WIW 2/23-26 39 wk FFBO--dress as tunic, capris, cardi, ballet flats

Found a new 3rd trimester MOTG fast fall back outfit formula: stretchy dress worn as a tunic, with capri leggings underneath, cardigan and ballet flats. Too bad I didn't discover this formula earlier--I'm due in only 2 days! Here are the versions I've been wearing the last four days. These are all non-maternity dresses but they're empire waist and stretchy so they still fit even at 39.5 weeks. However they're a little too short due to the huge belly, which is why I have to add the leggings. Very comfy yet still getting compliments on my clothes! Several people said they were amazed that these are not maternity clothes. I'm also posting pics from my previous WIW's showing how the dresses looked in either first trimester or pre-pregnancy...all of these dresses will still be usable post-partum.

1-4. This was a Jason Wu for Target dress that looks like a huge maternity dress unless you belt it. It still looks like a tent even when I'm pregnant, so I still added a belt to define my "waist". We took the kids to ballet class and a birthday party.
JWT blue floral dress
Red bow belt
WHBM blue cardigan
Nike black capri leggings
Stuart Weitzman red ballet flats
Kate Spade butterfly necklace
WHBM red purse
5. Non-pregnant:

6-7. Dress given to me by Mo! Took the kids to swimming lessons.
WHBM red cardigan and purse
Nike capris
SW red ballet flats
F21 black and white bracelet
8. 1st trimester:

9-10. Wore this $20 TJ Maxx bubbly dress to a little baby shower that the school moms threw for me...so sweet of them. I wanted to play up the champagne/celebration theme and went with matching accessories--blue jewelled bracelet and studs on the purse remind me of bubbles.
WHBM blue cardigan and blue jewelled bracelet
MK black studded satchel
Nike capris
SW black ballet flats
11. First trimester:

12. Wore this to a work meeting and then Mom's Night Out.
Laundry pink/black dress
Calvin Klein glitter tank
WHBM black cardi and black pendant
Nike capris
SW black ballet flats
MK black satchel
13. Non-pregnant: http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....paper-doll

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW 2/15-2/22: 38/39 weeks--finished my last week of work!

Last week I was on call at 37/38 weeks, and this week at 38/39 weeks was my last week of work. It was pretty grueling--on Wed I had a full day of 15 procedures from 7:30-3 with no lunch break. I've never worked that hard even when I am not pregnant, much less within a week of my due date! But all my patients wanted to get their procedures done before I go out on maternity leave so I had to keep going. I am so glad I made it to 39 weeks and through my last day of work today without going into labor! Thought I'd throw in a few pics of me at work just for fun...the nurses bought me a cake and flowers, so sweet! Now I am just hoping for a few days more to recuperate and get everything done before the baby comes. I haven't even had time to pack my hospital bag yet!

Regardless of how busy I was, I wanted to end my pregnancy work wardrobe on a high note, because I knew this was my last chance to dress up while pregnant! All of these outfits I would have been excited to post as individual WIW threads...I felt fab in all of them! And none of these pieces are maternity clothes, just my loose or stretchy regular clothes, so I can still wear them after the baby. Although I am scared of 4th trimester dressing...just when I had gotten used to dressing and showing off my baby bump, I am going to have to rethink the way I dress again! That is, if I have the energy to get dressed at all--I'll probably be pretty tired with the baby! So if I don't post for a while, you'll know why I'm busy...but I will come back as soon as I can with an update!

Which outfit is your favorite? Thanks for looking and commenting!

1-3. This sweater dress has done a great job of stretching to accommodate the bump--hopefully it won't be permanently stretched out!
Similar outfit in January:

Calvin Klein sweater dress
Black tights
Black Frye Melissa lace-up boots
Black Kate Spade trench
Michael Kors black studded satchel
WHBM silver bracelet

4-6. I love burgundy, tweed, fur and patent. Feels so luxe and wintery. It was raining so I pulled out my fave burgundy rain boots.
Similar outfit in November:

H&M burgundy cardigan
Gap black maternity tank
Halogen burgundy boucle skirt (elastic waist and partially unzipped)
F21 double buckle brown elastic waist belt
Betsey Johnson burgundy heart satchel
Aquatalia Vavoom chianti patent rain boots
F21 bronze bracelet

7-9. My "signature outfit", tweaked for pregnancy. But had to swap the leopard heels for ballet flats for comfort. Still doing demure bombshell with fitted waist and pencil skirts despite being a 3rd trimester pregnant apple!
Original outfit from last year, and similar outfit in September:

Nordstrom Hinge mustard paisley pussy bow blouse
Vince Camuto stretchy black midi tube skirt
F21 black elastic waist belt
Stuart Weitzmann red ballet flats
Fossil red satchel
Kate Spade black trench

