WIW The Force Awakens! Epic Star Wars Trilogy: R2D2, Captain Phasma & BB-8 for work & play

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
(cue music and scrolling)

An R2D2 unit appeared and was promptly appropriated by a little Jawa named DS2. The owner of R2D2 tried in vain to recover the stolen droid, but the stubborn Jawa could not be bribed. The two older Jawas, DD and DS1, arrived and began fighting with the littlest scavenger for the rights to ownership. It was a very Hot Topic...the fighting was intense and tempers flew. The only solution was to bring in reinforcements. BB-8 and Captain Phasma arrived to save the day. Now each of the Jawas had their own personal unit. Peace was once again restored to the galaxy...at least until the next disturbance in the force erupts...

Thanks for looking and for indulging my geekiness! I bought the R2D2 Loungefly bag from Hot Topic after Una posted hers. And yes, I bought another two bags so that each of my kids could have their own! And matching wallets and coin purses to boot!

In my usual manner of over the top-ness, I have created an ensemble of outfits for both work and play using these three bags. I tried to make the work outfits echo the color and theme of the bags. Like cobalt, white and red for R2D2, black/white/silver and hard edge for Captain Phasma, and dusty brown leather and orange and sand for BB-8's home planet of Jakku. I managed to borrow these purses long enough to wear them for these outfits before they were claimed back by their owners. Yes, I did really wear these bags to the hospital! My patients loved them. I wore the work outfits three days in a row while I was on call. One of the patients loved seeing all three of them in succession and said it was the highlight of her day. And one elderly patient said on Easter Sunday, "Oh, I love your Easter bag. Is that an easter egg?" (BB-8). o_o Also pulled out the matching jewelry (Rebel Alliance vs. Vader) for the appropriate days. The Star Wars sweatshirt was reversible, so I got to wear it for two outfits (and I have the matching sweatpants, so I'm wearing them as pajamas as I type this...)

Bonus pics of us at the theater all watching The Force Awakens when it came out. We took our two year old despite DH thinking he was too young...but he wasn't scared at all! DH kept trying to cover DS2's eyes during the scary parts, but he kept batting DH's hand away so he could watch. All three kids are obsessed with Star Wars now. DS1's birthday party was a Lego Star Wars theme at a Lego play place. Three other kids in his class have also had Lego Star Wars birthdays in the last couple of months. Even DS2 can name all the characters. DS1 likes to draw TIE fighters, X wing fighters and the Millennium Falcon battling each other.

DS2 says he likes being a bad guy and says he is "Dark Bader." He takes his red light saber and chops DH's arm off, then his other arm off, then his leg, then his other leg. He is very thorough. DS1 wants to be Kylo Ren, which also does not bode well for DH's safety. DD wants to be Rey. DH is already working on his Halloween costume...he is making a TIE fighter pilot uniform from scratch. His usual time intensive hobby. He is starting now so he will be done by October. He has found and joined an online forum which details exactly what is needed to create a TIE fighter pilot uniform to spec...apparently if you don't get every detail right, you will not be accepted into the squadron. I can't believe he has found a group who is even more detail obsessed about costumes than he is! Nerds unite! I haven't decided yet who I will be...probably Princess Leia (not the Jabba slave version though...)

1-2. R2D2 at work. Cynthia Steffe cobalt dress, Zara white jacket, Stuart Weizmann red Giveable flats. WHBM polka dot necklace and bracelet to echo R2D2's eye.
3-8. R2D2 at play. Spiegel leather jacket, Hot Topic Star Wars sweatshirt, AG jeans, Ugg boots. DS1's Lego Star Wars birthday party. Three Jedi knights.
9-10. Captain Phasma at work. Classiques Entier blazer (c/o MsMary at OC swap), Halogen pleated black leather skirt, Sam Edelman Ollie black studded pumps, Alexis Bittar necklace and WHBM silver cuff.
11-15. Captain Phasma at play. Spiegel leather jacket, Hot Topic Star Wars sweatshirt (reverse), AG jeans, Ugg boots, Darth Vader's TIE fighter necklace (Hot Topic).
16-19. BB-8 at work. Bailey 44 orange dress, Lafayette 148 leather jacket, Ugg sand colored flats, H&M cuff and Alexis Bittar necklace (echoing the desert planet and moon). Happy Easter, Peeps!
20-26. BB-8 at play. Anthro Hei Hei olive jacket, Star Wars Force Awakens shirt (Hot Topic), AG jeans, Born boots, Rebel Alliance necklace (Hot Topic).
27-28. Star Wars Trilogy.
29. Family outing to see Force Awakens in theater.
30. Playing with BB-8.
31. Star Wars chess.
32-33. Stormtrooper and Lord Vader.
34. Battle scene by DS1. TIE fighters, X wings and Millenium Falcon.

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  • Bijou replied 2 years ago

    The force is very strong in your family....what an amazing collection and brilliant photos. It is lovely to see you having so much fun with your family and looking forward to the Halloween photos.

