Challenge: who would like to play a fun YLF'er guessing game?

I have an idea for a super fun challenge! Let's play a game of guess the YLF'er! How well do you know your fellow Fabbers' styles? Could you identify them by their outfits, even if they were headless?

If you want to play, PM me and I'll send you my email address so you can send me a pic. Or you could even just send me a link to one of your WIW's. Try to take/pick a picture that is one of your signature looks and is very representative of your style. Headless and generic background is best, but not a requirement (I think I can try to crop heads out of the photos).

Then when I've collected all the responses (say by next Friday?), I will compile and post the challenge thread with all the pictures and a list of names, and everyone will have to guess who the fabbers are in each picture! The one who gets the most correct wins YLF supersleuth bragging rights!


WIW 7/26-27: Winter Tree shirtdress & Parisian moto chic (long story)

1-3. Haven't worn this shirtdress in a while so thought I'd bring it out again. Something was not quite right with this outfit (like all the different mismatched brown colors) but I didn't have time to tweak and had to rush off to work. Oh well! Any suggestions for next time would be appreciated!
Anthro Winter Tree shirtdress
Lafayette 148 caramel leather jacket (Nordstrom Rack)
Linea Pelle leather belt
Easy Spirit nude pumps
Calvin Klein V diamond necklace
Jason Wu for Target straw bag

4-10. I was super excited at how this outfit ended up coming together! It was totally different when I hung it up last night (I thought I'd save time and pre-pick my outfit since I had to go to work early today, but I ended up still spending a lot of time this morning tweaking it).

I wanted to wear this pleated ink blue skirt since I hadn't worn it in a while and LaFrancaise talking about navy and black got me wanting to do that color combo. At first I was going to wear the skirt with my black and white stripe scoopneck tee, and the matching blue pleated scarf, but I've already done that before ( so I thought I'd try something a bit different this time. Then I thought I would pair it with my ink blue jacket, kind of like a suit (like in this thread:, with a black and white tank underneath, and my matching blue snake pumps. I even picked out a matching blue flower pin for the jacket (kind of Chanel style, I thought), and a chunky blue gem necklace that so far I haven't been able to incorporate into an outfit because it's so darn blingy and ostentatious ( (All of this from WHBM, by the way).

I thought, this will look so French! But then I thought about it more, and even flipped through the Parisian chic book to get some inspiration, and I got the sense that they kind of frown on hyper-matchiness (Ines was like "Avoid the ladies who lunch look at all costs" and "Don't buy whole outfits") so I thought the matching colors and outfit all from one store was probably not very Parisian. And I thought the blingy necklace would be too flashy for the Parisian sensibility. And she talks a lot about mixing high and low, so I decided I should try to mix it up a little and give the outfit a little more edge and variety.

BTW the black and white stripe tank is a Bailey 44 that I initially bought full price at Nordstrom, but then it went on sale so I went to the store to try to get a price adjustment. But they said they couldn't do it because it had already "gone to the Rack" and now they weren't "allowed" to sell it to me, so I either had to just return it or keep it for full price. I wasn't happy about that and asked to speak to the SA's supervisor and the supervisor said it was OK to do the price adjustment so I ended up getting the $150 tank for $60! Yay! (I would have just returned it if they had refused).

So this morning when I woke up I swapped out the ink blue jacket for my black leather jacket. Instead of the pumps I tried black lace up booties, but it looked too schoolgirlish with the skirt and bare legs (kind of cheerleader) so I switched to my knee high Frye boots, and added some black socks to minimize the skin showing even more. I know I'm probably pushing some age-appropriate and/or work appropriate boundaries by wearing this outfit combo to work, but I'm having fun, and well, I'm my own boss so I can wear what I want! ;)

The necklace is a score from the OC swap (thank you to whoever brought it!), which I like because it kind of looks like black pearls. More understated. And I like the juxtaposition of wearing "pearls" and a feminine skirt with the tough jacket and boots. I also threw on my UWP hammered silver bracelet for more girly toughness (I'm still laughing at how I found my UWP jewelry at White House Black Market). Finally, the Sak purse is an old gift from my sister--I haven't used it that much because it's rather plain and black which isn't my usual colorful style, but I found it was just perfect for this outfit...I think Parisian chic tends to use a very neutral and understated color palette. And I like how the texture of the bag adds to the outfit.

