WIW 9/28: DH's poison eye for camo--now what?

Today was crazy. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was up with DS2 and the kids starting at 6:30 am, fed them breakfast and was starting to get the kids ready. I thought we just had to take DD to ballet at 11:30--then I suddenly remembered at 9:50 that also she had chess class at 10. (She is on the chess team, so the instructor has asked that they attend Sat morning classes this fall, but it conflicts with her ballet class, which she likes because her friends are there, so we are only doing one hour instead of two). DH drove her there--she was 15 min late and the instructor was calling me asking where she was because they were waiting for her. Oops. Came back and we all drove out to pick her up and take her to ballet. Then I got a call from work--where are you, we are all interviewing a new candidate? Oh no, I forgot! Cr@p, I am not dressed for work or to meet a new candidate! Quickly dropped DD off at ballet, then DH drove me to the office, I stayed there for 1/2 hour while he got gas and stayed with the boys in the car. Had to leave early to go pick up DD, then we went to a birthday party...I had forgotten about it until after we left, so I didn't bring the present or dairy-free food for DS (he is allergic). So I just peeled the cheese off the pizza and let him have a doughnut (they had doughnuts instead of cake). I think he is starting to outgrow his allergy so I am letting have a bit of baked-in milk once in a while. DS2 did not really get fed all morning and the boys were in the car for almost 2 hours with all that driving around. Gah! Thank goodness DH let me nap this afternoon while he cooked dinner. I needed it after today!

I was not really happy with my outfit today, for several reasons. Top one being that I would not have chosen it if I knew I was going to work. I just plain forgot. Everyone else was dressed casually too (except the interviewee), but I would have liked to dress a little nicer. Second, DH did not like it. He told me that he really doesn't like it when I wear camo. I didn't realize he had a poison eye for it and asked why. He said it looks cheap and makes me look low-class. Great, now what? I just bought these camo jeans and have worn them twice. But I bought it for MOTG and if he hates it, when would I really wear it? If it was something I really loved, I would fight for it even if he didn't like it and tolerate the teasing (like the H&M floral pants). But I am not so sure these are really my style. Maybe it's too aggressive and tomboy for my style. The denim moto jacket I'm not sure about either--now that I wore it and look at the pics, I feel like it's a little too boxy and strong-shouldered and boyish. It doesn't look as feminine as the white DP jacket or Halogen knit moto. Dang it though...it's too late to return either of them since the tags are off (I did return the rest of the Gap stuff I posted earlier). And I bought this camo Diaper Dude diaper bag several months ago so that DH and I could share it, but since he doesn't like camo he won't use it. I just did not feel super fab today in this outfit--analysis/suggestions welcome!

What should I do? I am not having much luck lately with my recent purchases!
Yay=keep the camo skinnies and wear when DH is not around
Nay=get rid of them, they don't fit with your style and DH hates them

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  • kellygirl replied 6 years ago

    First, my head is spinning just reading about your Saturday. Yikes! Second, I think the denim moto looks really cute on you. I think it's something that you could put on over a black pencil and look pretty bombshell. I think the camo skinnies are fun and worth keeping for days that DH isn't around as long as they make you happy. 

    It sounds like today wasn't a true MOTG day because you had to go into work. Perhaps that is why you were dissatisfied? I think you look really cute and pulled together.

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    Okay on days like that, my issue is: am I dressed? In my own clothes? Do I have shoes on? That's about it. This is not MOTG, it's Mom on the Fly! I had to work today and then go to DS's 2nd basketball game where he may have fractured his wrist. Can not even imagine your day!

    As for DH - a poison eye is a poison eye, but camo cheap and low class? Anything can look that way or not. It is all in the styling and you have that down pat. DH is lucky to have you looking fab in addition to working and being an incredible mom to your priceless kiddos. Not to be cranky but he should thank his lucky stars you aren't in yoga pants and a sweatband.