10-15. I had bought this dress fall 2011 and sized up to an 8 because the hemline on the size 6 was too short for comfort. Several of you recommended altering it to take in the sides, but I never got around to it...I'm glad I didn't, because it worked perfectly as a maternity dress! It was cold (mid-40's) that day, but I really wanted to wear this dress. I tried putting a turtleneck under the dress, but just didn't like the look, so I just went with throwing a heavy parka on top to combat the morning chill. I think this might have been my favorite outfit for the week. I am still enthralled with the parka over silky printed dress look ever since I saw it on the Altuzzara Fall 2011 show:
Similar outfit in November:

Anthro Winter Tree shirtdress
Gap black maternity tank
F21 double buckle brown belt
J Crew burgundy tights (just wore the waistband under the bump)
Frye Melissa brown boots
Alexis Bittar orange leopard pendant
F21 bronze bracelet
Fossil floral satchel
Anthro olive parka

16-20. Can't believe I can still fit into my Anne Fontaine shirt--yay! It has a stretchy back panel. Made it through my last day of work--so glad to be on maternity leave! (though I'm only planning to take about 6 weeks off).

Anne Fontaine white double collar button down shirt
Target stretchy ponte leopard skirt
Stuart Weitzmann leopard ballet flats
Banana Republic gold chain necklace
Jack Georges brown briefcase
Lafayette 148 caramel leather jacket


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WIW 2/9-2/14 On call at week 37

I haven't had a whole lot of time to keep up with the forum this week as I've been on call this whole week at the hospital. Here are my WIWs this week. Many are repeats, but repeats will have to do when you're 37 weeks pregnant and rushing off to work!

Now I've made it to 38 weeks but I still have one more week of work left and it's going to be tough...full days of procedures every 30-45 min from with no lunch breaks on some of the days. I am just praying I don't go into labor early because I don't want to have to make my partner cut short his vacation to cover for me! At least I have learned how to do procedures sitting down, which I started to do during 2nd trimester after standing up all day, which started to make me lightheaded and my heart pound. Now I'm used to sitting down, much more comfy so I think I'll stick with it even after baby!

1. Gap sweater, burgundy maternity skinnies, Marc Jacobs Dotty purse, Rieker black booties, circles necklace
2. Japanese Weekend magenta maternity blouse, Bobeau polka dot skirt, MJ Dotty purse, All Black Fish bow pumps, circle necklace (four pieces with dots--matchy matchy heaven!)
3. This is one of my favorite non-maternity maternity outfits. So comfy with the dress and flats--like wearing pajamas and slippers. B44 orange stripe dress, Lafayette 148 caramel leather jacket, Alexis Bittar orange leopard pendant, Stuart Weitzmann leopard flats, Fossil floral satchel
4. Japanese Weekend striped maternity shirt, Tahari black leather jacket, Michael Kors studded black satchel, Rieker black boots, F21 spiky bracelet.
5. Inspired by last weeks' dress and scarf challenges, I decided to try another version. I used a "Magic Knot" tie from the scarf tying video. I now realize that scarves are useful for two reasons--to dress up a solid colored dress, and also to hide a post-pregnancy pooch. I think I'll wear these a lot post-partum to hide the 4th trimester belly. Ralph Lauren purple dress (non-maternity), H&M scarf, Fossil floral satchel, brown Rieker booties.
7. Another one of my favorite non-maternity maternity outfits--the peacock tunic. So fun and comfy. And it's a compliment magnet--everyone always has something nice to say to me when I wear it! Alberto Makali peacock tunic, H&M black skinnies, black Rieker booties, MK studded satchel, F21 spiky bracelet. I wore it with the black leather jacket at night to go see DD's school performance (African songs and dances with visiting scholars from South Africa).

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! Thanks for looking and commenting!


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SCARF CHALLENGE DAY 5: Post your looks here!

Hi ladies--sorry for not being able to comment yet on prior threads--so exhausted from work and the kids. I am hoping to have more time this weekend to go back and savor everyone's scarf outfits!

I just started a week of hospital call--just hoping to make it through the next two weeks of work without having the baby, which is due in only 3 weeks!

I wore this combination of dress and scarf once before:
but it was so fun I thought I'd try it again while pregnant. I love matchy matchy, as you all know!

Emilio Pucci turquoise print scarf (Loehmann's), worn as headband
Michael Kors turquoise print faux wrap dress
Tahari black jacket
Dooney & Burke yellow satchel
Clark black pumps
3. How I wore it in May--almost exactly the same!
4. Closeup of the scarf.

Thanks for contributing your own looks as well!


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SCARF CHALLENGE DAY 4: Post your looks here!

I am sorry that I haven't had time to comment on the previous threads yet--I've been super busy the last two days. I will go back and comment on everyone's wonderful outfits as soon as I get a chance! Thanks for posting all your inspiring scarf outfits!

It's raining today so my plan of wearing a dress and scarf is out. I went with warmth and comfort instead. Lots of spicy autumn colors. And I found this Burberry-ish scarf in a drawer with our ski/winter gear--it's DH's. He he said it is really old and I've never seen him wear it. So here's to the scarf challenge for rescuing an orphan scarf! I don't know how I tied it--I just made it into a knot as I'm rushing off to work.

