WIW 9/27: Preggo demure bombshell (signature outfit tweak)

The outfit in my profile pic (and pic #5) I consider my "signature outfit"--it's one of the first wardrobe revamp outfits I bought (at NAS 2011) and my favorite outfit I analyzed (with mrseccentric's and all of your help) last year to come up with my primary style persona: Demure Bombshell. (Here was the fascinating style persona analysis thread: http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....on-persona and the signature outfit thread: http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....ure-outfit).

I really like the combination of the boho luxe style mustard pussy-bow blouse and tweed and leather pencil skirt and red T strap pumps...kind of retro ladylike with a 1940's secretary vibe in my mind, which I love. It's my go-to power outfit...I even wore it for the professional photos for our office website (see #6--I'm the only female doctor in my group, so I kind of stand out among all the guys in suits).

Unfortunately, pregnancy really throws a wrench in my waist-defining bombshell persona! I tried to squeeze into the tweed skirt but it was way too tight and looked ridiculous with the bump straining at the seams. I tried on the blouse and it's oversized enough that I could wear it as a tunic. But I don't really like waist surrender looks--it feels very un-bombshell. I really wanted to wear my signature outfit though! Not to be deterred, I took that on as a challenge and improvised.

I swapped out the tweed pencil skirt for a Vince Camuto stretchy midi tube skirt that I bought early on in pregnancy (Kari also has this one in green). I got somewhat negative reviews on the K/R and I agree, it's not the best for apples because there's no structure and it shows every lump and bump. I couldn't wear it first trimester because it would have shown too much. But now, it's a perfect substitute pencil skirt--stretchy enough to accommodate a growing waistline/bump. I tucked the blouse and added a black elastic Forever 21 belt to mimic the black leather waistband of my favorite skirt. And swapped out the red Clarks pumps for the B Makowsky Heist leopard with red trim heels to amp up the bombshell quotient (plus it bookends both the mustard blouse and black skirt). I also swapped the small green handbag (which looked even tinier compared to my huge bump) with the red Fossil tote so I could carry my laptop to work, and to echo the red trim of the heels and my glasses (and red is another signature bombshell touch). And of course I added my Kate Spade black trench with the flirty ruffles. (Sorry for the poor picture quality--I was in a rush to get to work this morning).

So, what do you think, did I pull off Preggo Demure Bombshell? Hard to create a bombshell waist and curves when you're a pregnant apple (esp when my waist circumference is now larger than DH's!), but I think this is a reasonable approximation!


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WIW 9/18-26: More non-maternity maternity outfits

So sorry--I have been so busy with work and the family I haven't been able to keep up with the forum lately. I've been so tired (I think even more so because of the pregnancy) I often fall asleep right after tucking the kids in bed (which is my normal YLF time). Thought I would post these WIWs anyways before I get too behind, and try to catch up on commenting on others' posts as soon as I get some more time and energy!

These are all still my usual non-maternity pieces, except for one pair of maternity jeans and a tank. Yay for wardrobe stretching, even at 17 weeks!

1. Foxcroft black and white polka dot button down blouse (from MaryK at OC swap)
Halogen yellow pencil skirt (can't believe I can still wear these)
Red bow belt
Red WHBM purse
Red SW ballet flats (I've been wearing more flats lately to keep my feet comfy)
Black and white earrings

2-3. Ancient (at least 15 yr old) Jessica Howard jungle print dress from Macy's with keyhole neck. Works for maternity because of the empire waist.
Timberland Stratham Heights cognac boots
Fossil floral satchel
F21 bronze cuff

4-5. WHBM ink blue jacket (OK I know this looks ridiculous with the belly bulge poking out and I really should put it away, but it's my favorite so I went for it one last time!)
Anne Fontaine double collar white button down
Anthro Liquid Acres patterned pencil skirt
Bronze Born flats
Kate Spade turquoise jewel clutch
WHBM blue crystal bracelet

