WIW 3/27-28: Two new purses

I posted a K/R on these two purses I found at DSW:
The consensus was to definitely keep the pewter Michael Kors studded satchel, whereas the reaction was pretty mixed on the aqua striped Cole Haan. I know the striped one may not be as versatile, but I just love the color and it reminds me of the ocean/beach/summer. So I ended up keeping both anyways! I couldn't wait to try both purses out with my wardrobe. Hope you think they work!

1-4. 3/27 to pick DD up from the bus
Tahari black leather jacket
Ella Moss grey and black peacock top
Gap black maternity tank
Kut from the Kloth Catherine boyfriend jeans
Grey snakeskin studded wedge sneakers
Michael Kors pewter studded satchel
Nordstrom gunmetal stretch bracelet

5-9. 3/28 to take DS1 to school and to go to the grocery
Turquoise and blue tunic--OC swap
Paige Hidden Hills white jeans, unbuttoned with BeBand
Tulle navy peacoat
Cole Haan aqua striped satchel
Mia Nanette brown booties
Banana Republic aqua bracelet
(DS1 wore his matching Thomas the tank engine raincoat and boots)


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WIW 3/26: My new Nine West "magic dress"

MaryK posted a WIW recently with her Nine West "magic dress" from a couple seasons ago (so called because it magically looks good on anyone who wears it) and then posted that there was one available on eBay...it was in my size, so I snapped it up! It's a different print than the one that most people have on YLF. It just arrived and it happens to be a great dress for postpartum wear--easy access for nursing (though I have to wear a tank, otherwise it's way too cleavalicious!) and loose at the waist which is good for skimming over the postpartum tummy. I didn't post a K/R since it was an eBay purchase, but what do you think? I feel like it looked a little slimmer IRL than in these pics, but I'm happy with it anyways. Some of the moms at school were commenting on how put together I looked (which is funny because the dress and ballet flats are so easy to put on and wear!) Thanks MaryK for the tip! Now I'm a card-carrying member of the Magic Dress club!
Nine West "magic dress"
Forever 21 turquoise necklace
Gap maternity black tank
Stuart Weitzmann burgundy ballet flats
Kate Spade turquoise clutch
(bonus pics with my statement piece--he's definitely an attention getter!) ;)

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WIW 3/23: Sassy snakeskin sneakers and skirt, plus fabulous flapper frock with feather and faux-bob

Really having fun with fashion today!

During the day I wore my new wedge sneakers, the Skechers with the snakeskin pattern and studs on the back. (more closeup pics in my K/R post: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....e-sneakers) Did the matchy matchy and paired it with my Target snakeskin skirt. Also wearing a new bracelet--very UWP vibe in my mind. This was a casual but comfy outfit for a very busy MOTG day--ballet, kid's birthday party, taking DD to chess class and the two younger boys to the mall during her class. What do you think of the new sneakers--does it look like I'm trying too hard to be young and trendy or did I pull it off?

In the evening, DH and I went to DD's school fundraiser auction dinner, which had a 1920's speakeasy theme. Everyone dressed up as flappers and gangsters. DH went all out and ordered a fake replica tommy gun, pocket watch, vintage looking tie, and fedora. I wore a beaded flapper dress, slip, black opera gloves, bronze pearls, and feather headband. I also pinned my hair up to create a faux bob. It was our first time being away from the baby--our nanny watched all three kids and said that the baby did just fine drinking bottles of pumped milk. It was fun to dress up with DH--reminds me of the time we went to my office Wild Wild West party:
DH bought a fake gun for that one too...seems he really likes to dress up in costume as long as there are fake weapons involved, LOL!


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WIW 3/21-22: The art of concealment

Seems like just a couple of weeks ago (well, actually it was!) that I was showing off my belly, the bigger the better! Now I'm right back to my first trimester apple hiding tricks. I am really lucky that the weight seems to be coming off faster than I thought, but I do still have to use the right clothes to help disguise the postpartum tum-tum. I thought these two outfits worked particularly well for the art of concealment, what do you think?

