WIW 5/14-16: Orphans (good and bad)

1-3. This used to be one of my favorite blouses pre-YLF. I haven't worn it in a long long time, and now I know why. The worst shape ever for post-partum apples. Hello potbelly! Uggh. Off to the donate pile! (I'm only posting in the interests of honesty for the challenge).
4-6. I'm never quite sure if this skirt looks too dowdy or not. Plus the cat peed on it and while the smell washed out, I still can't forget and am a little skeeved out. Nevertheless, I think this outfit worked fairly well, and the skirt stays for now (but hung up away from the cat!). Do you prefer the shirt tucked or untucked?
7-8. Rust colored pleated skirt. Meh. Paired it with my bee blouse. Yes it's a little too autumnal of an outfit and I feel like a secretary from the '70's (even more so if I could have found the pussy bow tie), but do you think the skirt should stay or go? The one cute thing was that I matched the baby!
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  • Molly L-R replied 6 years ago
    4-6 - definitely, definitely, definitely tucked!!  And I love the skirt in 7 (and the baby in 8!)
  • ModeGekkie replied 6 years ago
    I am with Molly, 4-6 tucked and the skirt is very nice. If you feel 70's secretary, maybe you could just wear it in more casual outfits???

    The baby is so hugg-able (don't know if this is goed English???) My dauther was also like that, you know, hugg-able baby.

    Good look with your orphans!

  • krishnidoux replied 6 years ago
    4-6 looks really beautiful, but if you have such bad memories attached, and given the shade, I would donate. 
    BTW the pics  sequence in 4-6 is cracking me up! : First alone. Then cat. Then baby! :)

    I quite like the last skirt on you! 

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