6-8. Ralph Lauren blue floral dress from TJ Maxx (what a great non-maternity maternity dress!)
WHBM blue cardigan
Clarks Woodward WIllows nude wedge sandals
Jason Wu for Target straw and navy purse
WHBM blue crystal bracelet

9-10. Banana Republic black and brown ribbon pattern wrap dress
Gap black maternity tank
H&M black tights
Frye Melissa black lace-up boots
Fossil striped satchel
Christian Dior V necklace

11. Kut from the Kloth Catherine boyfriend jeans (sized up so they still fit--in fact they are still sliding down!)
Bailey 44 black and white striped tank (B44 is a great "maternity" line with all their stretchy pieces!)
INC red waterfall cardigan
Red Converse

12. Laundry pink and black faux wrap dress
Black Gap maternity tank
Clark black mary jane pumps

13-15. DD picked both my and her outfit today! She asked me to wear the purple sweater and then picked her whole entire outfit to match mine without any input from me. I am impressed with her color coordination and pattern mixing skills! All of the clothes she picked were different brands and yet they all go together. She is only 5 and already a little fashionista. Here we are at her school this morning in our coordinating outfits.
Anthro Golden Gate purple poncho
Missoni for Target floral button down blouse
Gap Maternity Always Skinny jeans (though they're still a bit loose and tend to slide down a bit)
Frye Melissa black boots
DD is wearing a Missoni for Target purple and pink striped capelet, Tea Collection ikat patterned purple and pink tunic dress, Hanna purple leggings, purple and pink striped socks and Tsukihoshi sneakers with hot pink trim.

16. Bonus pic of DD in her Belle princess dress-up outfit. She is learning to play chess at her school so we are practicing at home. Max the cat is concentrating very hard trying to figure out his next move.


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WIW 9/19: Pregnant in print-mixing plums and faux fur for fall

Hahaha sorry, I could not resist the corny title! I'm a sucker for alliterations! I know I sound like a broken record, but I'm so excited every time I can still squeeze into my non-maternity dresses! This one is pushing it a little--the fabric isn't stretchy so the bump makes this normally demure midi dress kind of sexy in a body-con way. When I first got this dress last fall I thought I was going to return it because I was worried it looked a little too frumpy, but Angie raved about it when I posted so I had to keep. If Angie can channel the 80's today in her fluorescent neon brights, then I'm going to represent the 90's with this ditsy floral prairie dress and booties! And I'm so happy to finally be bringing out my autumn colors and coats! Fall is here!

This outfit is pretty ALGO with the tweedy faux fur collar "old lady" coat and triple print mixing (coat, dress and bag) but hope you like it anyways!

Tiny purple tweed coat with faux fur collar from Anthro
Vero Moda plum floral midi dress from ASOS
Mia Nanette brown lace up booties
Fossil velvet floral satchel
Forever 21 brown double buckle belt


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WIW 9/13-16: Pregnant UWP (and other fave dresses and skirts)

I love this sweater dress. I think of it as my kick-@$$ UWP dress, especially when paired with my black leather obi belt, black lace-up Frye boots, UWP hammered silver bracelet, and black ruffled trench.
Here is my original WIW post with the sweater dress last fall:
And now it's even more fun with a bump! I felt like a pregnant version of Trinity from the Matrix. Don't mess with this mama! I was happy all day at work and at the park with the kids and out for dinner in this outfit--comfy and kick-@$$ at the same time!

So happy I can still wear this dress, as well as other dresses and skirts from my post-YLF wardrobe, like my fave Bailey 44 dress. I felt like I was wearing pajamas all day in that dress. I could happily alternate between these two dresses the rest of the pregnancy if I had to! The leather skirt I just hiked up a couple inches so I could still zip it up (so it became an over the knee rather than midi skirt), and the black and yellow chevron skirt has an elastic waist (I still barely managed to wrap a skinny belt above the bump to create a faux waist). The longer I can put off wearing maternity, the better! I'm on SYC right now (and probably for the rest of the pregnancy), which is kind of a bummer because I'm just dreading growing out of my clothes and having to pull out my old pre-YLF maternity clothes. But our expenses are going up this year with the upcoming baby, with a nanny plus two school tuitions, and plus we are looking at getting a safer car for the nanny to drive the kids around. So kid safety and education definitely trumps fashion and staying on trend! At least it's forcing me to be creative with my current wardrobe and squeeze every last outfit I can out of it.

