Who are your inspirations--name your YLF style twins and style idols!

I thought this would be another super fun thread. I find everyone's WIW posts fascinating and so helpful in my style journey. There are really too many to name everyone and I am thankful for everyone here at YLF because I have learned so much from all of you. But Sona's style twin thread got me thinking, and wondering who you all feel a kinship to and are most inspired by on YLF?

So, please tell (you can name one, or up to three people in each category):
1. Who is your style twin--who dresses the most like you, and why?
2. Who is your style idol--whose style do you aspire to/who do you consider to be your style mentor?
3. Who are you curious about and would like to see post more WIW's?
4. Who has a style very different from yours but who you find fascinating?

Here are my answers:
1. MaryK--patterns, bright colors, ALGO, blouses & pencil skirts, bombshell; Sona--both apples and doctor moms; Kari--bright colors and patterns, specs
2. MaryK--I totally want to copy everything she wears, even her bee blouse :); lyn*--I love her style and seeing her posts convinced me to join YLF!; and Angie--of course :)
3. Fruitful (ever since she posted herself in a plaid mini like mine!), Hillview (I dragged her over here from my mommy board and she's even more of a shopper than I am...I know she's got some fabulous stuff in her closet!), and ironkurtin (she posts/repies a lot and is quite insightful, but I never see her post her own WIW's!)
4. Annagybe, alaskagirl, and Andrea Wheatley--I'm fascinated by RATE queens since I'm so polished (ever since I tried Una's RATE challenge)!

Looking forward to seeing who else you all come up with!

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  • MsMary replied 9 years ago

    This is a hard question, especially since I'm on the plane with a vodka tonic or two in me. But...

    1. Aida and Kari. Aida and I have a ton of the same pieces and I think Kari and I share an aesthetic. And golden pig, fo sure!

    2. Again, Kari was the first YLFer who really pushes all my buttons in a really good way!

    3. I would pay good money to see Elisabeth post a WIW.

    4. Annagube, fo sho. We have, like, the very same hair but the similarity ends there. LOVE her crazy fashion-forward style!

  • Michelle replied 9 years ago

    I'm going to have to throw the question back at you ladies in my case...Do I have an YLF style twin? I truly don't know! :) I can say that Marianna gives me tons of ideas and sounds like someone I'd actively emulate if I could see her. Kristen and Kari provide outfit descriptions that make me druel, and Laura's practical, effortless sass is exactly how I want to appear. Angie's outfit descriptions, of course, have sometimes literally sent me running to make a purchase. :) Annagibe and Chewyspaghetti sound as though they dress nothing like me, but the constant raves they get have peaked my interest and keep me on the lookout for more detailed descriptions of their looks.
    Alternatively I can make up blind-guy-related YLF questions for myself to answer. :p

  • CocoLion replied 9 years ago

    GP you always come up with such great thread ideas!

    1. Similar -- This is the hardest one for me to answer. I will be thinking about it all week.
    2. Style idols: Jenava, Angie, Sarah from TX, Ahn, NicoleB, Kyle, Heather and Alicat on her Monthiversary celebrations. (I think I just broke a rule or two there.)
    3. Who I want to see post. Vildy, please! She sounds so interesting from her posts. Mseccentric! Also, want to see more of Vix.
    4. Style very different from mine I find fascinating: MaryK, I love her enthusiasm for corporate dressing. She takes what could be daily drudgery and makes it fun and exciting. The other one whose style differs from mine but I love to look at is *lyn.

  • CocoLion replied 9 years ago

    Michele -- I think your style shows a proximity to Angie, actually, when Angie is wearing dresses and pearls especially. It shows that you have been an attentive student. Also, Marianna from what I have seen of her and also Ornela, because you both keep things simple.

    Next time I post a WIW I am going to write a description so you can experience it too. That will be so fun for me, especially with the perspective that my descriptions would be useful rather than a burden for people to read.

  • krishnidoux replied 9 years ago

    1. Suz. we have so much in common in appearance, and more. We also share the same size, close in age, live in the same area of the world. I think we were influenced by the same trends. I think Suz is very creative with her clothe and I enjoy watching her transformation through her style journey. Mseccentric. We share a lot of items! She is also very creative. I relate very much to her understated-yet-fun way to dress and I like how she makes a lot of her clothes.

