WIW 4/27-29: New specs, white bottoms, denim on denim, dressy shorts

My new glasses arrived! Two pairs, one red, one brown. How do they look, and which one do you prefer? (I had a similar set of red and brown glasses before--old pairs in 17/18 for comparison--hopefully the new ones are just as good?). I wore this blue floral top recently but had to share pics, as DH took a bunch of me (without me having to ask!) so I thought you guys would like seeing nicer "real" pics of me instead of my bathroom mirror snapshots. He even spontaneously took a picture of my shoe!

The other two are my attempts at Angie's denim on denim formula and dressy shorts formula. I wore my Kut white skinny jeans--these are more practical than my Paige because I can wear Cons and sandals with them...I have to wear wedges with the Paige and the hems drag on the floor. I'm really liking the look of white bottoms--you'll be seeing the springy tops/white bottom/nude sandal combination on me over and over again this spring!

1-6. Super busy day, ballet and two birthday parties.
Prada red specs, Tulle navy peacoat, White House Black Market blue and white floral blouse, Kut from the Kloth Diana white skinny jeans, Kate Spade Tretorn sneakers, WHBM silver bracelet

7-12. I took the boys to DS1's swim lesson, while DH took DD to an all-day state chess tournament. Her Kindergarten team placed second! She has fun playing chess and can already beat me!

Gucci brown glasses, Gap polka dot denim shirt, Gap white maternity tank (because the shirt is a little too tight to button across the bust now), Kut white skinnies, Naturalizer flat nude sandals, Kate Spade fiorella white bib necklace

13-16. Hello spring! It's hot and sunny today so I wore bright florals.

Prada red glasses, Ann Taylor Loft floral blouse and green sweater, white shorts c/o Claire, Banana Republic bracelet, Dooney & Bourke yellow satchel, Clarks nude wedge sandals.

17-18. Old specs--red Prodesign Denmark and brown Vogue.


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WIW 4/25-26: Black, white & grey for MOTG and work

Departing from my usual colorful style, two monochromatic looks inspired by the foggy Bay Area mornings. Getting back into the swing of things! Baby is 7 weeks, and I can't believe I'm already back at work! Kinda sad that I couldn't stay home longer (I was off 12 weeks with the first two). Just a half day for the first day back which was nice. I had to schlep all my pump parts and pump at work (I pumped at work for about 13 months both times before, and nursed at home for 2-3 years). Hopefully I'll be able to find enough time to pump and get enough milk for the baby. I just realized that I won't be able to wear my dresses as much now because it makes it more awkward to pump.
Thanks for looking and commenting!

1. Tahari black leather jacket
H&M grey and white top
J Brand jeans
Grey wedge sneakers
Michael Kors silver studded satchel
F21 bracelet

2-3. Tahari black leather jacket
Anne Fontaine white blouse
Rachel Roy tree branch skirt
Clarks black pumps
Michael Kors black studded satchel
F21 bracelet


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WIW 4/20,22: Printed top/white jeans. Bangs with glasses--yay/nay?

So I got my hair cut a few days ago, and at first I thought it was great with the bangs but then I completely forgot about my glasses! I put them on and was worried that it looks too heavy or geeky or young looking to have bangs and glasses. I tried making a little bit of a part so you can at least see some of my forehead. What do you think--do bangs and glasses look OK on me or should I keep the bangs swept off my forehead and try to grow them out? Thanks!

This is my spring FFBO: white bootcut jeans and nude wedge sandals, with a printed tunic or banded top.
1-3. Banana Republic Trina Turk yellow/orange tunic, with matching bracelet
Paige Hidden Hills white jeans
Clarks nude wedge sandals
Dooney & Bourke yellow satchel
4-5. White House Black Market blue and white floral banded top
Paige Hidden Hills white jeans
Clarks nude wedge sandals
Jason Wu for Target straw and navy satchel
WHBM silver bangle

Yay = keep the bangs
Nay = grow them out

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What color is your crash helmet?

Beth made me faint with her zebra stripe dress, and I see that Suz and Angie already went down before me in their fuchsia and citron crash helmets. So that made me wonder, what color is YOUR crash helmet?

Mine is black and white with polka dots, naturally.
Ruby motorcycle helmet (too bad I don't actually have a motorcycle and $1100 for this helmet!)