1-3. My Laundry by Shelli Segal dress--my version of the Nine West magic dress (actually MaryK found a Nine West dress for me on eBay, so I may be getting a real Magic Dress of my own soon!) I wore this to a work meeting I had to attend...the first time they'd seen me at the office since I went on leave a month ago. They all commented that I looked like nothing had happened and I hadn't been pregnant at all. And they're guys, so I don't think they'd say that just to be nice!
Laundry by Shelli Segal pink and black dress
Gap black tank
Clarks black pumps
White House Black Market black pendant

4-6. For proof it's not all just me...see how much flatter my belly looks in the gathered waist dress above, compared to this non-ruched Banana Republic dress that I posted in my K/R yesterday: http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....wo-at-tops

7-10. Squeezing back into my favorite Paige white jeans! Had to leave the buttons undone and use a BeBand to hold it closed, but still...one of the moms at school couldn't believe I was wearing pants already two weeks out. And this banded tunic top is great for skimming over the belly. I have had to switch gears abruptly from body con to body skimming silhouettes. Amazing what a difference the right clothes will make, though!
WHBM blue and white floral tunic
Paige Hidden Hills white jeans
WHBM silver cuff
Tulle navy peacoat
Clarks nude wedge sandals

Thanks for looking and commenting!

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WIW 3/10-3/20: Getting back to normal

Thanks so much everyone for the wonderful congratulations and warm wishes on my last thread/baby announcement! So heartwarming to read all the lovely replies--I really appreciate it!

I haven't been taking many WIW pics lately--too busy enjoying the baby! I've been resting more as well, so lounging in sweats and pajamas a lot. Here are a few pics from the last week and a half. All I can say is, thank goodness for breastfeeding--I look like I had a boob job and the weight is just melting off...I've lost about 15 lb in the last two weeks despite eating a bunch and not exercising. I'm still about 20 lb above my pre-preg weight and I still don't fit into my old jeans/pants yet, but today I wore my Michael Kors faux wrap dress and for the first time I felt like I had my old figure back! This dress was made for apples! And of course, had to add some smiling baby pics just for fun!

1-2. 3/10. Four days postpartum. Took the kids to their swim lesson...one dad remarked, "Last week you were huge, and this week you're not so huge anymore!" Thanks, I think--LOL!
Tahari black leather jacket
Classiques Entier teal ruched/ruffled top
Mavi burgundy maternity skinny jeans
Stuart Weitzmann leopard ballet flats

3-4. 3/11. Five days postpartum. At DS1's preschool for his birthday celebration. Repeat of my earlier outfit with black sweater and polka dot skirt.

5-6. 3/12. Six days postpartum. This isn't really a WIW, just to show that I still have a significant pregnant-looking pooch when I wear regular shirts. Baby started smiling at six days old--that's a new record for my kids (I think the other ones started around 2 weeks)--he's a happy baby!

7-8. 3/17. Eleven days postpartum. To the park with the kids. My boyfriend jeans are the only regular jeans I can fit into, because I had sized up.
Tulle orange peacoat
Gap striped T (Used a BeBand for extra coverage)
Kut boyfriend jeans
Yellow Converse

9-14. 3/20. Two weeks postpartum. I felt like I was wearing a "magic dress" because I finally felt like I had my old figure back! Went to DD's school to show the class art auction project that I had organized (working on it from one week before to two weeks after delivery...as if I wasn't busy enough, LOL!) And took baby to his two week checkup--more happy baby smiles!
Michael Kors faux wrap dress
WHBM black cardigan
Clarks black pumps
WHBM black pendant

15. Just to show how versatile this dress is, this was me wearing the dress at nine months pregnant!

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WIW 3/5-3/9: Starring my newest little accessory!

