How often do you repeat entire outfits versus wardrobe mix?

Shannon's post on whether or not to post repeat outfits got me thinking, how often do you repeat outfits in their entirety without changing anything? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year?

I was surprised at how many of you said you don't post repeat outfits on the forum unless you change something. I feel like I've been on here forever but it's only been 8 months and I'm sure there's lots of outfits that you veterans have posted before that I've never seen. I have a "signature outfit" that I've worn in its entirety at least 4 times in the last 8 months and there's plenty of others that I've repeated. I think I wear repeat outfits at least every 1-2 weeks. I admit I haven't always reposted the repeats, but maybe I should!

I feel like if you love an outfit that much to wear it again, it must be your signature style so I want to see it! Plus I am not able to look at every single WIW posted or keep track of who wore each outfit. So even if it's an exact repeat, there's a good chance it will be new to me and other regulars, and many others who are new here since there are always new people joining.

So how often are you repeating outfits? Are you a repeater or remixer?

PS I'm selfishly reposting my responses to Shannon's thread below, just so I can have it on my blog too:
I'm wondering the same thing! Personally, I'm in favor of it because 1) we get to see your fabulous outfits again 2) it shows which pieces/outfits are working hard in your wardrobe and 3) it takes the pressure off of having to change your outfit every time just to be different.

I've posted slightly different versions of outfits before. But if it's a favorite outfit and it's perfect without needing any more tweaking, why not wear it exactly as is! I know I've worn my "signature outfit" several times exactly the same way. So post your repeats and I'll do the same! Plus I don't think I am keeping that close track of everyone's outfits so I don't think if I saw a repeat of yours I would think "Oh, she already wore that". I would just enjoy it! Also, I know new people are joining all the time so if you wore it several months ago it will always be new to someone. Maybe a compromise would be to post it along with another new outfit?

Another thought I had about not wanting to repeat outfits. Perhaps the pressure to always post something new is contributing to wanting to buy more and more? Maybe if we were content to post repeat outfits it would be easier for us to "shop your closet" and be happy with what we've got. I love wardrobe remixing, but at a certain point there's only so many ways to wear an outfit and sometimes you just want to go with what works the best.


WIW 2/29: Casual daytime sparkle for mom on the go

I am having so much fun this week with Angie's daytime sparkle post! Thanks for the nudge to try sparkle! I am not usually a "blingy" person but it's fun to play around with something new. Today I'm doing a casual version for MOTG, again following Angie's formula.

Here is the funny story about how I ended up with these sparkly pieces in my wardrobe--it started with Christmas presents from my mom, who loves to shop at Forever 21 (for herself)!
I just couldn't bring myself to wear those exact items but I did pick something else in the spirit of her gift:

These skinny jeans are the most faded ones I have. I wore both charcoal sparkly tank and gold and black striped sparkly cardigan. And to top it off, leopard ballet flats. I could have gone for plain black tank and black flats, but I thought "What would Mom do?" and went for it all! I think she'd definitely wear this outfit, but she'd swap out the flats for leopard heels. Hopefully it's not too over the top but I wanted to really play with the theme!

And my "handbag" is my black Diaper Dude. LOL!

Sorry about the smudged mirror, but the little handprints are constantly appearing there (it's their bathroom).

INC gold sparkle and black stripe cardigan with attached scarf from Macy's
Calvin Klein charcoal grey sparkly top from Macy's
AG Farrah skinny jeans from Anthro
Stuart Weitzmann Giveable Ballet flats in leopard print
Diaper Dude black diaper bag

ETA: I love my Diaper Dude. It's a diaper bag designed so that dads won't feel ashamed to carry them (no floral purses). I also have a fancy huge JuJuBe diaper bag but this one is the most practical so I keep using it. It has everything--cell phone pocket on the strap, key clip, water bottle holder, and tons of compartments to organize everything.


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WIW 2/28: Daytime sparkle--sequin tank take 2

Yesterday I wore this black and white geometric sequin tank top under my cream and black trench coat, but I feel like it didn't really count since it was barely visible.

So I thought I'd give the tank another chance to shine and wore it again today! I copied Angie's formula from her blog post:

I tried it with both my black and white Anne Fontaine shirts underneath. (I had actually never thought to put button down shirts underneath tanks, before Claire and Angie suggested it yesterday). The front of the tank has sequins but the back is plain black. It blends in with the black shirt, but I actually liked the higher contrast with the white shirt and the more dramatic double collar. Then I put a black leather jacket on top and added trouser jeans (can't do faded jeans since I'm working today), red pumps and red bag. No jewelry since the sequins are enough.

