WIW 7/18 NAS finds: boucle dress, plaid shirt & moto leggings

Couldn't wait till fall to pull out my NAS purchases. It's cold enough in the summer here that it can feel like fall in the mornings and late afternoons. In fact I took my mom and brother out for dinner (they are visiting from out of town) and we were sitting outdoors because that was what was available. We were all freezing because of the wind!

I wore this Laundry by Shelli Segal dress to work. Slightly risque with the leather sleeves, but I'm on Team Boucle. It fit well and I didn't find the arms constricting. I think it's funny that the tag says the color is "Hot Date". I wore the second outfit to go out to a casual dinner with my mom & brother and the three kids.

What do you think of the second outfit? The plaid shirt and moto leggings aren't my typical style, but it's fun to explore new personas--who knew I had a rock and roll side? Do you like the peep toe booties or do they look totally ridiculous with the bare toes and heels?

Laundry by Shelli Segal boucle dress with leather trim & sleeves
Munro Abby sandals
Michael Kors studded black satchel
Treasure & Bond red plaid shirt
Two by Vince Camuto black moto leggings
Topshop Jolie peep toe bootie

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  • Lisa replied 5 years ago

    Wow. I think it all looks great. I also ordered the VC moto leggings and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Thanks for modelling them. They look like a looser fit for a legging. That's a bit unexpected but I like it!

  • Neel replied 5 years ago

    Wow! They look they were made for you! Love the shoes and the moto leggings. The dress is a fantastic for on you. Great haul!

  • Joyce B replied 5 years ago

    Gorgeous! Everything looks fab on you.
    I love how you styled the leggings with that top.
    The Abbys match so many outfits. I also got some Abbys but I returned them because they stained my feet. I am waiting for the exchange pair to see if those are better. Does the dye from your Abbys stain your feet?

  • viva replied 5 years ago

    I love all of your purchases! That dress looks amazing on you. And those leggings are really great. I ordered a sleeker pair, which I think will suit me, but part of me does wish I had pushed a but beyond into something more rock-and-roll like these. I really love the look on you with the plaid top (I'm planning at least one outfit styled like this). I like those Topshop shooties/booties -- they're cute!

  • Elizabeth P replied 5 years ago

    What great purchases GP!  Those leggings are especially fabulous.  And gone :(

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    Love it all!

  • Gracie replied 5 years ago

    You look like a million bucks in that dress, it's so flattering on you. I specially like the action shot in #3 ;). The shirt and moto leggings are a nice style switch for a change, you look great.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Fantastic choices! You are shopping smart! That dress is killer gorgeous on you. Your colours and very texturally rich. Love the shirt and leggings on you, too. And both footwear choices look fantastic! I wish peeptoe booties made more sense in my climate. I adore the look on you. 

  • Gracie replied 5 years ago

    You look like a million bucks in that dress, it's so flattering on you. I specially like the action shot in #3 ;). The shirt and moto leggings are a nice style switch for a change, you look great.

  • Eliza replied 5 years ago

    You are on a roll. Love the dress- the colors and textures are beautiful. Great way to update boucle. The leggings are a nice twist also. The positioning of the leather adds interest and the booties are gorgeous. Enjoy!

  • annagybe replied 5 years ago

    My friend who's pear shaped tried on that dress. It didn't work on her. You look great in it.
    I like the second look too. Cool peep toe booties.

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 5 years ago

    That dress is fabulous on you.  I think the black waist detail accentuates your gorgeous curves.  I like the second outfit and the colors of the plaid work really well for you.  Excellent foray into rocker chic(k).

  • deb replied 5 years ago

    Love it!!!

  • goldenpig replied 5 years ago

    Thanks Lisa, Neel, Joyce, Viva, Elizabeth, Shannon, Gracie, Suz, Eliza, Anna, Dianthus & Deb!

    I can't take credit for the shirt/legging pairing, I think I saw it that way in the catalog. 

    Now that you mention it Joyce, I think there was a little bit of staining of my toes. Not a huge amount, but I think you're right. I didn't notice because my skin is darker. My Chie Mihara rust suede sandals also turn my toes a bit orange when I wear them. Nothing permanent though, hopefully!

    The leggings are a size S but I think they must run large or stretch. As I was wearing them I was thinking "Oh shoot, maybe I should have gotten an XS!" I feel like these should be skin tight but they're not. But of course, now it's sold out. So I'm just going to have to live with a little relaxed fit. I actually bought S and M because I'm a size 6 and wasn't sure which would fit. So I have a M that I was going to return. If anyone wants them, PM me and I can send it to you instead.

    Anna, I think dresses seem to exacerbate body shape fit issues. I tried on so many sheaths including ones Angie recommended, and they all highlighted my apple in a bad way. This one was thick enough to camouflage it. Sorry it didn't work for your pear friend. Hope she got something even better.

    Gracie, I giggled at #3 too. Hot date dress, with baby underfoot. Although I don't know if DH is going to like this dress. Last time I tried to buy a skirt with boucle on it, he had the same reaction as DD--said I was wearing a carpet.

  • fathenry replied 5 years ago

    Gp, I love your picks! The dress and booties are fantastic! I think our body type may be similar so I may have to go back to the sale and try it on!

  • Lisa replied 5 years ago

    I adore the second outfit, it is casual with an edge, what a fun look.  The tweed dress is pretty too, so fun that you can already sport your NAS items.

  • Melaine replied 5 years ago

    I looooove these! And your little pumpkin is getting so big, I love that he squeezed into the photo shoot.

  • Angie replied 5 years ago


    Frock is Killer to the power of Killer on you, Natalie. And the other outfit is killer too. I love you in these deep shades of red. 

  • jackiec replied 5 years ago

    You did so very well at the sale! You look hot in that dress, and oh those munros again - LOVE. Wonder if I can budget them in. Are they TTS? I'm a pretty consistent 7.5....
    And the legging outfit is cool too. I actually like how the leggings aren't skin-tight. Cool booties there too!

  • MsLuna replied 5 years ago

    I'm soooo in love with your purchases! The boucle and leather is such a great combo and the dress is amazing on your shape. I love it with the sandals. The plaid and leggings is just fabulous. Love this edgy casual chic!

    Great finds!

  • Gigi replied 5 years ago

    The dress looks great, but the rock 'n' roll outfit looks stupendous! And I think you look on-trend and chic in the booties.

    I agree, it is so much fun to try out new fashion personas. I too have been experimenting with a rock 'n' roll side and was very surprised to see it in there. So you're not alone. :)

  • Firecracker replied 5 years ago

    You are rocking the leggings and plaid shirt! It may be a different look for you, but you look great in it. The tough-looking peep-toe booties are perfect with the outfit, as is the studded satchel. The dress is so flattering on you, too, and I like the Munros with it. What a cute setting, with the toys in the background, and then your baby's guest appearance!

  • goldenpig replied 5 years ago

    Jackie, I also am a solid 7.5 but went up to 8 for these Munro sandals (both Abby and Aries).

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