Expensive salon cuts vs. cheapo Supercuts--does it make a difference?

I am so bad about getting haircuts that I only end up getting it done once or twice a year. I've only gotten it cut three times since joining YLF a year and a half ago! The first two times were at salons:

This last time I just went to Supercuts because I didn't have time to schedule a salon visit, plus I wanted to see if I could get away with a cheaper cut since I really never style or blowdry my long straight hair so it seems like a waste to spend all that money.

#1 is before the latest cut, and #2-4 is after the $20 Supercuts. It was much quicker (10 min vs 1 hour), and no real layers. #5-6 is after the first salon cut, #7-8 was after the second salon cut at a different salon (Though it looks different because he blow dried and straight ironed it and I never ever do that--no iron and no time!).

Do you think going to a salon makes a difference and is worth the extra time and money? I don't remember how much the salon cuts were but probably at least around $100 with tips. After this last cut when I came home DH said my cut was very "nondescript" and thought I should get it cut at a salon next time. What do you think--salon or Supercuts? Oh, and do you like me with bangs (#4-5) or no bangs?


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Are these "old lady" clothes?

Speaking about Anne's leave no retail stone unturned thread about Coldwater Creek (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ater-creek), I too feel like certain stores and clothes are designed for a more "mature" clientele. I never shop at Talbot's or Coldwater Creek because in my mind those are for old ladies. But I'm probably missing out on some good pieces because of my bias! Conversely, there can be a bunch of frumptastic Grandma sweaters at places I normally prefer to shop (like Anthro).

I pass by the hospital gift shop every day on my way to the cafeteria and they always have clothes out on a rack (who knows why they sell clothes at the gift shop). One time I actually bought a skirt there (http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....inted-midi). I've also bought jewelry from the hospital lobby when they have these $5 jewelry trunk sales periodically. So I definitely agree that we should leave no retail stone unturned.

However, I passed this display recently and thought, ugg, old lady fashion. Then I started to wonder, is it really intrinsically for old ladies? What makes me think that--is it the colorblocking? The boxiness? The tunic style? The pattern (even though I love patterns)? And if someone with fantastic arty style like Suz or Diana wore those tops, wouldn't I then think it was cool looking instead of frumpy?

Just wondering what makes clothes too "old" looking and whether it's the clothes themselves or the wearer that determines that--chicken vs. egg? And would you wear these tops?

ETA: Not that I have anything against getting older--I would love to look as stylish as Karen or other YLF members of that age when I get there! In fact, I'm usually trying to dress older than I look. But I just don't want to look frumpy!


WIW 1/29: Bruised--Angie's blue/white/black formula & twin day w/ Amy

I wanted to wear a black & blue & white outfit to follow Angie's formula:
So I threw on my White House Black Market ink blue jacket over my black and white striped top (one of the few still long enough to cover my huge belly) and my stretchy black midi tube skirt. Neither of these pieces are maternity but they're both super stretchy. Of course, I can't close the jacket at all, but it's still fun to wear.

White House Black Market ink blue jacket (with matching blue flower pin)
Bailey 44 black and white stripe tank
Vince Camuto black stretch midi tube skirt
Grey pearl necklace via OC swap
Forever 21 grey spike bracelet (to match necklace)
Michael Kors black studded satchel
Rieker black booties

And what fun to discover that I was twins with Amy today--she also wore the WHBM jacket with black skirt and black booties! We had talked a long time ago about doing a twin day but never got around to it...and now we are unintentional twins, thanks to Angie!


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WIW 1/28 FFBO: "A confusion of spots"

I've been totally relying on my fast fall-back outfit formula of sweater, stretchy skirt and booties this winter/third trimester because it's so easy (http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....irtbooties and http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....spots-snow). I'm sure you're sick of seeing variations of the same formula over and over, but this one is one of my favorite versions because it's so matchy matchy with the polka dot skirt, purse and bubble necklace. One of my male coworkers exclaimed (in his British accent) when he saw me "Well, you're just a confusion of spots today!" LOL!

And yes, I realize I am getting pretty huge at 35 weeks! But I still have another month of work, including a week of hospital call in a couple of weeks. I'm planning to work until a week before my due date, so this baby better not come early!

H&M black cowl neck sweater
Bobeau black and taupe dot midi skirt
J Crew black bubble necklace (yes I know it's a bit ALGO to have a cowl neck AND a statement necklace, but they're both black so it kind of blends in, right?)
Marc by Marc Jacobs dotty purse
Rieker black booties


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WIW 1/22: Peacock tunic--happiness factor 10

One of my favorites from last week so it gets its own WIW. Happiness factor 10! (http://youlookfab.com/2013/01/.....ss-factor/) I love peacock print, I think it's my favorite animal print (even more than leopard). I bought this (non-maternity) tunic right after I found out I was pregnant. I'm amazed at how well this tunic has worked throughout all three trimesters, and I'm planning to continue wearing it post-baby as well.

