WIW 6/24-6/28: Lace bomber, tipped peacoat, studded T & fish top

This is a very eclectic combo. Weather has been quite variable--cold and rainy one day and then sweltering hot. I had the heater on two days ago and now we're running the fan 24/7 because it's roasting (we don't have A/C). I like all of them except the first one. Thanks for looking!

1-2. Still not quite sure if this lace bomber is working with my style and body shape. Also I threw this one on as I was late and running out the door so it didn't feel up to my usual standards. I didn't realize the bra was peeking out the keyhole, etc. so I didn't feel so fab in this one.
Lace bomber
TJ Maxx dress
Fish bow pumps
Yellow Dooney & Bourke purse

3-6. I finally fit into the peacoat! I bought it when I was pregnant and it wouldn't close. Still a bit tight in the shoulders though (bought a 4, maybe should have gotten a 6). Rainboots were the reason for this outfit--it was cold and rainy. This was a copy of a Jessica Quirk outfit--I first tried it during the blogger challenge and then did a better copy with the actual pieces.
J Crew tipped peacoat & burgundy cashmere sweater & bubble necklace
Gap Real Skinny pants
Burgundy rain boots
Betsey Johnson burgundy hearts satchel (DSW)

7. Triple studded outfit! Very teenybopperish, but great for a day off. Angie's pick T. Really happy with this tee as I need some more casual tops that aren't too tight around my postpartum pooch (although I'm 3 months out, maybe I'm not really postpartum anymore). I wanted to wear this with a peplum top to copy DD's peplum striped top and floral jeans outfit, but I couldn't find a peplum that looked good with my apple--they all hit right at the wrong spot.
Vince Camuto studded T
WHBM floral jeans
MK silver studded satchel
Skechers studded snakeskin wedge sneaks

8-11. Wearing to work today and to a work party afterward for one of the retiring docs. Decided to keep the Zara fish top and return the kimono and floral blazer. I've always been all about waist definition, but I decided to make peace with waist surrender given my relatively squishy belly state, LOL. It helps that this is the newer silhouette!
Zara fish top (lace cami underneath)
Halogen red pencil skirt
Tommy Bahama red tile bracelet
WHBM red necklace
Born silver ballet flats (on call, so I want to wear comfy shoes)
Kate Spade grey croc tote


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Tommy Bahama coral and turquoise capsule: WIW and K/R

Came across unfrumped's post on buying an entire capsule at once and it was very appropriate, as I did exactly that yesterday at Tommy Bahama. I spent the afternoon shopping at Macy's, WHBM, J Crew, Banana Republic and Anthro without finding anything that fit me right or that I loved. But then at the last minute I stopped by Tommy Bahama's. DH likes their Hawaiian style shirts. I was attracted to their coral and turquoise dresses and ended up buying several pieces that all matched and could go together as a nice summer travel capsule. It would be great for a cruise or Hawaii trip--everything is mix and match and packable non-iron material.

I of course wanted to wear it right away so I wore a dress and cardi today (1-6). But the rest of it is a K/R, and actually I bought two pieces in the same print because I couldn't tell which one I liked better. But looking at the pics, neither is the most flattering for my apple shape, so wondering which one I should keep (if any). Do you prefer the tunic, or maxi dress, or neither? It's a little exaggerated in the pics because of the overhead lighting casting shadows, but I do worry a little about the pregnant-looking tummy. 

I have this idea in my head that I want to wear a maxi dress for my birthday party (I'm having a combined birthday party with DD, who wanted an undersea theme with Ariel the mermaid). So I could either do the one in 10-13, or I have a sea-theme one on order from Nordstrom (#22) that might work better (yes, I'm corny about themes).

Thanks for your input!

1-6. WIW 6/27. Leaves Afire tank dress and turquoise Malia cardi (sized down to XS for a more fitted look) and turquoise tile bracelet. Yes, the matchy matchy cardi over dress look might be a little old church lady frumpish, but it was fun. I wore this to work and got lots of compliments. Can't believe how well this outfit goes with the rest of my turquoise accessories, especially the Kate Spade turquoise pumps! WHBM necklace and Cole Haan from DSW purse. And matching little man. I think this dress could work well in the summer with flat sandals and fall too with leggings and boots.

7-10. Desert Oasis tunic vs. 11-16. Desert Oasis maxi dress--which one, or neither due to apple tummy?

