WIW Parisian Chic: my attempt (and GP twist)

I'm late to the Parisian Chic bandwagon, but I was out shopping for Christmas presents and spied a copy on a table at Barnes and Noble and couldn't resist getting one for myself! :)

My thoughts after reading the book:
1) I should give navy another chance. I had been ignoring neutrals like navy and black lately in favor of brighter colors.
2) I should give Euro chic another chance. I never felt that I could do Euro chic because I don't have the coloring or sophisticated air for it. And the colors tend to be very neutral and drab. And I worry that the look can be too classic or preppy or boring on me. However, I'm willing to try it so here's my take, with a little GP-style twist, haha!
3) Wardrobe hole: I need some red ballet flats! :)

What do you think--does this work on me? Should I explore Euro chic some more?

1. I loved my rust Tulle cropped peacoat so much I couldn't resist picking it up in navy as well during a recent Christmas shopping trip. It's $58 from the junior's section at Nordstrom. It has a detachable hood in the back and a cool coordinating navy houndstooth lining. Also, I just bought these ivory AG stevie skinny cords on sale at Anthro--extra 50% off sale price which brought it down to $59 as well. The orange-y red shirt is an old Ann Taylor knit sleeveless mock neck shell that has held up well for many years. The color is in between rust and red. And my red Fossil tote and bronze Born flats.
3. Holding my copy of Parisian Chic. ;-)
4. I had to throw in a little something to keep me from getting bored with myself, so I decided to pull out this Paul Frank purse. I used to collect these pre-kids and this one is my favorite. I haven't even used it because it was expensive and collectible and came with the tags on (it isn't worth as much once you take the tags off and use it). But now I'm thinking of just ripping the tag off and using it, because otherwise why keep it? It's a Paul Frank Shag purse with a tres chic Julius the monkey sitting in a cafe near the Eiffel Tower and his mod French girlfriend on her Vespa. What better bag to celebrate Parisian Chic?
5. The jacket open. I think the top may be too short with these jeans to wear the jacket open though.
6. The prize bag. Should I actually use this or is it too silly/kitschy to wear in real life? I can wear it in an "I'm being ironic and cool" way, LOL! This would be for casual/MOTG, not for work, obviously. But if you like these fun purses, I have plenty more where that came from if you want to see more! :-)

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  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Chuckling @ Parisian bag :)

    Natalie, I think that navy is one of your best colours and #1 is a KILLER outfit. Well done. Throw in your Fossil bag too - that makes you own the look even more.

  • cciele replied 9 years ago

    Tres chic! You should definitely explore the Euro chic look more -- I think you will have fun with it. Also, the cords are great with that outfit -- are they true to size for you? I ordered the orange pair from the Anthro sale but wasn't sure about sizing.

  • Isis replied 9 years ago

    #1 IS fantastic! In fact, I think it is more interesting with the gold ballet flats (or maybe loafers!)

  • replied 9 years ago

    Hmph! I was prepared to try to talk you out of this silliness since you *just* finished your wardrobe, BUT OMG YOU LOOK SO FAB! You look so sophisticated in the pea coat and cream slacks. I DIE. So jealous. You are not allowed to have two fashion personas. It really isn't fair to the rest of us.....demure bombshell......Parisian Chic....what will it be next?! *gasp* What if you're a "mood dresser" Natalie?

    Seriously though, I will chat your ear off about that book. I got it the day before Christmas and I'm having to restrain myself from doing every single thing in the book. I am SO impressionable!

  • goldenpig replied 9 years ago

    Angie, do you mean the floral Fossil bag or the red one? Because they're both Fossil, actually! :) I love Fossil!

    Cciele, I bought a size 28 in these cords which is what I usually wear in premium denim. I was a little worried because they felt comfortable as soon as I put them on, which can be a bad sign because I usually have to buy jeans really snug since they stretch. This is my first time wearing them so I will have to see if it's the right size, but so far so good--they don't seem to be bagging out or falling down and I've been wearing them all afternoon.

    Isis, they are ballet flats--bronze ones from Born. Very comfortable.

  • rae replied 9 years ago

    Well, I love this on you, Natalie! And... wait for it... I even think that you've took the concepts of Parisian Chic and totally assimilated them into your own style. Whenever I see pics of Euro ladies, the impression is that of an oversized & slouchy fit, borderline masculine preppiness, and muted colors. But look at the nice, tailored fit of your jacket, the body conscious cinched waist, and the bright colors you've got on - that's a Demure Bombshell outfit all the way IMO.

  • Ana replied 9 years ago

    Great outfit! I like the white jeans with the peacoat. Very classic.

  • Jjsloane replied 9 years ago

    You look perfectly parisian! I love all the elements you have here. If you enjoy the Paul Frank purse then wear it with pride and joy. I get a kick out of the prints and this one is super fun and funky.

    I know people who hoard things in hopes of it being collectible and worth something someday, but I'm in the school of like it, buy it, use it.
    OT sort of but I always remember an interview with Mark Hammil where he confessed that he let his kids play with all of his original Star Wars "toys" rather than box them up and save to sell at some point. Kudos to him.

  • HelenInCanada replied 9 years ago

    You did it! (and with a little tongue-in-cheek spunk, too.) I love it all! I always thought of your style as sophisticated - so you can definitely pull off the navy with flair. I think your colouring is beautifully suited for it. Euro prep demure-ness!

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    Oh! I hereby crown you Queen Fossil Bag.

    I meant also wear the patterned bag with this outfit :)

  • Jonesy replied 9 years ago

    You look fab! The white skinnies look great, especially with the navy. The bag is too cute too.

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Natalie, you took the inspiration and flew with it. What else would we expect from a fast learner like you? But Rae is right...you made this look GP all the way—the rich colours, the fit, the touch of gold. And Angie and Claire (and everyone else) are also right. You look AH MA ZING!!!

    LOVE you in that bright navy.

    Whew! ! !

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