WIW 2/16: More love for versatile red corset trench--work/school, MOTG & date night

Yesterday I posted my Valentine's Day outfit with my Anthro red corset trench (#1), which I wore to work and to volunteer at DD's school:

Well, I just found out that someone I know online bought the same exact red corset trench after I posted about it when I bought it a little over two years ago, but it's been sitting in her closet this whole time because she isn't sure it's her color and didn't know how to style it. She just takes it out and looks at it once in a while and hasn't worked up the courage to wear it yet and is thinking of purging it. What?! Sacrilege!! ;) This fabulous coat needs to be liberated from languishing in her closet, so I have made it my mission to rescue her orphan! :)

It's probably one of my most versatile coats, and is always a compliment magnet every time I wear it! Just goes to show the power of a statement piece that can elevate any basic outfit. Case in point: #3. Very basic casual outfit--T shirt, torn jeans and sneakers. Perfectly appropriate for MOTG kid-chasing, though maybe not the most exciting. But add the red corset trench (4-5) and pow--instant glamour! Most people would be happy to stop there (the red color and the corset back are plenty attention-getting), but my love of quirky ALGO compels me to add my usual matchy matchy, OTT details like the red spec necklace, typewriter purse, and polka dot bracelet and iPhone cover to match the typewriter keys (6-8). Maybe TMGO for some, but it's fun and so me! Perfect for swimming lessions and a day at the zoo with the family (including my sister and niece who are visiting). And then the trench transitions right into evening for a date night with DH--I had only 5-10 minutes after we got home to nurse DS2 and change into the floral dress and red pumps and then DH and I were off to dinner! And back just in time to put the kids to bed (14)!

So there you have it, red corset trench twinnie, you know who you are...no shortage of styling options--take that lovely coat out for a long overdue spin and get ready for the compliments to roll in! And if anyone else has a statement piece hiding in their closet that you think is too fancy for MOTG or you have no occasion to wear it or whatever, I challenge you to de-orphan it, now!

Anthro Elevenses red corset trench with
1-2. Tory Burch hearts dress
Red bow belt
Chanel--Ms. Scarlet
Katie & Kelley red patent pumps (DSW)

3-10. H&M navy and white striped T shirt
Vigoss destroyed skinny jeans
Red Converse sneakers
Kate Spade All Typed Up Clyde typewriter purse
Kate Spade navy and white polka dot bracelet
Kate Spade red specs necklace
Kate Spade polka dot iPhone cover

11-14. ASOS red roses dress
Red bow belt
Chanel--Ms. Scarlet
Katie & Kelley red patent pumps (DSW)
Kate Spade butterfly necklace


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WIW 2/14: Valentine's Day red corset and hearts

Ha, made you look! Nothing racy though, just some pics of me and the kids. I went to volunteer at DD's school for their Valentine's party--she read a cute book to the class called Penguins in Love, about two penguins who knit and fall in love. (She is learning how to knit this semester, so it was perfect). And then we played a game where the kids had to unravel the yarn to find their partner.

I got lots of compliments on the heart dress and the red corset trench. I love dressing in holiday themes!

I couldn't get any solo outfit shots because once I got home, DS2 refused to let me put him down. And of course DS1 and DD wanted to join in the fun as well! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Tory Burch navy shirtdress with white hearts
Red bow belt
Anthro Elevenses red corset trench
Ms. Scarlet red Chanel bag
Katie & Kelley red patent pumps from DSW


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WIW 2/4: Pinterest Told Me To Blardigan copycat

Hey y'all!!!! You are SO going to get a kick out of this copycat. I found this blog Pinterest Told Me To after it was recommended on my mommy board. O.M.G.!!!! This lady Sheaffer is a RIOT. She is like a modern day Valley Girl. Totally AWESOME!!! Her plot reviews of the Bachelor (Hola, Huhwahan Pablo!) are like sneaking into a tub of chocolate coconut ice cream at midnight (BTW, these mocha almond dark chocolate dipped bars are to die for! Don't blame me. You're welcome.). I found myself LOL'ing, and I don't even watch this show! Can you say GUILTY PLEASURE???

And I couldn't help copying her and running right out to buy one of her entire MUST HAVE outfits. Yep, that's right. Ev. Ur. E. Thing. The whole enchilada. I'm such a total LEMMING. But it's not my fault! Sheaffer told me to!

