WIW 4/30: Inspired by nature style challenge day 1--elephants

I also posted this on Bella's thread, but am reposting this to save to my YLF blog.

Here's my interpretation of Bella's Inspired by Nature style challenge:

The Day 1 picture is of African elephants at twilight, Chobe National Park, Botswana.

I chose the rose and plum plaid H&M skirt to match the colors in the photo. Grey H&M textured cardigan and grey croc Kate Spade tote to match the texture and color of the elephants' skin. Pearl earrings and pendant to match the moon. Anthro leaf belt and wood textured bangle to represent the trees. The stacked wooden heel of the pumps also looks like a tree trunk. And like Manidipa, wet hair to represent the water! :)


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WIW 4/23-24: Trying to remix but I like the originals better

Here are two outfits that I changed one piece to make it a "different" outfit, partly because some of you said you don't post repeat outfits here on YLF when they're exactly the same, and partly to break in some lesser worn items. But after I wore these, I think I like the originals better. Is it better to wear variations of an outfit just for variety's sake or just wear the "perfect" version more frequently?

1-4. Jason Wu for Target mustard sleeveless blouse
Black skinny belt from an ASOS skirt
ASOS mustard and black chevron stripe skirt
Missoni for Target zigzag stripe black pumps
Kate Spade black ruffle trench
Fossil chevron stripe satchel
Calvin Klein V necklace
(yes, I am corny, I love the matchy matchy V and chevron stripe fun in this outfit!)
5. Original version with black turtleneck and yellow skinny belt:

6-7. Tulle raspberry blazer
Anthro yellow owl Lemon Liftoff blouse
Halogen brown trousers (wanted to use this since I hadn't worn it yet, but I feel like trousers highlight my apple tummy and aren't really "me")
Clark brown twist strap pumps
Jack Georges brown leather briefcase
8. Original version with brown skirt--I so much prefer wearing skirts to trousers!

Which versions do you like better--old or new? Wear both versions, or stick with the favorite?


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WIW 4/25-26: MOTG Milu and work Safari

Two outfits from this week:

1-6. DH and I took the kids to Cal Academy
Gap polka dot denim shirt
H&M white graphic tee
Kut from the Kloth red skinny jeans
Red Converse
Jason Wu for Target Milu cat tote
Tulle navy pea coat
Turquoise necklace from $5 jewelry sale at the hospital

7-11. Feeling inspired by the safari theme outfits in the spring collections (like at Banana Republic) so I pulled out this dress that I bought last fall.
H&M olive shirtdress
Linea Pelle braided leather belt
Fossil buckle pumps
Lafayette 148 cognac leather jacket
Jack Georges brown leather briefcase
Leopard and gold chunky necklace (from secret Santa Lisa)


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WIW 4/27: Morse code (Dotty debut)

I found a Marc Jacobs handbag (Rita's Dotty bag) on eBay and I couldn't resist! (I used rebate/consignment money and DH OK'ed it). I thought this would be a fun way to debut it--you know I love matchy matchy theme outfits. No color, which is atypical for me, but everything is cream/linen and black and it has enough pattern and texture to keep my interest. I'm calling it Morse code because of the dots and stripes. :) And I like how all the pieces either have some sort of dot or stripe on it. And the snake on the bag kind of echos the fish scales on the shoes.

What do you think? And any other suggestions for ways to wear this bag? Since the color is linen instead of white, I'm having a harder time picturing how to wear it (I would have paired it with my black and white polka dot shirt, but I feel like wearing it with true black and white pieces just makes the bag look dirty).

White House Black Market cream and black contrast spring trench coat (black dot buttons and black striped trim)
WHBM cream and black stripe shirt
WHBM black pendant (links look kind of like dots)
Halogen black pencil skirt (with two vertical black leather pinstripes)
All Black cream and black Fish Bow Pumps (cutout dots along the front)
Marc Jacobs Dotty Snake Lil Ukita bag (linen with black dots)


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Just for fun: what would you choose--Birkin bag or $5000 cash?

OK, random fun hypothetical question! Let's pretend a fashion fairy appears and gives you the choice of one of the following gifts:
1. One super-luxury item, like a Hermes Birkin bag (these probably cost way more, but say for the sake of argument it's $5000)
2. Three regular-luxury items, like a Burberry trench, Louboutin heels, and Louis Vuitton bag (total not to exceed $5000)
3. What Not to Wear-style $5000 non-luxury wardrobe makeover/shopping spree, but nothing you buy can be more than $200 (so that equals about 25 items) and it all has to be bought in two days.
4. $5000 in cash, but you can't spend any of it on clothes (would you save it or spend it?)

What would you pick and why? If you're going for the big-ticket luxury items, what specifically would you buy with the $5000?

I don't own any luxury items (except some Kate Spade, if you count that), and am normally not a status brand seeker, but I might go for the Birkin bag, just because it's so famous, and I'd never ever buy something like that for myself, so it would have to be a fairy gift! Although practical me thinks I should probably just take the cash and run to the bank...it's not as much fun as a Birkin though!