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is wearing for head protection! (I think the idea for crash helmets came from Shannon in Angie's fainting thread).

WIW 4/13,15,18 MOTG FFBO: skinny jeans and sassy sneakers

Three outfits from the last week, each with skinny jeans and sassy sneakers, a great MOTG FFBO formula.

1-5. This outfit made me feel very 80's! Fun day out with the family.
Tahari black leather jacket
Ann Taylor cobalt and black top (good for postpartum apples!)
Gap Real Skinny pants
Kate Spade Japanese floral Tretorn sneakers
Michael Kors black studded satchel
Nordstrom Natasha hematite bracelet

6-8. Polka dot extravaganza!
Foxcroft black and white polka dot button down shirt (via OC swap)
Kut from the Kloth Diana skinny red jeans
Converse red sneakers
H&M polka dot socks
Kate Spade polka dot diaper bag
Ann Taylor polka dot bracelet (sadly, the little polka dot pearls are all falling off)

9-11. Spring is here. Bonus pics of smiling kiddos!
Ann Taylor Loft floral blouse and bright green cardigan
Kut from the Kloth Diana skinny white jeans
Converse yellow sneakers
Dooney & Bourke yellow satchel

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WIW 4/19: Flowers, butterflies, and fringe benefits (new haircut)

I wore flowers and butterflies to celebrate Earth Day at DS's preschool. We had a spice table where the kids could make sachets with dried spices, and other fun activities. It was fun to hang out with DS at his school!

This afternoon I got a haircut. I went back to the woman who cut my hair a year and a half ago (she was my patient). She decided to keep it long, but cut some bangs. I could definitely tell the difference between this salon cut and the cheap Supercuts! The haircut was $65 plus tips, so more than Supercuts but less than the expensive hair salon. What do you think of my new fringe?
Here are more previous haircut threads:

AE white denim jacket
Ralph Lauren blue floral dress (TJ Maxx)
Kate Spade butterfly necklace
Born silver flower ballet flats
Michael Kors silver studded satchel.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WDYT: New specs and sunnies

I went in for an eye exam because I'm having more trouble with reading up close. My prescription has changed (R eye has improved) and it's been 4 years since I got new glasses, so it's time for new ones. She said I could try progressives if I wanted to, but it was only going to be +0.75 additional so she said it probably wouldn't be worth it. Do any of you wear progressive lenses? I didn't order them but am wondering if I should have.

Here are the top picks of the pairs I tried on. I wish I could have asked you all before I ordered, but I was in a bit of a rush--the baby was hungry and we had to get back home to let the nanny off, so I went ahead and just picked my two favorites, one red and one brown (I like having color options to match my outfits). What do you think of these (1 & 2) vs. the runner-ups (3 & 4)? It will take two weeks, so if you really think I made a mistake I can try to cancel my order right away. Sorry for the bad pics with the funny facial expressions and lens glare. I feel like these glasses looked better in the mirror than they do in these pics. I also bought a pair of prescription sunglasses (5). I really liked them so I didn't pick a runner up.

Thanks for your advice!

The ones I picked/ordered:
1. Prada red plastic frame--it was between this and #3, but I (and the sales clerk) preferred the chunkier frame (she said it looked more modern). I also like the cat eye-ish shape.
2. Guess brown plastic frame--DH wasn't a fan of the red and green stripes at the side--he said it was a Gucci logo/symbol. It didn't bother me though and I liked the shape and tortoiseshell color.
The runner-ups:
3. Nine West reddish metallic--DH picked these and they were his favorite. I like them too and it was hard to decide between 1 & 3. This one has nose pads and a thinner frame than the others. I guess this one is a more classic look whereas 1 is a little more geeky/funky. Which one do you think looks better on me?
4. Ray-Ban violet plastic frames--the inside of these glasses are lavender, which is not my color, but the outside looks black or dark violet.

Also got a pair of sunglasses.
5. LaCoste sunglasses. I liked these a lot.
6. Bonus baby pic at the optometrist!

