WWW 3/8 for International Women's Day

My daughter and I celebrated International Women's Day by wearing red and pink and reading about "Rad Women Worldwide." My daughter's favorite hero is Malala, because "she was the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize and because she is brave and wants all girls to be able to go to school." Bonus pic of her at age 4 (she has been picking her own outfits since she was a toddler)...this pic totally captures her. She is fierce, independent, and unstoppable! #girlpower

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  • lpr200 replied 7 years ago

    Yay! Girl power! You both look beautiful and fierce! You really rock a pencil skirt!

  • Diana replied 7 years ago

    This is so awesome! You both look amazing!

    Good to see you here again. Missed you.

  • JAileen replied 7 years ago

    Good for you raising a fierce daughter! You both look great!

  • replied 7 years ago

    Nice to see you and your daughter. You make a nice pair, and that looks like a good book.

  • replied 7 years ago

    You ladies are fierce and fabulous.  Go Team Red!

  • Janet replied 7 years ago

    I love it! You both look gorgeous in your red, and your daughter is fierce!

  • Ledonna N. replied 7 years ago

    Love this the message and the look.

    Woman make tje world go round.

  • Barbara Diane replied 7 years ago

    Love the looks, book, and the spirit thereof.

  • mtnsofthemoon replied 7 years ago

    Fantastic way to celebrate and share with your daughter!  You both look spectacular!  I may need to get that book!  Photo #3 is my fav!  

  • Sal replied 7 years ago

    You look great, and the book sounds fab.  Do you follow A Mighty Girl?

  • Jenni NZ replied 7 years ago

    You both look so great and happy. LOVE your daughter aged 4! Fierce! It is awesome to raise daughters to be strong, where we can... So many pressures on them. I am proud of mine now 26 and 23 who are learning to be strong in the workplace. They both seem to have picked men who respect them ( 2 3-year long relationships so far) so here's hoping.

  • Angie replied 7 years ago

    Killer x2

    Natalie, your DD is a minnie you.

  • Inge replied 7 years ago

    Absolutely loving all of this!!! You go, ladies!!

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 7 years ago

    Can I just say how much I LOVE that your daughter's hero is Malala?   This post really has made my day!

    I've been trimming down my social media time and involvement, so I didn't hear about International Women's Day until 9am yesterday.   I was wearing white, beige and nude, but had just enough time to swap out my bag for a red purse, and put on some red lip color.  If there are any more of these days on the calendar, honoring women, I'd love to celebrate here with y'all - maybe an online 'party' of everybody wearing something to celebrate.

  • Cee replied 7 years ago

    Two thumbs up :)

  • Jaime replied 7 years ago

    An unstoppable duo! Wonderful to see you both!

  • UmmLila (Lisa) replied 7 years ago

    Strong mamas make strong women. You're a gorgeous pair. International Women's Day was not on my radar for some reason until a  (male) client in Turkey wished me and a good one.

  • Style Fan replied 7 years ago

    Love this.  What a great duo the two of you make.

  • Bijou replied 7 years ago

    Well now I want Hello Kitty sunglasses! YLF can do that to you, you see the most killer outfits and then want to be cool too...What a wonderful role model for your daughter you are, you both look amazing, but more importantly ARE amazing!

  • harmonica replied 7 years ago

    Great to "see" you again!!! You look as fab as ever and DD is fierce and adorable. Yay for girlpower!

  • Laurie replied 7 years ago

    Love this. This is what is all about, modeling a fierce life for the girls coming up.   And being fashionable about it!  

  • rachylou replied 7 years ago

    You guys are too cute! DD is totally Native (tm). Does she have a craft apron? She needs a craft apron ;)

  • Elizabeth P replied 7 years ago

    Good to see you again!  You both look amazing.
    I too didn't hear about the day until I was the lone woman ina meeting and somebody mentioned it.

    Now Natalie... honestly, I'm having a hard tome getting get past the sandals.  Sandals!  Really??  -9C here right now.  Brrrrr.

  • Carolyn E. replied 7 years ago

    Love the outfits, the glasses, and that you beautifully represent girl/women, daughter/ mother power.

  • LaPed replied 7 years ago

    You are both too cool. :)

    International Women's Day is my birthday, so I've been celebrating it for many years. ;) I wore red, and my three year old decided to wear his pink kitty hat from the January march, but I forgot to take a picture.

  • Nebraskim replied 7 years ago

    This is so cute and stunning. She has a GREAT role model.

  • Staysfit replied 7 years ago

    You are a terrific role model for your daughter! What a great way to celebrate International Women's Day! You both look super!

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