Do you like dressing in holiday themes?

I just posted a pumpkin and black outfit today for Halloween:

And I've done others too:
Red, White and Blue for July 4:
Hearts and red for Valentine's Day:

Day Vies mentioned in my other thread that she tries to avoid orange and black together. So I was wondering if anyone else is as cheesy as I am and likes to get in the holiday mood by dressing in theme colors? I mean, I'm not dressing in tacky Christmas sweaters or anything, but the matchy matchy side of me likes giving a subtle nod to the holiday, it's kind of fun! I'm thinking this coming year I may even try Thanksgiving (orange and brown), Christmas (red and green) and St. Patrick's (green) too! What do you guys think--do you like to get in the holiday spirit or do you think it's silly?


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WIW 10/30: The Great Pumpkin (w/Rachel Roy tree skirt & witch booties)

Since Halloween is coming up and I'm off work tomorrow, I couldn't resist dressing in a holiday theme today!

I just bought this mustardy orange maternity cowl neck sweater top, because I like the color and my other turtlenecks are getting too short. With my big belly, I think it kind of makes me look like a giant pumpkin! I decided to keep the Rachel Roy tree skirt in the larger size 8--even if I can't wear it too much longer during this pregnancy, it'll still take me a while to lose the weight postpartum. If it's too loose afterward, I can always have it taken in. I think the "dead tree branches" fit with the Halloween theme. And of course if I'm wearing pumpkin orange, I have to go with black accessories (leather jacket, belt and purse). And my black "witch" ankle boots and broom. Happy Halloween everyone!


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WIW 10/26-28: burgundy skinnies, 2nd cobalt dress (and my Mom's style)

I had a really busy weekend--my cousin got married and DS was the ringbearer for the second time in 2 weeks! He's a pro now! Friday was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, Saturday morning DD had a ballet observation performance, and the whole rest of the day was the wedding and reception (about an hour away from our house). Then Sunday we had swimming lessons with the kids, and then I threw a surprise party for DH's 40th birthday. So the weekend was totally packed! I'm exhausted!

Here are my WIW's--the first one is my new maternity clothes from this K/R thread:
The second is the runner-up cobalt dress that I didn't wear to my sister's wedding. (Here are the pics from that wedding: I was trying to decide between the black lace B44 dress ( but ended up going with this one--less body con so more appropriate for an afternoon church wedding. DS was so adorable in his little infant tux! For the party I went super casual with an old Japanese Weekend maternity top & jeans.

My mom was staying with us this weekend, and I also saw her at my sister's wedding, so as a bonus I thought it would be fun to include her pics, so you could see some of her WIW's (and how they compare to what I was wearing at the same time!). When I was growing up, I was always embarrassed at how my mom wore so much makeup and jewelry and high heels and always seemed overdressed, like she was going to a gala instead of the grocery. I also thought she wore clothes that were too tight and too flashy/glitzy and young looking for her. (She likes to shop at Forever 21, for example, which I thought was so fitting!). I was never interested in fashion like she was, until just recently. I "rebelled" by not wearing makeup, deliberately underdressing, and not really caring what I wore. Even after I joined YLF and got more interested in fashion, I was very sensitive about not wanting to dress like my mother and hated it when my DH said I was turning into her (like this thread from a year ago:

But after a year of figuring out my own style, and now looking at these latest pics, I think I've kind of softened my stance on my mom's style. I can now appreciate her longstanding interest in fashion and see how her style is totally consistent with her personality--she likes to be in charge and the center of attention, and to look youthful and current. One of the greatest compliments for her is to be mistaken for my sister (which actually happened again when we went to watch DD's ballet performance, one of the other ballet moms told my mom she couldn't believe that we weren't sisters!). She loves lots of bling, like statement necklaces and sequins and ballgowns (I can only handle it in small doses). I thought I was pretty dressy, but she still way outshines me in dressiness levels. And she's even more on-trend than I am (like her going to the airport outfit with the colored skinnies and cold shoulder polka dot top). I used to think that she dressed so age-inappropriately, but now after seeing women of all ages wearing the latest fashions I'm like "OK, if she wants to follow the latest trends, who am I to say she can't?" Now that I'm more secure in my style persona, I don't mind if you say I take after her a little, or that she's more fashion-forward than I am! I still don't necessarily want to dress like her, but at least now I can appreciate her style! I think we are both having fun with fashion in our own ways!

