WIW's: Wool shorts/booties and new taupe Chie Miharas

1-2. WIW Wednesday MOTG to the local pumpkin patch
Hinge faux shearling vest
Forever 21 turquoise patterned top and bracelet
Sanctuary Nolita brown wool shorts
Gap herringbone tights
Mia brown lace-up booties
I haven't worn these wool shorts and tights before...does this look work?
Bonus shot of the kiddos in shark & penguin costumes! (I've got a mermaid costume on but you can't see it very well)

3. WIW Thursday to work
Anne Fontaine short sleeve ivory blouse
H&M plaid midi
Fossil floral bag

4. new Mackage Tessa camel coat (just wore it for the picture though).
The camel coat is from Nordstrom. I wanted it ever since it was on sale at NAS but it was sold out. But it recently became available again at the NAS sale price. But I'm not totally sure about how this looks on me and want to get feedback on it--I will post more details about it in a keep or return thread so stay tuned!

5. shirt tucked into midi--I like it both ways, which do you prefer?

6. ...and a new pair of Chie Mihara heels! I love my CM rust sandals so much and they are so comfy that when I saw these on the Anthro website I was instantly hooked! They are called Written in Stars heels and are taupe with bronze colored moon and stars and comet stripes across the back. These shoes were a bit tight in the toe box so I had to size up from a 37.5 to a 38. I was debating about getting these for weeks, because I already have a pair of nude Easy Spirit heels that are similar and have a lower heel (although the CM's are more of a darker taupe than a camel like the Easy Spirits). So it was totally impractical and irrational to get these. But I couldn't help myself...I was bowled over by their fabulosity!

There is a similar CM style with a lower heel called Rostar that are black with brown stars. I thought about getting those (since they would go with both black and brown clothes), but it felt a little too "witchy" and theatrical. I really like how the taupe and bronze is more subtle...it's perfect for my retro classics with a twist taste. They're normal looking conservative shoes, until you look closely and see the stars. Kinda like my bee blouse and yellow owl blouse. I love secretly whimsical clothes! I got a lot of compliments on my shoes today. They are very sturdy and comfortable for their heel height, with the stacked heel, ankle strap and cushioned outsole. I had to pay full price, but given how much I love and wear my other Chie Mihara sandals, I think these will be worth it too!

Comments and suggestions welcome as usual! Bonus shots of DD posing in front of the mirror (I guess she's starting YLF early!) and the kiddos together.


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Anyone want to take a stab at my color analysis? (pic heavy)

Tarzy's thread got me interested in color analysis again (I had been wondering about that before). I don't have the time/money to get a professional anaysis done right now but I'd love to hear what the peanut gallery says about what colors I should seek or avoid and what my season is. I can't tell if I am a Winter or Autumn and whether I need warm or cool colors. I wear pretty much all colors (except pastel or neon) and tend to favor bright colors over pale neutrals, but I don't know if that's just a personal preference vs. what looks good on me. Here are some sample pics (I tried to use outdoor shots when I could). Look at this rainbow of bright colors! The only ones I don't like so much are #15/16 (moss green), #24 (pale blue), #28 (true purple as opposed to bordeaux) and perhaps 31-32 (brown/camel--I like the colors but they tend to wash me out). What do you guys think?


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Share thoughts about your shopping strategy? Here's mine

Just thought I'd share my shopping strategy...not that I think it's good or efficient by any means, but from the Team Picking Challenge, I find it interesting all the different ways people shop. So I thought it would be interesting for people to elaborate more about how they like to shop for clothes.

I tend to be a full-price, online, and return a lot kind of shopper. I wish I could be a good thrift/bargain shopper but I don't seem to have a knack for finding the treasures...no luck or patience, I guess. So instead I try to save money when I can by buying sale or Rack items, and (this may be kinda weird) by stalking and getting price adjustments if/when the things I buy go on sale. And by doing most of my shopping at places with generous return policies.

Before I joined YLF, I rarely shopped for myself because every time I would go into a store I would feel a little overwhelmed at all the choices, didn't know what I wanted, didn't know where to find what I needed, hated trying stuff on and leaving empty-handed, and plus I never had time to myself without the kids to shop. That's why it took me so long to start buying new clothes, and why it looks like I'm such a crazy shopper, because I've managed to compress five years worth of clothes shopping into just three months!