This is so different from my first two pregnancies. I jumped into maternity clothes as soon as I could, because it was an excuse to buy new clothes! And then I kept wearing them in between my pregnancies even though I didn't need to, because I liked them so much and they were the most stylish clothes I owned. Funny how my tastes can change as my style evolved! It's a good lesson for me in remixing and repurposing my wardrobe and wearing non-maternity clothes during pregnancy. I didn't think it was possible, but so far so good!

1-5. Calvin Klein black and white sweaterdress (Nordstrom on sale)
Only Mine black obi belt (Nordstrom)
H&M black tights
Frye Melissa black lace-up boots
Le Sak purse in black
White House Black Market hammered silver bracelet
Kate Spade Melissa ruffle trench

6-7. Bailey 44 orange tiered striped dress (Anthro)
Lafayette 148 caramel leather jacket (Nordstrom Rack)
Fossil velvet floral satchel
Forever 21 orange and bronze bracelet
Stuart Weitzman Giveable ballet flats in leopard (regular pumps and heeled sandals/boots are starting to get uncomfortable for me, so I'm wearing more flats and wedge boots/sandals)

8-10. Classiques Entier sleeveless pussy bow blouse (I'm amazed I could still fit in it!)
Lafayette 148 leather A line skirt from Nordstrom (another surprise fit)
White House Black Market ink blue jacket (I could have buttoned it up, but then it looked ridiculous with the bump popping out underneath so I left it open)
Dooney & Bourke yellow satchel
La Canadienne Galaxy chocolate suede boots

11-13. INC black turtleneck (Macy's)
ASOS black white and mustard yellow chevron skirt
Mustard yellow skinny belt (from Jason Wu for Target dress)
Dooney & Bourke yellow satchel
Cole Haan Air Talia black wedge sandals
(bonus shot with DD and DS playing at a friend's house)

PS The nurses are all commenting how since I made the announcement a couple of weeks ago, I've suddenly popped and become huge. It think it just means that I was doing a pretty good job of hiding the bump before! But now patients are starting to rub my belly and ask me if I'm pregnant even if I haven't said anything. It's a good thing I really am pregnant and not just gaining extra weight, or I'd be offended! It's mostly little old ladies rubbing me though, so it's hard to get upset at them.


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WIW 9/3: My first maxi dress!

I wore this maxi dress when we invited a couple families over to our house for a Labor Day end-of-summer BBQ. Super casual--I paired it with some nude flat sandals. My first maxi dress!

I first found out about this dress when one of my (non-pregnant) friends wore it to her kid's birthday party. I've been looking for a maxi dress for a while and it looked just perfect--I love the print and the turquoise blue with cobalt trim color and the interesting keyhole neckline and how it has a substantial top--no spaghetti straps!

My friend looked great in it. She told me it was from Macy's. This was my first time copying someone IRL, but I couldn't resist. Unfortunately it wasn't being sold online anymore. I tracked it down on eBay--it's INC. The listing said new with tags, but it had kind of a Febreeze-ish heavy laundry detergent smell (what is it with these eBay purchases? I always buy NWT but they still smell like fragrance). I washed it and aired it out and the smell is fading somewhat, but it still peeves me a little. I guess I have to avoid eBay and stick to store purchases to avoid the smell problem.

Anyways, it was fun to wear an empire-waisted tummy-enhancing maxi dress for a change. What do you think of this maxi dress (if you don't have a poison eye for all maxis)? OK for MOTG, or resortwear only? BTW, recently I had dinner with another pregnant mom (8 months) and she was wearing this exact style of INC dress but in another color/pattern. So it's a great maternity dress, even though it's not maternity!