  • goldenpig replied 6 years ago

    Kelly, thanks! Yes, I think the denim moto might feel more like me paired with a skirt. I think part of my dissatisfaction was I didn't feel appropriate for the occasion, and partly it was the overall masculine vibe of the outfit with the denim jacket, camo jeans and Cons.

    Una, oh no! I hope your DS is OK! Did you have to go to the ER? Did he get X rays or get a cast? One of my FB friends just posted a pic of her son getting a cast today, and DD's in a cast too. It's an epidemic! Hope your DS heals quickly.

    Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, it is an accompllishment to even be dressed with everything else that is going on. I really just need to get more organized. If I had remembered everything we had to do today I would have been more prepared. I need to work on pre-packing and preparing everything for the next day. I just get so tired that I keep falling asleep right after the kids go to bed. Also, I realize we have too many activities and social events going on, but it is so hard to pick what we would cut out. They really like all the activities they are doing, and they always love going to birthday parties (which seem to be almost every week!) At least our vacation is coming up soon and we can just relax on the beach and at the pool with nothing scheduled. That will be so nice!

  • Jeanie replied 6 years ago

    Wow, I had forgotten what Saturdays with small children are like.  Crazy for sure!  It's funny last year I saw a women in the library in camos with electric blue velvet smoking slippers and a sweater and I thought how high class & chic she looked.  Maybe just add a more feminine shoe & sweater so the look is not as tomboy.  You could do oxfords, ballet flats or smoking slippers.  You look great in the camos.  Keep them for you!

  • Runcarla replied 6 years ago

    Whew! I remember those days. I think for 10 years I was 'robot mom' on autopilot. Totally lost my style. Uniform of dumb pegged jeans and dumb sweatshirt. Can you say 'frumpy'?

    I think you look fine for MOTG, and totally feminine without being tough at all (the pale yellow cons and healthy swingy long hair). However, if the look isn't in your comfort zone, and you wish to make the small concession for DH...then move on to another look. Everything the same, but with the floral jeans?

    ....and a floral baby bag (and DH can carry it too!)

  • replied 6 years ago

    I am in full agreement with your husband.  I thought this the first time I saw you WIW, but didn't want to be negative so I did not comment.  

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Wow, Natalie --What a day! I am reeling at the thought. So much for a "relaxing" weekend! Ha! 

    You know, if you want to keep the kids in these activities, it sounds to me like the best investment might be a weekend "driver/ sitter" -- someone who was responsible enough to drive whoever needed to be driven to whatever lesson was going on and/or sit with the other kids while this was happening. A physician friend of mine did this while her kids were in the needing to be driven in ten different directions stage, and it was a brilliant solution. She hired a super responsible neighbourhood teen. This teen was sort of "on call" on the days he was with them, like an older member of the family, and they fed him lunches, dinners, etc. (depending on the timing). Kids loved him. 

    As for the outfit, I think you look just fine, even if not at your work best. But I'd go with your gut feeling on the camo. If it doesn't feel "you" then let it go. No need to upset DH when there are a zillion other looks you can wear -- unless you truly love it yourself. 

  • cade replied 6 years ago

    On top of a day like that, the husband does not like the outfit. Great!!! :)
    However, I have never seen a camo that I like on anybody outside a military uniform.

  • Janet replied 6 years ago

    Camo is not one of my favorite prints, but I do think these look fine on you, and you certainly look appropriate for the day's activities. What a crazy day!

    I think you need to follow your heart on this one. If you feel fab when you wear them, then keep and wear on days when DH won't see them so much. But you have quite a wardrobe, so if something will now give you a bad feeling every time you try to wear it, it's not worth keeping. If you decide not to keep them, perhaps you can re-sell since they have barely been worn, and you can recoup the cost.

  • Glory replied 6 years ago

    You are really MOTR (RUN), holy smokes Natalie that is one crazy day. I hope today is restful for you. Thank goodness DH was cooking dinner.
    As for the camo - my husband also dislikes it in a big way. He was drafted in his late teens in Europe and all camo reminds him of those 2 years. 
    Do you think you can wear it without thinking about his dislike of it? Or, will it be in your head?