My current strategy (which I began with Angie's list of her Anniversary sale picks) is to browse online, pick out items I want, and order them online unless I think I'm going to have time to go to the store AND they have the item in stock to try on (Nordstrom allows you to search in-store availability). I tend to buy a lot things online, try them on at home and then return them if they don't work out. I end up ordering multiple sizes and multiple styles, etc. This gets expensive though and I have to run around returning things (or go to the post office to drop off returns). I do try to shop in-store when I can, but if I can go I don't always have a lot of time to try a bunch of stuff on. I think I only keep about 10-20% of the items I buy online, either because it doesn't fit right or doesn't look good on me. I need to get better at picking things that will look good on me before I order them...that's one of my new goals.

So today was another big unshopping day...I had stuff to return at Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, and Macy's. And today is Tuesday which is the day that new stuff goes on sale every week at Anthro. Each of the last few weeks, I have discovered that things I bought before (like the red corset trench or mustard blazer) have gone on sale, so when I'm at the store returning things, I ask the SA for adjustments on my prior purchases. Today I found three skirts marked down--one was my beloved navy/teal/olive pencil skirt, and two were skirts I had bought on sale but they had been marked down a second time. The sale skirts were within two weeks (their policy is to do price adjustments if you bought it within two weeks) but the pencil skirt wasn't...I had bought it earlier. But they had my size in stock so I was prepared to buy the skirt and come return it later with the original receipt. But the SA was really nice and just did the price adjustment on that skirt right then. She said, "You shop here so much that we want to keep you happy!" (I don't know whether to be embarrassed or flattered by that).

I have done that at Nordstrom too, searched for and gotten price adjustments on things I bought a month or two ago at full price that then later went on sale. I figure it doesn't hurt to ask for things, the worst that can happen is they say no. (I even returned a "final sale" handbag to Kate Spade once and they took it back...I didn't think they would, but they were really nice about it!) I've saved so much money with price adjustments...the red corset trench I ended up getting two price adjustments on because it was marked down twice, and it ended up being only half of what I paid! I never would have known to do something like this before, and I agree it sounds a tiny bit like cheating to do it that way, but it seems they don't have a problem giving me the adjustments and in return I tend to spend a lot more of my money there.

I love shopping at places like Nordstrom and Anthro with great customer service & generous return policies, as opposed to places like H&M and Gap where you only have a limited return window and can't take the tags off (plus I can never find my receipts), or especially Forever 21 where you can only return things for store credit and the jewelry is non-returnable. I'm more hesitant to spend my money at those places because I don't want to make costly mistakes. Anyways, that's my current strategy. I probably won't be doing this much longer since I'm almost done shopping for my wardrobe, but I thought I'd share the strategy that's worked for me so far.

How about you? What's your shopping strategy and how do you save money? And I'd love to hear how you bargainistas find great deals and treasures, because even though I've gotten better and not so anxious about going shopping, looking at jumbled clearance racks and shopping at thrift stores still makes me break out in a cold sweat! Like Suz said, it's a lot of visual noise!

Oh and PS I don't like the opposite extreme either...I went to Neiman Marcus to return a dress I had bought online and boy did I feel out of place there too! I looked at the tag on a jacket by Alexander McQueen...$15,000. Sheesh!


WIW: Raspberry Lemon Chocolate (inspired by Turkey Vulture!)

This is a really yummy sounding outfit, isn't it? :)

I loved Turkey Vulture's look where she paired the Anthropologie Lemon Liftoff blouse with a raspberry dress for her Anthro interview:
Since we are blouse twins (I also bought the same blouse at the Anthro sale), I was inspired to do a similar color combination.

This short sleeve pussy-bow blouse is bright yellow and from a distance looks like it has white/brown polka dots, but if you look closer you'll see that the brown spots are little owls. I love it! I had tried on this blouse a long time ago but didn't buy it (bought the green dot blouse instead), but once it went on sale I had to grab it. It kind of reminds me of the bee blouse that MaryK and I have, where there are "secret" animals once you look closely. Maybe a little too whimsical for some, but I adore it! I paired it with my raspberry Tulle blazer. I would never have thought of magenta and yellow together but thanks to Turkey Vulture I gave it a try!

And the best part is I was able to rescue a closet orphan...I haven't worn this chocolate brown Ann Taylor skirt in over 10 years and I was debating about tossing it when I was doing my closet purge, but you all convinced me to keep it. But I wasn't that happy with the AT berry tank that I bought it with (I don't like how the halter style exposes my shoulders so much) so it was languishing in my closet because I didn't know what to pair it with. Until now! I love it because even though this is a wild color combination, the brown skirt matches the brown owls and the small berry colored embroidery stripe at the bottom matches the raspberry blazer. So the orphan skirt ties the outfit all together!