1-3. Rehearsal dinner. Maternity burgundy skinnies, floral top and grey cascade cardigan, leopard ballet flats, orange and bronze cuff and orange leopard pendant. My mom with the bride & groom and my mom's sister.
4-5. DD's ballet performance. I just wore the same outfit as #1 because we were changing right after into the wedding dresses.
6-14. Wedding. JS Boutique sequin waist cobalt dress, Seychelles wedge sandals. I didn't have time to do my makeup or hair (not that I ever do). DS did great--he made it down the aisle without crying! #12 is my mom with two of her sisters (who are actually younger than my mom).
15-16. DH's surprise bday party. DD is playing doctor and checking the baby.
17-21. More of my mom's WIW's. #21 is me with my mom and one of my sisters at the Sedona wedding.


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WIW 10/29-Plethora of Polished Preppy Plum Prints (Old Lady Librarian)

I love fall! Most of my clothes were bought last fall and fall is my dominant season (mild winters and foggy summers) so it's nice to finally break out the layers and fun coats!

I managed to combine two "looks" from a WIW post from last season--Old Lady and Librarian--into one outfit! Here's the previous WIW from last January--fun to see how the same clothes looked on me before I was pregnant!
It's also a variation on another pregnant in plum outfit I did with the coat a few weeks ago:

The plaid skirt is a fit and flare with a fitted waist. I had to hike it all the way up to just under my boobs, but I managed to zip it up (barely)! With the huge belly, the midi skirt has turned into a high-low hem, but fortunately that's in style now, right? And I removed the faux fur collar from the coat because the outfit was already so ALGO and I wanted a cleaner line and a more preppy vibe. This is more print- and texture-mixing than I think I've ever done, but I think it still works because the colors are similar. I counted at least six different patterns/textures--purple Anthro tweed coat, grey H&M textured cardigan, dotted cream Anne Fontaine blouse with ruffles, plum and rose H&M plaid skirt, velvet floral Fossil bag, and stars and stripes taupe Chie Mihara heels. I went pretty low-key with the accessories--gold Anthro leaf belt and Christian Dior V necklace--because the rest of the outfit was so ALGO already. I've given up most of my high heels for now, but the two pairs of Chie Miharas are the most comfy high heels I own, so I made an exception (plus it went so well with the outfit!).

I am really happy that 1) I still fit into these non-maternity clothes and 2) I managed to pile on the prints and textures into one super-ALGO outfit that I think is still pretty polished and hopefully not too crazy and 3) I felt really "me" in this outfit...I think this is a very representative example of my current style!

Thanks for looking and commenting!


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WIW 10/19-10/25: Week 21--seeing the world in black and white

After trying out my old maternity clothes last week, I was really happy to get back into my regular non-maternity clothes. Though I am having to get more selective about which ones I can still wear. And also I am now worried about stretching them out too much since some of you warned me my clothes could get permanently stretched out. ( So today I finally went and bought a few new maternity pieces to supplement my old maternity wardrobe (

I felt much more like "me" this week in my usual clothes than last week. Funny how I was so in love with those maternity clothes the last two pregnancies but now that I've gone through my YLF style revamp, they are feeling kind of not my style anymore! Or at least, not up to my usual standards. So I'm still trying to squeeze into these non-maternity outfits.

This week I found myself doing a black and white theme! Maybe next week I should do orange and black, LOL!

Observations this week:
1. I don't always have to have a lot of color to make me happy, but I do like to have a lot of texture/pattern mixing (and/or matchy matchy-ing, like with the polka dots) when I do black and white.
2. I like black and white much more than other neutrals like brown and grey...I'm on team high contrast!
3. My Kate Spade black trench, black Frye boots, and the black LeSak purse (which I like because it has a texture to the cloth so it's not completely plain) were real workhorses this week! Also I wore the same black pendant and silver hammered bracelet a lot this week.
4. Tights helped keep me more comfortable about wearing my old clothes, esp. since my dresses and skirts have turned into minis by the time they go around my big belly!
5. I love it when it rains, because I get to pull out my Wonder Woman burgundy boots! Got so many compliments on those boots all day!

1-4. Even though it's a little fancy, I wore this outfit to work because DD and I attended a "tea party" after school/work at one of her friend's houses. Perfect opportunity to wear our matching black and white and white and black polka dot dresses! In addition to the Kate Spade dress and fake pearls, I'm also wearing a pink H&M cardi for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and DD has pink flowers on her dress and headband. We went to another girl's birthday party after that and we were supposed to be witches, but DD didn't want to take off her dotty dress. I'm wearing my Dotty handbag and DD has her Hello Kitty handbag.

5-7. It was raining so I brought out my burgundy Aquatalia Vavoom rain boots. Classiques Entier black and white honeycomb pattern jacket from OC swap (waving at MaryK!) was stretchy enough to still wear. ASOS black midi skirt with elastic waistband. Le Sak black bag, WHBM pendant and Kate Spade Melissa trench.