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WIW 9/8--Dots dressed up and down

I wore these two outfits last Saturday. I wore the polka dot top, boyfriend jeans and red cardigan in the AM to take DD to ballet and then again in the evening to go to a friend's house for a playdate and BBQ dinner. (I know I already posted this BF jeans outfit in my other pants thread, but it was part of my "theme" for the day, so I'm reposting here). In between, I changed into another dotty outfit--this time the Kate Spade polka dot Jillian dress. I haven't worn this in a while (it feels a bit too dressy for MOTG and work), but I went to a bridal shower where the dress code was "black and white cocktail attire". Perfect! So glad I could pull this out again and that it still fit. It actually looks kind of cute with the bow over the big bump--kind of like a present! And of course, couldn't resist pairing these black and white dotty pieces with my white and black Dotty purse! I'm a total sucker for matchy matchy! Speaking of suckers, here's a bonus shot of DS asleep in the carseat after playing hard at the park that day. Love his sticky sandy hand clutching his half-eaten lollipop.


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WIW 9/6&10-12: Playing hide and seek with the bump

Still managing to stretch my pre-maternity wardrobe at 15 weeks. Still marveling at how I can play up or (sort of) conceal the bump based on the fabrication and cut--stretchy empire waisted jersey dresses scream maternity, vs. structured sheath and flowy blouse and pencil skirt which help minimize the bump. I look like I'm about to go into labor in 1/2 but barely pregnant in 3/4 (although the side view is a different story--can't completely hide it anymore). Still rejoicing that I can actually still fit into these sheaths and pencil skirts! I just wear the pencil skirt a little higher on the waist and it skims over the bump. The dress and skirt are both structured, but just stretchy enough to give me room to breathe.

Now I am finally appreciating that I was an apple pre-pregnancy, because my apple-flattering pieces are really working overtime! I like the stretchy dresses too, when I'm in flaunt the bump mode. And I'm hoping I can still wear them in 3rd trimester when the sheaths and pencil skirts have fallen by the wayside. I may have to wear them with leggings if they become too short, but I think they'll last for a while.

One unintended bonus--it's kind of fun that even though these dresses are "old" and I've posted them here several times before, now I can wear and post these over and over and each time it'll be new and "fresh" because of the growing belly. My bump accessory, LOL!

I'm glad I still fit into these clothes for now. It's easy to look like me and still feel fab when I'm still wearing my post-YLF clothes. The challenge will be when I have to pull out my old maternity clothes, whether I can find a way to still feel fab enough or whether I'll feel dated. I'm trying to put that dilemma off as long as possible!


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WIW 9/3-8 Week 14/15: Can't believe I still fit into my regular pants!

Since I'm in my second trimester now, I had packed away all my regular jeans and pants and thought that I had to start wearing maternity. But when I wore the couple new pairs of maternity jeans I bought, they kept wanting to slide off my butt and I had to keep yanking them up, which is really frustrating. I think my belly is not quite big enough to hold them up yet (even though I have quite a prominent bump now, there's no hiding it anymore).

So I decided to go back to my regular non-maternity pants this week, figuring I'd leave them unzipped and do the elastic around the button trick. But surprisingly, I found out I didn't have to--some of my pants still fit buttoned up all the way! All of these pants are my non-maternity pants completely buttoned up! Some of these were slightly loose to begin with, or stretchy or boyfriend jeans. I'm shocked I still fit into them--maybe I'm carrying higher this time! Actually, all of these clothes are non-maternity BTW.

The only problem is my non-maternity tops are starting to become too short (like the polka dot top in #12) and require a lot of yanking down, so I think I'm going to have to bust out the maternity clothes soon anyhow. But I'll enjoy squeezing as much time out of my non-maternity clothes as I can while it lasts!

1-2. One last hurrah for the H&M floral pants! The Anne Fontaine blouse is so stretchy (the whole back is this spandex type material)--I think it might actually work as a maternity button down blouse. The F21 orange jacket was from the OC swap--fun to pair with the floral pants and turquoise Kate Spade pumps and clutch. Wore this to work and it was fun to still feel "fashiony" even while pregnant.