I wore chocolate brown Clark pumps with a curved criss-cross strap over the top of the foot (kind of retro-looking). I have had these pumps for a long time as well but rarely wore them. Now that I am wearing heels more, I am surprised how comfortable they are! Very cushy and mid heel height...I can wear these all day. And finally, I paired it with a chocolate brown Jack Georges briefcase that I've also had over a decade. I've been ignoring it and using my bolder bags like my red tote and my floral tote, but in this case I think the more subdued bag works better since the outfit is already so colorful.

Yay, I love how these two new items (blouse and blazer) have rescued three underused items in my closet (skirt, heels and briefcase)! Also, I feel like I'm wearing a suit, without wearing a Suit (I don't like wearing those matchy matchy corporate suits). It feels professional but still fits with my personality (hopefully the raspberry & lemon isn't too loud!). Plus this outfit is a lot of fun to wear! Comments and suggestions welcome as usual, thanks for looking!

So thanks Turkey Vulture! BTW hope you got the job!

1-4. The WIW outfit.
5. Orphan skirt and tank from my closet purge thread.
6. Turkey Vulture's inspiration outfit.


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WIWs: Orange poncho and zippered peacoat

Last weekend we went to Mendocino and my new orange Free People sweater poncho from Nordstrom got quite a workout! It's the perfect color for fall and for visiting the pumpkin patch (although it was really hot at the pumpkin patch so I had to take the poncho off). But it was just the right warmth for the overcast slightly chilly Mendo mornings. I wore it over a thin long sleeved brown knit top from Anthro, Gap Always skinny jeans, and La Canadienne brown suede knee high boots. I carried my floral velvet and leather vintage re-issue Fossil bag everywhere and I love how it has a tiny bit of orange to match the poncho. Before I bought it, I worried that it would be hard to match with my clothes because of the crazy pattern and colors, but the olive, cream, orange, teal & brown seem to go with all my fall clothes! Love it. We stayed at the Stanford Inn, and the kids had fun looking at the llamas, horses and miniature donkeys that live there at the hotel. These pics were taken in the garden and walking along the path to our cottage. Lots of fun!

And here's one more pic of my MOTG outfit for today...my first time wearing the black plaid Halogen zippered peacoat that I posted on a keep or return earlier and that Angie said was her absolute favorite item I've worn so far. So obviously I had to keep it! I was worried it might be too tight so I tried a medium but that was too big, so I kept the small and it actually fits fine. I paired it with a sleeveless rust red mock turtleneck top, AG skinny jeans, and my Chie Mihara rust suede sandals. We went to another pumpkin patch today and it was super hot so I took off the jacket and switched out my heels for some silver ballet flats instead.

(I'm trying to be more descriptive of my looks for Michelle's benefit, so sorry if my description seems too obvious!)


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WIW Decade challenge: 50 years of fashion in one week

I'm following in others' footsteps and collecting my Decade challenge looks/posts here into one thread. Thanks Bella for the super fun challenge!

1-2. 30's/40's.
OK I am dying laughing here because I got dressed before I saw MaryK's post. We are blouse twins--I bought the bee blouse she posted about earlier and this is the first time I'm wearing it! We must be psychic--style twins!
I'm wearing it with a Lafayette 148 leather and tweed skirt and my Fossil vintage reissue floral satchel. And Indigo by Clark ankle strap pumps.

3-7. 50's (I wore #3 to work)
The 50's are my favorite--I can pull out all my new midi skirts! I love tucking fitted tops into flared midi skirts so this is my kind of silhouette. Help me pick what to wear tomorrow--I just can't decide!
3-4. Anne Fontaine blouse with Anthro floral midi skirt and nude ankle strap pumps. With Anthro mustard blazer.
5. Anne Fontaine blouse with H&M plaid midi.
6. Anthro green blazer and floral midi skirt and Halogen lace-trimmed cami
7. Kate Spade polka dot dress and red T strap pumps.

8-10. 60's. Didn't wear these because I was off work (wore #11 instead).
8-9. Banana Republic black sheath dress. I don't own any minidresses so this will have to do. It's ancient...haven't worn it in over 10 years! Pucci scarf that I got at Loehmann's when MaryK came to town. Kate Spade High Line Leica bag in turquoise. And my Aquatalia "go-go" boots. None of it exactly authentic, but kind of gives off a mod vibe.
10. And then I have to add the yellow "Mad Men" style Eliza J sheath dress that I just posted about in my earlier thread.