  • Karie replied 6 years ago

    You are a MGABS (Mom Going At Breakneck Speed)! Good grief, I'm exhausted and have to sit down just reading your post! 

    I like Suz's answer re hiring someone. Great idea! As for the pants, if there are enough times you will wear them when DH is not around, keep them for another season and see if they still feel like "you." If after that, you decide they don't deserve a place in your spectacular wardrobe, pass them along.

  • Jules replied 6 years ago

    It's funny because I think this thread reminds me why I'm not super comfortable with camo - it's not "me", but because it does have associations. It feels like I am appropriating something, honestly. I can't see it as just a print, an esthetic combo of colour and pattern. I think that is why I'm happier with different colour camouflage, especially really obviously non-military colours like pink.
    That said, I love the way many ylfers and others wear it. And I think you can pull off if you want, along with the moto, just not together (although I think you look fine here). I think both pieces will be more Natalie if they are remixed with more feminine styling. DHs aren't going to get everything. Mine doesn't get booties and pencil skirts, which I am loving and fit perfectly with my lifelong tendency to de-bombshell.

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 6 years ago

    Wow, so glad my kids are older and weekends are much calmer!  

    Just reading your own words... I don't think you LOVE the camo yourself... I too go for a more feminine style and am steering clear of them because I live surrounded by military bases and when worn by locals here, it is not with great styling... In other words it's the people at Walmart in the middle of the night... I admit to having a  poison eye for it.   On the other hand, I have seen it styled nicely and can admire it on others.   

    I don't think it's your style.  As for DH , they don't have to agree 100% with everything, so it really is up to you.  You yourself mentioned fighting for the floral pants, but not feeling the same here...

    I will say it was a great idea to go for a camo diaper bag, so he would carry it , in theory.. Now reality is he won't use it..

  • Beth replied 6 years ago

    Here's the thing, I love your camo pants and I have a poison eye for camo (I also live in a camo-central rural area). The print on the pants is soft enough that it's not too in-your-eye. I do think it might be too much with the camo diaper bag, though. Similar to animal prints, a few touches might play better. Also, I really like the denim jacket.

    That said, what I think is 100% irrelevant. Do you love your camo enough that it makes you feel good despite DH's protestations? Then carry on...hang on to them and see if you reach for them or not.

    As for being cheap and low-class, those are behaviors, not prints. :)

  • Mo replied 6 years ago

    I remarked on your K/R thread that these seemed too RATE for your style to me.  I don't necessarily love or hate camo either way, but it seems incongruous to your style to me.  But you liked them enough to keep them.  If DH hadn't said a word, would you feel fine in them still or is there a niggling feeling that they are just a little 'off' your style?  
    My BF has poison eyes for certain styles that he finds trashy like denim skirts and leather.  For him, it's the association with bike week all those years in FL.  Denim and leather equals biker chick to him.  Of course, leather can be classy, not trashy, but the bias is there and I'm aware of it.  

  • Diana replied 6 years ago

    Wow, your day sounds completely overwhelming and exhausting!  

    I am not the biggest fan of camo but I actually think the jeans look good on you, as does the jacket.  I wonder if you might be happier not pairing them together though, maybe you need something more feminine to counteract the toughness.  So try the jeans with a more feminine jacket (like the DP moto maybe?), and I like Kelly's idea to put the denim moto over a pencil skirt.  Or a dress even.  

  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago

    If I really like something that DH doesn't, I usually wear it on days where I won't see much of him.  However, if your DH hates the camo and you will only be wearing it on days when he's around, do you like it enough to deal with his negative reaction?  I actually really like them on you and think that they will look great with a more feminine styling (such as the burgundy sweater in your capsule post - I loved that outfit).  