Just wanted to share the happy news--baby GP is here! He was five days late, but came in a big hurry. I woke up with contractions 5 minutes apart and he was born after only 2.5 hours of labor--we made it to the hospital just in time! He weighed 8 lb 10 oz (beat his brother by 1 oz). We went home from the hospital the next day. Big brother and double big sister were so thrilled to meet their baby brother! He is so cute--lots of hair just like his sibs had, and he totally looks like a combination of the two of them. We all adore him and can't get enough of his snuggly cuteness!

I'm tired and a little sore, but there's no rest for the weary--baby has been nursing nonstop since he was born (today especially he's been literally glued to me the entire day!). Yesterday we took him to the doctor for his 2-day well check. Today we took DD to ballet and I made a little side trip to the "nursery" for some fresh flowers for the front door. Tomorrow it's back to the doctor's office for a weight check, swimming for the kids, and family celebration at home for DS's 3rd birthday with his two grandmas, aunt and cousins. So life goes on as usual...I guess that's what happens when you already have two very active kids...#3 just has to fit right in and go with the flow!

Since this is a fashion forum, more about my WIW's. I was feeling a little self-conscious about posting post-partum WIWs, but I figured what the heck, I've been posting nearly daily WIW's this whole pregnancy, so why not continue! I'm proud of my body and what it's accomplished, so I feel like it would be doing it a disservice to hide away now.

That said, I feel like I've been thrown for another huge loop in my fashion journey...just when I was getting used to dressing and showing off my baby bump, now it's gone, yet not really gone! I'm still left with a 20-week sized bump, with about 10 inches and 30 lbs over my baseline apple belly. I'm kind of sad I won't be able to celebrate my belly anymore (you have no idea how fun it was for an apple to finally be able to flaunt her belly for a change!) and have to resort to hiding it away again, lest I keep hearing questions about when am I due. Yesterday I tried on about 5 or 6 tops and I still looked quite pregnant in all of them. #9 was the best of the bunch and I was pretty happy with how well it disguised the belly. But even so, when I went to pick up DD at school another mom asked, "So when are you planning to get induced?" and I had to say, "Oh, the baby's already here--he's in the car with dad!" And my kids have been poking my belly and saying "Squishy mama!" and DS is still trying to talk to the baby in my belly. Oy. I know this is all normal and par for the course, but sheesh!

So yesterday when I was trying on shirt after shirt, I had one of those "oh crap, now what do I do about my wardrobe?" moments that I had when I first found out I was pregnant. I think 4th trimester dressing will be the most challenging, because I'll have to resort to my 1st trimester hide the bump tricks, but now I have a 2nd trimester bump to hide, LOL! Plus I have to make sure that whatever I wear is also nursing-friendly, which adds another layer of complexity. Most of my nursing tops from prior pregnancies are (and look like) maternity clothes so I don't want to wear those unless I really have to.

I don't feel like have a good handle yet on post-partum dressing--I haven't seen any early post-partum WIWs here or on blogs. It seems like people typically come back after 6 weeks or more looking like their regular self again...but I think it's going to take a bit longer for me to recover. I'm not worried about my weight or body--I know this is all normal and it'll work itself out eventually. Last two times I was back down to pre-pregnancy weight by 1 year, mainly thanks to breastfeeding. I can't diet while nursing (always hungry and have to keep up milk production), and honestly with work and the kids, exercising is a pretty low priority for me.

So I'm going to have to wing it with my postpartum style. It's going to be a good challenge for me to stay true to my style and still feel fab (instead of flab), but I'll try not to obsess too much about it...I'm having too much fun enjoying time with my newest little accessory! We are all over the moon with the newest addition to our family!