8-11. Calvin Klein black and white sweater dress from Nordstrom Rack, black obi belt, black tights, Le Sak purse and black Frye Melissa boots. WHBM bracelet. DD was enamored of my Aquatalia rain boots and had fun wearing them!

12-13. Maggy London wrap dress, black cami, black tights, Le Sak purse, WHBM pendant, black Frye boots.

14-16. H&M grey floral blouse, nude cami, Halogen burgundy houndstooth pencil skirt, grey ribbed tights, Tahari black leather jacket, burgundy Aquatalia rain boots, Kate Spade grey croc tote.

17. Bonus: my new iPhone and Casemate peacock case!


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How do you know if clothes are going to permanently stretch/bag out?

I've been happily wearing my Bailey 44 tiered stripe dress and other stretchy clothes and dresses from my pre-maternity wardrobe, but several of you are saying that you ruined some of your clothes by doing this and that they permanently stretched out. How do you know which ones will do this? So far the clothes I've worn seem to look exactly the same after I take them off (ie they don't look bagged out) and I don't hear any ripping sounds when I put them on. I was hoping to wear some of these clothes into third trimester, but should I stop wearing all my non-maternity clothes now? I think the B44 dresses are rayon and spandex, and I have other jersey type dresses that I've been wearing as well. I don't want to get a whole new wardrobe just for the next few months, but I don't want to ruin my wardrobe either!


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WIW 10/15-10/21: Week 20--Road testing my old maternity clothes

Week 20, halfway there now and my non-maternity clothes are not really fitting that well anymore--the pants and pencil skirts are too tight to zip up and the tops, even if they are stretchy enough to fit are getting too short to cover the whole belly. So I thought it's probably time to start pulling out the old maternity wear. Well, there is less of it than I thought--basically one shopping bag full and most of it is loungewear T shirts and nursing pajamas. Here is the best of what I have--mostly all from Japanese Weekend, mostly printed empire waist tops with hidden holes for nursing access and some stretchy wide leg jersey pants. I do have a few more pieces than these, but not a whole lot, maybe about another week's worth. And my sister and sister in law lent me a few pieces, but not anything that is dressy enough for work and mostly not my style either. Most of my maternity wear is from six years ago.

So, let me know your honest opinion of these outfits--are they dated? I have a really bad eye for what is dated and I'm not sure if my maternity wardrobe is up to YLF standards. I felt OK in these, but definitely not as super fab as in my post-YLF wardrobe. I think #4 and #9 were probably the closest to my current style. The main "compliments" I got this week were along the lines of, "Wow, your belly really popped!"

If you don't think these look good, I may have some shopping to do. I was hoping to get away with not buying any more maternity since this is my last baby and only have 4.5 months left, but I may have to break down and buy a limited amount of maternity wear, because my capsule is a lot thinner than I thought. I don't really even feel like shopping nowadays but I may have to. And I'm also dreading going through my closet and having to try everything on and put away everything that doesn't fit anymore, but I think it needs to be done. The racks are going to be half empty (or more) after that!

1-2. Japanese Weekend black nursing top and blue and white printed maternity skirt (still had the blue toenails from the wedding). Circa 2007.
3. JW magenta top with white faux collar/sleeves. Old Navy maternity trousers.
4-5. JW black and white maternity top and black skirt.
6. Maternity top from 2010 (gift from my mom). JW jersey pants.
7-8. JW brown and white nursing top. Sadly these white Gap maternity jeans which I just bought a couple months ago don't fit at all and are unwearable! I tried them on and they are too tight in the legs and won't stay up so the crotch is like 2 inches below where it needs to be. Too late to return them though! Big mistake. :( So I had to change into #9 instead.
9. Japanese Weekend striped top (new this pregnancy) and old JW jeans (too short for the sandals I wore them with--I think these are really for flats only, but I don't have any other maternity jeans to wear with heels).

And on a really sad note, two weeks ago I found out that my friend (who has a daughter in K with mine, and twins the same age as my DS, and was expecting a boy just like me) had a stillbirth at 35 weeks. We just met this family through DD's school this year, but have grown close over the last couple months since our families and kids' ages are so similar. They were devastated and I was in shock when I heard. They called me from the hospital and I was busy helping them out, visiting them, bringing them food etc. They asked me to let all the other K parents in our school know and I wrote an email to everyone. That was really hard and emotional, I would cry every time I read the email I sent (because people would respond asking what they could do and my email was attached to their reply). I set up an online meal sign up and the school parents were great, we got six weeks' worth of meals set up for them. I was feeling emotionally drained because it made me so sad for them and kept wondering how I could ever deal with it if something like that happened to me, and worried that being around me would always remind her of her lost baby and that it would always be a source of pain for her, and physically exhausted as well, because I was getting over a cold and had post-URI asthma and couldn't breathe, and coughing a lot and was getting winded just going up stairs (I ended up on albuterol inhaler for a few days).

