Pity party, pewter puffer, political protest, and pile of poo

The first three pics are pre-Nov 8...more fun colors and patterns. And you saw my colorful election outfit here: http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....ction-week. Since then I still feel like I'm in a major funk. Like I'm in a bad dream. Each day reading the news makes me more depressed and scared for the future of our country. Been picking mostly black and drab colors and comfy casual cardigans and combat boots and wearing outfits multiple days in a row so I don't have to think about what to wear. Despite trying to watch my diet and exercising at Orangetheory and Dailey Method (though not as often as I should because of my busy work and kid schedule) I've gained 20 lb over the last 3-4 years. I'm now at my heaviest weight ever. If it was evenly distributed it wouldn't be so bad, but it's all in one place...my food baby. Ugh. I sort of feel like I've "let myself go" in terms of both my body and my attention to dressing. A lot of my clothes don't fit anymore and it's a constant struggle to conceal my apple belly. I really need to do a major edit to my closet, but I can't bring myself to do the purge of shame and take several hours to try on everything and pull out all the things that are too tight now. It feels overwhelming from both a time and emotional standpoint. And I don't have the time or inclination to shop for new clothes right now. So tired too. Been working really hard but always behind on charting. And the house is a cluttered mess. I just want to be caught up with everything for once! Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately and for the pity party. But onward and upward...I hope 2017 will be a better year for all of us!

1. Kate Spade typewriter bag and matching Vince Camuto polka dot tube skirt
2. Olive tee and gold boots with floral Fossil satchel
3. "Clown pants" floral H&M pants
4. Halogen cardigan and Paige jeans...the one pair of jeans that still fits right now. :(
5. Vince Caumto tube skirt (thank God I bought a bunch of stretchy skirts back then!).
6-9. My first political protest! The energy was amazing and it was uplifting to see so many unite against hate!
10-13. Betabrand poo emoji dress. Emblematic of my world lately...just a giant pile of poo! LOL. Perfect theme dress for work too. I even paired the poo dress with a fly bracelet. But no one at work noticed the dress all day until I finally pointed out the pattern. Then they thought it was hilarious!
14-15. The blouse is gaping at the bust (maybe because of my weight gain) and the pants are too long, but at least they match the Burberry purse.
16-18. Today I pulled out my old Eileen Fisher track joggers and it was a revelation! Hallelujah! Finally something that isn't constantly digging into my waist! And it's been an Arctic chill in the Bay Area, down to the 40's! Time to bust out the pewter puffer and the rest of my puffer collection!

Bonus family/kiddo pics:
19-20. DH and I were both on call on Thanksgiving, but he managed to cook a whole Thanksgiving meal while still working on call from home! Then I had to go in to the hospital at 11 pm to pull a piece of turkey that was stuck in someone's esophagus. Happens every year post-Thanksgiving! At least DS2 was enjoying his turkey drumstick...
21. DS1 lost his two front teeth! Just in time for Christmas! Now he can sing that song...
22. DD and her letter to Santa, asking for "my OWN bedroom" (triple underlined), among other demands...hope she isn't too disappointed that Santa can't bring her everything on her list! ;)


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