Today when I wore this, I felt like it was worth all the time and effort I took to tweak everything. I felt like it really came together with what I wanted to try to achieve (navy and black Parisian chic with a little edge and girly toughness). Did I succeed? Would a real Parisian woman dress like this or is this just my imagination of what a "French" outfit looks like? Will have to see what LaFrancaise's verdict is!

Almost everyone I saw today had a positive comment about my outfit. One patient (a middle aged guy, who I wouldn't think would notice such things) said "You're the most stylish doc I've ever seen!" Even DH liked my outfit (I thought he might think it was too OTT but he liked it, I think because the colors are restrained, and he said he liked the boots--as did everyone else). And I loved walking around in this swishy skirt--loved the ruffling of the pleats when I walked and when the wind blew it around (tried to show the twirliness in one of the pics). So it was a rousing success!

Thanks for looking and for all of your comments! Thought you might enjoy this long-winded story of the process behind this outfit!

Tahari black leather jacket
Bailey 44 black and white striped tank
White House Black Market pleated blue skirt
Frye Melissa black laceup boots and black socks
Swap black pearl necklace
WHBM hammered silver necklace
The Sak black purse


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WIW 7/24 & 7/25: Besotted with dots and Parisian chic navy and white

1-6. A very me outfit because of the ladylike ALGO hyper-matchiness--I love doing themes to excess! I'm besotted with dots--everything in this outfit has dots! I've probably posted this outfit before, but I don't remember exactly the last time I wore this suit, so here it is again!
(ETA: Here was the last time, in February):
White House Black Market polka dot skirt suit with ruffled collar
WHBM cream silk shell
WHBM spectator belt with polka dot trim
WHBM pearl necklace (kind of like more dots!)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dotty snake bag
All Black fish bow pumps with dots on the toe box (a match made in heaven with Dotty!)

7-10. Navy and white always reminds me of Parisian chic! Especially with the navy peacoat and straw handbag. Wearing my summer formula of blousy tunic, white jeans and nude sandals. It's kind of cold here in the summers, hence the peacoat for the foggy mornings.
WHBM blue and white floral blouse
Paige white Hidden Hills jeans
Clarks Woodward Willows nude wedge sandals
WHBM silver and diamond bracelet
Jason Wu for Target straw handbag with navy trim

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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Describe your style in one word!

Just for fun...another style persona question. This one is simple...or hard, depending on how you look at it! Describe your style in one word. And for extra credit, post a pic of an example of your style!

I'll go first:


(of course!)


WIW 7/18-7/23: More MOTG & work

Here's a few more!

1-5. DD was at camp but DH and I had the day off, so we took DS for some special time on his own at the Cal Academy. it was a little strange only having one kid with us...I think that was the first time we'd done that! So much easier to keep track of only one! Lots of DS pics because I can't resist...he was having so much fun--he loved the undivided attention from both of us!
Anthro Golden Gate purple sweater poncho
Missoni for Target floral blouse
Gap Always Skinny jeans
Kate Spade Japanese floral Tretorns
Fossil velvet floral satchel

6. 7/19
Laundry by Shelli Segal pink and black faux wrap dress (via Bluefly)
H&M black tank
Clarks black MaryJane pumps
Marc Jacobs dotty snake bag--several people have asked me "Is that a Marc Jacobs?" when I wear this purse. I didn't realize that Marc Jacobs was so well known!

7. 7/20
White House Black Market ink blue peplum jacket
H&M black tank
Tori Burch cobalt and rust skirt
Ralph Lauren black doctor satchel
Chie Mihara rust sandals

8. 7/23
Ralph Lauren black and brown equestrian pussy bow sleeveless blouse
Leith gingerbread leather skirt
Fossil chevron satchel
Fossil black and brown pumps

There! Finally caught up! Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW 7/14-7/17:SoCal trip

You've seen some of these already but since I'm playing catch-up here is everything in order.

1. 7/14 My YLF meetup outfit
Banana Republic Trina Turk psychedelic sorbet tunic and matching bracelet
Paige Hidden Hills white bootcut jeans
Clark Woodward WIllows nude wedge sandals
Dooney & Bourke yellow satchel

2. 7/14 Taking the kids to the park
Michael by Michael Kors turquoise print dress (actually, yesterday I saw a 50ish plus size woman at the grocery wearing the exact same dress--I was so excited to see a dress twin IRL!)
Nike black capri leggings
Cole Haan black Air Tali sandals
D&B yellow satchel
Kids in Tea Collection

4-5. 7/15 Just a loungewear outfit, hanging out at Grandma's
Target Merona orchid jacket, print shirt and black yoga pants

6. 7/15 Taking the kids to the park
Anthro Maeve kelly green tunic
Paige Hidden Hills white bootcut jeans
D&B yellow satchel
Clarks Woodward WIllows sandals

7-8. Kiddos in Tea at the airport--they were so cute holding hands and with DS rolling his wheeled Thomas backpack through the airport!

