WIW 8/4 & 8/13 Shadow style: Goth & Punk

A couple of outfits from my shadow persona, the one with darker, tough/edgy elements. Although someone mentioned in a previous thread that they think my "shadow" style persona is fast becoming my primary style persona! These two outfits shared the same Helmut Lang-ish black zipper top (actually it's from Target!), I just switched out the bottoms and shoes and bracelets. The skirt outfit reminds me a bit of Goth, with the Victorian-ish grey and black lace print skirt, and the plaid pants remind me of punk. I wore these both to work...it may be pushing the envelope of work appropriateness a bit, but I'm trying to do a more grown-up version of Goth/punk. Someone at work said "You look so fall-like today!" It's because it's chilly and foggy in the mornings at my house so I feel like dressing in long-sleeve tops because I'm cold. And I'm on Team Wear so I'm trying to wear all of my new NAS purchases. But then when I get to work it's hot and sunny, so my outfit looks a little out of place. I know black is more associated with winter, but hey if you can wear white in winter, why not black in summer? I did at least push up the sleeves.

Is it time for me to start thinking about a new style moniker? Demure bombshell doesn't quite describe the new direction I've been exploring lately. And do you think I have dual style personas? Which one is primary? I feel like I have a very ladylike Kate Spade side with the florals, bright colors, prints, etc. but then also a darker tougher side with the monochrome black and grey, studs, zippers, leather, silver/gunmetal cuffs, etc. It's like I turn into a vampire at night, LOL! Would love to hear what you think of my style persona(s).

Thanks for looking and commenting!
Target Converse Larissa zip top
Karl Lagerfeld watch
Vince Camuto midi tube skirt in grey lace print/Munro Abby sandals/Spring St. cuff/silver Michael Kors studded satchel
Paige plaid skinny jeans/Mia Nanette black lace up ankle booties/Forever21 gunmetal cuff/black Michael Kors studded satchel


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WIW 8/2: Ice crystal dress for Frozen birthday

Last year DD had an Under the Sea birthday and Ariel came to visit:
I wore a jellyfish underwater print dress for that party and DD dressed as a little mermaid. So fun!

This year DD wanted a Frozen birthday party (as did all of her other classmates, it seems). I didn't have time to buy a specific outfit for her birthday party, but then I realized that I had the perfect dress already in my closet! Don't you love the ice crystal pattern? Even the colors match the theme. And the necklace and bracelet also look like icicles. DD loved dressing up and having Queen Elsa come to visit, and getting some "magic snow" from her, and having an indoor snowball fight.

I love dressing for the theme (I wore cowboy clothes for her 4th birthday at a horse farm, and a heart dress for Valentine's Day, etc.). I wore the dress again to work a few days later and when I told my coworker about the "Frozen" dress, she called me Miss Frizzle from Magic School Bus, who always has a dress to match the theme. :)

And bonus blooper reel (3-5). DS2 REALLY wanted my attention. It's tough to be a fashion "blogger" and mom at the same time!

Michael Kors faux wrap dress
WHBM necklace and bracelet
Michael Kors silver satchel
Munro Abby sandals


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WIW 8/8-10 More NAS outfits

I've been wearing a lot of my NAS purchases lately!

8/8. NAS Halogen floral sweater
NAS J Brand plum jeans
Yellow Converse
DD and DS1 are in adventure camp last week and this week and having a blast doing biking, kayaking, hiking, etc. They went rock
climbing and I got to watch. DD actually went climbing on a real
outdoor mountain. She didn't actually climb all the way to the top, but it was her first time trying it and I was impressed with how far she climbed. Even DS1 got a little taste of rock climbing!

8/9. NAS Equipment striped blouse
NAS DVF navy lace pencil skirt
Clarks navy pumps, J Crew necklace and WHBM bracelet
Jason Wu for Target straw purse (which BTW has been seeing way more action lately than Ms. Scarlet, due to the color scheme of my new purchases). Lately I've been craving calm and simple. #11 is a very neutral outfit, maybe more "conservative" and "boring" compared to my usual colorful ALGO style, but I've been wanting to simplify and look more polished, so I've really been toning it down and doing ALLGO (a little less going on).

8/10. NAS plaid sweater
NAS Equipment striped blouse
NAS J Brand plum jeans
JWT straw purse
It is so cold and foggy in the mornings that it makes me want to wear
all my new fall outfits. Then in the middle of the day it becomes hot and
sunny, so then I feel like a bit of a fool wearing a sweater in the middle
of summer! LOL! I think I might have liked this outfit better if I was wearing the navy skirt. It feels a little tomboy with the masculine sweater and collared shirt and jeans. 


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WIW 8/11: NAS plaid shirt for work/MOTG-lace skirt & pajama jeans

Multitasking with my clothes. I was worried that plaid might be too casual for work, but then I dressed it up with a navy lace pencil skirt and navy heels, hopefully it worked. The shirt is silk, which helps make it a little dressier. Then after work, I changed into my comfy pajama jeans and grey wedge sneakers to take the kids out to the park. DD and DS1 are in adventure camp and DD just learned to ride her bike without us holding onto the bike, and DS1 is now riding a scooter bike too. It's great to see how much confidence they have gained in just a couple of days!

NAS Equipment Reese plaid shirt
NAS DVF navy lace pencil skirt
Clarks navy pumps
Betsey Johnson burgundy quilted hearts satchel

Rag & Bone pajama jeans, Skechers grey wedge sneakers


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