1. 3/5 Last day with the baby bump! I was so tired I wore this same outfit three days in a row, including to the hospital.
Mustard maternity top
ASOS yellow and black chevron skirt
Tahari black leather jacket
Rieker black ankle boots

2-4. 3/6 With the little sweet pea on the day he was born.
Hospital gown

5-7. 3/7 Going home!
Alberto Makali peacock tunic
H&M maternity black skinny pants
Tahari black leather jacket
Rieker black booties
Michael Kors black studded satchel

8. This is my favorite picture ever! Proud big sister and brother welcome baby brother home.

9-10. Wavy pattern banded tunic top distracts the eye somewhat from my post-baby bump.
Bobeau striped top
Mavi burgundy maternity skinny cords
Rieker black booties
Betsey Johnson burgundy hearts purse
F21 bracelet

11-15. Isn't this Kate Spade diaper bag the perfect match for my polka dot skirt? I'm in matchy matchy heaven!
H&M black cowl neck sweater
Bobeau polka dot skirt
Ann Taylor polka dot bracelet
Rieker black booties
Kate Spade polka dot diaper bag
Ergo carrier


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WIW 2/27-3/3: 40 wk denim jackets & orange slice, mom & daughter style

Nope, no baby yet! Although he should be arriving soon, hopefully in the next few days! Still running around, volunteering at DD's school, dropping the kids off at school, taking care of last minute errands, taking the kids to weekend activities and visiting with friends, so I'm staying busy even though I'm off work now.

Last week's MOTG formula was cardigans over tunic dresses and leggings and ballet flats. This week I was exploring a slightly different MOTG formula--denim jacket over dresses/skirts. I have three cropped denim jackets (red, white and blue) and used them all. And I wore a lot of orange, including my orange slice bag for three out of the last five days...who knew such a frivolous bag could be such a workhorse! Still getting by with mostly non-maternity stretchy clothes even at 40 weeks & post-due date!

Also, it's fun to see DD's fashion sense so well-developed even at age 5 1/2--she won't wear anything unless she picks it herself (she doesn't even let me offer her two choices to pick from--it has to be entirely her own selection). And funnily enough, we had matching themes going on for two of the days--fruits and stripes/pattern mixing. She shares a lot of my style preferences for both matchy matchy and pattern mixing. In #4, every piece she chose had strawberries on it, including her hat, shirt, jacket, skirt, leggings and socks. I wish I could be that perfectly matchy matchy (actually, I am that hyper-matchy sometimes with my polka dots or bubbles or KS florals)! We were fruity pals--she was a strawberry shortcake and I had my orange slice bag. Then the next day in #6, I did pattern mixing with stripes and dots, and she happened to choose a striped+floral pattern mixed dress, and did even more pattern mixing of her own with a turquoise leaf print dress underneath and pink striped socks. I guess our fashion preferences must be genetic! Fun to do unintentional twin days with DD!

Meanwhile DS in #7 is so excited for the baby to come--both DS and DD kiss and rub my belly and talk to the baby. They can't wait (and I can't either)! Hopefully my next WIW post will have a new snuggly accessory to show off!

1-2. AE cropped blue denim jacket
Bailey 44 orange tiered striped dress
Secret Santa leopard necklace
Stuart Weitzmann leopard ballet flats
Fossil floral satchel
Forever 21 bronze bracelet

3-4. AE blue denim jacket
Target white maternity T shirt
Nordstrom orange stretch waist maxi skirt
Nude flat sandals
F21 turquoise necklace
Kate Spade orange slice bag

5-7. Nordstrom juniors Jolt red denim jacket
B44 black and white striped tank
Bobeau black and grey polka dot skirt
SW red ballet flats
Circles necklace
Michael Kors studded black satchel

8-9. AE white denim jacket
MK agate dress
Nike black capri leggings
Cole Haan black wedge sandals
F21 turquoise necklace
KS orange slice bag

10-11. AE white denim jacket
TJ Maxx Ralph Lauren navy floral dress
Nike black capri leggings
CH black wedge sandals
KS butterly necklace
KS orange slice bag


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