WIW 6/22: Jailbird

Number forty-seven said to number three
You're the cutest jailbird I ever did see
I sure would be delighted with your company
Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me
Let's rock, everybody, let's rock
Everybody in the whole cell block
Was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock

Banana Republic leather moto, striped tank, and white skirt
BR outlet necklace
WHBM bracelet
Brahmin striped bag
Halogen black flats


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WIW Shark Week: Finding Nemo

I posted a "Finding Dory" outfit (1/2) earlier, and that inspired me to create a whole week's worth of ocean themed outfits!
1/2 Finding Dory
3/4 Jellyfish tunic and starfish bracelet--I wore this to DD's 6th Under the Sea Little Mermaid birthday party. It's getting a bit too tight now unfortunately, but I'm still hoping to get back in better shape.
5/6 Aquarium dress
7/8 Finding Nemo--agate dress and koi shoes and Nemo orange bag
10/11 Even workout wear was water themed!
12/13 Mosaic shorts--kinda like water droplets


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WIW 6/24: Coral, blush, cream, taupe, ink blue Star Wars style

Was inspired by Angie's ensemble post combining coral and blush, but went a slightly unconventional route. I was going to do something with a blush sweater and coral skirt, but it was too hot so I had to go with something simpler. I'm cheating a bit, but this Star Wars Force Awakens T shirt has coral and blush tones and some taupe and cream. Add the blue denim jeans, blush flats and a matching BB-8 purse (more orange than coral but close enough), and I'm good to go! I would never have thought to pair these flats with this outfit if it weren't for the ensemble. What do you think, does it work for watching the kids play T ball?

Hot Topic Star Wars tee
Vigoss jeans
Halogen blush flats (Rockstud knockoff)
Hot Topic BB-8 purse and Rebel Alliance necklace


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WIW 6/20-21: A Bug's Life and Finding Dory

I'm matchy matchy not only within my outfits, but also into finding connecting themes with paired outfits. So here's my Pixar movie theme. A Bug's Life and Finding Dory. I didn't set out with the theme when I was selecting the outfits, but I thought of it when I was about to post (I like to come up with cute titles for my outfits). Still counts though, right? Just a bit of extra fun with my outfits!

DS2 is so super attached to me--he's my baby (although if I say that to him, he protests "I not a baby, I a big boy!"). He cries a lot in the morning because he doesn't want me to leave, so I let him stay with me while I get ready for work. That morning he was hanging out with me in my closet while I was trying to get dressed and I asked him, "What do you want me to wear today?" He said, "Buggy shirt! Buggy shirt!" (He also loves my insect jewelry). So I had to indulge him and wear the Tory Burch beetle shirt.  Normally when I wear this shirt it's more for colder weather and I pair it with the matching TB skirt and a blue jacket, tights, dragonfly heels, etc (see #3). But I wanted to try doing a new more casual version for summer. So no jacket, more casual skirt, and flats, but still highly matchy with the dragonfly necklace and bee bracelet, the turquoise snakeskin on both the skirt and shoes, etc. What do you think, does the more casual summer version work too? (The kids loved riding the Bug's Life rides when we went to Disney last summer).

Tory Burch beetle shirt
Target turquoise snakeskin skirt (so stretchy, I bought it when I was pregnant and it still fits!)
Tory Burch snakeskin flats
Alexis Bittar dragonfly necklace
Alexis Bittar bee bracelet
Michael Kors silver satchel

Second one is kind of ocean inspired with the print of the skirt and summery white shirt and bag. And I like how the hem of the shirt echoes the hem of the skirt. In the summer I like to wear ocean or tropical theme outfits. Makes me feel like I'm at the beach even though I'm still in the office! We haven't seen Finding Dory yet, but I'm sure we will see it with the three kids. I didn't want to call it Finding Nemo because it would need a splash of orange somewhere in the outfit--maybe I'll try that with another outfit. Yes I am rather nerdy with the funny titles. 

Karen Kane white blouse
Vince Camuto skirt
WHBM bracelet
BR outlet necklace
Paul Green Cayanne sandals
Kate Spade white handbag


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WIW 6/17: Hard edge floral

Day off work but not a day off--filled with multiple kid dental/orthodontic appointments and activities, so this is a bit of a post and run!

Neutral floral tee with black leather moto jacket and ripped jeans and spike necklace, stud bracelet & untied wedge sneakers. This is about as sloppy/RATE as I get. I like this rock 'n roll look. But wondering a tiny bit if is this too hard edge, or if it looks too costumey to dress like this at my age (40's)? What would you think of me if you saw me on the street? Would you think I look good, or that I'm trying too hard to look cool?