    2. Kari, Mary-K, Angie, Aida, Girlx, Sarah, Sveta, Nicoleb, Greeglove are some members that I find endlessly stylish and that I always look out for. They each have their signature styles and each is very inspiring to me. What sets them apart to my point of view is that I feel they really understand their bodies and personalities. It's not just pieces put together in their outfits, it becomes a whole that is more.

    3.Vildy, Con Con, Bella, Sveta (lately), Dianthus, Ironkurtin, Astrid, Mo...

    4. Mary-K, Greenglove, Queen Mum, Lynne, Cocolion, Lyn, Goldenpig...

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 9 years ago

    I read this thread yesterday and am still not sure of the answers. I decided I might never be ready so thought I would give it a shot.

    1. Who is your style twin--who dresses the most like you, and why?
    I am not sure about this. I seem to be all over the map these days so it is hard to peg.

    2. Who is your style idol--whose style do you aspire to/who do you consider to be your style mentor?
    This one is a big easier. I love everything that Kyle posts. I love the elegant ladylike qualities of her look that also incorporate trends and are current. I also think Bella has great style. Aida is another favorite of mine.

    3. Who are you curious about and would like to see post more WIW's?
    I have trouble remembering who is who these days. I actually enjoy seeing Kari's pics a great deal.

    4. Who has a style very different from yours but who you find fascinating?

    I love the color combinations used by MaryK and Kari. I don't have the verve to carry off most of Annagybe's looks (may have spelled that wrong) but find her style fascinating.

    I may come back to edit after I go look at more pics. :)

  • nancylee replied 9 years ago

    There are so many stylish YLFers I hesitate to name my favorites for fear I'd forget someone!

    As for my style twins, I think maybe Sarah (formerly MNSarah) and Lisa probably come closest to my style....or I come closest to theirs. :)

  • Sona replied 9 years ago

    style twin: still discovering.... However Una and me like the same silhouettes-waist surrender, tight bottoms, longer tops so in many ways I learn from her posted outfits even though our styles per se may be different.

    YLF style idols:
    jonesy: she is so smashing in every single look
    christyg: fab business attire.
    Aida: for her confidence in very look
    I will add one more: Sveta: for how she styles her outfits, takes photographs, responds to constructive criticism working towards taking things to another level.

    super curious about DressLover: I'm convinced you are a celebrity ( i.e someone recognizable). I would love to see some pics of you with your head and distinguishing features photoshopped but oh you make me so curious....

    Last question: deviating alittle from the question itself but I would love for Angie to post what she wears everyday! I realize this is not the goal of the yLF community but I find myself thinking hmmmm what is Angie wearing today.

    Also I wanted to say midwestgirl also has my heart. She is just so gorgeous I want to see more and more WIW's..

    Another shoutout to GP: you work so hard on this style evolution piece and your enthusiasm and diligence in seeking your own stylsitic evolution is very insiring.

  • Transcona Shannon replied 9 years ago

    Wow - this is a great thread but tough to answer.

    1. Style twin - I don't know yet as I've just started to post WIW and my style is still changing daily.
    2. I love MaryK's style - I like how she takes work/corporate wear to an interesting level with the mix of colours, her use of scarves and that FABULOUS purse collection! I also really enjoy amyreh's style - very clean but trendy at the same time.
    3. Fruitful and ironkurtin.
    4. I love lyn and nicoleb's style - they're both young enough to be my daughter! I admire their understanding of style and what works for them, as well as their confidence. I would have loved to have had that when I was their age.

    It's really difficult to point out individuals because I truly think everyone on YLF has something to offer and provides inspiration in different way.

  • Mo replied 9 years ago

    I'm not sure I can answer most of these, but I will say my style inspiration idol is Marley all the way!! She does a cool, hip, pulled together casual with such style it's always awesome! Also Jonesy - she's similarly usually casual but oh so pulled together. Love it!
    Not sure I have a style twin here, but to be fair, I have been stuck in this hot climate that is not my own, so my usual style of cropped jackets and distinctive shoes with jeans hasn't really been displayed. Instead I've had to try and adjust my style to staying home and being hot lol. Maybe Aida or Una?
    I would really like to see Elizabeth post a WIW :)
    Different but fascinating - Greenglove (Jean) and Vix!

  • greenglove replied 9 years ago

    I am going out on a limb here but felt a need to speak up. Goldenpig, I know that you are so sincere in having this be a lighthearted and fun post and I think the style twin idea is a great one.

