WIW 5/30: Missoni for Target ALGO mom and daughter

I admit my outfits usually have a lot going on..you know that advice that says, "When you feel your outfit is complete, subtract one piece?" Well, I'm always trying to ADD just one more pattern or matchy matchy element to my outfit. It's all very deliberate, but I wonder if the end result is too chaotic. You'll let me know if I've crossed the line from ALGO to TMGO, right? I was wondering about this all day (is this too over the top?), but then I got lots of compliments from coworkers and patients...even my elderly and/or super sick hospitalized patients (who I thought wouldn't care or pay attention) told me, "Doctor, you look so pretty today!" A lot of people liked my shoes. I don't normally wear jeans and sneakers to work, but I was on call and running around a lot and wanted something comfy, plus the jeans bookend the necklace and the sneakers match the purse.

DD is similarly into ALGO pattern mixed looks...and we both wore Missoni for Target! Check out her outfit that she picked out completely by herself (except her white school shirt that was required for the field trip). Great outfit to go to a field trip to the textile weaving center...a striped bag that she wove herself in class, Missoni for Target striped hoodie jacket, Crazy 8 patchwork quilt skirt, and sparkly light up sequin shoes! I love her ALGO fashion sense...like mother, like daughter!

Missoni for Target floral blouse
Tulle raspberry wool blazer
Kut Diana skinny white jeans
Kate Spade Fiorella white bib necklace
Kate Spade Japanese floral satchel and sneakers


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WIW 5/28 & 5/31: Snake eyes

Thought I'd call this snake eyes because it's a double dose of snakeskin! Just realized I also wore the same top and purse both days.

1-4. Work outfit
Target Larissa black zip top
Target Merona aqua snakeskin ponte skirt
White House Black market black pointy flats
WHBM lagoon necklace & bracelet. The necklace is half of the necklace I wore with the magic dress, it conveniently separates into two necklaces for more options. I picked the accessories to match the color of the skirt and each other.
Michael Kors black Astor studded satchel

5-8. MOTG/day off
Target Larissa black zip top
AG red snakeskin skinny jeans
Skechers grey snakeskin wedge sneakers
White House Black Market red and cream snakeskin bracelet
MK black satchel

9. I wore this outfit to work 5/29 but felt pretty frumpy all day in the baggy sweater and skirt, so I'm not counting this as an official WIW. It was cold in the AM when I put it on, but quickly turned hot and I regretted wearing a sweater. Plus the sweater is pilling. During my pregnancy I had bought this stretchy ponte leopard skirt, the snakeskin skirt in #1, as well as a black and white version of #1. They all were $19 from Target. (I also bought the two stretchy Bobeau polka dot skirts from Nordstrom). I bought them mainly to use while pregnant, hoping to still wear them afterward. I think the snakeskin skirt is still passable, but the leopard skirt seems like it's too big now. Wondering if I should bother to get it taken in, or just purge.


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WIW 5/26-27: Black and white diptych--Pointy and round

I have zero artistic talent--my drawings are worse than a preschooler's, I haven't written poetry since I was a teenager, I don't play the piano anymore, and I only take snapshots on auto. So fashion is my only creative artistic outlet. Here's a black and white "diptych"--pointy vs. round. I love doing themes and being matchy matchy with my accessories. And everything in the second outfit is the opposite of the first both in color and shape. I had to work this holiday weekend so both are work outfits.

1-3. Pointy:
WHBM white button down blouse
WHBM black and white chevron skirt
WHBM pointy black and silver flats
MK black satchel
Nordstrom chevron bracelet
WHBM black and silver pendant (V shaped and echoes the chain on the shoes)

4-6. Round:
Anne Fontaine black button down blouse
Target cream and black polka dot skirt
Marc by Marc Jacobs cream and black snakeskin polka dot purse
All Black cream and black snakeskin polka dot shoes

WHBM silver round chain bracelet
WHBM black polka dot necklace

7-8. Bonus smiley kiddo pics. DD played in a chess tournament yesterday--she also weaved the bag she is wearing.


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WIW 8/31-10/18: My 2nd trimester part 1 lookbook

A few months ago I posted my first trimester lookbook, a collection of the outfits I wore those first three months. This is way overdue (ha!), but I'm finally starting to get around to posting the other trimesters. Here is the first part of 2nd trimester (weeks 14-20).

This is the stage where I was still able to squeeze into my pants early on (week 15). And I was just starting to show off the bump with my stretchy bodycon dresses (#14-15), although I could still hide it a bit with structured dresses (#11). Finally OK to wear empire waist dresses and tunics (definitely a no-no during first trimester when you're trying to hide the bump). Still wearing lots of belts to define the waist. Sometimes hiding the bump with oversize ponchos (#26, 36). Swapping out pencil skirts for stretchy tube skirts to achieve the same effect (#27). And still mostly wearing my non-maternity clothes--the only maternity outfit was #37 (which was from my prior pregnancies). I decided I didn't really care for my old maternity clothes anymore, but I didn't want to buy a whole new set of maternity clothes for my last baby, so I decided to get creative with my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

Stay tuned for the next installments--I'm planning to do this for the rest of 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester and 4th trimester (postpartum)!

