WIW 6/17: Hard edge floral

Day off work but not a day off--filled with multiple kid dental/orthodontic appointments and activities, so this is a bit of a post and run!

Neutral floral tee with black leather moto jacket and ripped jeans and spike necklace, stud bracelet & untied wedge sneakers. This is about as sloppy/RATE as I get. I like this rock 'n roll look. But wondering a tiny bit if is this too hard edge, or if it looks too costumey to dress like this at my age (40's)? What would you think of me if you saw me on the street? Would you think I look good, or that I'm trying too hard to look cool?

Banana Republic black leather moto jacket
AllSaints floral tee
Alexis Bittar necklace
Forever21 bracelet
Vigoss ripped jeans
Skechers sneakers
Chanel Boy

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  • catgirl replied 3 years ago

    Haha! I would wear this entire outfit. Maybe shoes instead of Cons could add some polish, but I see this as a weekend uniform. Although what's the temp there? In wearing a miniskirt and tee!

  • goldenpig replied 3 years ago

    Ha! It's probably cooler here than Alaska! Bay Area summers are colder than our winters because of the fog. It's 61 degrees, cloudy, foggy and drizzly right now!

  • catgirl replied 3 years ago

    It was blazing sunshine and 80 yesterday here! The animals and I were melting. See boneless kitten below.

  • Ledonna N. replied 3 years ago

    Sis you hit hard from all fashion sides. Love this look. Not costume at all. Well don't listen to me but I like it.

  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    Ooh! I like it! You look great. And tough! :)

  • Diana replied 3 years ago

    I think this is great and I don't think it looks costumey.  It's fun to play around with different styles!

    How do you walk with the untied sneakers though?  I'd trip within ten steps and fall on my face!  (But I am a klutz of ultimate proportions, plus my sneaker laces always tend to be really long...) 

  • Marley replied 3 years ago

    Love this look on you Natalie!  You look great!

  • catgirl replied 3 years ago

    Wait, I didn't notice the untied laces - that I could never do, because I'd fall on my face.  Why not tied?

  • UmmLila replied 3 years ago

    I like it. No need to be professional on a day off

  • goldenpig replied 3 years ago

    Haha! The shoes were actually tied, but when I came home I had to take off my shoes (because we don't wear shoes inside the house) and I was just too lazy to re-tie them for the pic! But I can walk in them untied if I need to. Love the boneless kitty, Una!

  • Nebraskim replied 3 years ago

    I would think you were a total bad ass and covet your look.

  • Tanya replied 3 years ago

    Great causal outfit, Natalie.  Love the combo of the floral tee and leather jacket.

  • skylurker replied 3 years ago

    Really depends on your environment.
    You'd look completely normal in my streets - doesn't look costumey, hard edge or trying too hard, just looks great to me.

  • Brooklyn replied 3 years ago

    Looks great to me too. Not trying to hard. Love the tee and jacket.

  • Aida replied 3 years ago

    Definitely feel this is totally fab, Natalie! I like it a lot ^^ Great "day off" look, and looks easy to move around in which is a bonus for your needs.

  • replied 3 years ago

    Love the entire outfit.

  • replied 3 years ago

    I'd wear all of it , and you look cool, not try-hard . Gah , that Chanel bag !

  • Bijou replied 3 years ago

    You look fantastic, I like this look a lot. The Chanel bag is a great addition to your wardrobe and I love it worn this way (or probably any way for that matter...)

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