    Crazy day!  I hate kids' birthday parties (even my own kids' parties - so happy that my two boys have birthdays only 6 days apart and I can just plan one party).  We generally split up and my husband usually goes to parties since he's more social than me and enjoys talking with other parents. Plus he likes kids a lot more than I do.  I pretty much only like my own children.

  • Vix replied 6 years ago

    Hi GP --

    Woman, I'd first step away from the "trying to be all things to all people!"

    We don't want you in another doc's care for nervous exhaustion/burnout. Love Suz's idea of hiring a responsible party to take on some of the weekend to-ing and fro-ing. Or a sitter to stay with the urchins who don't *need* to be out and about while you and Mr GP are on the go.

    Second, though I'm amazed you remembered to leave the house with pants ON given sleep deprivation etc --

    I'd step away from the camo for all the reasons you stated and others upthread have mentioned. They're not enough like you to keep/rub on your husband's nerves when you guys need to be extra sharp and aligned to keep up with things!

    ps And I get the opinionated partner thing. That fancy dress of mine you loved? Mr Vix was all "if you love it, that's what matters" but not the biggest fan as he thinks the sequins look "crafty"  and he's innately suspicious of asymmetry. If I was dubious, I'd have passed on it.

  • Sylvie replied 6 years ago

    First off, wow, what an intense Saturday!  You have a *LOT* on your plate.

    Re: camo, I think you can pull it off but I do feel like the combo of camo + t-shirt + denim-jacket is just too casual/RATE for your style.  I think you'd feel better wearing the camo pants with a silkier shirt and perhaps a ponte or leather jacket, just something that keeps it a bit dressier while still being casual and comfortable.

    I find that I don't like wearing my denim material jackets with denim material pants - even if they are different colors.  Even for my casual lifestyle, denim jackets are just *so* casual, I feel they have be worn with "smooth fabric", if that makes sense.

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    This is probably an off-topic response, but coming back to your schedule itself, I had a few thoughts.  Specifically, do you truly enjoy it all?  One reason we live here is that I wanted to escape the hecticness of the child-centered-activity merry-go-round.  My preference is to have quiet time at our cabin.  We do one of two scheduled activities (right now it's basketball), but I find that more than that just means that we all end up crazed and cranky.  And I only have one kid! 

    I know your family enjoys kayaking and other outdoorsy stuff.  My advice - which is unwarranted and you can feel free to ignore it or tell me off - is to sit down with DH and consider what you TRULY enjoy - as opposed to what is required - birthday parties, perhaps - or what you feel societal pressure to provide in order to be a good parent.   

    I am not saying that any of this is happening with you.  I just know you set such high standards for yourself in every way, and sometimes I feel we, as working moms, need to evaluate what really matters to us.  For instance, I complain that our house is not always neat - but when it comes down to it, do I want to pay a housekeeper or spend my time dusting the heat registers with a Q-tip?  Hell to the no!  I'd rather be playing with my son or walking the dog. We skip birthday parties too, if it's just a formality (like where the whole class is invited).  I've stopped feeling guilty because frankly, I'm a better mother when I'm not feeling oppressed by obligations. 

    The other thing you probably know is that kids enjoy whatever you throw their way.  My son loves his time throwing rocks in the river at our cabin, but he also loves visiting his NY cousins and their hectic non-stop activities.  So as much as your little ones enjoy all their activities, they would probably have just as much fun just hanging out with you. 

    I'll shut up now.

  • Ariadne replied 6 years ago

    Oh, geez, Natalie, what an exhausting day!

    I LOVE camo and I love your whole outfit here except for the diaper bag, which feels like camo overkill.  You look fab, IMO.  If I didn't know you and your style I wouldn't give this outfit a second thought aside from switching out the bag. I enjoy  RATE and tomboy styles.  I would wear this outfit myself (I own the same jeans, even!), except I'd wear ankle boots or white cons, and a dressier bag.  

