WIW 9/29: Studded T strap pumps vs. flats (and should I purge my heels?)

I have a lot of great heels in my shoe collection, but lately I've been reaching for flats a lot more because they're so much more comfy. Whether it's running around the hospital at work or running after the kids at the park, I feel like I can walk farther and faster in low heeled or flat sandals/shoes/boots.

For example, today was an office day so I decided I could wear heels and pulled out my Fauxstuds. However, I ended up having to drop the kids off at school on my way to work. We usually park a few blocks away and walk in to get to class on time instead of slogging through the carpool line traffic, which would make us late. So I was tromping through the field with the kids and my spike heels were starting to sink in to the dirt, and then I was click clacking down the sidewalk when all of the other parents were dressed in yoga pants and sneakers.

I did get lots of compliments on my shoes from my patients and coworkers, and they are fairly comfy for heels (2 3/4"). But later in the afternoon I changed into very similar studded black flats, and I was thinking how comfy they felt in comparison and how I should have worn those flats the whole day. Of course the heels always elevate (literally!) a look, but wondering if it made enough of a difference compared to the flats that it's worth it? What do you think, do you prefer the outfit with heels or flats? I liked how the flats had a matching stingray texture that matched the stingray textured tote. (And the necklace that matched the geometric pattern on my knit jacket).

I've been wondering if I should maybe purge some of my higher heels. I have a few pairs of Chie Mihara pumps and even my Tory Burch dragonfly pumps that are 3.5-4 inches. I very rarely wear them and when I do I always bring flats along to change into. Yes I know it is sacrilege to consider getting rid of these, and I do worry that I might regret getting rid of some of these works of art. but if I don't wear them for more than a couple hours at a time is it worth keeping them? Not sure of the right answer!

Classiques Entier knit blazer c/o Mary at OC swap
Black tank
Alexis Bittar necklace
Spring St. cuff
Halogen pleated leather skirt
Dagne Dover onyx stingray tote
Sam Edelman Ollies/Halogen flats


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Edgy luxe/killer twee: pussy bow blouse, leather skirt and studded flats

Speaking of pussy bow blouses...I went crazy for the pussy bow blouse when I first joined YLF five years ago. I had at least five! They fit perfectly with my demure bombshell style. But I haven't been wearing them lately because I felt like my style was moving in a slightly darker, edgier direction. Angie's post was a good reminder that the pussy bow blouse can still be cool!

This blouse was my favorite and was part of my "signature outfit" (http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....ure-outfit) which was the outfit that I thought best defined my style (6/7). In fact I made it my profile pic and haven't changed it for the last five years! Well I pulled out the blouse and skirt to wear them in honor of Angie's post and was embarrassed to find out that the skirt no longer fits. I've gained 15 lb since then, and the skirt shows off my food baby in all its glory. I had a few moments of pity party and almost put the shirt back in shame, but then picked myself up and made it work. I picked a black leather flared skirt and studded stingray pointy black flats, my black Belle (I love the red lining and red edge leather trim), and pearl and gold spike bracelet. I think I actually like this version better! Classic with a bit of edge. Seems my style is going more from boho luxe to edgy luxe. What do you think, did I rescue this blouse, and is it finally time to update my profile pic?

ETA: And is this the "killer twee" that Angie and Xtabay were talking about? Because pussy bow blouses are definitely twee. I think I'm going to have to embrace this new moniker!


Hinge blouse (NAS 2011)
Halogen black leather midi skirt
Halogen Olson studded black stingray print flats
MZ Wallace black Belle
Stella and Dot bracelet


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Caught the MZ Wallace bug

Hi, sorry I've been sort of MIA the last month or so. As you know I have worn the heck out this MZ Wallace tangerine Tribeca ever since I got it a couple of years ago--orange is definitely a neutral for me! This summer I went to a girls' weekend where three out of the six of us were carrying MZ Wallace bags. I got sucked into an MZ Wallace Facebook group that the others belong to, and before I knew it I had become obsessed and had developed a whole MZ Wallace collection! I picked up the MZ Wallace Dawn small Nikki at NAS, and then the Pixel print small Sutton at the MZ Wallace pop-up store in SF (I got a 15% off introductory coupon). I also had to have the hedgehog charm and coin purse to add to my hedgehog collection including my Kate Spade cross body (#4). I love this pattern because it kind of reminds me of a galaxy print. Normally I try to stick to solids for my bags since I wear so many prints, but this one seems to work quite well with a lot of colors from blue to pink to purple to burgundy to grey. Outfit in 9-13 is one of my work-to-MOTG transition outfits. I also got several used bags from the MZW group (they have an active buy-sell-trade thread), and can show you more WIWs with the other bags if you like. I don't see much posted about this brand on here, except for Diana who seems to like them--anyone else an MZW fan? I've been posting on the FB group, but notice that there everyone seems to post just pics of their purses on their car seat (like #5). I feel like a bit of an oddball posting my outfit shots there, but I feel like I always want to see the purse in context with the outfit! I guess I'm just used to YLF style WIWs!


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