If you asked me a year ago if I'd wear a sequin tank top to work I would have laughed. I always thought of sequins as something ice skaters, entertainers, or my mom would wear (she's definitely a magpie and dresses in a "flashy/diva/gala" style). Now look at what YLF has done to me! :) I am definitely pushing out of my fashion comfort zone for sure. But the funny thing is, even though this outfit is a stretch, it did feel very "me" when I wore it. What do you think? Comments and suggestions welcome and thanks for looking!

White House Black Market black and white geometric sequin tank top
Anne Fontaine white double collar button down blouse (folded up the sleeves)
Tahari black leather jacket with suede panels and ruched collar
Gap Long and Lean trouser jeans
Clark red T-strap pumps
Fossil red executive tote

PS: Check out my new YLF blog! So exciting--thanks Greg for developing this option! Big fun!


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WIW 2/27: Daytime sparkle and cream trench

Given Angie's post today about daytime sparkle, I thought I'd break out the black and white geometric sequin tank I bought at White House Black Market. It's too bare to wear by itself at work, but I put the WHBM cream and black contrast trench over it (got the idea from their website). Add Gap Really Skinny pants and the All Black cream and black Fishbow pumps and I'm all set! You can barely see the sequins with the jacket on, but I know it's there! Party in my head! :)


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WIW 2/21-24: Skiing in Tahoe

Last week we went to Tahoe!
1-2. Not much to report since I pretty much wore the same outfit the whole week (long underwear, ski pants and parka). I improvised and wore my kayaking helmet instead of renting a ski helmet. Four-year-old DD went skiing for the first time ever and she really learned quickly--was starting to ski on her own a bit in just a couple lessons! She even learned how to ride the chairlift. We are beginners and haven't been skiing in about 10 years so we were relearning it too.
3. We also took the kids sledding. I'm wearing my trusty red REI fleece jacket, and "vintage" green snow boots (actually, they're DH's old snow boots from when he was a kid!).
4. I don't know if this really counts as "fashion" but I did wear one outfit with a Banana Republic denim shirt, Missoni for Target blouse and rust orange Old Navy Rockstar jeggings. Fit right into the Tahoe crowd with my brown Ugg boots. ;)
5-8. While we were there I bought another lighter weight snow jacket since I was sweltering in my thick red Columbia parka (it was really warm up there). DD picked this one out for me--I like the geometric pattern and the 686 company logo is pretty cool too. I know you may think it looks a little puffy and shapeless on me, but it's pretty comfy and I'd have to drive over three hours to return it, so I think it's a keeper (planning to use it the next time we go up to the snow). :)
By the way, Mo hadn't arrived there yet so I wasn't able to do a YLF meetup. Maybe next time!


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WIW 2/25-26: Milu the cat; Melissa trench+boots & triple animal print

1. Red INC long cardigan
Jason Wu for Target Milu the Cat tee
Blue Essence black skinny jeans
Red Converse

2-4. Kate Spade black Melissa ruffle trench--all this talk of trenches got me wanting to pull out my own trench!
H&M black and white tee
Gap grey snakeskin print scarf
Blue Essence charcoal python print skinny jeans (these are the ones I waxed but the wax coating came off in the wash, which actually is good because the smell and lint-attracting problems went away)
Frye Melissa black lace-up boots (isn't it funny that my trench and boots are both named Melissa?)
Kate Spade grey croc tote (is triple animal print too much? LOL!)


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What's all the fuss over Burberry trenches about?

Dissertante's thread about Burberry trenches has been a fascinating read. I posted that I would love to get a Burberry trench someday. But then I was wondering, why do I think that? Their marketing must be really good to make so many people think that it's the "must-have" trench coat. Really, why all the fuss over Burberry trenches? Are they really that much better than other trench coats to be worth a thousand dollars or more? Is there something special about the design that if someone is walking by you can instantly tell it's a Burberry trench, without seeing the label on the inside? And lots of people posted that they wouldn't get the silk trench, but would buy the "classic" Burberry trench. Is there one model that's considered the "classic" version? There seem to be so many different versions on their website. I think their trenches are really pretty--look at this orange leather trimmed one...drool. But I'm not about to spend $3200 to get it...that seems crazy to me! I admit I splurged on an expensive Kate Spade black trench for $500 (my most expensive clothing purchase to date--my wedding dress was only $100 more), and I also have a red trench from Anthro and a cream and black one from White House Black Market, both for $99. But otherwise I do not know much about trenches and am puzzled about why Burberry trenches are so much more expensive than other brands and whether they really are worth the premium or whether you are just paying for a label. Thanks for educating me--I am just curious!