  • Staysfit replied 2 years ago

    Once again you rock! Fabulous! May the Farce be with you! :-)

  • replied 2 years ago

    What a fun story, GP! Great styling, and perfect that your purses get to do double duty with your little ones (you must find some funny items in them when you borrow them back!). I love how engaged your kids are in imaginative play.

  • replied 2 years ago

    *Very big smile* I loved reading your post Natalie! You are so fun! You must really brighten your patients days, because you've definitely brightened mine. I adore all the different ways that you styled the bags and you've got the coolest collection of Star Wars tops. You made some fab work appropriate looks. Your edgier 'at play' looks steal my heart though...I think it's the graphic tops that I love so much paired with the bags.

    Loving all your family pics. Your kids are adorable!

  • marble replied 2 years ago

    So fun! Those bags are amazing!

  • harmonica replied 2 years ago

    You have the force! :-) I loved reading your post and seeing your beautiful and adorable family. Always make put a smile on my face :-)

  • Dar replied 2 years ago

    Great collection, adorable family!
    You did such a great job putting together your outfits! I love each of them but my favorite is in #16/17/18.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Elizabeth P replied 2 years ago

    Best post ever!  I loved reading this, and it's so great to see that you embraced your kids love of the bags and just ran with it.  Great outfits, too!

  • Ginger replied 2 years ago


    I love every single line of this post and adore every picture! And thank you for the Finds. Some of these may be coming to my galaxy very soon.

    Psst... I'm planning a medieval version of Princess Leia's white gown... it's going to be pretty awesome. :D

  • Beth Ann replied 2 years ago

    What fun you've created for yourself and your family!  The first look is really stunning and extremely flattering on you -- with the jacket bringing light to your face, and the dress showing off your great legs.

    I also think you have a great touch with graphic tees, and show great skill in styling them in "grown up" ways.  Thanks for the inspiration.

    And the bags?  They're marvelous -- even if you didn't recognize the characters in the patterns, the designs themselves work brilliantly.

    Of course, I'd go crazy changing my bag daily, but I love watching you do it!

  • Roxanna replied 2 years ago

    I can't tell you how much I love this :) I love to see Fabbers' passions come out to play! You do this so well and good for you for wearing your passions on your sleeve (and your bag!)

  • UmmLila replied 2 years ago

    this is the epitome of fun with fashion while looking fab

  • Xtabay replied 2 years ago

    You and your family are intergalactically chic and fabulous!  Special love for the two dresses you're wearing. 

  • lyn67 replied 2 years ago

    How fun are those bags(and y'all)-they have found their best home by your family:-)

  • JAileen replied 2 years ago

    Super cute! Your kids are lucky to have a mom with such a great sense of fun.

  • milehighstyle (Linda) replied 2 years ago

    You guys are awesome!

  • deb replied 2 years ago

    I think you are ready when the force strikes here. The little one looks like trouble on legs, lol.

  • AviaMariah replied 2 years ago

    I looked at the pictures first and thought... "she'd trying to decide which one to get...".  I love your over-the-top-ness and it looks like your family is having so much fun with this. 

  • dashielle (Ann) replied 2 years ago

    Over the top is your superpower Natalie. Your post gave me an ear-to-ear on the bus, so thanks!

  • viva replied 2 years ago

    Your family is so fun and so fashionable! You are an amazing mom and leader of the troops. Love it! And, if you are ever wanting to take this theme to home decor, I thought you might like this idea, which I saw in Miami recently ..... 

  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    The Force is with you! :)

  • catgirl replied 2 years ago

    I love it!  Here's where we differ - one R2D2 bag is all I need, whereas you are ALL IN!  :)  I do appreciate that and feel the tractor beam pull of matchy-matchy.  Your family is adorable!

  • goldenpig replied 2 years ago

    Thank you all so much for your kind comments! I enjoyed reading them all!
    Aliona, whenever I want to use the bags I have to empty out all the Legos and cars and toys first!
    Ginger, can't wait to see your medieval Leia!
    Deb, couldn't agree more. I have three little "trouble on legs"!
    Viva, love the Stormtrooper planter. I got a Death Star speaker for DH.
    Una, I'm always ALL IN!

  • rabbit replied 2 years ago

    These are all so great.  My particular favs are the dress R2 outfit, and both Captain Phasma outfits.   I love how you springboard thematically and in terms of color off of statement items.  I'm tempted by that BB8 bag...

  • goldenpig replied 2 years ago

    Thanks Rabbit!
    It was fun playing dress up for each bag and thinking in terms of what Rebels vs. First Order would wear!

  • goldenpig replied 2 years ago

    OK I cannot resist adding this pic of DS2 trying on DH's TIE fighter pilot helmet. Who knew the dark side was so cute?

  • Elizabeth P replied 2 years ago

    ^^  OMG, this kills me.  Too cute for words. 

  • jenanded replied 2 years ago

    Sooo cute! You are all adorable.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Killer to the Power of Killer.


  • Chris987 replied 2 years ago

    This is totally awesome. You have taken fun with fashion into another dimension :-)

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    The force is with you. 

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