SO without any more ado, here is the Blardigan! (I see that we've even discussed it here at YLF before!) I normally hate those Brangelina smoosh words like swacket and jeggings too, but this one is so fun to say (sorry IK!). Blardigan. Part blanket, part cardigan. It is sooo soft and cozy. I have been wearing this Every.Single.Night as a comfy lounge robe. For Weeks On End. I only washed it when DS1 climbed into my bed in the middle of the night and then threw up on me. Occupational hazards of being a mom, right ladies? But sorry to disappoint y'all, I am SO NOT showing it styled like the Nordie's catalog pic (#6)!  Except maybe on Valentine's Day for DH. ;)

I could not resist a matchy matchy Pinterest copycat (#1) and copied her HEAD.TO.TOE with the black blouse, cognac boots, and ripped jeans. Because I roll that way. You know I love doing blogger copycats and you know I have been prone to ripping off entire outfits from the catalog before. So here it is, folks. Ha! I managed to wear a Snuggie out of the house and get away with it! Comfy MOTG style. Matchy Matchy me even tried to copy her pose and peppy smile (my dimples are no match for hers), but after a while I just couldn't do it anymore--my cheeks hurt (#3)! And oops, excuse the diapers in the background. I guess that's why I couldn't do a real fashion blog. At least they're clean! ;)

You can find the Barefoot Dreams chic lite wrap HERE.
And the original Pinterest Told Me To post about the blardigan HERE.
She names the blardigan a MUST HAVE HERE.
And here's the must have Pleione mixed media shirt, must have Vigoss ripped skinny jeans, and must have Miz Mooz cognac wedge boots too (40% off folks! This won't last long! And it fits skinny calf me--score!)
I don't have the same pendant as she does, but THIS lucite Alexis Bittar pendant (#4) is a great substitute.

So there you have it, y'all. Hope you enjoyed me channelling Sheaffer from PTMT. SUUUUPEERRR FUNNN!!!!! Now back to our regular programming!


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WIW 1/23: Leather sleeve T and slouchy trousers

Another "edgier me" outfit--I wore this outfit to work, and repeated it (with my burgundy patent Aquatalia boots, forgot to get a pic) for date night.

Vince leather sleeve tee
Helmut Lang draped black trousers
Rieker black booties
Michael Kors black studded satchel
Alexis Bittar black necklace
Forever 21 gunmetal bracelet
Spiegel draped leather jacket


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WIW 1/22 & 2/6: Grey sweatshirt to the office x2!

I've been dying to copy MaryK and wear a sweatshirt to work ever since I saw her do it this summer (6):

I found this Vince grey sweatshirt online at Nordstrom (7):

I am slightly embarrassed at how much I paid for a grey sweatshirt--I know I could buy a $20 one at Old Navy, but I wanted it to look polished if I was wearing it to work--hopefully this looks a little more luxe than your basic lounge sweats? Initially I rejected wearing it with my slouchy trousers--I thought it would look too masculine. So I paired it with a black leather pencil skirt and the Okala pumps. Got lots of compliments on the outfit, especially the shoes! And nobody said, "Why are you wearing sweats to the office?" Or if they thought it, they kept it to themselves!

After wearing my trousers several more times in the last few weeks, I decided to go for it and see if I could make the sweats + baggy trousers look work for my ladylike style. Threw on the big bubble necklace to femme it up. I felt a bit like a fashion blogger!

I don't know if you can tell, but I'm having fun developing my alternate edgier style persona! Thanks for looking and commenting!

1-3. Vince grey piped sweatshirt
Halogen black leather pencil skirt
Sam Edelman Okala pony print pumps
Alexis Bittar black pendant necklace
Spring Street silver cuff
Michael Kors black studded satchel

4-5. Vince grey piped sweatshirt
Helmut Lang draped black pants
Mia Nanette lace up heeled black booties
J Crew black bubble necklace
Nordstrom black and gold bangle
Michael Kors black studded satchel


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WIW 2/11: Olive and hot pink and army jacket mini-me

I would never have thought to pair olive and pink, so it was fun to try a new color combination! The hot pink blouse and brocade sleeves on the jacket keep the outfit feminine and balance out the tomboy of the ripped jeans and stompy boots. Fun casual outfit for a day off, dropping DS1 off at preschool and taming the baby-cat tornado. And even more fun to do the matchy matchy mini-me with DS1 instead of DD--we had matching army jackets!

