Challenge: Post your Before and After YLF pics!

OK, my jeans shopping trip was a revelation thanks to all of your awesome suggestions. I ended up buying jeans two sizes down from my usual! And I couldn't believe the difference when I looked at my Before and After pics. In fact, I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short time because of all you wonderful ladies at YLF. And here's proof of my transformation...I think this will be hard to top!

1-2. Jeans. From Mom Jeans to Hot Mama Jeans!
3-4. MOTG. My go-to mommy uniform before: ubiquitous REI fleece jacket, aforementioned mom jeans, dumpy diaper bag, Merrell mocs that are the wrong color (I wanted the black mocs but grabbed the browns instead without realizing it--I did that a lot because I only wore two pairs of shoes and they're both the same, LOL). I think the T shirt underneath is purple too. Comfy, but ugh! After: Still comfy in a fleecy shearling vest and brown boots, but a little more stylish! I dressed up just to go to the dentist, LOL!
5-6. Work. Before: I cringe every time I see this formal picture of me with the group at work. Total blah brown monotone, too casual compared to all the others in the picture who are wearing suits, no makeup, hair looks limp and greasy for some reason, and I look huge and pregnant even though I'm not! After: now everyone at work compliments me on how I look, and I finally feel more polished and professional.
7-8. Date night: Before: what I wore for our anniversary dinner a couple of months ago. "Fancy" blouse that is actually a maternity top, mom jeans, and black Merrell mocs. After: haven't had a chance to go out yet recently (kids keep us busy!) but the next time we do, I'll be wearing this killer dress!

Thank you Angie and all of you at YLF!!! So, let's see much of a difference has YLF made in your look?

(ETA: I think I can come out of hiding now!)


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Challenge: Wardrobe Remix--Create 14 New Outfits

In my fashion magazine thread I posted that I found this article inspiring:
They took six new fall pieces and combined them with 12 "wardrobe basics" that most people already own, and created 30 different outfits (actually 14 more on the website so 44 total!). As Lynne pointed out, this would be a great YLF challenge since you all are so creative at mixing things up and putting together new outfits. For me this will be a great fun challenge, since my usual MO in the past has been to wear the same sweater with the same skirt or pants without any layering or accessories. I would love to combine some of my new purchases with my old pieces and push my wardrobe to a new level. (I think I'll have to buy a belt or two first though!)

So, how about it? Let's take six of your new fall wardrobe items (if you're on SYC, then just use your newest items, or ones that you haven't been using much lately) and then combine it with 12 other basic items (or 6 basics if you want to make it really challenging!). Then post 14 of your favorite combos. Bonus points for trying to make new combos that you haven't worn before! Let's see what you've got!


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Belt wardrobe: what is the minimum basic set of belts?

Lyn's picture of her belt collection got me thinking, what would you consider a basic set of belts that everyone should have? Which colors/widths? I don't have any belts at all (the one belt I had was too small for me after having kids so I gave it away). I was considering getting a few, but don't know where to start or what widths are appropriate at the moment. Specific links would be appreciated too!