That's why I didn't post any WIW's during that time--I was basically in loungewear most of that week because I didn't feel like dressing up. Then we had the big Sedona trip for my sister's wedding and that was a lot of work and since we were at altitude I still was having a little trouble breathing. Now I'm finally feeling better physically, but still very sad for my friend. I've visited her several times and she is out of the hospital now and doing better, but still very sad. Her original due date is coming up soon and I am going to give her an Etsy necklace that I had made with her children's names and an angel wing with her baby's name. I'm still tearing up a lot when I think of how sad I am for her.

So big picture, my silly maternity clothes worries are nothing compared to the awful things that can happen in this world. The one good thing is that I had my 19 week ultrasound and everything looks normal and my baby looks healthy so far. That I am very thankful for.


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WIW 10/10-10/13: Sedona wedding

Here are some pictures from my trip last week to Sedona, AZ for my sister's wedding! Only four outfits to share but lots of pics anyways...hope you like them!
1-3. Gorgeous mountains shot by DH.
4. View from our condo.
5-6. My sisters and brother and I used to sit on top of this tree when we were little (my parents had a timeshare condo here when we were young).
Gap striped T shirt, Gap Always Skinny maternity jeans, Tulle rust peacoat, Fossil floral satchel, Born bronze ballet flats.
7-10. Wedding rehearsal day. Pics with my sisters and my mom.
Bailey 44 orange tiered striped dress, Born bronze ballet flats, AE denim jacket, Fossil floral satchel.
11-21. Wedding day! I wore the Adrianna Papell cobalt blue mermaid gown--my whole family liked that one better than the sequin waist JS Boutique one that you all (except for Angie) preferred, so I ended up wearing that one. I kept it simple and wore it with Seychelles wedge sandals (even painted my toenails blue!) and a necklace from the OC swap. The cobalt blue and white wedding colors were really pretty. DD was a flower girl (along with her four cousins) and DS was the cutest little ringbearer in a grey suit with blue bowtie and grey fedora hat to match the groom. Pic 12 is with my mom, stepfather, and sisters and brothers. Pic 18 is with my four aunts on my late dad's side (he was one of five siblings, like me).
22-26. Train ride to the Grand Canyon. DS was soooo excited to ride the train! Free People orange sweater poncho, INC brown turtleneck, Gap Always Skinny maternity jeans, brown Frye Melissa boots, Fossil floral satchel. DD is wearing Missoni for Target.
27. Flying home. (Unfortunately we had no time to spend in Phoenix at all, so I wasn't able to meet up with Claire--but maybe next time!)


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WIW 9/28-10/4: Week 18 (on call)

These are all work outfits--I was on call this week at the hospital so I had to work every day this week. Still wearing my regular outfits but I am starting to run into a few minor road blocks due to my "speed bump".

1. Maggy London wrap dress and black Stuart Weitzman Giveable ballet flats. I am wearing flats a lot more now for comfort, especially when I am on my feet all day at the hospital.

2-3. Anthro green and white kimono sleeve top. I bought this tunic top early in pregnancy thinking it would be a great "maternity" top, but now I realize that I'm going to be limited by the length. The bump is making it too short, so I won't be able to wear it as long as I thought. I still squeezed into my Paige Hidden Hills white jeans though--they ride under the bump so I've been getting away with it (getting tight but I can still button them up and they stretch a bit with wearing). I thought this outfit gave off kind of a 70's vibe with the Alexis Bittar orange pendant, cognac leather jacket, yellow D&B purse, flared white jeans and wedge sandals.

4. TJ Maxx print dress and black Cole Haan wedge sandals and yellow D&B bag. I was able to get out early enough to meet up with DH and the kids while they were at a birthday party. The dress was only $20 and I bought it a couple months ago knowing it was stretchy so I could wear it during pregnancy. DH has been losing weight and I've been gaining's like a fat transfer, LOL!

5. Classiques Entier teal ruffle tank, Halogen red pencil skirt, Tahari black leather jacket, Fossil red satchel, SW leopard ballet flats.