    I am concerned that singling women out as idols can be hurtful to those who were not mentioned.
    I know that individual outfits have inspired me and that every beautiful woman who has had the courage to post is a gift to the community.

  • Mo replied 9 years ago

    Good point, Jean. I know it's meant in the best way but I can see how one might feel slighted.

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Natalie, not only do you win the prize for the quickest style evolution, you also win the prize for the best thread starters! You are such an important member of this community!

    And what a tough, tough question. I really need to think it through!

    1. Style twin: I'm not really sure because my style is still very much evolving. But Krishnidoux says we're twins and I believe her! Especially now that I am wearing her jeans and a pair of booties that she recommended! (More on the latter soon, with pics.) Claire, who has some of the same pieces, and who also has a history of "making do" and is trying to change her game on a tight budget. And although we don't see enough of her here, I suspect Vix may be a style twin, too.

    2. Style idols: Oh...so many! Angie, for her effortless mix of high and low, the simplicity and clean lines (and high collars) of her clothes and of course, for her iconic hair! Kari, for the way she celebrates her gorgeous curves and eyes and hair with vivid and sometimes unexpected colour combinations and pencil skirts. Mary K for her delightful play with corporate rules and her brilliant thrifting. *lyn for her funky, sassy looks and remixes. Ornella for the careful, intentional quality of even the simplest of her outfits. Heather for her jewelry layering (not to mention her gams, which unfortunately, I can't get for myself no matter how long I study!) Kyle for her classic elegance (ditto the gams...). Aida for her thorough, careful analysis and determination to make every detail count, whether her outfit is casual or dressy. Vix, for the thoughtful way she has built her wardrobe and her support of local designers (as well as for her clothes themselves.) Sveta, who takes more and more risks that pay off in bigger and bigger WOWs with her outfits. Una, who always introduces me to the edgy pieces I need more of to send me in the right direction. Jonesy, whose outfits are always fun and funky yet clean-lined and always suit her perfectly. Deborah, who is elegance personified. Jean (Greenglove) whose sensitivity to colour and proportion never fail to inspire me and whose arty look is an inspiration to me. Kris (chewyspagetti) whose layering and remixing of items always shows me new possibilities. And Michelle, whose courage and faith in pursuing her personal style leaves most sighted women in the dust!

    Um...gee, I apologize if I have left anyone out. <grin> And I'm sure I have, because so many of you are inspirations on a day by day basis. That is what is so amazing about this forum!

    Ooops. I just realized I was supposed to narrow it down to three. And you know what? That makes sense because it helps us to define our own developing style. SO...in my shorter list of inspirations I place Angie, Vix, Greenglove.

    3. Curious about: Vix, Vildy, Dresslover, ironkurtain, Mrs Eccentric. All make such important contributions to the forum and I would LOVE to see them.

    ETA: MOST curious about Krishnidoux! She's my twin but I never see her!

    Would also like to see more of Mo again (missing you!) and *lyn (ditto) and Kris (ditto again). And both Lauras. And Joy.

    4. Different but fascinating: Khris, annagybe, nicoleb, Rae, MaryK, Una, Andrea Wheatley, Ornella, Mo, *lyn.

    On an added note: someone I'm very glad to see at last: Transcona Shannon! She may turn out to be both a style twin and style inspiration.

  • goldenpig replied 9 years ago

    I'm sorry Jean. I really did not mean to cause hurt feelings. All of the other women mentioned (including you!) by others are on my list too, but I thought that limiting it to three would be better than having a longer list and unintentionally excluding someone. Like I said in the beginning of my post, even though there are too many to name individually, I treasure each and every member of YLF and have learned so much from everyone's posts. In fact, I wish everyone would post more WIW's! And I know there are a lot of lurkers who are shy about posting...I hope they can find the courage to do so because I love seeing everyone's unique style! XOXO

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Yes, I would agree. Not mentioning does not equal not valuing. On the contrary. I have learned from everyone who has the courage to post. And it does take courage, especially at the start.

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    Michelle, I would agree that some your style twins might be Angie (some outfits) and Ornella (others). I also see Deborah in your preference for elegance and strong colour.

  • Angie replied 9 years ago

    (I'm in Canada so I haven't been on the forum at all since we got here. Back on Tuesday).

    EVERYONE on YLF inspires me - in more ways that you can imagine. Thank you YLF'ers!!!

