What is your worst/best/most distinctive feature?

Just for fun--what is the feature you dislike the most or try hardest to hide? What is your best feature? And what is your most distinctive, and do you like it or not?
Also, I'm going to guess that your most hated feature is something that others here don't even notice or think is a problem! ;)

Here are mine to start:
1. I think I'm most self-conscious about my tummy since I'm an apple now post-kids. I'm not fat, but I have to be careful about what I wear to avoid muffin top.
2. My best feature is my long straight hair. I don't do anything to style it, not even blow drying, which is probably why it's pretty healthy and shiny. Sometimes I wish I had full bodied curls or waves, but I think that would require a lot more upkeep and I don't have the patience for that.
3. My most distinctive feature are my specs (does that count?) since I wear them all the time. I have one red pair and one brown pair that I like a lot, and I'll wear them even with dresses. I sometimes think I look funny now if I wear contacts because I'm so used to glasses!