WIW 7/26-27: Winter Tree shirtdress & Parisian moto chic (long story)

1-3. Haven't worn this shirtdress in a while so thought I'd bring it out again. Something was not quite right with this outfit (like all the different mismatched brown colors) but I didn't have time to tweak and had to rush off to work. Oh well! Any suggestions for next time would be appreciated!
Anthro Winter Tree shirtdress
Lafayette 148 caramel leather jacket (Nordstrom Rack)
Linea Pelle leather belt
Easy Spirit nude pumps
Calvin Klein V diamond necklace
Jason Wu for Target straw bag

4-10. I was super excited at how this outfit ended up coming together! It was totally different when I hung it up last night (I thought I'd save time and pre-pick my outfit since I had to go to work early today, but I ended up still spending a lot of time this morning tweaking it).

I wanted to wear this pleated ink blue skirt since I hadn't worn it in a while and LaFrancaise talking about navy and black got me wanting to do that color combo. At first I was going to wear the skirt with my black and white stripe scoopneck tee, and the matching blue pleated scarf, but I've already done that before (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....isian-chic) so I thought I'd try something a bit different this time. Then I thought I would pair it with my ink blue jacket, kind of like a suit (like in this thread: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....-and-cardi), with a black and white tank underneath, and my matching blue snake pumps. I even picked out a matching blue flower pin for the jacket (kind of Chanel style, I thought), and a chunky blue gem necklace that so far I haven't been able to incorporate into an outfit because it's so darn blingy and ostentatious (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ack-market). (All of this from WHBM, by the way).

I thought, this will look so French! But then I thought about it more, and even flipped through the Parisian chic book to get some inspiration, and I got the sense that they kind of frown on hyper-matchiness (Ines was like "Avoid the ladies who lunch look at all costs" and "Don't buy whole outfits") so I thought the matching colors and outfit all from one store was probably not very Parisian. And I thought the blingy necklace would be too flashy for the Parisian sensibility. And she talks a lot about mixing high and low, so I decided I should try to mix it up a little and give the outfit a little more edge and variety.

BTW the black and white stripe tank is a Bailey 44 that I initially bought full price at Nordstrom, but then it went on sale so I went to the store to try to get a price adjustment. But they said they couldn't do it because it had already "gone to the Rack" and now they weren't "allowed" to sell it to me, so I either had to just return it or keep it for full price. I wasn't happy about that and asked to speak to the SA's supervisor and the supervisor said it was OK to do the price adjustment so I ended up getting the $150 tank for $60! Yay! (I would have just returned it if they had refused).

So this morning when I woke up I swapped out the ink blue jacket for my black leather jacket. Instead of the pumps I tried black lace up booties, but it looked too schoolgirlish with the skirt and bare legs (kind of cheerleader) so I switched to my knee high Frye boots, and added some black socks to minimize the skin showing even more. I know I'm probably pushing some age-appropriate and/or work appropriate boundaries by wearing this outfit combo to work, but I'm having fun, and well, I'm my own boss so I can wear what I want! ;)

The necklace is a score from the OC swap (thank you to whoever brought it!), which I like because it kind of looks like black pearls. More understated. And I like the juxtaposition of wearing "pearls" and a feminine skirt with the tough jacket and boots. I also threw on my UWP hammered silver bracelet for more girly toughness (I'm still laughing at how I found my UWP jewelry at White House Black Market). Finally, the Sak purse is an old gift from my sister--I haven't used it that much because it's rather plain and black which isn't my usual colorful style, but I found it was just perfect for this outfit...I think Parisian chic tends to use a very neutral and understated color palette. And I like how the texture of the bag adds to the outfit.

Today when I wore this, I felt like it was worth all the time and effort I took to tweak everything. I felt like it really came together with what I wanted to try to achieve (navy and black Parisian chic with a little edge and girly toughness). Did I succeed? Would a real Parisian woman dress like this or is this just my imagination of what a "French" outfit looks like? Will have to see what LaFrancaise's verdict is!

Almost everyone I saw today had a positive comment about my outfit. One patient (a middle aged guy, who I wouldn't think would notice such things) said "You're the most stylish doc I've ever seen!" Even DH liked my outfit (I thought he might think it was too OTT but he liked it, I think because the colors are restrained, and he said he liked the boots--as did everyone else). And I loved walking around in this swishy skirt--loved the ruffling of the pleats when I walked and when the wind blew it around (tried to show the twirliness in one of the pics). So it was a rousing success!

Thanks for looking and for all of your comments! Thought you might enjoy this long-winded story of the process behind this outfit!

Tahari black leather jacket
Bailey 44 black and white striped tank
White House Black Market pleated blue skirt
Frye Melissa black laceup boots and black socks
Swap black pearl necklace
WHBM hammered silver necklace
The Sak black purse

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  • cciele replied 7 years ago

    OMG I just fainted seeing your Parisian moto chic! That is my favorite outfit yet (and you have a lot of them). You've managed to inject some UWP into Ms Demure bombshell.

    And thanks for the story behind the outfit! I'm always interested in how people put such things together.


  • rae replied 7 years ago

    HOLY CATS! I just thought I'd take a quick peek before bed, and wow, I cannot get over #4! In a perfect world, I would buy that entire outfit right this second. I am not an expert on the French, but it is no wonder so many commented; it is a show-stopper.