    BUT! You're much dressier and more ladylike, typically, so I agree with the suggestions of remixing these two items with your prettier, fancier things.  Try it and see how you feel.  If you still feel not-fab, pass them on (consignment or the Style Exhange forum, maybe?).  

  • MsMary replied 6 years ago

    I think you look great, as usual, but I also think there's nothing particularly wrong with letting something go if DH doesn't care for it.  (I'm no help, am I?)

    And I couldn't agree more with the suggestions to GET SOME HELP and/or CUT BACK!!!

    BIg hugs from one who's been there (and I only had one, so I can't imagine how you do what you do!)

  • ironkurtin replied 6 years ago

    Holy cow, Natalie.

    First of all, you could never look cheap or low-class.

    Second, I love the camo diaper bag.  Raising kids can be war, man!

    However, some fights are just not worth fighting.  I say ditch the camo.

  • Makrame replied 6 years ago

    That's one busy Saturday for sure!

    I tend to listen to my DH when he feels strongly about something I wear (and I find that there is often a grain of truth in his observations).  I also find that even if I like an outfit, if my DH happens to say something mildly negative about it (he usually is not prone to criticising so that's rare), I start finding faults with this outfit as well.  Maybe that's why you ended up not feeling all that happy with this outfit?  

    I like the idea of remixing these items with dressier things and keeping camo to one item per outfit (and perhaps saving it for when your DH is not around).  But there is also nothing wrong with deciding that this experiment is not "you" after all.

  • Echo replied 6 years ago

    I LOVE camo print, and I think you have styled it here perfectly. I have to echo Una and say that almost anything can look cheap or low-class, depending on how it is styled, and I am not sure you could style anything to look that way. You put far more thought and effort into your outfits and style, even on a "day off", than most people do for work. You may be overextended as far as life goes, but your outfit is spot on, IMO. Your DH's perceptions are off, so keep the camo and either rock the look or wear them when he isn't around to complain.

  • Amy replied 6 years ago

    GP, If I recall correctly, you faced a similar sort of dilemma when you tried to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe. It seems to me that you just aren't happy when your husband doesn't like something you wear. It's natural. Many of us like to dress in a way that's attractive to our partner. If there isn't something deeper at issue than your DH not liking a look you were experimenting with, no big deal. Send the garment off to a charity shop or wear it when he's not around.

    My DH has commented that some of my tops look like maternity tops and I just can't bear to wear them anymore. (Pregnant women are beautiful...nothing wrong with maternity clothes when you're actually pregnant).

  • Marley replied 6 years ago

    There is nothing cheap or low-class about the way you look in this outfit.  I really like it - sounds like it was perfect for your day (except for the work part) - but if you don't feel comfortable in it, then just don't wear it - or, mix the pieces with stuff that you do feel comfortable in.  My DH thinks I look beautiful in everything that I wear - so, I can't imagine having to deal with a DH that would voice criticism over something that I wore.  But, if he did I'd probably tell him that he'd better just get over it - and fast.  ;-) 
    Natalie - your day sounds like the worst day that I could ever imagine for a "day off."  I agree with the others - slow down - and get some help!

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    You have so many great comments here. I'd donate the camo. It doesn't sound like you are comfortable with it and it does elicit emotional responses. Your DH sounds like a dear, cooking dinner and all. My DH rarely says anything about my outfits, but when he doesn't like something, he's been right.
    It's ok, even wise, to say no to some of the children's activities. I had 2 boys and each could do one sport or club at a time. It was important that we sat down to dinner together, so nothing was to interfere with that. We also banned overnight parties or sleepovers at friend's houses. They could go for awhile and we would pick them up about 10pm. They were too cranky the next day otherwise and it ruined everyone's weekend. Later when they were in college, they both thanked us for doing this, especially eating together and no tv, Internet or phone in their rooms and no game systems. They saw what had happened to friends. Stick to what is best for them in the long run.