6. Tory Burch navy heart print dress, red bow belt, Fossil red satchel, SW red ballet flats.

7. Jason Wu for Target mustard sleeveless blouse, ASOS black and yellow chevron stripe skirt, black skinny belt, D&B yellow satchel, Cole Haan black sandals, Kate Spade Japanese floral laptop case. The button down blouse was a disaster! Either my bust has gotten bigger, or the tummy is causing problems. The blouse kept gaping at the bust and even popped completely open a couple times! OMG I cringe wondering if I was talking to other doctors or patients with my bra showing...I think I caught it pretty quickly though. OK, I am thinking it may be time to switch over to maternity clothes soon...

8. Alberto Makali peacock tunic, Gap Maternity Always Skinny jeans, Le Sak black purse, Born bronze ballet flats. I wanted to wear my black Gap Real Skinny pants but I couldn't find them--I turned my closet upside down this morning but it was nowhere to be found. I thought black leggings would be too revealing, as the top doesn't completely cover my butt. And my Blue Essence black skinny jeans were way too tight...they wouldn't even go up past my thighs! So I had to settle for these maternity jeans, which are not exactly work wear (for some reason I don't mind wearing black or white or red denim to work, but blue seems too casual to me), but it was all I could find. But everyone loved the tunic...even one homeless alcoholic guy (who I wouldn't think cared about fashion) said, "I really love that top on you...the peacock print is so cool!" That made my day!

It may be a combination of being on call the whole week (and having to come in in the middle of the night last weekend), but I am really tired this week! I'm starting to get a little winded going up the stairs and my heart started pounding after a long morning doing procedures standing up (I also didn't drink enough water that morning). I hope I'm not getting anemic (I was mildly anemic last pregnancy and I was very very tired near the end). At least if I get through the day tomorrow, I'm off work next week (going to my sister's wedding). I really hope I have the energy to last the rest of this pregnancy, because I'm planning to work right up until the end! Still a long way to go, not even halfway there!

Funny story for the week: everyone I see--coworkers, patients, etc. are STARING at my abdomen and asking me point blank if I'm pregnant (all my regular coworkers know but we only go to the hospital one week in six, so not everyone there has seen me in a while). One male anesthesiologist said, "I know I shouldn't ask, but you're looking rather..." and I said, "...fat?" LOL! People have no qualms! I know now NEVER to say anything first, because I made that mistake once (and only once). I hadn't seen a coworker in several months and she had a new cute tummy bulge and I asked (while looking at her tummy), "So, is anything new with you?" and she said, "No, I've just been gaining weight." Arrggh! Now I feel embarrassed every time I see her, and that was years ago! Another male coworker told me about the time he went up to a female coworker and congratulated her and rubbed her belly. She was not pregnant. And not amused. ;) I don't mind people asking me though, because I am obviously pregnant (though I wouldn't find it very funny if I wasn't!).


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K/R: Rachel Roy tree print skirt and blouse

Thanks to Mo who posted about this Angie-recommended NAS skirt going to Rack prices!

I really liked this skirt, but even the NAS prices seemed too high for me and I didn't think it was practical to buy a pencil skirt while pregnant. But at Rack prices, I thought it was worth potentially breaking SYC for. I haven't bought any clothes for the last month or two because I am not sure I want to spend a bunch of money on maternity clothes that I'll never wear again once I'm done with this pregnancy. And buying regular clothes is quite tricky because I don't know what's going to fit me in the future. So that's my dilemma. I nabbed this skirt because it's so unique, I know I won't be able to find something similar once I'm back to my normal pre-preg weight (assuming I do manage to lose it all, which took me about a year both times). But I'm not sure if I buy it now, whether it will be too big for me once I return to pre-preg size.

This is a size 8. My normal size is size 6. I also bought a size 6--not shown because it is too tight for me now. I would just have to keep it and hope I'll fit into it later. If I keep the 8, I could probably wear it for the next few weeks, then I'll still have to put it away. I could probably start wearing it earlier postpartum, but the risk is if I go back down to my regular size, the size 8 could end up being too loose on me. On the other hand, the reviews said the skirt runs small, so the 8 could actually be the right size for me. It's so hard for me to judge/predict future sizing--which is why I've avoiding shopping lately!

I really do like the unique print. But I see what others of you who tried this on mean about the skirt having a tendency to twist--I don't know if it's the way I'm standing, but the lines do seem to get a bit crooked. Not sure if that is a dealbreaker.

Oh, the yellow blouse was the matching Rachel Roy blouse, but I'm unsure about keeping it--seems kind of meh to me. K/R?

I haven't thought about how to style this skirt yet, but also tried it on with a black turtleneck. I think it looks better with the shirt untucked and covering the belly--what do you think? And yes, I know the pencil skirt looks kind of crazy over the huge bump, but I don't know how else to judge the fit.

Should I keep the size 8, the size 6, or return both? Thanks for any input!


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