11-15. 70's. Bonus shot of my mom wearing similarly loud print, holding newborn me.
Sorry I'm late posting these, was busy with work and with a sick kid, but here are my 70's looks. The first one I actually wore on the 60's day because I wasn't going to work so the sheath dresses I posted wouldn't work for MOTG. But it's kind of a late 60's/early 70's look to me. Thursday I wore the Missoni Target crazy patterned blouse, Pilcro flare cords in rust, and mustard yellow blazer and my suede rust colored heeled sandals. This crazy colorful blouse reminds me of the patterns my mom used to wear when I was little in the 70's. Growing up in the 80's/90's, we always thought those clothes looked so tacky and loud, and yet here I am wearing the same type of clothes now that I have babies of my own. Funny how that works!
11. Hinge mustard & grey damask patterned tie neck blouse, Gap Long and Lean dark grey jeans tucked into brown suede La Canadienne boots.
12-14. Missoni Target blouse, Anthro cords & blazer, and Chie Mihara sandals.
15. My mom and me at 1 week old!

16-17. 80's (wore #16 to work).
Here are my 80's outfits. The first one I wore to work Friday. I don't know that it's truly 80's since I was a teenager in the 80's and didn't dress like this, but it feels 80's inspired.
16. Coral short sleeve blouse belted with black braided leather stretchy belt, with cobalt long sleeve blouse layered over it. Oh yeah, I also turned the collars up for the picture (but down again for work)...feels very 80's to do the turned up collar. Black wavy textured mini (it's not that mini, but compared to the midis I wear now it's short). Lots of black and silver bangles. Clothes from H&M and belt and bangles from Forever 21. Plus my B Makowsky Heist leopard heels with red trim. Got a lot of compliments on my outfit that day, especially the shoes!
And here's my vintage 80's sweater tunic I posted about here (see the post for pics of me in the 80's):
Nobody wanted me to wear it in real life, but I couldn't resist pulling it out again for this challenge. Didn't leave the house like this but it was still fun!
17. Vintage 80's acrylic sweater tunic in electric purple with teal handprints. Forever 21 black elastic belt, 7 for all mankind black legging jeans, and blue/teal peep toe wedges (new from the clearance rack at DSW!). Plus the stack of black and silver bangles, of course.


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Team-Picking Challenge!

I was inspired by Fruitful's thread about how she had a lightbulb moment and realized that Angie's posts on picking teams was more than just a fun poll but a way to define and refine your style. And by Laurinda saying she would use the Team X Team Y posts as a quiz for her girlfriends.

So, I had another lightbulb moment and thought, why not combine those ideas and make it into a YLF challenge? I think this will really help each of us figure out our own style! Plus, it will be a fascinating read to see each member's replies. I bet we'll even be able to figure out who are style twins by people's responses to these questions.

So, without further ado, here are 50 Team X Team Y questions for you to answer. I selected some from Angie's list of Team X Team Y posts, and added a bunch of my own as well. And, as Angie says--over to you, and no batting for both teams! (If you can't decide, you can sit on the bench).

PS, if you want to post one or a few representative looks of your style, I think that would be great! It will really help us visualize how you put these questions all together!

YLF Team X Team Y challenge questions:
Personal Style and Silhouettes
1. Casual or Dressy—do you tend to underdress or overdress?
2. Minimal or Maximal—Less is More, or A Lot Going On?
3. Polished or RATE (Rough Around the Edges)
4. Feminine or Androgynous
5. Sleek or Frilly—do you prefer simple looks or embellished with ruffles, bows etc.?
6. Fitted or Flowy—body conscious or voluminous looks?
7. Waist definition or Waist surrender—do you like to have your waist showing or hidden?
8. Volume on top or Volume on bottom—tunics/ponchos with leggings/skinny jeans or fitted tops and full skirts?
9. Classic or Trendy—do you stick with the tried and true or do you always like to try something new?
10. Singular or Schizophrenic—do you stick with your one well-defined style or do you mix it up with lots of different looks?