WIW 4/14-22: My first travel capsule--SoCal vacation (pic heavy!)

Hi YLF'ers! Sorry I've been mostly absent from the forum for the last week, but we were in Southern California for a family vacation and I didn't have time to keep up or post anything. So I'm making up for it now--sorry for the huge post and tons of pics!

I love Angie's wardrobe capsule posts, but haven't really tried to do a capsule before. When I travel, I usually have been wearing casual clothes/gear, like swimsuits, T shirts & shorts or jeans and a hoodie. This is my first attempt at creating a travel capsule. I tried to wear most of the pieces more than once and remix the outfits. I could have been a little more efficient (I only wore a couple of the T shirts, the shorts and the sundress once and yes I brought too many bags and shoes) but overall I'm happy with what I ended up wearing. We went from sunny and hot to cool and breezy, and I was prepared for everything! I wore a simplified color scheme of red, black, white, navy, green, yellow & orange and kept things casual/MOTG appropriate, but dressier than I have ever been while traveling. Thank goodness for Jason Wu and white denim! It was a busy and tiring but fun vacation--the kids and DH and I had a blast! It was a great fashion learning experience for me too, learning how to pack a travel wardrobe!

Here are the pieces I wore:
Tulle navy peacoat
AE white denim cropped jacket
INC red waterfall cardigan
Ann Taylor Loft kelly green sweater jacket

Shirts: Ann Taylor Loft floral blouse
Jason Wu for Target cat tee
Bluefly Casual Couture black/white polka dot blouse
Jason Wu for Target red/navy/cream striped tee
Gap navy and beige striped tee

Kut from the Kloth white skinny jeans
Gap Always Skinny jeans
Jason Wu for Target shorts

Jason Wu for Target blue and white floral sundress

Soybu black and white patterned Wanderlust skirt

Red skinny bow belt
Yellow skinny belt

Red Converse
Yellow Converse
Black Dansko sandals
Orange flip-flop sandals
Black Merrell mocs

Jujube Be Prepared diaper bag
Kate Spade orange slice bag
Jason Wu for Target cat tote
White House Black Market red snakeskin purse

1-2. Sat 4/14: We drove overnight to San Diego Friday after work. That was grueling--the I-5 was closed so we had to detour through the 101 and by the time we got there it was 8 am, 13 hours later! We met up with my side of the family--everyone including my mom and two sisters and one of my brothers and all their kids met there for the weekend. We went to La Jolla Cove where my sister's boyfriend suprised us by popping the question right on the beach in front of the whole family! Actually, they had been engaged for a while already, but waited to announce it to us until the whole family was together. We are all so excited for them! And now DD is going to be a flower girl along with her cousins and DS will be a ringbearer in their wedding in Sedona, Arizona!
3-5. Sun 4/15: San Diego Zoo. Kids liked the panda the best. Thought you'd like seeing my mom and me side by side...I guess our tastes are more similar than I thought! She's wearing red skinny jeans, a Bebe zigzag stripe one-shoulder top and navy Converse type shoes--she's more fashion forward than I am! :) She even knew that my t-shirt was a Jason Wu for Target!
6. Mon 4/16. Went to visit MIL's house in Irvine. Forgot to get a decent picture that day but I wore black sandals and the red belt similar to #23 without a jacket.
7-12. Tues 4/17. Disneyland! It was the first time for DS and DD. They loved it, and we had a lot of fun too! Neither of us had been there since we were young. We had lunch with the princesses and DD was THRILLED (see #10!) to meet five princesses, including her favorite Belle (she wore two different yellow Belle dresses to match). It was hot, so I ditched the red cardigan and DD and I enjoyed some Dole Whips. I was so glad I wore my comfy Merrell mocs instead of the Converse--our legs/feet were sore by the end of the day from all that walking!
13-16. Wed 4/18. Played at the park with Grandma. It was hot again, so I wore shorts. DD and DS had lots of fun climbing.
17-19. Wed 4/18 eve. Went to visit FIL in Diamond Bar. I wore a dress and orange sandals and my orange bag. DD and DS were so cute together, especially with their matching PJ's and Mickey and Minnie stuffed mouses. Then we drove overnight to Monterey for a little "just our family" time.
20-22. Thurs 4/19. We went on an afternoon sailing trip on Monterey Bay with the kids. They both promptly fell asleep with the rocking of the waves and we ended up holding them in our arms the entire two hours. We both had sore arms! I wore a red, white and navy "nautical" outfit.
23. Thurs 4/19 eve. I changed to a skirt and we went out for dinner. It was only to El Torito, and we were with the kids, but it was still nice to dress up a bit. ;)
24-25. Fri 4/20. Went to the beach with the kids in the morning. I swapped white jeans for blue jeans, but otherwise it was the same outfit as #1 (I guess it's the beach outfit).
26-29. Fri 4/21 eve. We visited Monterey Bay Aquarium in the late afternoon--it was just before closing and was nice and uncrowded. Afterward we walked back along the beach and the kids had fun jumping from a big rock while holding our hands. The JWT cat tote was a good smaller diaper bag substitute. The Jujube is a behemoth and DH complains everytime I bring it, because I usually stuff it to the gills--I do like to Be Prepared! I hook it on the back of the double stroller (see #30).
30-33. Sat 4/22. DD took the pic of me in #30. Went back to the Aquarium. It was much more crowded today so it was nice that we got to see a lot already yesterday. We took a picture in the exact spot (#32) where DH and I held hands and took our first picture together, on our first date twenty years ago! And now we have two little ones who love to hold our hands!