Banana Republic black leather moto jacket
AllSaints floral tee
Alexis Bittar necklace
Forever21 bracelet
Vigoss ripped jeans
Skechers sneakers
Chanel Boy


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WIW 6/15: Pretty in pink

I'm wearing pink to support another woman physician who created a wonderful style forum (like YLF for women physicians) and some of her male colleagues found out. It was a closed, private group but someone in the group showed her pics to other male doctors who are in a national board that she is an elected member of. She was told that it was unprofessional to be posting about fashion and was threatened with the loss of her board membership. So she had to delete all her photos and videos and leave the group she created. It makes me so angry! She is an amazing clinician, gives lectures, has 4 kids, power lifts, goes on date nights--she does it all and still finds time to mentor other women docs and help us look good too. That group is nothing but uplifting and has made such a positive difference in the lives of almost 3000 women. So we are all wearing pink today to show our support for her. Roses and thorns necklace and bracelet to show that we can be pretty and tough. If you try to mess with us, watch out!


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WIW 6/13: Putting on my armor (update: success!)

I have a very stressful meeting coming up tonight. They are going to try to roll right over us and it is going to involve a lot of negotiating. This is my version of a power suit. Red snakeskin, leather skirt, lots of studs. I'm putting on my armor to get ready for battle. But it was DS2's first day off of school for the summer and he did NOT want mommy to go to work. I was going to do a fierce "don't mess with me" pose, but instead you are getting the attached at the hip "mommy gives lots of huggies" pose.

Theory blazer
Le Shirt red snakeskin shirt
Halogen leather pencil skirt
F21 cuff
Alexis Bittar necklace
Sam Edelman Ollie pumps
Michael Kors purse

ETA: Success! We held our ground and stood up for ourselves. It took a LOT of negotiating (the meeting lasted two hours just on this one topic!) and both sides had to make concessions, but in the end we all agreed to a compromise solution that we felt everyone can live with. I'll be glad when this is all wrapped up so that the work atmosphere will be a lot less tense and we can move forward. Interestingly, another female partner who was on my side also wore a red dress to this meeting. So red is definitely a power color!

Fortunately I got home just in time to tuck the kids in bed. My little one was SO happy to see me, he kept hugging me over and over and saying "Mama Mama! I weewy weewy weewy missed you! I love you I like you!" I took some more pics so you could see how happy he was compared to his little sad face this morning! Worth it to come home to all those kisses and smiles!


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WIW 6/10: Citron et cerise noire (hair reveal)

I was contemplating adding some black cherry highlights to my hair--see prior thread:
nofollow http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....-do-i-dare

Well, I actually did it! Lots of photos because the color is a bit subtle depending on the light.

Pic 1 is the inspiration photo that Una found (I showed my stylist all the pics in the previous thread). Pics 2-9 are pre-color. DH and I went to DS2's graduation from his toddler class (my baby is growing up! Sniff sniff!) and then went out for a lunch date to a Danish restaurant and had meatballs, roast beef pumpernickel and pickled cucumbers. You can tell in some of the photos like #3 that my grey hairs were showing because it had been 4 months since my last color. My stylist said she had been thinking about my hair all week and planning out what to do. She did not do any bleach, but added black cherry highlights throughout. I had never had the foils done before (it was always one color) so that was new. She trimmed my bangs and hair, but left it on the long side which I wanted. She did a great job and I'm happy with the way it turned out!

In regular light my hair just looks brownish black like usual. But you can tell there are some burgundy highlights especially in natural sunlight or bright light. I am glad that it wasn't more dramatic, because I was worried I'd turn out to have clown hair if she went too bright! What do you think? Maybe next time I'll go for bold streaks (23)! Probably not, but fun to imagine becoming a full fledged UWP superhero!

Sunny citron for the start of summer!
Eileen Fisher citron T shirt
Banana Republic palazzo pants, blue jacket and BR Trina Turk bracelet
Paul Green Cayanne sandals
Stella and Dot necklaces and earrings and How Does She Do It handbag


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WIW 6/5 Ruffle hem and K/R white crop boyfriend Catherines

I already posted this outfit previously, but this is the only ruffle/peplum top I have. I tried it with several other bottoms, but ended up using the same black midi tube skirt again because it worked so much better than pants. Went with spots/dots for the accessories theme including little origami dog keychain. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Also K/R on these white boyfriend Catherine jeans. Somehow they don't look as good on me as on the model. Why are the leg openings so big on me? Anyone have any suggestions or should I return?


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WIW 6/7: Going boating

DH and I took the kids with us to the polling place after work. DD said that she wanted to vote for the first woman president of the United States. DS1 said he wanted to vote for whoever his big sister voted for. DS2 was excited at first, but when we came back home he started pouting and said, "You said we were going boating, but I never got to ride in a boat!"

WHBM ink blue blazer
Banana Republic orchid T shirt and floral skirt and bug necklace
Munro Abby silver sandals (yes I needed these metallic low heel sandals for all day at the hospital! So glad I kept them in addition to the Paul Greens!)
Michael Kors sliver bag


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