17-20. Cardi, coral and white tank tops and Monkey see turquoise shorts. The SA who was helping me was wearing this exact outfit and I copied her entire outfit, LOL! That's even more silly/embarrassing than ripping clothes off a mannequin or buying an entire outfit straight from the catalog picture (both of which I have also done), but she said she didn't mind and was flattered.

21. Moroccan Tile bracelets in red and turquoise.

22. Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress--on order from Nordstrom. I can't resist anything with seahorses on it! If this works, it would be in lieu of the Desert Oasis maxi dress.


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WIW 6/14-6/22: Catching up part 2

More outfit pics from last week--thanks for looking and commenting!

1-2. Fri 6/14. Michael Kors dress (again, this dress is a workhorse for both work and MOTG). Wore the dress with pumps to work and changed to sandals to take the kids to the park for a birthday party.
3-4. Sat 6/15. My sister was graduating with a master's degree in marriage and family counseling so my whole family came for the weekend and we took some family pics all together. Tory Burch navy heart print dress.
5. Sat 6/15. Dinner at home with my family for DS2's 100 days. I tried the kimono but it didn't feel right so I changed to the WHBM blue and white tunic instead. DS2 is a mini Oppa Gangnam Style.
6-8. Sun 6/16. For Father's Day we went to an outdoor play (Sound of Music). The kids had fun riding the bus up the mountain and seeing the play. It was hot and sunny so I had my full-on resort wear outfit--KS hat, shades, BR Trina Turk tunic, white jeans and yellow Cons and KS orange slice bag. I love orange and yellow!
9. Mon 6/17. Snakeskin and polka dots. Matchy matchy details.
10. Tues 6/18. Emerald green and blue. The blue and green bracelet ties together the blue skirt and blue/green polka dot blouse.
11. Wed 6/19. Nine West Magic dress. One of my patients' family members asked if I was pregnant. Ugh. I realize the empire waist is not the best choice if I want to avoid looking preggo.
12. Thurs 6/20. "Snow White" outfit--blue jacket and yellow skirt.
13. Fri 6/21. Jason Wu for Target yellow top and ASOS chevron midi skirt. Had to pin the shirt closed to prevent gappage from nursing bust.
14-15. Sat 6/22. Monterey Bay Aquarium. WHBM white shirt and new printed maxi skirt. DH complimented me on the skirt--he said he likes me in long skirts.
16. Sat 6/22. Navy and white printed wrap style sundress with orange trim--bought this with a matching beach bag, plus the skirt from 14, from the hospital gift shop at work on Friday--leave no retail stone unturned! Would have been a perfect dress for the beach, except it was super windy and cold!


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WIW 6/7-6/13: Catching up part 1

I have been so super busy these last two weeks. It's been a full schedule at work and lots of activities with the kids and family. I barely have time to catch my breath. I'm either falling asleep right after tucking the kids to bed and/or up all night with the baby. So I haven't had a chance to post my WIW's. I probably should be asleep, but I need some me time so I'm catching up with my WIWs! Thanks for looking and commenting!

1. Fri 6/7 Matchy matchy matchy to work--Kate Spade Japanese floral
2. Fri 6/7 Margarita Mamas party (fundraiser for DD's school)--DH took care of all 3 kids so I could go! BR Trina Turk orange/yellow tunic and Paige white bootcut jeans. Fun to have a night out with the other moms.
3. Sat 6/8 MOTG Michael Kors dress and capri leggings. Dressy yet comfy for kiddo chasing.
4. Sun 6/9 MOTG denim jacket plus striped shirt plus maxi skirt plus Cons. DH was on call so I had all three by myself all day, took them to swimming and to a local festival. That was tiring!
6-7. Mon 6/10 to work--felt like a rock star in this The Shirt red snakeskin shirt and Kate Spade black trench.
8-11. Tues 6/11--special end of the year trip with DD's class to Angel Island. Jeans and hiking boots.
12. Tues 6/11--work meeting after the Angel Island trip. Wore this dress for professional pics for our work website.
13. Wed 6/12--Ann Taylor laser cut floral top. Mom and my family were visiting--she is wearing her typical colorful jeans and blingy top. This outfit is very her!
14. Thurs 6/13--to work. WHBM white shirt and chevron skirt.