Thanks for looking and letting me share my vacation pics with you all!


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WIW 4/11-12: Natalie's style rubric

I've loved reading about Shannon's style rubric and seeing Rae & Mo's interpretation too! I've been mulling it over and here's my style rubric. It's a work in progress so please make suggestions--I can change it!

Primary rubric
1. Ladylike--this is such a given in all my outfits that I wonder if it's even necessary?
2. Structure--fitted, waist definition
3. Pattern (I noticed that pretty much all of my outfits include a print of some kind, and often several!)
4. Luxe--polished, textured
5. Flair--at least one statement piece per outfit, classic piece with a twist, or secret or whimsical detail (this is my favorite part of the rubric!) :)

Secondary rubric (not all outfits will have all of these but usually will have at least one or two)
1. Color
2. Retro-inspired
3. Matchy matchy
5. UWP--tough elements mixed with ladylike

Here are the last two days of outfits, and some more outfits that I feel represent my rubric as well. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks! Gotta run!

Oh, PS, I just got a purse on eBay (with rebate checks and hubby's approval) and am soon going to be a bag twin with another YLF'er! I'll let you guess who! :)


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WIW 4/7-10: Three old and one new outfits

I mostly have been wearing repeat outfits without trying to remix or alter anything. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! And one new outfit cobbled together from previously unworn pieces sitting in my closet (I've worn nearly everything now except for the evening dresses!). Plus a bonus kiddo pic because they were so cute this morning! Sadly I haven't been keeping up with the rest of the forum--I've been super busy at work--on call at the hospital this week and worked all weekend and even went into the hospital at 3 am Sunday for a procedure. So I'm exhausted! Sorry to post and run!

1-2. Eggplant Ralph Lauren long sleeved dress
Cognac obi belt
Anthro purple tweed faux-fur collar coat
Ann Taylor necklace
Fossil velvet floral satchel
Frye Melissa cognac lace-up knee high boots

3. Red WHBM cardigan
Black H&M tank top
Red/white/black WHBM hibiscus print pencil skirt
WHBM red snakeskin structured handbag
Clarks black Mary Jane pumps

4. WHBM pindot black suit with ruffle collar
WHBM cream silk shell
WHBM spectator belt
All Black Fish Bow spectator snakeskin pumps
Fossil black and silver chevron satchel

5-7. H&M raspberry cardigan (first time wearing)
WHBM black and white floral tank (first time wearing)
ASOS black midi skirt with skinny black belt (worn over the tank) (first time wearing)
Clark black Mary Jane pumps
Kate Spade grey croc tote
WHBM cream and black contrast trim spring trench jacket
I wore the belt over the tank but under the cardigan, and left the tank untucked. Not sure whether I should belt over the cardigan, tuck the tank, button the cardigan, etc etc. This one seemed the best combo to me but I'm not sure.

8. DS and DD love to say "Boo! Did I scare you?"


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Love this Fashion Star UWP-style Tailcoat Jacket!

Anyone watching Fashion Star? I usually watch Project Runway but this is a nice diversion till next season. I think it's so interesting that they sell the winning designs right after the show at Saks, Macy's or H&M--what a cool idea. Look at this tailcoat jacket with red sash that is selling at Saks. I love it--so UWP with a Japanese flavor.
Too bad it's $400 and too bad I'm on SYC! I think the designer Kara Laricks (who used to be a 4th grade teacher) is going to be a designer to watch--love her aesthetic!


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WIW 4/3-5: Red Kut jeans, leather skirt, orange sheath dress

No theme this time and mostly repeat outfits. Hope you don't mind but that's what happens in SYC phase!

1-3. Tahari black leather jacket, Classique Entier teal and black ruched tank, red Kut from the Kloth Diana skinny jeans (I upgraded from the Old Navy Rockstars), black Stuart Weitzman Giveable ballet flats, Fossil red diamond satchel. Bonus pics of the kids!

4. Kate Spade black ruffle trench
Ralph Lauren black pussy-bow sleeveless tank with equestrian theme
Leith A line leather skirt in gingerbread
La Canadienne Galaxy brown suede wedge boots
Jack Georges brown leather briefcase
(sorry for the mess, kids' closet reorganization)

5. J Crew orange ("poppy") sheath dress
Kate Spade High Line Leica turquoise jewel clutch
Nude Easy Spirit pumps
Turquoise bead earrings


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