Pseudo-Burberry wool scarf
Pea in the Pod mustard cowl neck sweater
J Crew rust Plaza coat
Mavi burgundy maternity skinnies
Rieker brown booties
F21 bronze bracelet
Jack Georges brown briefcase


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SCARF CHALLENGE DAY 3: Post your looks here!

Hi, can't wait to see your new scarf outfits for today! Everyone has posted some great looks and very creative ways to wear scarves.

I didn't have a whole lot of time to think about my outfit today--not sure if this works but here it is! I tied the ends and made a faux infinity scarf out of this Gap snakeskin print scarf (matchy matchy with the Target snakeskin print skirt). UWP with a scarf.

Gap grey snakeskin scarf
Target black zip shirt
Tahari black leather jacket
Target snakeskin print skirt
Michael Kors studded satchel
Rieker black booties


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SCARF CHALLENGE DAY 2: Post your looks here!

Day 2 of the scarf challenge! Can't wait to see your outfits after the amazing ones you all posted yesterday!

I wore this Jason Wu cat print scarf bib style. I wore red today because I went to DD's school to help with their Chinese New Year Party. The kids made paper lanterns and dragon ornaments to celebrate the Year of the Snake.

Gap Maternity red turtleneck
H&M Maternity black skinny pants
Jason Wu for Target Milu cat scarf
Ralph Lauren black satchel
Rieker black booties
I couldn't decide which coat to wear with this outfit--which do you like better?
J Crew ivory tipped peacoat or Kate Spade black trench


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SCARF CHALLENGE DAY 1: Post your looks here!

Sorry that the dress challenge and scarf challenge are running concurrently, but feel free to contribute whenever you'd like--if you want to post your scarf looks next week that's fine too! Or you can combine and wear dresses and scarves!

Here's the background thread:
and if you want to do belts, necklaces, etc instead feel free to substitute! It's all for fun!

Here's my day 1 look. I wore a Kate Spade floral scarf with a red dress. Not sure if this works or not--I am very inexperienced with scarves so suggestions welcome! I did a double European loop--not sure what this scarf tie is called. Can't close my coat over the scarf but I would if I could. We'll see if I can stand wearing the scarf around my neck all day...do you guys take the scarf off at work or keep wearing it inside? I'm worried that if I take it off, the outfit will be too plain (no patterns) and won't feel like "me" anymore.

Adrianna Papell red faux wrap dress
Kate Spade floral scarf
Kate Spade black trench
Clarks Indigo black pumps
Ralphj Lauren black satchel


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WIW 1/31 & 2/1: It's a wrap!

I wore two wrap dresses the last couple of days. Even though these aren't maternity, the wrap style is very flattering for pregnancy and I've been able to still fit into these (though they've become a bit shorter now because of the big bump). The Maggy London I bought right when I became pregnant, but the Banana republic is at least 10-15 years old and still going strong! I plan to still get plenty of wear out of these post-partum as well.

1. Maggy London black and white wrap dress
WHBM black pendant
Michael Kors black studded satchel
Gap maternity black tank
H&M black tights
Frye Melissa black lace-up boots

2-4. I really like the matchy matchy chain/ribbon details in the dress, necklace and shoes! I went with the more structured and plain RL black satchel instead of my new studded satchel so as not to take attention away from the ribbon theme.
Banana Republic black ribbon wrap dress
Gap maternity black tank
Banana Republic gold chain necklace
Ralph Lauren black doctor satchel (TJ Maxx)
Clark brown pumps (also 10-15 yr old)

And because it's fun to show my dresses with the bump progression:
5. Non-pregnant
6-7. First trimester
8-9. Second trimester
10. Third trimester

Thanks for looking!


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YLF challenge idea: Scarf week (or any other underused accessory)

Hey, I had an idea for a YLF challenge...scarf week! Anyone want to join me? I have a whole collection of scarves that I rarely wear--I tend to reach for necklaces much more often. Scarves tend to be challenging for me to style because 1) I don't really know how to tie them 2) they seem kind of fussy to wear inside 3) I already have so many patterned clothes that it's difficult for me to incorporate them into my outfits. But I wanted to challenge myself to learn to incorporate the scarves that I already have into my style. So next week I'm going to push myself out of my comfort zone and wear a different scarf each day and try to use a different method of tying each day (here is an amazing video tutorial on scarf tying that I need to study carefully: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LYAEz777AU)

Feel free to contribute your own scarf outfits--just one or two or a whole week (I certainly could use the inspiration!), or if you want more of a challenge and scarves are a breeze for you, then pick another category of accessories that you have but rarely wear...hats? Statement necklaces?

Here are some of the scarves I'm considering using next week:
1. Emilio Pucci turquoise print from Loehmann's
2. Blue pleated scarf from White House Black Market
3. Cheetah print scarf from Target
4. Floral scarf from Kate Spade
5. Cat scarf from Jason Wu for Target

What do you think? Anyone care to join me? Or advice/suggestions for me for about wearing scarves if you are already a pro at them?


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