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WIW 6/8: Mice Will Play (Karie copy denim jacket + stripes + maxi skirt + Cons)

Angie said that she's going to be off the forum for a couple of days and I joked that I was going to bring out my Crocs. When the cat's away...the mice will play! So I brought out my maxi skirt, in a Karie-inspired denim jacket + striped shirt + maxi skirt + Cons outfit that she posted in Ingunn's dress week summary. I know a lot of you have poison eyes for maxis, but I think they're fun!

My matchy matchy side likes to match accessories and bookend, so I paired:
navy and white stripe shirt with navy and white polka dot socks
silver circles bracelet with silver circles necklace
orange maxi skirt with orange slice bag

1-5. AE white denim jacket
H&M navy and white striped T
Max & Mia orange maxi skirt
Silver circles necklace (hospital jewelry sale)
WHBM silver circles bracelet
Kate Spade orange slice bag
Skechers grey snakeskin wedge sneakers
6. Karie's inspiration outfit!


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"Mom, why do you always like to be so fancy?"

So my daughter occasionally makes comments like this, asking me why I always wear nice clothes and like fashion or why I wear lipstick or why I always wear "loud cloppy high heels". Today she saw me in this dress and said, "Mom, why do you always like to be so fancy?" I told her it's fun, like how she likes to dress up in her princess dresses and tiaras. I said I'm too old to wear tiaras, so this is how I get to play dress up. She then took off her tiara and put it on my head and said, "You can wear mine, your Majesty." LOL! :D

But seriously, should I be concerned? I don't want my daughter to think I'm vain or give her some unhealthy complex. I remember thinking the same thing about my mom dressing up when I was growing up and she was always trying to get us to dress up more and wear makeup--"Mom, why do you always like to be so fancy?" I don't pick out DD's outfits (she picks everything out herself) or put makeup on her or say anything negative about her body or my body or anything (I remember my mom was always on a diet), but I don't know whether I should change what I'm doing or what to say to DD. Because her comments do make me feel a little guilty. She also tells me to stop eating so much candy. ;)


WIW 6/7: Dress week day 5--hypermatchy Japanese floral cubed

I can fit back into my Kate Spade Japanese floral sheath dress again! Bring on the hypermatchy! This is my signature pattern so I've got tons of things in this print!
Originally posted here:
Kate Spade Japanese floral Austin sheath dress, Melinda satchel and laptop case
Clarks black pumps
Nordstrom black bracelet


WIW 6/6: Dress challenge day 4--butterflies, flowers and haircut

I went to the salon to get a bang trim but ended up getting all of it cut again. This time she cut it dry. What do you think? Funnily enough, I was wearing the same floral dress the last time I got it cut there!
DS2 is three months old now! Time really flies!
(#1 is pre-haircut and 3-5 are post-cut)
WHBM ink blue jacket
Ralph Lauren floral dress (TJ Maxx)
Kate Spade butterfly necklace
Jason Wu for Target straw purse
Easy Spirit nude pumps
WHBM silver bracelet


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WIW 6/5: Dress challenge day 3--Anniversary Asian print sheath

Since the kimono jacket didn't work out, I decided to try another Asian style print. Haven't worn this since pre #3. Still have a bit of tummy left over which the sheath style doesn't hide, but it's OK. I think maybe I can do Asian as long as it's a more subtle print and more feminine cut.

DH took me to the restaurant we ate at the night he proposed 15 years ago. We're celebrating our 14th anniversary but have been dating for 21! It was a lovely dinner. We came home and DS photobombed me--he was still up at 9 pm! He was so cute, but we may have to start phasing out naps...

Kate Spade black trench

Tahari Asian print black and pink sheath dress
Seychelles wedge sandals
Nordstrom bracelet
Zappos beaded clutch


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WIW 6/4: Dress challenge day 2--ocean mama and kelp girl

DD had a school performance where the kindergarteners sang a song about kelp (each grade had an ocean themed song). So cute! They were supposed to dress in green or brown to look like kelp. She wore a Gap Diane Von Furstenburg green romper (that looks like kelp) and fish/shark Babyleg legwarmers. She also picked out my dress--she wanted me to wear this watery print "ocean" dress to match the theme. So I wore this, even though it was a tad casual for work with the denim jacket (I had to go to work after her performance). So fun to do matchy matchy themes with DD! Bonus pics of her kelp art with smiley crab.

AE white denim jacket
Michael Kors agate "ocean" dress
WHBM lagoon necklace and bracelet
Cole Haan blue "beachy" stripe bag
Rieker "sand" colored booties


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