What is your signature/favorite clothes store?

What is your favorite clothes store? What store's style best matches your own? If you had to stick to shopping at one store, which one would it be?

Previously I would have said Ann Taylor, with Banana Republic a close second (but I haven't shopped at those stores in a long time so I don't know if that still holds true). When I was pregnant, it was Japanese Weekend all the way. Now, I'm not sure...probably Nordstrom, since I got a bunch of stuff there at NAS and I love their easy return policy. I don't know enough about the different departments to narrow it down to which one is my style yet. I'd love to say Anthropologie, but a lot of their stuff is very hit or miss...some of it can be pretty hideous looking on me (or in general). I think I'm definitely in their target market though! And H&M has great cheaper stuff, but still takes a lot of digging (I think I may be a bit older than their target audience). I'm still trying to figure out my new style!