    Thanks for speaking up Jean. Natalie, we have had threads like this before and each time I worry about the people being left out. I know that to hurt was not your intention at all - in fact the point was to praise. I really appreciate your encouragement of others :). Of course, there are those whose styles resonate with you more than the rest, and the people who take incredible photos are at an advantage. This type of thread is a tricky business though. I LOVE that you speak up and tell the people who inspire you that they rock - perhaps do so on the threads that they post where it's less obviously a comparison to the entire forum. I hope that makes sense.

    (I am humbled to be mentioned, thank you).

  • greenglove replied 9 years ago

    Goldenpig, no need to apologize- I know you are not excluding anyone nor do I think you would ever intentionally hurt anyone.

    I mentioned my feelings on this in case it did bother others. I know that you want what is best for all concerned. maybe I am being too sensitive.? (is a known characteristic of mine.)

  • Suz replied 9 years ago

    As usual, Angie expresses it eloquently! That's a great idea, to express our appreciation on specific threads.

  • lyn67 replied 9 years ago

    Oh, had to do my homework for this:-).

    1.I don't know if I have any style at all yet, so don't know if I have any style twins. But surelly would be humbled if yes:-).

    2. All I know is that Angie was my very, very first style idol here. Discoverring her blog in early 2007/2008(don't even remember when it exactly was) but I know at that time, in the very beginnings, the blog was a bit lack of picties:-( and I so much longed for them!
    Visuals are so much helpful then text, isn't it!
    Then, fortunately came Greg's picties more and more often and I've also found in the YLForum what I really wanted: real womens modelling real clothes! Wow! Beeing able to see Shinny's, Greenglove's, Kristen's back then wiw posts was such an empovering experience! I cannot thank them for that enough.

    It took me a while to find out how to/and dare to post my outfits, so I really do appreciate from my deapest heart all the wiw posts!! I surelly miss plenty of them as I have a life outside the YLF, too:-)) but find them one by one, one or another way inspiring!
    There are plenty of fashion blogs out there, but I think this kind of forum is kind of unique, for it's lovely and contsructive comunity!

    3. I'm trully curious for wiw posts of the whole membership of the YLF but of course my own generation has to come first. I actually typed 3 row of names, but then cleared it with an easy move as trully unnecessary: you know who you are:-)) a good half of the forum members come here and I have to say you are all the most fab 40+Ladies!

    4. Love also the younger generation on this blog! They are so different but I like to see their looks and take notes for my DD (only 14..but growing as a palmtree!!:-))-
    So, will not fill the blanks here either...as the other half of the YLF members come to this section and you are a trully amazing Young Generation looking forward to keep me updated with your hot looks !

  • Midwest Girl replied 9 years ago

    I was a lurker for several years before I had the nerve to post a picture of myself, but long before I did, I found this site to be the most exciting, helpful, and warmest community of any that I've encountered on the Internet. It's posts like this that further illustrate what I like most about this site. Of course Angie is central to everything that I love about youlookfab. However, I have found so much style inspiration from so many you that it would be too numerous to name everyone. But trust me, many of your photos have landed in my personal style folder! I also just want to add that everyone here is just so incredibly warm and honest-- I just don't think you find this type of honesty on too many other blog sites.

  • Kari replied 9 years ago

    I really can't answer this fairly without leaving out a LOT of people, and as Jean mentioned, I'm rather cautious about causing hurt feelings by unintentionally leaving someone out. This sounds like a cop-out answer, but truly I'm inspired by everyone I run across on YLF in very different ways. To name a few examples: over 3 years ago when I was avidly browsing but not posting on the forum, I was incredibly inspired by many of the members who posted frequently in those days - including Greenglove, Shiny, Maya, KristenKP, Ana, TX Sarah, Patience, Bella, Dani, Sihaya, Antje, Tanya, Inge, Laura65, Eva, Tam, Marianne - and I really miss seeing WIW posts of my "mentors" who are no longer active (or as active) on the forum.
    Angie is of course a huge inspiration and mentor, which goes without saying.
    I'm particularly inspired by our contingent of fearlessly stylish members who are over 40. I hope that I will have HALF as much style (and fun!) 15+ years from now!