  • lyn* replied 6 years ago

    Reading about your day made my ovaries shrink up and die. I have no idea how you do it and stay sane.

    Re: Pants - I don't think any of your style is low-class, but you know how poison eyes are! I'd try them for a few more outings before relegating them to the "DH doesn't like" stash.

  • Neel replied 6 years ago

    Oh wow!  What a day and it stinks when husbands decide to say negative things about our outfit!  Why can't they be a bit mmm .... subtle?! ( This one makes you look fat, your tummy's too big, you look like a nana in that!)  Those are some that mine says!

    I love camo prints!  But only on pants!  I love your pants and your outfit doesn't look cheap or low class to my eyes.  I would wear camo pants with a girly top (may be a maroon fine knit sweater?), with black/nude pointy toe low heeled pumps or ankle strap sandals.

    I wouldn't carry that bag though :D  I would go for a practical tote for the MOTG look.

  • goldenpig replied 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone for your insightful comments! I do have a lot of help--full time nanny, housekeeper every other week, but life is still pretty busy. I guess I learned it from my mom...she loves to tell me that when I was five I said to her, "Life is a rush." She always had a million things she was doing but seemed to juggle it all so well.

    I should cut back on social and extracurricular activities, but it's hard to know which ones. DD has been going to ballet for the past 3 years and it's one of the only times she sees some of her friends she's known since she was a baby. I think she'd probably only do this for another year or two, so it's kind of nice to let her be a "ballerina" while she's still into the princess/ballerina phase--she loves twirling around. And she's an introvert like me, so it's useful for her to learn how to perform in front of others. The chess thing--she was the one who got into it at school...she likes playing, and likes winning trophies at tournaments. We don't normally do chess on Saturdays, but agreed to do it just this fall. Sundays they both have swimming lessons and also have been doing that since they were about 1. DH and I both feel that swimming is an important life skill to have, and we love scuba diving & kayaking...the kids really enjoy swimming & snorkeling when we're on vacation. This summer DD and DS1 went to Mandarin camp for four weeks and really learned a lot, so we're having them go there once a week for an hour so they don't forget what they learned. And they both have gymnastics once a week (although DD hasn't started yet because she broke her arm). I think either of those might be on the chopping block next semester if it feels too busy. Birthday parties and playdates/dinner dates--well we do have a lot of those, but try to be selective. DH and I feel that we should make an effort though, so that DD and DS1 can have friends. We do tend to hang out with the same couple of families most of the time and our kids are similar ages which is nice.

    I agree, I didn't intend for yesterday to be so busy...I need fewer of those MRALAC (Mom Running Around Like a Chicken) days. Normally I can handle it but I think forgetting about chess and then having to go in to work really threw the whole schedule off. Today was much better--much more relaxed. I woke up with DS2 at 6:45, but DH took the kids from 8-10 and let me sleep in (aahh...bliss), then he cooked pancakes and bacon and we had brunch. He wasn't feeling well and was pretty tired, so I let him take a nap and drove the kids to swimming lessons (DD's lesson is on hold because of her cast, so only DS1 had a lesson today). Then I picked up some McD's happy meals (hey, 3 by myself =  drive thru w/o guilt) and we ate in the car while DS2 napped. Then I took them to the library and then the park next door where they played in the creek and redwood trees. Back to our house at 4:30 and they played in the backyard doing somersaults across the lawn. DH made dinner, then afterward he played a game of chess with DD. No bath tonight (switching to every other day baths has made bedtime easier), and even with bedtime stories managed to get them in bed just after 8 (normally I'm struggling to get them in bed by 8:30).

    As for the camo, well what can I say. My DH poison eye list now consists of 
    1) faux fur
    2) leopard print
    3) camouflage
    4) bright floral pants
    I will have to be very selective about my man-repeller wear--this list is getting longer! He is mostly complimentary of what I wear, but those looks really seem to bring out his opinionated side. I don't feel that camo is that integral to my style, so I don't think I'll try to wear it around him (though if he hated polka dots there would be no question I'd still wear them!). I do have one or two looks I want to try first to see if I can make them work with my style (more like ladylike huntress); if not then I'll post them on the style exchange.

