Suggest style icon(s)? Name my style(s)?

Hi! I'd love to play too...who do you think is my style icon? I thought maybe Zooey Deschanel, who also rocks glasses with long dark hair and bangs, and has a girly, colorful, playful and whimsical style. Definitely a match for my matchy matchy Kate Spade persona. And how can you not love someone who gives their daughter the middle name Otter? But then I found this quote in an interview she did:

"But first, let's get one thing straight: As far as Zooey's concerned, "quirky" is just "a nice way of saying 'weird.'"
"It's an annoying word," she explained.
Hey, what a quirky thing to say!
...Heh. Sorry.
But while most of us probably would describe Zooey's vintage-inspired and offbeat style as...well, you know, she has some better adjectives to define her unique fashion sense."I would say girly, flirtatious, colorful," she said. "Feminine, maybe, and soft. But yeah, definitely colorful."
And when it comes to putting her outfits together, she's got quite the interesting criteria: "What if I need to run away? Just take off at any minute? I want to be able to run away and dance at all times."
Meanwhile, with her self-confessed frilly sensibilities, the 1990s-inspired trends that have hit L.A. recently aren't up Zooey's alley. "I’m not a leather-dress, bondage-pumps type of person," she said. "All those straps and zippers look horrible on me. Am I going to kill someone with that shoe? I like things that are pretty. I like dressing up.""

So what about my UWP shadow persona with the tougher, edgier style and the black, studs and leather? Do I need two style icons? Or is there someone you'd suggest that can represent both my style personas? And is there a fashion descriptor(s) for my current style? Because I don't think Demure Bombshell is sufficient anymore...

I'm including a couple of recent outfits I wore showing my two styles with two different black bags, and here's a thread with more pics of my style and shadow style:


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