WIW Little Orphan Orange and Poncho Punch

Fall should be perfect poncho weather, right? Except when it's the Bay Area and it's hotter now than it was in summer! (I wore my ponchos with jeans and boots since I don't have any cords.) I keep getting faked out by the cold and fog in the mornings so I think it's finally time to pull out the sweaters, but then when I drive down the hill and the fog burns off it's 80 degrees and I'm having a heat stroke in my poncho. The pics certainly look very autumnal (and I got lots of random compliments on the ponchos and boots), but I was sweltering! I finally wised up and wore shorts today!
PS Did anyone else grow up eating Otter Pops? (Otherwise you might not understand the title).
PPS Bonus pics of kids at the park in case anyone needs a little dose of cuteness. 5 year old DS1 was my fashion photographer (9/10).

1. Free People pumpkin poncho, Vince tee, AG skinny jeans, Frye Melissa lace up boots. Fossil floral satchel. Stella and Dot jewelry.
4. Anthro purple poncho, Missoni Target blouse, AG jeans, Frye boots, Fossil satchel.
15. Everlane T, Banana Republic shorts, MZ Wallace satchel, Mulo koi loafers.


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Floral week: Roses are hot pink and blue (diptych)

I love the idea of WIW diptychs, because I love matchy matchy and even more when I can do twinsies with myself! I bought the navy version of this Halogen floral sweater two NAS's ago and wore it all autumn with burgundy skinny jeans. This spring they made a version in white, paired with a hot pink eyelet skirt (6). I wore that combo all spring and summer with sandals and sneakers (4/5). I finally figured out I could pair the blue sweater with the pink skirt and wear them with my blue lace up ballet flats. Then I realized I could do the same exact version in white with my cream lace up ballet flats! I can wear this outfit year round! And it's been so hot lately that I can wear both versions one right after the other and they both are seasonally appropriate.

Plus two more bonus floral outfits to round out Floral Week.
1-2. Halogen floral sweater in navy and ivory. Halogen hot pink eyelet skirt. Ugg Izabel lace up ballet flats in blue and cream. MZ Wallace tangerine Tribeca satchel. Kate Spade butterfly necklace.

7-8. Zara floral and koi wrap top. Vince Camuto red tube skirt. Munro Abby bronze sandals. Alexis Bittar necklace. Ms. Scarlet.

9. Splendid burgundy top, Anthro floral skirt, Longchamp tote, Munro sandals.


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Some WIWs from the past six weeks

Sorry I've been MIA. I feel like a fat slob and I've sort of lost my fashion mojo. Three patients in the last month have asked me if I'm pregnant. (One of them while I was wearing the Vince dress!) No, I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat! Bleh! As I talked about in a previous post (with proof of my food baby), I gained 15 lb in the past year after I stopped nursing and it's all settled in my already ample apple belly, which is now huge. It's worse because I'm otherwise pretty slim. I've been trying to exercise more and eat healthy and cut carbs, but I can't seem to make any headway with the weight. Thyroid labs were checked and are fine, I have nothing to blame but myself and my aging metabolism. I'm trying to make do and just wear the looser stuff for now and repeat outfits a lot more. Good thing I bought so much stretchy non-maternity stuff when I was pregnant, because now I really need it! I probably should do a huge purge of my closet, but there are still lots of things I love and am still hoping will fit better if I can shed a few pounds. Normally I would buy something new to cheer me up and dress the body I have, but I hate the idea of shopping for "fat" clothes. Plus some unexpected expenses have cropped up, so my clothes shopping has had to slow to a trickle (an unfortunate back-up accident causing lots of damage to another parked car--still kicking myself over that one, some needed repairs to the house, and also I decided to start sponsoring a couple of children internationally, but in order to do that had to agree to cut monthly expenses elsewhere). I still have lots of clothes, so it's not like I'm going to be naked. I'm really sorry to be so down on myself, it's very unlike me. I'm not trying to throw a pity party or fish for compliments--normally I'm a very positive person (even now I'm still optimistic I'll eventually get back in shape!). I haven't been posting much because I haven't been feeling on top of my A-game lately. But I thought I'd share some of my WIWs anyways, just so you know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. If I can post WIW's 3 days postpartum, I can suck it up and post food baby WIWs. But I'm sucking it in for these, just so you know. LOL.

1-2. Vince shirtdress. Stella and Dot rose gold necklace & bracelet. Longchamp bronze tote. Munro bronze sandals. I did get a lot of compliments on it, but no lady, this is not a maternity dress, dammit!
3-4. Allsaints Flora Mortis T shirt. Sam Edelman studded black gladiator sandals. Michael Kors studded black satchel.
5-6. Vince leather sleeve T. Zella capris. Topshop sandals.
7-8. Karen Kane asymmetric wrap blouse, H&M floral pants, MZ Wallace orange satchel, Michael Kors orange loafers, Alexis Bittar rose gold pendant. (I think this is my favorite version of the clown pants so far!)
9. Eileen Fisher cobalt tunic, Vince Camuto moto leggings. I think this was another one of the "Are you pregnant?" days.
10-11. Anthro winter tree dress. This is old but I originally bought a size up to get a longer length. I never did get this dress taken in, which is a good thing I suppose! Vince cardigan. Fossil floral satchel. Timberland boots.
12. Muse dress. Ugg black lace up ballet flats. 
13. Pattern mixing. Gingham shirt, WHBM floral pants, Kate Spade floral sneakers.
14. L48 sheath dress. Ugg cream lace up ballet flats. Kate Spade floral satchel. Alexis Bittar necklace.
15-16. Plaid shirt and moto leggings and Topshop peep toe booties. BR outlet necklace.
17-18. Vince tee, AG jeans, maternity cardigan, Stella and Dot Utopia necklace, Fossil floral satchel, Ugg moto boots.
19. Halogen floral sweater, Halogen hot pink eyelet skirt, MZ Wallace tangerine satchel, Ugg blue lace up ballet flats.
20. Target zip sweater, Target snakeskin skirt. This is my Target x Helmut Lang knockoff outfit, LOL. 
21. Vince Camuto tunic and moto leggings. Was this another pregnant day? Maybe I need to stop wearing loose tunics. But anything fitted is way worse for risking an unwelcome congratulatory belly rub.
22-23. Target zip sweater, VC striped midi tube skirt, Brahmin striped satchel, Munro Abby striped sandals. (Still haven't lost my love for matchy matchy!)


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