7-14. Week 15
15-20. Week 16
21-27. Week 17
28-33. Week 18
34. Week 19
35-37. Week 20


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WIW 5/24-25: Mad Men & champagne--2 60's navy/green keyhole shift dresses

My love of matchy matchy extends to posting variations on a theme. Here are two 60's style navy and green keyhole printed shift dresses. The funny thing is when I wore the first dress, one of the nurses complimented me on my dress and said, "It looks so Mad Men!" I told her, "Well actually it is from the Mad Men Collection at Banana Republic!" The second one I got at TJ Maxx. Funny that they both have keyhole necklines! I wore the same blue and green bracelet and navy trimmed purse both days.
1-4. Banana Republic Mad Men Peggy shift dress
BR Mad Men blue and green bracelet
Jason Wu for Target straw purse
Easy Spirit nude Mary Jane pumps (these are 15 years old and on their last legs, they're all scraped up, but they're so comfy)
5-8. TJ Maxx bubbles dress
same bracelet and purse
All Black fishbow pumps
WHBM blue cardigan


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WIW 5/22-23: FFBO Magic dress+statement necklace+flats

I like doing variations on a theme, so here are two versions of another FFBO formula: Magic dress + statement necklace + flats. Very comfy yet dressy at the same time. I wore these both to work, and the first one to a Mom's Night Out as well. The first dress is a Nine West "magic dress" that I bought on eBay, and the second one is from Bluefly. Who knew these would be the perfect postpartum dresses? Both of them are forgiving of my postpartum apple tummy. Both have a colorful busy print, which is great for hiding pumping leaks and baby spit-up. ;) And my nursing bra doubled as a cami (although I seem to have developed some new cleavage, LOL!). Both of these necklaces are new from White House Black Market. I've been getting a little bolder and more statement-y with my necklaces lately. What do you think, do the bigger necklaces work or are they too overwhelming?
1-3. Nine West "Magic dress" from eBay
WHBM lagoon necklace and bracelet
Cole Haan turquoise stripe satchel
Stuart Weitzman burgundy ballet flats
4-7. Laundry by Shelli Segal dress from Bluefly
WHBM black and white bib necklace
Ralph Lauren black doctor's satchel from TJ Maxx
WHBM pointy black flats


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WIW 5/21: Ocean breeze

Day off today! I had only 5 min to get dressed so I grabbed this outfit (dresses are my FFBO) and ran. I wore this to drop DD off at school, and later tonight am going to go out to dinner with DH. I volunteered at the AM carpool line at DD's school this morning and one of the other moms who was there with me (who is one of the dressiest ones, actually...wears a lot of Kate Spade & Tory Burch etc) asked me if I was going to work--when I said no she was surprised and said I looked so dressed up. Hm, really? Jean jacket and sandals doesn't seem like a work outfit to me! Anyways, this outfit reminds me of the ocean and beach with the "swirling ocean" aqua dress and "misty whitecaps" white jean jacket, sand colored sandals, bag with sandy brown leather and watery turquoise stripes, "ocean waves" bracelet and "beach glass" turquoise and grey necklace. I took pics with my iPhone today, since even my peacock case matched the color scheme. Can you tell I love matchy matchy theme dressing? ;) I feel like I'm at the beach with a pina colada in hand today!
Thanks for your comments!

AE white denim jacket
Michael Kors turquoise agate dress
Cole Haan turquoise stripe satchel
Banana Republic Trina Turk bracelet
White House Black Market lagoon necklace
Naturalizer nude flat sandals
New pink lipstick! Maybelline "Let Me Pink"

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WIW 5/18 & 20: Polka dot pants and red python

1-4. The first outfit was for MOTG. I bought some polka dot jeans from White House Black Market. I'm not super fond of the top because the neckline is too wide and exposes my bra, and my tummy looks lumpy, but I seem to have a relative lack of casual tops (other than loungewear T shirts). I like this necklace because it reminds me of polka dots, so it's matchy matchy with my polka dot jeans. And my diaper bag is polka dots, and my nursing cover is a similar black and white floral pattern to my Japanese floral sneakers. Check out DD's striped peplum top and floral jeans from H&M--I would love to have an adult sized version of her outfit! She's got Paul Frank sneakers, and DS1 is matchy matchy with his Thomas socks and boots. DS2 is 15 lb already at 2.5 months, so he is a little big man!
Anthro pink top
WHBM polka dot jeans
Kate Spade Tretorn Japanese floral sneakers
WHBM polka dot necklace

5-8. The red python shirt debut. Wore this to work.
The Shirt red python blouse
Gap Real Skinny black pants
White House Black Market pointy black flats (I exchanged for a new pair)
MK black studded satchel
Black bracelet

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WIW 5/17: Brand new "orphan" gold lame blouse styled!

OK, this isn't really an orphan, but this new gold lame blouse got very little love on the K/R thread and Denise said it could be on the fast track to the orphanage. So, since it's a hard item to style I figured it qualifies for the orphan challenge. What do you think--worth keeping or not? Do you like it better styled? DD and DS loved the shirt (DD said "Oooh, gold and shiny!" and DS said "Just like Bob the Builder and the Golden Hammer!"). DH wasn't a fan, but he didn't ask me to take it off either. I'm wearing this to work--it's Disco Friday. LOL!

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WIW 5/14-16: Orphans (good and bad)

1-3. This used to be one of my favorite blouses pre-YLF. I haven't worn it in a long long time, and now I know why. The worst shape ever for post-partum apples. Hello potbelly! Uggh. Off to the donate pile! (I'm only posting in the interests of honesty for the challenge).
4-6. I'm never quite sure if this skirt looks too dowdy or not. Plus the cat peed on it and while the smell washed out, I still can't forget and am a little skeeved out. Nevertheless, I think this outfit worked fairly well, and the skirt stays for now (but hung up away from the cat!). Do you prefer the shirt tucked or untucked?
7-8. Rust colored pleated skirt. Meh. Paired it with my bee blouse. Yes it's a little too autumnal of an outfit and I feel like a secretary from the '70's (even more so if I could have found the pussy bow tie), but do you think the skirt should stay or go? The one cute thing was that I matched the baby!

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