Shopping, Wardrobe and Wearing Habits
11. Online or In-store--where do you mostly shop?
12. Thrift or Retail
13. Full price or Bargain price—do you mostly buy full-price items, or do you always wait for sales before you buy something?
14. Tops or Bottoms—do you mostly shop for tops or for bottoms?
15. Impulse or Deliberate shopper—do you tend to buy things impulsively when you first see them, or do you think and wait for a long time before purchasing something? Also related, do you buy things randomly that you see and like, or only look for a specific item that you know you need?
16. Keep or Return—do you pretty much keep everything once you buy it, or do you buy a lot and return most of it after trying it at home?
17. Wear or Save—do you rip the tags off and wear right away or do you let things sit in your closet for a long time?
18. Edit or Keep—are you minimal or maximal in number of items in your wardrobe? Are you a ruthless purger or do you save a lot of your clothes?
19. Dip or Dive—when trying trends or new looks for you, do you dip your toes in the water or do you dive right in?

Colors & Patterns
20. Colors or Neutrals—do you prefer colors, or neutrals like white, black, gray, brown & beige?
21. Lights or Darks—do you prefer lighter colors like pastels or darker colors?
22. Warm or Cool—do you wear warmer or cooler colors?
23. Brights or Muted
24. Earth Tones or Jewel Tones
25. High contrast or Low contrast—do you prefer high contrast or monochromatic looks?
26. Matched or Mismatched—do you try to match colors or wear different shades of the same color?
27. Black or White—which do you wear more, black or white?
28. Black or Brown
29. Gold or Silver—both for jewelry and clothes
30. Solids or Patterns—and if you do patterns, do you do pattern mixing?
31. Floral (or other organic nature-inspired patterns) or Geometric—which type of pattern do you prefer?

What you Wear
32. Blouses or Knits
33. Long sleeves or Short sleeves
34. Jacket or Cardigan
35. Cropped or Tunic/hip length Cardigan
36. Skirt or Pants
37. Skirt or Dress
38. Mini or Midi
39. Leggings or Jeans
40. Bootcut or Skinnies
41. Bare legs or Hosiery
42. Heels or Flats
43. Stilettos or Stacked heels
44. Round toe or Pointy toe
45. Knee high boots or Ankle boots
46. Sandals or Sneakers
47. Scarf or Necklace—how do you like to adorn your neck?
48. Bejeweled or Bare—do you wear jewelry or not?
49. Natural or Made-up—do you wear makeup?
50. Wash and go or Styled—do you routinely spend time blow drying, curling and/or putting products in your hair?

ETA: Oh no! I forgot a couple!
51. Modern vs. retro
52. Big purse vs. small purse


What is your style and who are your celebrity style icons?

OK, since I kinda stuck my foot in my mouth in the other thread I started about your YLF style icons (didn't mean to cause hurt feelings by singling people out!), how about I try to redeem myself? Let's see if we can try this again but with famous style icons this time!

What is your style (if you have a catchphrase or adjectives, even better!) And who are your celebrity style icons and why? They can be present day or from the past, movie stars or other celebrities or famous people. Do they mesh with your style or are you drawn to celebrities with very different styles from your own?

Having gone through the process of figuring out my style with your help, it looks like I am a Demure Bombshell. Other phrases to describe me are classic elegant, retro ladylike, and boho luxe, with a touch of romantic whimsy.

I am not much of a celebrity watcher. But I did some internet searching and here is who I came up with. Interestingly, I think I tend to be drawn to brunettes who dress in a very ladylike way with a hefty dose of retro glamour.

I think my #1 celebrity style icon right now is Zooey Deschanel. She likes romantic, ladylike vintage dresses and flared skirts with waist definition. She's a bit quirky and not afraid of patterns. I could see her being a spokeswoman for Anthropologie which is one of my new favorite stores! I think my style is very similar to hers. Here's a cotton commercial she did that shows some of her outfits (I love her closet!):
and her "stylebook" (from the cotton advertising website):

Also I like "pinup girl" bombshells like Bettie Page and Dita von Teese--at least their more demure outfits anyways. I like 40-50's style with a lot of polka dots and red and glamour.

I also like a touch of boho luxe, like Liv Tyler. And French chic like Marion Cotillard and Audrey Tatou. And I am also drawn to brunette gamines like Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman.

Here are some pictures to illustrate their styles and how they mesh with mine. I think I would wear any of these outfits myself if I could!
1-3. Zooey Deschanel
4-5. Dita von Teese
6. Bettie Page
7-8. Liv Tyler
9-10. Natalie Portman
11-12. Audrey Hepburn
13-15. Audrey Tatou & Marion Cotillard

Who are your famous style inspirations?


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My Anne Fontaine experience!