Anthro Hei Hei army green jacket
Pleione hot pink blouse
Vigoss destroyed skinny jeans
Born Zuniga moto boots in Grigio
Michael Kors silver studded satchel
Vince Camuto diamond bullet necklace
White House Black Market hammered silver bracelet

(PS Here is the last time I wore this jacket: http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....pped-jeans)


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WIW 1/24: Tory Burch Golden Dragonfly

I posted about these shoes in IK's "I'm not sorry" thread:

Still unapologetically loving my golden dragonfly 4 inch pumps!

This is my usual ladylike luxe polished outfit. Though I'm having a bit of a style schizophrenia--I wore this the day before this RATE outfit:

Tory Burch beetle blouse and skirt, golden dragonfly necklace and Imogene pumps
WHBM ink blue jacket
H&M teal tights
Kate Spade turquoise jeweled clutch


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WIW 1/25 Girly Tomboy UWP: Army Jacket and Ripped Jeans

Ha! Bet you never thought you'd see me in an army green military jacket and ripped jeans, right? Princess Ladylike Polish takes on Warrior Tomboy RATE! I've got the rugged military jacket, combat-worn destroyed jeans, soldier boots, map satchel (I have to find my way through enemy lines to deliver the secret message), diamond "bullet" necklace, and spiked cuff weapon. Though I still had to have the girly details like the brocade ribbon on the sleeves, just so you know it's still me!

DD was a girl warrior too, at a county chess tournament. She won two of her five games and had tons of energy all day. Very proud of her!

Anthro Hei Hei army jacket
Pleione black shirt
Vince Camuto necklace
Spring St. cuff
Vigoss destroyed skinny jeans
Frye Melissa lace up boots
Map satchel from Rae


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WIW 1/27, 29, 31: Four eyes cubed and KS typewriter bag!

So fun! DH gave me a Kate Spade gift card for Christmas, and it didn't take long to use it. I happened to come across a surprise one-day sale at Kate Spade.com and they had this typewriter bag on sale. They were bringing back the greatest hits from past handbag seasons. Felt like I'm cheating on Ms. Scarlet, but I totally could not resist this whimsical purse! I also picked up these Kate Spade reversible glasses pendants. One is black and red, and the other is tortoiseshell and gold. Super fun to bookend my specs with these glasses necklaces. I'm a secretary in #1 and a librarian in #8, and I don't know what in #5 (tornado tamer?). #1 is my favorite and so me with the matchy matchy details (did you notice the polka dots in the skirt and the iPhone case match the typewriter keys on the bag?) :)

Kate Spade All Typed Up Clyde handbag
Kate Spade Goreski glasses


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WIW 2/2: Fuzzy Pink Grapefruit

I was smitten with Angie's fuzzy sweater in this post:
but the first two sweaters I tried didn't work--one was too cropped and the other too baggy.
So I ordered this one instead.
It's not photographing very well in this pics--the color is more like in #3, like pink grapefruit. (Instead of a fuzzy navel, it's a fuzzy grapefruit, get it? Haha)

Since I'm mostly going to be wearing it as a casual sweater with jeans, I thought I'd go for a longer sweater so that I didn't have to tug it down all the time or expose my belly. But I was a little self conscious that maybe I look like I'm wearing a bath mat, so I put a white jacket on top. But then it looked funny with the sweater untucked, so I tucked it all in, and wore silver accessories (belt, bag, shoes). I wore it to take the kids swimming and to a birthday party at a bouncy house place, and then to visit their cousins for dinner.

I know it doesn't look as sleek and stylish as Angie's outfit and the pics are making my gut look a bit tubby and my hips look huge. Sigh. DH had to work, but he laughed when he came home and saw me and said I reminded him of a Muppet. Yes, I know it looks a bit ridiculous, but it was only $24 so I can have fun with it a few times and not feel bad about ditching it when it goes out of style. Bonus, the kids love to pet and hug me when I'm wearing it! DS1 said I'm warm and cozy.

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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