldenpig replied 6 years ago
    Thanks Claracluck, Rachylou, Ceit, Alicat, Thistle, pil, Deb, Shevia, Beth Ann, Mani, Suz, Kiwichick, Diane, SaraL and Nancy! Glad you all like the new specs!

    Claracluck, the kids do like their bright and neon jackets!

    Thistle, the baby is already 14 lb at 7 weeks...he's a butterball!

    Alicat, Shevia and Mani--thanks, DD really likes chess..she's way better than me already!

    Mani, no secret...it's just a matter of "no choice" but to stay busy with the three ring circus! It's been pretty tiring the last couple of days because the baby is having a reflux flare and has been up a lot at night. I'm trying to figure out what caused it (I've been dairy free but I think I may have had some hidden dairy by accident--it looks like he is allergic to dairy, because he developed a rash). Now I have to avoid soy, eggs, nuts, and fish as well till I figure it out. So I'm worried about finding enough food that I can eat. I bought a big Punjabi burrito with turkey and sweet potato...that was really good.

    Sara--the skirt and tights are strawberries. She also has matching shirt, jacket, socks and shoes--she's into matchy matchy just like her mom.

    Nancy--I know, the kids totally upstage me! As they should!

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