Thanks to Angie's posts about her lovely times at Anne Fontaine, I have been dreaming of getting an Anne Fontaine blouse of my own. A crisp white shirt is always on those "wardrobe necessities" lists but I never had one that fit me right so I rarely ever wore button down shirts. Last week my husband and I both had the afternoon off and we went into the city together. I asked him if we could stop by the Anne Fontaine store to have a look. I tried on all kinds of blouses...white, gray, black. I was so sick of buttoning and unbuttoning that I started pulling half buttoned shirts over my head, LOL! The SA was very nice and attentive and looked at each shirt I put on and gave me feedback (and accurate too...she would tell me when I didn't look right in a particular style). My husband also was very patient and great about giving his opinion too. In the end I narrowed it down to three blouses and I was having a hard time deciding between a white one with long sleeves and a double collar, an off-white short sleeve slightly retro looking blouse, and a plain black long sleeve one. Well, my husband was so sweet! He surprised me by saying that I should get all three blouses and that it would be my Christmas present (even though he knew how much they were)! He told me they would be good investment pieces for my professional wardrobe. I am so excited! I am going to wear these blouses all the time!

1-4. Christie long sleeve white blouse, size 38. 93% cotton and 7% elastane. The sleeves and back are stretchy. The SA showed me how to fold up the sleeves and tuck the cuff over them to make them into shorter sleeves.
5-9. Naeva ivory short sleeve blouse, size 40. 50% cotton and 50% silk. Had to size up because of my waist (it is not stretchy like the other two). This one is my favorite because it fits with my slightly retro/whimsical style. It pairs nicely tucked into my midi skirts.
10-15. Nuage black long sleeve shirt, size 38. Also 93% cotton, 7% elastane. Tucked into tweed and lace skirt.

I know people are saying the blouses look too tight on me, especially since I'm an apple. (I wore the black one in my previous thread about the DVF dress). They are really form fitting but I think they're supposed to be like that. I have a cami on underneath. Maybe Angie can comment on the fit and how the blouses are supposed to look? I tried the size 40 in the long sleeve blouses but they looked too big and wrinkly and loose all over and the SA agreed the 38 was a much better fit.

ETA: I'm not even sure what the size 38 & 40 mean...are these European sizes? Are they equivalent to a certain dress size?


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Keep or returns: DVF wrap dress and misc Rack finds

Hi! Sorry to keep deluging you with keep or returns. I swear I'm almost finished building my new wardrobe! ;) These are some of the last few things I ordered before I wind down into SYC and I just wanted to get your opinion. I'm not planning on keeping everything...most of it was random finds at Nordstrom Rack online so I'm not necessarily attached to any of it.

1-4. Diane von Furstenberg Linda wrap dress size S. Other than my Kate Spade dress, I don't own any designer dresses.This DVF wrap dress is something I've been obsessing over and was a full price purchase from Neiman Marcus so it has to be killer for me to keep it. I love red and black and actually one of my most favorite blouses (#4) that I've worn for years has a very similar pattern (not sure if that's too redundant to have a dress and blouse with the same type of pattern).The dress is made out of wool and feels more like a thin sweater compared to the blouse. I like this a lot but need to know what you think since it's pretty expensive!
5-7. Classiques Entier lace-trimmed Myrrah skirt size 4.
8-10. Old Navy Rock Star Jegging in red, size 8 (they didn't have a 6 and 4 was too tight).
11-13. Classiques Entier Nova trousers size 4 (needs hemming).
14-15. Classiques Entier blouse size S. Does the print placement bother you (ie, white dots at the bust and navel) or am I being overly sensitive?
16-17. Halogen red funnel neck sweater. Too tight?
18-20. Vince black ribbed turtleneck and Lafayette 148 pinstripe trousers size 4. The pants are unlined. Also needs hemming.
21-23. Matching Lafayette 148 pinstripe skirt size 4. The skirt is lined and midi length.
24. The matching Lafayette 148 suit jacket--only size 6 was available online. I thought it might be good to get a suit jacket to match the skirt and pants, but it's a little too big so I'd have to search around for a size 4 and not sure I like the look of the whole suit...maybe too conservative/frumpy? I'm not in banking or law, after all...
25. Eliza J dress. Not my usual style but kind of "Mad Men" so I thought I'd try it.
26-28. Calvin Klein dress. Kind of a weird belt placement under the bustline, but it has large attached belt loops all the way around (see #26) so the belt cannot be repositioned any lower without leaving exposed belt loops under the bust.
29-30. Classiques Entier teal ruched print top size S.

Thanks for looking and for the feedback!


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