And I got to pull out a new necklace that I got myself for Christmas. I like how it kind of echoes the eye of the peacock feathers as well as the green color. I was comfy all day in the tunic, maternity pants and ballet flats. I wore this to work but it could work for MOTG as well.

1-3. 1/22
Alberto Makali peacock tunic
Tahari black leather jacket
H&M black maternity skinnies
Banana Republic emerald necklace
Michael Kors studded satchel
Born bronze ballet flats

Just for fun--here is the tunic throughout all three trimesters:
4. (the K/R)--week 5ish, so similar to what it will look like post-baby
5. first trimester--week 7
6. beginning of second trimester--week 14
7. second trimester--week 18
8. third trimester--week 34


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WIW Week 34 1/19-1/27: Stripes, spots, & snow (& sweetie pies x3)

Here's what I wore last week:

1. 1/19
Macy's INC red cardigan
Bailey 44 black and white stripe tank
Gap Always Skinny maternity jeans
Red Converse (to match cardigan)
Michael Kors studded satchel
Ann Taylor polka dot bracelet (to match purse)--unfortunately it might be the last outing for that bracelet for a while because several of the polka dot "pearls" popped off, I lost one and the others need to be glued back on. :(

2. 1/21
Gap cream dolman sweater
Target ponte leopard skirt
Secret Santa leopard necklace (to match skirt)
Jack Georges brown leather briefcase
Mia Nanette brown booties

3. 1/23
H&M burgundy sweater
Bobeau grey and black dot skirt
Michael Kors studded satchel
Forever 21 spiky bracelet
Mia Nanette black booties

4. 1/23
J Crew burgundy cashmere sweater
J Crew tipped peacoat
J Crew black bubble necklace
H&M black maternity skinnies
MK studded satchel
Aquatalia Vavoom boots (to match sweater)

5. 1/25
Tahari black leather jacket
Japanese Weekend black and grey striped maternity top
Pea in the Pod Mavi burgundy skinnies
MK studded satchel
Rieker Annemarie black booties (first outing!)

6-7. 1/26-27
Went to Tahoe for the weekend--DD went skiing and DS had fun sledding! I just wore gear for comfort and warmth over fashion.
686 snow jacket, Gap dolman sweater, DH's old ski pants, Lowa boots with snow spikes, snow hat
Zella turquoise jacket and black yoga pants, Gap maternity black tank and Merrell mocs

8-9. Bonus 3D ultrasound pics! He even has his eyes open and is sucking his thumb!


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WIW 1/16-1/18: Repeat outfits

Inspired by Angie's blog post about outfit repetition being OK (http://youlookfab.com/2013/01/.....epetition/), I wore repeat outfits for the last three days. Interestingly, I thought i was doing exact repeats, but all of them are slightly different because of the accessories. Do you notice the differences or does it look like an exact copy? Hope you don't mind me posting my repeats!

1. 1/16 Bailey 44 orange stripe dress with Lafayette 148 cognac leather jacket, Mia Nanette booties and Fossil floral satchel. With leopard Secret Santa necklace.
and 2. 12/13. With Alexis Bittar orange leopard disc necklace and Forever 21 bronze bracelet. http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....santa-gift

3. 1/17. I know I already posted this outfit in another thread, but wanted to compare the two repeat pics side by side so here it is again. With gold necklace, burgundy hearts satchel and brown pumps.
and 4. 11/30. With burgundy boots and burgundy clutch. http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....weedpatent

5. 1/18. J Crew Plaza coat in henna, Pea in the Pod mustard cowl neck maternity sweater, Pea in the Pod burgundy maternity skinnies and Fossil floral satchel. With Born bronze ballet flats and peacock necklace.
and 6. 11/17 with Timberland Stratham Heights boots and Forever 21 bronze bracelet


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WIW 1/17: Dr. Fun Flirty Princess (for lyn*)

Lyn posted a thread where she was saying that as a new psych resident, she felt conspicuous in a sea of sleek black suits and was asking how she could dress more professionally while still retaining her fun sense of style:

I can totally relate to her dilemma. I struggle with many of the same issues (looking too young and wearing "girly" items). Also we are both doctors, and both Fun Flirty Princesses, so that gave me an idea for a self-challenge--come up with a Dr. Fun Flirty Princess outfit to put the advice I gave her in that thread into action. I wanted to wear something that was mature, polished and professional but still has bright colors and that "fun factor" and still feels like me. I love doing these "suits that aren't suits" outfits.

I wore this outfit for the Fuchsia Friday challenge (http://goldenpig.lookfab.com/p.....weedpatent) but that time I was wearing my patent burgundy zipper boots and day clutch. I wanted to tone it down a bit and make it a bit more work appropriate.