    Thanks again for your input, it really means a lot to me!

  • ramya replied 6 years ago

    GP whenever I have kid(s) and it gets overwhelming I am gonna think Natalie didn't forget to breath and she looked gorgeous doing it :)

    I also get opinionated DHs :). If my DH had his way, I would be wearing lady like stuff all.the.time :) And skinnies when ever I wanted to wear jeans :)

  • replied 6 years ago

    I don't have strong feelings about the pants, either way. 

    What Alaskagirl said. And I know it's easier said than done. To address your DH's concern about making an effort, socially ... I think one of the hardest parts of adulthood is deciding WHO to spend your time with. There are many lovely people in this world, but you may be reaching a point in your life where you have to choose depth in friendships instead of going by sheer numbers or circumstances. Giving up some of the obligatory birthday parties would give you more time to truly invest in the friendships and people you love most, or that your kids enjoy most. Quality vs. quantity. It's still making an effort, but you're channeling your energy to be able to give the most to the people you love the most. I hope this is coming across right. I know it might sound kind of cold, and I struggle with the concept, too. It's sort of ingrained in women to be friendly (if not friends) with everyone. But it's just not possible to be everything to everyone, at least not when you're busy raising kids, having a career, taking care of other family/friend obligations, etc. 

    You seem amazingly energetic and obviously have the capacity to do a LOT. Just be careful that you're not burning yourself out in the process. That is a hard place to get out of, particularly when you're taking care of young children and are never, ever off-duty.

    OK, stepping off my soapbox and hoping this is coming across as a sisterly nudge, not a criticism of how you're living your life. :) 

  • texstyle replied 6 years ago

    Well I also have a poison eye for camo  - but it's because it is worn here regularly by so many men and women when they are actually hunting. Or the many service people who live out here. Skinny camo pants just seem wrong for that very reason. You can't exactly hunt when your pants are too tight to squat down for hours on end. And you certainly couldn't put ammo in your pockets. lol.   But really if you feel good wearing them, that is the bigger factor. When we feel good it shows.

    I think I'd still probably pass on the camo for DH's sake especially, but maybe hold out on the leopard print and the floral pants.

    And it really IS okay for a child to skip their regular activities every once in a while. I have to wonder, would they even remember if you didn't? 

  • jurocha replied 6 years ago

    Kind off-topic...

    I can't read the expression "chicken with its head cut off" without remembering this sweet, funny love song from The Magnetic Fields. So I'm here just to share the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE8Uut3YRdw.

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    Natalie, I hear what you're saying.  Just know that they WILL have friends no matter what, and as they get older, the social demands will only increase.  At 10, my DS has basketball games, school activities, skiing with his buddies, sleepovers... and I am DEEPLY thankful for the time we spent doing lots of nothing together as a family, because that is already a thing of the past.   As SM said, we decided to spend our precious spare time with our families, or with friends who do what we like to do - camp, fish (well, not me), ski, hike.  That way, DS has friends, but he sees US having friends too.  It's a hard balance between your own needs, the kids, your DH and your needs as a family unit.  Big hugs.  I think you are flipping amazing.


  • Janet replied 6 years ago

    Agreed with Una! Also, as kids get older, they tend to get more selective about what activities they want to pursue, so I think it's good to encourage them to stay honest about what they truly enjoy. My stepsons quit playing baseball when they were young, and they were afraid to tell their dad about it because he was so into baseball.

    I am LOLing at Lyn's remark, because even though I adore my stepsons and am happy I had a hand in raising them, I am totally fine with the fact that my uterus is gone and I can't bear any children! It sounds exhausting (even though I know it's totally worth it).

    And jurocha, I never thought I'd see anyone here post a Magnetic Fields song! Love him. :-)

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