    I'm dead serious when I say that I feel SO lucky to have had the company of YLF members to accompany, inspire, and encourage me on my style journey over many years on the site. Not only have I had a TON of valuable help, advice, inspiration, and insight, but I also feel like many of the women I have interacted with are real friends. When we've been able to meet up in person it doesn't feel awkward - it feels like I'm able to add another aspect of interaction to our existing relationship. I described my virtual YLF friends to my mom as the "modern-day equivalent of pen pals centered around a common interest", and really I feel like in a lot of ways that's very true.
    Thank you ALL for adding SO much to my life, and not only my style, for the past several years.

  • Jenava replied 9 years ago

    I kind of see everyone has being different, so I don't feel like i have a style twin or mentor. But, I have gotten most influence from Angie. In particular my denim shirt and wearing booties. My style used to be too formal and with Angile's influence I think my style has become a tiny bit more RATE and interesting.

  • Mac replied 9 years ago

    No twins or idols but I always pay especially close heed to my fellow redheads, pear-shapes and double-digit-sized posters. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

  • Kristen replied 9 years ago

    I have to confess, I'm not as active on the forum as I used to be so my answers are probably a little outdated. But I do love threads like this because it's fascinating to see how different women with completely different styles can still appreciate and enjoy other's styles.

    1. Who is your style twin--who dresses the most like you, and why?
    Oh, Kari, hands-down. As well she knows it! :) And Texas Sarah and I still frequently end up buying similar pieces unbeknownst to each other. I love seeing her blog pop up with a scarf or a bag I was JUST ogling a week before!

    2. Who is your style idol--whose style do you aspire to/who do you consider to be your style mentor?
    I absolutely adore Kyle's style. The perfect blend of whimsy and elegance. I want that.
    Bella rocks me in the same way. And Ana, back when she was around!

    3. Who are you curious about and would like to see post more WIW's?
    Vix, Antje, Inge, and Marianna should post more. Make it so, ladies! :)

    4. Who has a style very different from yours but who you find fascinating?
    Oh, Greenglove makes me wish I was a reedy artistic redhead every time she posts. Patience has that classy, trendy MOTG thing nailed down. And Laura65 does the pixie, petite, perfectly proportioned and trendy look down. When we meet up, I always feel like a sloth around her. THAT'S how awesomely she dresses! :)

    Heh, thanks for the mentions. I feel so badly I'm not around much anymore, but it is awfully nice to know I am still remembered. :)

  • Fruitful replied 9 years ago

    GP, I feel like I'm not ready to answer these questions! :)

    As someone who struggles with 1) being overwhelmed by daily life as a mum, and 2) an internet addiction, I limit the number of posts I look at to the first ones that capture my attention. So I miss loads of WIWs.

    Couple this with being a one-one-one type of person, who likes to get to know a small number of people well rather than many people, and then add in my need to concentrate deeply on the posts I do read - getting to know everyone on this forum just isn't going to happen, not quickly at least.

    So I really feel there's lots of people whose styles I haven't even SEEN, let alone become familiar with.

    If all the above can be taken into account - I don't know my style twin! But GP, I have related to a lot of your posts and your delicious purchase choices. Also to the way you think about them - your determination to have those awesome red boots despite some naysaying opinions, *because of your imaginative connection to the boots*, was very "me".

    Again, taking the above into account - I crush hard on Aida's style, her beautiful photography, her effortless 70s and urban vibes, pared-down-ness that is not "minimalist" harsh but is relaxed, her clear and effective use of colour. I am indeed an Aida fangirl :). I consider MrsEccentric to be my style mentor because she expresses the inner priorities that matter to me when it comes to style - I'm forever blown away by how much she gets it, no matter how slippery the idea.

    Who am I curious about? Ummm, all the people whose WIW I haven't been looking at! And Pastrygirl. :)

    Style different but fascinating? This is hard to answer, because I think what makes them fascinating is finding *something* I connect with. For example, Una's rateness (and body type) is different to me, but we share some interest in vibrant colours and simple 60s mod shapes. MrsEccentric does pale colours I'd rarely be interested in wearing, but I see a thought-out-ness in her (Victorian?Edwardian? Steampunkish?) vibe that resonates with me. And she MAKES the most incredible, beautiful garments.

    Truly, lots and lots of the posters have styles that are different to mine and *therefore* fascinating.