9. Red and peacock blue (already posted earlier)
Adrianna Papell red faux wrap dress
Aldo Sedlak peacock clutch
Banana Republic blue necklace
Fossil buckle pumps

10-11. Sona's Kurti via Vicki from OC swap (already posted earlier)
Tulle navy wool peacoat
Turquoise and navy kurti
Paige Hidden Hills white bootcut jeans
Turquoise necklace
Kate Spade turquoise clutch
Clarks Woodward WIllows sandals

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW 7/6-13 My week on call

I'm playing catch-up with my WIW's--I got busy when I was on call earlier this month and didn't have time to post these earlier. These are all work outfits. I went with flats or low heeled pumps this week since I was running around the hospital all week. Having fun making up catchy titles for my outfits, so you won't get bored (since you've seen some of these outfits before).

1. 7/6 Newspaper (ie, what's black and white and red all over)
White House Black Market red cardigan, hibiscus skirt, black pendant and red snake bag
H&M black tank
Clarks black Mary Jane pumps

2. 7/7 Snakes and Fish in the Garden
Missoni for Target floral blouse
Adriano Goldschmied ivory skinny jeans
All Black fish bow pumps
Marc by Marc Jacobs dotty snake bag

3. 7/8 Pair of Diamonds
(I really liked Meridith's outfit Angie posted today and now I know why--because I love teal and red too!)
Only Mine teal cowl neck cashmere sweater
Anthro mustard and teal diamond pattern belt
Gap red trousers
Fossil red diamond satchel
Clarks brown pumps

4-6. 7/9 Happy Birthday with a Cherry on Top!
(Had to work on my birthday, so I dressed up for the occasion! Got some birthday hugs from the kiddos when I got home)
WHBM red cardigan (yes, I kept the cardigan on the whole time!), black pendant and red snake bag
Ebay black and red cherry print sundress
Stuart Weitzmann black Giveable ballet flats

7. 7/10 Pretty as a Peacock
Alberto Makali peacock print tunic
Gap Real Skinny black pants
Born bronze ballet flats
Kate Spade grey croc tote

8. 7/12 Newspaper Part II
Bobeau black and white swirly stripe tunic
Black H&M tank
Gap red trousers
Kate Spade black and white Japanese floral bag
Jobean black and white necklace
Cole Haan black Air Tali sandals

9. 7/13 Salted Caramel (I already posted this one, but here it is in sequence)
Lafayette 148 caramel leather jacket
EmersonMade bee and crown blouse
Classiques Entier grey pencil skirt with black lace trim
Fossil chevron stripe satchel
Fossil buckle pumps

Thanks for looking and your comments!


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K/R: NAS loot

Hi all! Piling on to the NAS fray with my set of K/R's. I bought these when the pre-sale started but didn't get a chance to take pics till now. I also haven't had a chance to peruse Angie's lists yet but am hoping to read them later tonight!

I have to say I'm not super thrilled with these now that I've tried them on. The only one I love and am keeping for sure is the Zella turquoise jacket and black yoga pants. On the fence about the black and white striped dress (I think it looks better than the red/navy) and the red leggings, but I'm not so sure about the grey sweater and the two capes--I feel like they're kind of swallowing me up. What do you think of these items on me--anything worth keeping?

1-5. Halogen Toggle Closure Topper in Grey (one size fits all):
and Hue red denim leggings:
I am not sure about the sweater. These M red leggings are a bit snug at the waist, but the size L was too big in the crotch.
Oh and I couldn't resist copying the silly model pose (4-5)! :)

6-10. French Connection 'Dani' Stripe Side Panel Sheath Dress in black/white (6-8) and red/navy (9-10) in size 8:
This is a very snug body-con dress so I had to size up to an 8. Even so, I think it's a bit of a hard style for apples to wear. Sorry for the bad lighting--I think it looks worse in the pics because the overhead lighting in the bathroom closet here creates a lot of shadows around the tummy that you wouldn't necessarily see in real life. Regardless, what do you think? I think for some reason the black/white looks more slimming than the red/navy. Plus I think I can also wear it with the red leggings in 8--does that look OK? On the other hand, if you think this dress makes me look horribly fat, let me know. I can handle it! ;)

11-13. Betsey Johnson Bell Sleeve Capelet in Orange, size S:
Maybe I should have sized down to an XS--I kind of feel like a whale in this. Also the buttons/toggles are kind of difficult to open and close easily. The closure is a bit fussy. Not sure if I really need this because I already have a rust orange wool peacoat. If you really like it, I might try an XS.