K/R: Cocktail dresses

I don't know how I ended up with this many cocktail dresses. I didn't have any fancy dresses before YLF, and DH has been bugging me for years to get a nice dress. The first four still have the tags on and I'm wondering which ones to keep and which to return. I do have the occasional holiday party or fundraiser for work to attend (maybe a 2-3 times a year) but otherwise I don't usually dress up. I think DH would be OK with me keeping all of them, but I am just wondering if I really need ALL of these. Or maybe I should go out on more dates with DH!

Which ones look best on me, and any that I should return? Thanks for your advice!

1-5. Sue Wong Ribbon Trim Illusion dress size 6 in wine and black
I found this on sale at the Rack online. I think this one is my favorite because it's interesting and unique. Unfortunately it is a bit tight at the empire waist (I think my ribcage is a bit too big) so it was really difficult to zip up--I had to really suck it in to get the zipper closed. I wanted to try a size up but the 8 is not available. Once it's zipped it feels OK, but getting it zipped is challenging. It's bringing back bad flashbacks of me always having to zip my mom up into her dresses while she sucked it in. But I really like how it looks once on, especially the interesting illusion back. It's a wine colored satin with a black lace overlay. Does it look sophisticated on me, or is it too "mature" looking?

6-7. Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique asymmetric satin strech sheath dress size 6 in red
I bought this dress for my holiday party this year but it ended up being a costume party so I didn't have a chance to wear it. I like the color and fit but not so sure about the asymmetric neckline. I like that it's a "showstopper" dress though! :) I bought it full price but found out it went on sale at the Rack so I grabbed another one and returned the full price one since it hadn't been worn. It's only $59 now!

8-10. Bailey 44 black lace sheath dress size M. This is the sleeveless lace version of the tiered striped dress. I bought it full price at Anthro. It's a little body con and shows off my apple tummy a bit much, but otherwise it's a great LBD.

11-14. J Crew Yvette dress in metallic jacquard in midnight blue size 6
I bought this during the holiday sales. I feel like the bottom is too wide for my hips, so I might have to alter it. The size 4 is now available, but now it's more expensive and final sale, so I'm hesitant to try the 4 in case it's too tight. I'm thinking of returning this but only have a few days left to return so I have to do it soon. It's about the same price as the Sue Wong so I'm thinking of returning it and keeping the Sue Wong instead.

Just for comparison, these are the rest of my "fancy" dresses:
15. Kate Spade black and white polka dot Jillian dress--bought on sale, already worn twice. I really like this one and thought I would wear this one more than I have, but I just haven't had much occasion to dress up.
16. Kate Spade Fiona black wrap dress--also bought on sale, haven't worn it yet. It was one of my first few purchases after joining. I don't know if I would buy it again today, since it doesn't seem to be my style as much as the others, but it's too late to return. (I returned the necklace in the pic).


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WIW 2/18: First Lady copycat

Thanks Claudia for posting about Michelle Obama wearing this Jason Wu for Target dress:

I decided to do a copycat of the First Lady! Here are some pictures of me and the kids at the park, and of Mrs. Obama in her dress. I know you guys weren't too keen on these Jason Wu pieces on me, but it's a fun springtime dress and if it's good enough for the First Lady, it's good enough for me!

Jason Wu for Target sleeveless chiffon navy floral dress with yellow skinny belt (belted over the cardigan)
White House Black Market ink blue cardigan
Ugg Hazel wedge sandals in baked clay
Kate Spade orange slice straw bag


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WIW 2/17: Cream of the crop--all my 5-star pieces together

After trying on all that Jason Wu Target stuff and being not quite happy with the fit and quality, I needed a pick me up and to wear something that I knew I felt fab in. These are all the cream of the crop pieces in my wardrobe and I thought it would be fun to put them all together in one outfit! My favorite skirt--Tory Burch rust and cobalt honeycomb skirt. I love the texture and pattern and color variations. My favorite jacket--the White House Black Market ink blue jacket. So my style. And my absolute favorite shoes--Chie Mihara rust suede sandals. I love how they look paired with grey tights. And my Kate Spade grey croc tote to match the tights and my favorite WHBM pendant. What do you think? I feel like I'm back in my groove!

#7 is the last time I wore this skirt, and that time I used my black plaid wool zip peacoat which is another of my 5-star pieces. I really like that combination too. But I thought I'd try something new this time. Which version do you like better--blue or black jacket?


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