Lyn also mentioned she was worried about budget limitations--each of these pieces was pretty inexpensive, either bought on sale from discount stores or old stuff from my pre-YLF closet. I think the outfit looks more "luxe" than the actual price tags (kind of a Kate Spade/Tory Burch-ish vibe)--so I think it's still possible to look polished without spending a ton!

Tulle fuchsia wool blazer--bought at Loehmann's
Japanese Weekend fuchsia maternity shirt with faux white collars/sleeves/tail (6 years old, from my first pregnancy)
Nordstrom Halogen burgundy boucle tweed skirt (Angie's pick from NAS)
Betsey Johnson burgundy hearts satchel from DSW (I had to keep some whimsy in this outfit!)
Banana Republic gold chain necklace
Clarks brown pumps (10 yrs old from when I actually was a resident, but they are comfy low-heeled all-day pumps)


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WIW 1/14: Some pseudo-UWP alternative--SUP, ULP, PUP?

In the recent UWP descriptor thread, Angie said I was more of a Fun Flirty Princess than an Urban Warrior Princess because I'm too girly to be an UWP. Which is probably true of my main style persona, but it still doesn't quite describe my pseudo-UWP shadow persona. The slightly moodier one who wears a lot of black and white and grey instead of lots of bright colors, and likes to add a hint of toughness (leather and studs and spikes) to the ladylike polish. I'm finding I'm going for the darker look more lately, especially in the winter. This is my urban version of a "business suit"--blazer, blouse, pearls, pencil skirt. So what would you call this look? I may have to co-opt Zap's Sleek Urban Princess moniker (since we do have fairly similar styles and buy a lot of the same pieces). Or Una suggested Urban Luxe Princess. Or maybe Polished Urban Princess (or is that the same as Sleek, which is much more fun to say?)

Tahari black leather jacket
H&M grey and white shirt (non-maternity but long enough to still wear)
Forever 21 black woven stretch belt
Vince Camuto black stretchy midi tube skirt (also non-maternity)
Mia Nanette black ankle booties
Michael Kors black Astor studded satchel
F21 spiky bracelet
Black pearl necklace via OC swap


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WIW 1/10-12 Sick FFBO x3 grey cardigan/burgundy skinnies/ballet flats

I was on call this week and unfortunately got sick--I had a cough, runny nose and chills and felt sore all over and incredibly fatigued. It was all I could do to power through work and go home and fall asleep. I couldn't even eat dinner or take care of the kids--DH took care of everything. I called my OB's office to see if I could come in and get tested for the flu (even though I had already gotten the flu shot this year) since the rest of my family had all gotten sick in the last couple of weeks and one of my patients had tested positive for the flu. But they didn't want me to come to the OB office if I was sick and scheduled me to see my primary doctor instead, who called me and told me not to come either since they are not doing testing and that he was just going to put in a prescription for Tamiflu since I am pregnant and higher risk for complications if I have the flu. So I started it and wow, I felt amazingly better within 12 hours. Like Lazarus! So I'll never know for sure, but I think maybe I really did have the flu. So glad I'm better now, because you know all those stories about pregnant women dying or miscarrying when they have the flu. We're pretty sure DD got H1N1 when I was pregnant with DS (she had fevers to 105) and that was the first year of the swine flu scare...she had only had 1 of the 2 shots for H1N1 when she came down with it. So I ended up on prophylactic Tamiflu back then too. The flu is really scary...so our whole family gets shots every year!

Anyways, since I was feeling sick and chilled, I went with a "sick FFBO" to keep me warm and comfy...grey cardigan, burgundy skinnies, and ballet flats (because I don't have any flat booties). I just swapped out the shirt, flats, purse and necklace each day. I felt much better today but stuck with the formula. Here are three variations...which do you like best? Hope you all are staying well this winter!

1-3. Pea in the Pod grey cascading cardigan
Pea in the Pod Mavi burgundy maternity skinnies
Pea in the Pod grey and white floral maternity blouse
Gap black maternity tank underneath
DSW Michael Kors Astor black studded satchel
Born silver floral ballet flats (to match the flowers in the blouse)
Black and white glass bead necklace

4-8. Pea in the Pod grey cascading cardigan
Pea in the Pod Mavi burgundy maternity skinnies
Pea in the Pod mustard cowl neck sweater
DSW Betsey Johnson burgundy hearts satchel
Stuart Weitzmann leopard ballet flats
Ann Taylor gold and burgundy long necklace
plus Betsey Johnson cream puffer (because it was super cold in the morning)

9-12. Pea in the Pod grey cascading cardigan
Pea in the Pod Mavi burgundy maternity skinnies
Japanese Weekend black and silver striped shirt
Fossil black and silver striped satchel
Born bronze ballet flats
Silver circles necklace


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