14-15. Via Spiga Ombre Plaid cape size S/M:
Huh, I'm not sure about this one either. It also feels a little large on me, and there are a lot of snaps to close it up which is also kind of fussy. And the "sleeves" are not real sleeves...I feel like a bat when I raise my arms!

17-20. Zella ruched turquoise jacket size S:
(Here's the link for the black version but I can't find the turquoise--maybe it's sold out?)
Zella Booty Reversible Pants size 8:
These are my faves of the bunch and the only ones I'm keeping for sure. So comfy--gear that still looks stylish enough to wear out & about in a pinch. Definitely fills a loungewear wardrobe hole for me! The pants say "reversible" but the inside is black too, so I'm not sure what the point of that is.

Thanks for wading through yet another YLF NAS K/R!


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WIW 7/16: Red dress again, having fun changing out accessories

Thought I'd wear my favorite little red dress again, as Vicki had mentioned she had a similar red dress that she found at TJ Maxx as well (can't wait to see your pics!). I was going to just do the leopard shoes and necklace again since I liked that combo when I wore it last month, but then I thought, why not try something a little different. Then I can post it as a WIW! LOL!

4. Here is the original post in March with black shoes and pendant:
5. Then in June with leopard accesories:

1-3. This time I tried it with a blue (light and dark blue) necklace from Banana Republic. I thought the chunky pieces reminded me of the blue dots on the peacock feathers, so I matched it with the Aldo peacock clutch. And I wore cognac shoes to match the wood color of the bag handle. I considered wearing my blue snake heels but the stiletto heels feel too high and I didn't want to trip, so I wore the sturdier heels.

Adrianna Papell red draped jersey dress
Banana Republic blue necklace
Aldo peacock clutch
Fossil cognac pumps

Which version do you like the best? Any other color schemes to try? Even though the dress is fairly simple and solid, it fits well and I love the bright red color. Also shows the power of the accessories to change things up and make the outfit more special.


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WIW 7/17: Swap loot pics (to be the first of many!)

The OC SoCal swap was so fun! (Here are the pics and writeups: and from MaryK).

Here is the loot I ended up with! Not pictured are the white shorts that Claire so thoughtfully sent me--I was so excited I put them on right away and forgot to take them off for the picture! Also includes a nice shopping bag and some nail polish from gracious hostess Vicki--now I finally own some nail polish so I can do my toes for sandal wearing! DD promptly asked to have her nails painted so I used the clear pink on her. Of course DS wanted some too, so I painted his toes pink as well! I ended up with six blouses, one cardigan, one skirt, one shorts, two jackets and a necklace! This should keep me busy for a while with new WIW's! Thanks ladies!

Here is the first swap item...I believe this shirt originally came from Sona to Vicki from Sona's trip to India. I remember Sona was asking if anyone wanted one (I don't remember--is it called a kurta?) and I forgot to pipe up and regretted it. Well, what do you know...I did get one after all! Vicki said it was too big on her, but since I'm bigger than Vicki it's perfect for me! I love Indian clothes with their bright colors and pattern mixing. And the shirt is even in my favorite colors right now--turquoise, cobalt and navy. And I love the floral pattern and pattern mixing sleeves and the tiny silver sequin trim. Someone said that the shirt looked very Tory Burch to them. I think the waist surrendering woven tunic over flared white jeans and nude sandals has become my go-to summer formula, so this outfit feels very "new me"! Thanks so much Sona and Vicki!

I can't wait to try another YLF swap sometime...maybe autumn in the Bay Area?

Tulle navy peacoat (it was cold, foggy and slightly rainy today so I definitely needed a jacket)
Sona/Vicki's Indian tunic (swap)
Paige Hidden Hills white jeans (OK, not the most practical jeans for a drizzly day but I don't mind!)
Clarks Woodward Willows sandals
Kate Spade turquoise jewel clutch
$5 hospital jewelry sale turquoise necklace


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