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WIW 4/17: Lace bomber, floral pants, big necklace (SaraL & Shannon-inspired)

I've been wanting to pull out this lace bomber for a while now, but finding it tricky to style. I really wanted to pair it with my H&M floral pants. And I recently bought a black lace-trimmed blouse by Prabal Gurung on clearance at Target for $10 so I wanted to see if I could use that as well. I was having trouble with the fit of the J Crew tuxedo shirt and it was too boxy and boyish, so I'm using this black one instead. It's also a loose fit, but more feminine because it's silky and has lace on it (I also like the faux leather collar). I think it's more my style than the androgynous tux shirt. I also wanted to try a big necklace as in Angie's post, so I'm using my bubble necklace and pairing it with my aqua jeweled clutch, which echoes the shape of the big stones. And these super-pointy kitten heels are so old (from the 90's), that I think they may have finally come back in style now, what do you think? Or are they still too pointy?

I was also inspired by SaraL and Shannon in their recent WIW posts--Sara had floral pants with black blazer and bubble necklace, and Shannon had a floral dress and leather jacket and bright handbag. So this is sort of a combination of the two.

I know this a little (well a lot) ALGO...but is it TMGO? it's a little outside my comfort zone with the trendiness and maximalism. I felt very fashion blogger-y wearing this to drop off DS at preschool. But I just cannot seem to stop wearing these $15 H&M pants, even though they are loud, DH hates them and Angie doesn't like the cropped length. What do you think--keep wearing these pants? I know they are not the most flattering but I can't resist. They are just fun and make me smile.

I also peeled off some layers and switched the jacket for a leather jacket to see if you like it more streamlined/simplified. Let me know which version you think is the best. Thanks for looking and for your comments!

1. With lace bomber and bubble necklace
2. With bubble necklace but no jacket
8. Lace bomber, no necklace
9-10. Leather jacket and bubble necklace
11. No jacket or necklace.
Inspiration photos:
12. SaraL
13. Shannon

Truth & Pride coated black lace bomber
Prabal Gurung for Target black lace blouse with faux leather collar
H&M floral ankle pants
J Crew black bubble necklace
Kate Spade High Line Leica turquoise jeweled clutch
Banana Republic black super-pointy kitten heels

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Picture Perfect Challenge Week in Review

I'm gathering all my outfits from this week into one thread just because it's fun to see them all together side by side, with the inspiration photos! And I think Una is right, I do LOVE to play dress-up! I also love copying, and I'm a real matchy matchy nerd sometimes when it comes down to getting all the details right (see the blogger copycat challenge for more examples). This challenge I also had fun being creative with the themes and referencing them with accessories (including the live ones)! Thanks Ornella for starting this super fun challenge!

Here are the original threads with more pics/commentary:
Indiana Jones
Star Wars
Breakfast at Tiffany's

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WIW 4/12: Picture Perfect Day 5--Vertigo

Having some fun while the kids are asleep, so I'm posting this Vertigo challenge a little early because I won't have time tomorrow morning. I decided to do two outfits channeling both Madeline and Judy, since the dual persona was a major plot point in the movie. I wore a grey suit with white blouse and black heels with pulled back hair just like Madeline, and for Judy I wore a emerald green sweater with emerald green polka dot blouse. Since I didn't have a green sweaterdress, I wore a blue skirt and shoes, and wore a blue and green "dot" bracelet to tie the two colors together and echo the blouse. And then I also did a Vertigo MOTG version inspired by the movie poster, wearing red, white and black, with a dress that has somewhat dizzying striped pattern, and a clutch that echoes the colors and also the circles of the poster.

Thank you so much Ornella for spearheading this challenge...I had so much fun getting creative with these movie themes! And thanks to everyone else for looking and commenting, and also for inspiring me with your own fab versions! I love how there are so many unique interpretations of the themes, all reflecting our own personal style!

1-3. Madeline.
Classiques Entier grey skirt suit with black lace trim
Anne Fontaine white double collar blouse
Ralph Lauren black doctor satchel
Grey pearl necklace c/o MaryK
Clarks black Mary Jane pumps

4-8. Judy.
Ann Taylor Loft green sweater cardigan
Anthro green and blue polka dot pussy-bow blouse
White House Black Market blue pleated skirt
WHBM blue snakeskin heels
Banana Republic green and blue bracelet
Jason Wu for Target blue trimmed straw purse

9. Judy vs. Madeline

10-13. MOTG, Vertigo style
WHBM red cardigan
Red, white and black dress c/o Mo
Nike black capri leggings
WHBM black pendant necklace
Petunia Picklebottom red diaper clutch
Cole Haan black wedge sandals

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