3-4. I don't love this look but am posting it for Denise (since she suggested a grey dolman sweater for me in another thread). Express sweater that I got as a bday gift from my sister. It's see-through mesh so I had to wear a black H&M tank under it. Ugh I just don't like this silhouette on me--I am not used to waist surrender and dolman sleeves. I feel like a big grey sack of potatoes especially with the big belly! I still like fitted waists, even though I have no waist anymore! Kut from the Kloth red skinnies are a little stretchy so they still fit, and red Converse.

5-7. Same red skinnies and Converse and black tank, this time with a Bobeau black and white banded top (DH doesn't like this top on me--he hates swirly graphic patterns like this one) and black KS trench and red WHBM bag. Still unsure about the whole waist surrender look--feel like it kind of makes me look even bigger than I am. But I like this one better than the grey sweater because of the pattern--feels a little more "me".

8. Classiques Entier grey blazer with black lace trim. Paired with the matching grey trousers (instead of the matching skirt), because I wanted to try a pant suit look this time. Black Anne Fontaine stretchy shirt (though this one shows too many tummy lumps). The grey trousers are size 6 and were slightly loose before, now they're snug. I can button up the blazer but it's getting a little too snug to keep it buttoned all day. Paired with my favorite combo--Dotty and fishbow pumps (to keep the outfit from being TOO boring). Wore this to work, but took the kids to the park after work.

9-11. Finally big enough to break out the Albert Makali peacock tunic. It's actually non-maternity, but it totally looks like a maternity top on me now. I can't believe I can still button up the Gap Real Skinny pants! Major coup! Bronze Born flats and grey KS bag. Wore this to work, but bonus shot with DS at the park.

12-13. Kut from the Kloth Catherine boyfriend jeans for MOTG. These were still sliding off a little because I had sized up to an 8. Wore it with my polka dot shirt (getting too short to cover the bump though) and red INC cardigan. Dotty and red Converse.

Well, I thought it would be fun do a Last Call for Non-Maternity Pants week. Now back to my regularly scheduled programming of jersey dresses!


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WIW 9/1: MOTG cardi/dress/leggings at the train fair

I took the kids to a train fair with my sister and her two kids today. I wore a dress that Mo kindly gave me several months ago (thanks Mo!)--it's an empire waist printed dress with black, white and red chevron stripes. It's not a maternity dress, but it sure works well for maternity! I wore it with black Nike capri leggings and a red White House Black Market cardigan and black Cole Haan wedge sandals and my Fossil chevron stripe bag. Perfectly simple and comfy for a pregnant MOTG! (Oh and don't worry, I wasn't pushing the stroller with 4 kids, LOL!) The kids had a blast, especially DS who is completely train crazy!

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW 8/28-8/30: First day of kindergarten and preschool!

It was a big week for my two kids--DD started kindergarten and DS started preschool! I was able to take this week off to help them with the transition, which was really nice.

1. DD's first day of kindergarten--she had to wear her school shirt. She wore it with a navy and yellow Tea collection skirt, yellow leggings and yellow Converse type sneakers from H&M. I wore a printed dress I found for $20 at TJ Maxx. Kind of reminds me of the type of clothes my mom wore when I was young, with the bright colors and loud/psychedelic prints. I wore it with my black Cole Haan wedge sandals and yellow Dooney & Bourke handbag.
2. When I picked DD up from school, I asked her how her first day went and this was her response. :)
3. Took the kids to the library after school--this summer DD read tons of Rainbow Magic Fairy books and DS has only wanted to read train books.
4. DS's first day of preschool--big sis wishes him luck!
5. DS is such a big boy now! Wearing Tea collection and Tsukihoshi sneakers.
6. I wore Sona's kurti tunic, white Paige jeans (still squeezing into them!), and Clark nude sandals.
7. DS is so excited he runs into the classroom and starts playing with the trains and cars. I'm wearing an Anthropologie green blazer and floral skirt, lace trimmed Halogen cami and Clark sandals.

Thanks for looking and commenting! I can't believe this day has come already--they're so big now! They both did great!


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