WIW: Mustard blazer and triple pattern mixing (feedback please!)

I bought this mustard colored blazer from Anthropologie:
So Saturated Blazer in Gold
and wore it two days in a row (so I could post pics for Rae & MaryK!)

Yesterday was MOTG day with the family...we were really busy with a birthday party, swim lessons (had to change into my swimsuit and get in the pool with my son) and then a school picnic. I like the MOTG combo because it was really comfortable but a little dressed up even though it's basically a Gap T shirt and skinny jeans, with the cotton blazer on top. I wasn't worried about going swimming and getting it wet, because the T shirt and jeans are machine washable. I also wore a V-shaped Christian Dior necklace and my bronze Forever 21 bracelet cuff. And I learned my lesson trying to wear the 3.5 inch leopard heels on my MOTG Saturday (hee hee), so I chose bronze Born ballet flats instead. Much better! DH liked my outfit and I even convinced him to take some pictures of me and the kids with the SLR!

Then today I wore the blazer to work with a green blouse and blue & green skirt, also from Anthropologie. I really like this work combo because it's like wearing a suit without actually wearing a suit (I don't like matching suits because it feels like I'm going on an interview, because that's the only time I've worn matching suits). And it's the first time I've done triple print mixing (I feel like I'm channelling MaryK!) so I had fun putting this outfit together! The green blouse has navy and cream dots, the navy skirt has olive & teal and the Fossil satchel has mustard, olive, cream and teal accents, so I felt like all the patterns "matched"/tied together somewhat. But I'm worried if it's a little too out there or TMGO (too much going on)? I even considered wearing my Chie rust sandals or the Heist leopard print pumps (since Kyle posted a pic of herself in a green blouse and the leopard heels), but I thought that would be too over the top, so I toned it down a little with the nude Easy Spirit pumps. I also kept jewelry simple--left off my bronze & orange cuff bracelet and just wore some simple turquoise teardrop earrings.

I didn't get any comments whatsoever on my outfit though from anyone today which is unusual, so now I'm having second thoughts and wondering if they're keeping silent because they think my outfit is either 1) fugly and clownlike 2) too crazy with the triple patterns (blouse, skirt and purse) 3) if the color doesn't look good on me or 4) if everyone is just used to me dressing up now and have stopped commenting on my new look (I hope that's it because now I'm wondering if they're just laughing at my outfit but are too nice to say anything!). Rae posted a link to color palettes and thought that I might be a Deep Winter, but it says "orange-yellows look horrible on Deep Winter". So is this outfit a Do or a Don't? I know what Hans, 27 would say, but what do you all think? Can I wear this blazer or does it look bad on me?

I tried to post a lot of pictures in different lighting conditions so you can get a sense of what the color looks like.
1-3. Outdoors with SLR in daylight, no flash.
4. Outdoors, no flash (DD took this one of me with my point & shoot!)
5. Inside, no flash.
6-7. Inside with flash
8-9. Inside, no flash
10-11. Outside, no flash
12. The catalog picture

Also (thanks if you've gotten this far), if you haven't had a chance to do so, please have a look at my "What's my style?" thread and weigh in...I'd love to get your input on my looks and my favorite outfit (in my profile pic) as well! Trying to sort out my fashion persona and need all the help I can get!


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  • replied 10 years ago

    They are probably getting used to you dressing up! I like the print mixing with the jacket on, what did it look like with the jacket off (if you took it off)?

    I have cool coloring so I am genetically predisposed to dislike mustard, lol! I know it looks good on readheads, but on everyone else, my personal preferences shade my judgement, so I'll defer to the others.

  • MsMary replied 10 years ago


    I am speechless at your fabness!! You have got to be the best looking MOTG in all of Marin County!

    And I would never have thought to put the yellow jacket with the blue/green skirt and blouse, and the fabness just knocks my socks off!!





    P.S. Welcome to Team ALGO! We're very happy you decided to join us! ;)

  • Ginny replied 10 years ago

    People may be getting used to the new updated dressed you I bet, I like themustard jacket, looks cute with the flats. It truley is amazing how a jacket can transform a shirt jeans to something great isn't it. I love jackets. Cute MOTG good job!

