White tulle, black pleats (and matchy matchy cat purse)

Hi YLF, it's been ages since I posted, mostly because I've been so super busy with work and the kids, but also because I haven't been in a real fashion mood for a long time now because of my spare tire. I'm about 20 lb up in the past 4.5 years since baby #3, and carrying it all in my midsection. I still get asked if I'm pregnant a lot by my patients. Even last week my 4 year old son patted my tummy and said "Mama, is there anyone in there?" Ugggh. It's extra annoying because one of the other docs I work with IS actually pregnant right now, yet I'm the one getting all the pregnant questions. I had to really thin out my closet with a lot of things I still like, but don't fit any more. I lost maybe half my closet. But I don't feel like shopping for "fat" clothes so I have just been making do with what I have. Even today I tried two dresses on and realize I can't wear them any more because of the belly pooch. I tried a bunch of stuff on for NAS, but the only thing I kept was this black pleated skirt. Nothing else looked good on me. 

I know I need to get stricter with my diet (ever since November I've been in a constant state of frustration at all the disasters and the evil things happening in the world, and probably sheetcaking in response). I also need to get in better shape, but never seem to have the time to exercise. I've been on call for the past week and basically working from 7 am to midnight every day. I come home and barely see my kids for an hour before they go to bed and then finish dictations and charting. Cannot wait for Friday when I'm off call and have a day off...to go to the dentist and volunteer at school! I think it's been extra busy this week because some of the nearby hospitals closed due to the wildfires, so more patients are getting transferred here. We are safe but our thoughts are with those who are affected. It was super smoky around here for the past week--the air quality was supposedly as bad as Beijing. Kids had to stay indoors for recess (they even cancelled school Friday). Outdoor activities like swimming and soccer were cancelled all of last week and got cancelled again today. My daughter is trying to convince the school to let her hold a bake sale for the fire victims (she organized one two years ago for the Valley fire victims).

We were really stressed out because a couple weeks ago, our black cat Cranberry (who is normally a 100% indoor cat) disappeared when a worker that came to the house left the door open and she ran out. We could not find her all day and night even searching up and down the whole neighborhood (DH says he saw someone call the cops on him because he was wandering around with a flashlight looking under people's houses!). We even posted a lost cat flyer on Nextdoor. I thought she was gone for good, especially when I saw a coyote in our backyard! DH camped out in a tent in the backyard all night to watch for her and she finally came back at 5 in the morning! Happy ending--we and the kids are so relieved and her brother Melon is so glad to have her back too.

Anyways, I thought I'd show a glimmer of my old fashion sense so that you don't think I've completely dropped off the face of the earth! In my usual M.O. of light/dark ladylike vs. shadow persona dressing, I wore the same outfit in Kate Spade vs. UWP versions. One with pastel pink cashmere sweater with white tulle skirt for a mom's night out to see Hamlet, and then a grey/black pleated skirt version. And threw in a matchy matchy cat and cat purse (#6) just for fun. I love it when my accessories match. I'm so glad to have her back. And yes I confess, I'm totally sucking it in for the pics. ;)

Everlane pink cashmere sweater
Bailey 44 white tulle skirt
Halogen blush studded flats
Charming Charlie rose gold flower necklace
Stella and Dot rose gold thorn bracelet
Kate Spade cat purse

Theory grey sweater
Vince black pleated midi skirt
Topshop sandals
Michael Kors studded satchel
Hospital $5 jewelry sale necklace
Spring St. bracelet


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