  • AJ replied 7 years ago

    Second outfit is so FUN, I can't stand it!!!

  • Marley replied 7 years ago

    Oh My Gosh Natalie - that last outfit is UNbeLIEVable!!!! You have just expanded your style to include some French moto chic, along with your demure ladylike bombshell! This is just wonderful and looks beautiful on you!

  • Zapotee replied 7 years ago

    Super cute outfits and it shows that you are having fun. That first dress is divine and I love the ink blue and stripe pairing on the second.

  • Sona replied 7 years ago

    I really like the second outfit. very fun. the necklace is awesome too. you may want to
    try it without the cuff next time?
    Just wanted to ask you from a practical standpoint: did you wear the jacket at work or did you take it off? If you kept it on did it' move' well i.e was it fluid? I am wondering because I never wear leather/pu jackets as anything other than outerwear.
    love the shot that shows the fluidity of the skirt. you are having so much fun and it shows!!

  • Mona replied 7 years ago

    Second outfit is very pretty! Love the boots with swishy skirt.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 7 years ago

    I'm sorry Natalie - I can't comment on your first outfit. I'm still staring at your second Parisian moto outfit - FANTASTIC! Ladylike with an edge!

  • JennyAnne replied 7 years ago

    The second outfit is, of course, fantastic! The first one looks really nice, too. The only part I'd suggest changeing next time is the shoes. Something browner, I think (but maybe you fear the matchy-matchy)

  • Vildy replied 7 years ago

    I second the idea of needing a darker, bookending shoe in the second outfit. Sometimes the touted nude tone shoe gives a body-floating feeling, especially with dark hair. Otherwise, I love it on you.

    The French outfit is very saucy! Reminds me, too, of all the Sartorialist photos where the person is wearing neutrals top to toe except for one hit of that ocean-y blue.

  • replied 7 years ago

    Um WOW! I really like the Parisian chic outfit Natalie! Sometimes it take more effort *not* to match, doesn't it? But the overall effect is very effortless looking (if they only knew, right?). I absolutely love this on you and hope you explore this direction further! :)

  • KathyL replied 7 years ago

    Both outfits are great, but especially the second one. At first it gave me pause about being work appropriate but like you said, you're your own boss. I think maybe it's the boots with socks, def toughens up the look. Maybe consider tights Instead if you're worried about too much skin? Really I think it would be fine with no socks. You look very Parisian chic to me!

  • JR replied 7 years ago

    I guess I don't need to repeat that you knocked it out of the ballpark with your Parisian chic outfit. Not used to seeing that edge on you, but it sure worked!

    And the first outfit is very nice too. Shoes that matched the browns of the other accessories might be nice there, but you certainly had nothing to be ashamed of, dressed like that.

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Your musings are cute :). I'm glad that your patient paid you a lovely compliment too. You are so deserving of these kind words about your style, Natalie :)

    This is what I think of outfit #4/5:

    KILLER to the power of KILLER. That means one of the very best on YLF. Glad that you got a discount on that B44 top :)

  • Sona replied 7 years ago

    I had wanted to say that this was going to get a K to the power of K comment but decided to wait. Angie really did say it all!!! This is your best ever in my opinion. and all the thought you put into the planning and execution paid off big time!!!

  • christy replied 7 years ago

    The second outfit is amazing - love everything about it!

  • Scarlet replied 7 years ago

    So cute! I can believe that blue flouncy skirt is fun to wear, and it's nice to hear DH was on board too. I think your story just goes to show how taking care with your look can actually brighten other people's day too, like your patients'. The first outfit is still going pretty well I think until the jacket. That's a great jacket too, but somehow the ensemble is not quite cohesive. I am sorry that I can't offer more constructive suggestions, I am kind of focused on the fun factor of the second jacket.

  • goldenpig replied 7 years ago

    Thanks so much everyone! I was having a lot of fun in this outfit--it was worth all the effort!

    Sona, I kept the jacket on all day, and zipped to rein in my apple tummy. I've been wearing my two leather jackets as blazers a lot--I don't really have any traditional blazers per se but the leather ones substitute nicely. They're both thin, so I feel that I can move around suffiiciently well and it's not too hot. Although I did a couple procedures yesterday so for that I did take the jacket off so I could have totally unrestricted arm movements (I probably didn't need to but did anyways). I normally don't like walking around in a tank top (esp at work) but it was just for a minute or two before I covered up with my protective gown.

    Angie, wow, a K2K! So happy!

    Thanks for the suggestions on the first outfit. Yes JR I probably did need darker shoes (I have a pair of cognac Fossil pumps and a pair of cognac boots). JennyAnne, I am the last one to fear matchy matchy--it's part of my rubric actually! That's why this outfit didn't feel quite right--all the colors were mismatched! Scarlet, I agree the jacket wasn't totally right with the dress but I needed something for more warmth so I grabbed the first jacket I saw before I rushed off to work.

  • ramya replied 7 years ago

    Wow!!!! Wolf Whistles for all the outfits!!!!

  • cjh replied 7 years ago

    Natalie, I confess I didn't read your comments. BUT #4-5 is SO FAB! And the only thing I can think of to say is, PLEASE wear this when you drop your kids off at school. :-)

  • annagybe replied 7 years ago

    Love #4. Seriously, awesome.

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