  • amyreh replied 10 years ago

    I love the mustard blazer! I just got one myself from Zara and I can't wait to wear it! Your first outfit is very cute MOTG and I really like the pattern mixing too, very MaryK, but you wear it well and I think good call on the nude pumps.

  • cobaltblue replied 10 years ago

    Very cute MoTG outfit. It's so nice to feel comfortable, machine washable, and cute all at once, huh? I like your ALGO outfit, too. Maybe try tucking the shirt in next time for a bit of a change. That would move the patterns away from each other a bit to tame the mixing somewhat, maybe. I love that mustard blazer.

    I'll read your other thread again, but I won't be much help, I'm afraid. I'm trying to write up my own thoughts, and you are on my list of inspirations!

    As always, your kids our too cute. Your son and my 16 month old daughter need to meet. :)

  • Jonesy replied 10 years ago

    I am a big fan of pattern mixing and it's quite subjective, really (some people just don't dig it). I wouldn't describe your outfit as "clownlike" but somehow the skirt and blouse don't work that well for me as a couple. I think because the green in the top looks like a cool, almost minty green, and the green in the skirt looks like a warm, golden olive (at least on my monitor) there isn't anything holding the two together, if that makes sense. Maybe with a dark navy jacket (to pick up the dark in the top and skirt) it would gel.

    Just my personal opinion, of course! I love that you are experimenting and having lots of fun. I wouldn't worry to much about what people at work say. Go with your own gut and with what you like--if you love the outfit, then you love it. Period :).

  • Kari replied 10 years ago

    I am so inspired to see you having such a blast with your evolving style. The fun comes through so intensely in these photos. LOVE your mustard blazer, and thanks for the added inspiration to wear mine again!

  • rae replied 10 years ago

    I loved your pop of yellow with neutral patterns immediately. The colored patterns took a moment to grow on me but I've decided I really like that, too. You are fitting quite nicely into Team ALGO and Team Dive - I love how you aren't shy about pattern mixing!

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    Love, love, love the MOTG outfit. KILLER. I can't believe it's taken you so long to rock skinny jeans! You have to make up for lost time, Nathalie (I like your name).

    I also really like the pattern mixed outfit with the skirt and blouse! But without the patterned handbag. To my eye, the addition of the patterned handbag has thrown off the arty harmony of the rest of the ensemble. I hope that makes sense.

    And I am tagging onto what Jonesy said - it's music to my ears that you are having fun with fashion. That's the most important part in all of this. If people don't comment on your outfit - it means that they are used to you looking fab :)

  • Aida replied 10 years ago

    I think the color of the yellow blazer looks fine on you. CUTE outfit in #1, you look great in those skinnies! In the second outfit, I do like the pattern mixing; from what I can see on my screen, you've got some olive in the skirt which makes pairing the green top+yellow blazer work to my eye. However I think pulling one color out to use for your handbag (or a brown/cognac) would work better.

  • catgirl replied 10 years ago

    GP, I think you deserve an award for "Most Rapidly Fab" or something. It is amazing how quickly your style has evolved, like watching time-lapse photography or something. Incredible.

  • Jenava replied 10 years ago

    Outfit #1 - FAN-TASTIC! I love that tee...all mine are solids but I love that rough stripe and with the mustard jacket it's just ADORABLE. You look really put together. Don't you love it when you can dress casually in practical clothes and not feel like a slob? No wonder your husband liked this!

    Outfit #2 - I'm not gonna lie...this is a little crazy. But, I am on team ALGO, so I am here heartily egging you on. First, the blouse and jacket are beautiful together. Adding in the print of the skirt is so interesting. I do agree w Jonsey that the greens are not at all the same, but I like the pop of blue that it adds to the mix. I hope you like it because I do. But, it's one of those outfits that you have to wear because YOU love it - because not everyone is going to "get" it.

  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    Natalie...wow! Love your MOTG outfit, very stylish and relaxed looking. You pattern mixing is amazing. I look at it and think "it shouldn't work", but it does. How did you feel in the outfit? I agree a plain bag would be better and I think you made a wise choice with the shoes. I so want to try pattern mixing but I I am not sure I have the confidence. I think I may need to book into Patern Mixing 101 with Natalie and Mary K.

  • sarah replied 10 years ago

    I love your MOTG look, Natalie - as Angie said, you need to wear those skinny jeans more often!

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