    GP, I think this thread is going well - while I totally find it fun, and know you have totally positive intentions, I did share Jean's/Angie's concerns. It's not just that someone gets left out, but I've seen it on other forums where a handful of popular members are praised repeatedly. It's natural but can lead to ill feeling. It's nice to see that although of course not everyone is mentioned, a diversity of names have come up. Lots of goodwill and sensitivity here.

    And thanks for the shoutout GP and Shannon :). Noted.

  • Katiepea replied 9 years ago

    It's funny, because I am inspired by every single person that has taken the jump to post a WIW thread. It is such a scary thing to do!

    I'm being deadly serious when I say I must have a slightly "different" view of the world,
    because I've found I tend to have more of a recall for a *specific* outfit worn by a specific person, rather than having a particular member who I would classify as being my inspiration.

    (Yes, I have an outstanding recall for all things trivial. Seriously. Here, I'm gunna prove it. These are in NO particular order: Anne once wore a red dress over a white blouse that looked fabulous; Taylor once wore a leopard print blouse with trousers; Mary K wore a fabulous Red patterned, wrap around dress and how could I forget her electric blue jeans; Chewy once wore a yellow top (was it striped with white?) paired with grey; Queen Mum's look when she went to the garden party; Stringy's look when she went to the ball; Theresa once wore a stunning dress and hat to the races; Sharon's outfit today for the 40's look; Renata in her "watercolour" tops; Rute in her black flirty dress and with that stunning PURPLE bag she had; Greenglove's 40's shoes and her scarf collection; Louise wearing her dress for her 30th birthday and a skirt that made her waist look impossibly tiny; Deborah in that fabulous dress which she tried on back to front; Alicia rocking the maternity look; Scarlett in the dress she wore to the wedding that she bought at the last minute..... Honestly, hand on my heart, this isn't even all of them - I truly could go on and on and ON!!!)

    Some of the outfits that are my stand out favourites are looks that wouldn't suit me, or I would never dare to wear, but I LOVE because they just make the person who is wearing it look AMAZING. :-)

  • Vix replied 9 years ago

    If you are a member who can check "yes" to any of the below:
    * around 5'4
    * short-waisted + larger bosom'd
    * proportionately short-legged
    * wider of foot and/or higher of arch
    * wavy/curly hair

    ...then you are a "body part twin" and I thank you for providing photos, tips, or resources that address these hair, proportion or fit issues!

    If you are a member who has:
    * analyzed, discussed, and/or photographed if or why certain items "feel like you"
    * talked about strategies for savvy shopping and maximizing what's in your closet

    ...then you are a "how do I get my inner and outer bits to align -- without wasting money?" twin and I thank you for your navel-gazing. ;)

    If you are a member who:
    * wears a lot of dark neutrals
    * wears a lot of color-color

    ...then you are a "beloved default colors" twin and/or a "recovering blacktextile-a-holic" twin and both the shady and brighter sides of my evolving closet thank you.

    If you aren't in any of the above groups I thank you for broadening my online visual landscape and sharing -- verbally or visually -- what you like in clothes and accessories.

    That said, I will answer the original question and mention just a FEW people whose style really speaks to me again and again:

    * Kyle and Marianna for great modern-classic-but-interesting-to-me work looks (with a nod to MaryK's more MaryK: Restrained Version work looks!). Though my versions are always a lot messier/relaxed, ha!

    * Kari and Renata for their use of prints whose colors and shapes seem to really suit their coloring, figure, and personality (plus Sveta for her experiments with color combinations)

    * CocoLion, Inge, and Scarlet for doing casual so well (since I continue to do so...not well...with it!)

    Ps to CocoLion, Mo, Suz, and Kristen:
    Thank you for the compliments and/or curiosity! Between my YLF posts, blog, and recent essay on Inside Out Style I feel like a big ole oversharer -- funny to seem mysterious. ;)

  • modgrl replied 9 years ago

    It is incredibly inspirational for me to see how women of all different ages, shapes, sizes and styles can wear similar clothes but make them all their own. Lots of people here have red jeans and the seamed skirts. When I see those looks sometimes I see something that makes me think, I can own that look. Other times I am inspired and think, I don't own that look but I want to!! It comes from all of the courageous members who post WIW's, fitting room reviews and keep or returns. All of this helps me to chip away at what's working on others and why.

    I don't know if there is someone here who is my size twin.. I think Una has little tiny fat feet like mine but she has skinny calves and mine are average plus... maybe that's about all. I am very petite and wear a small size but I am well padded and an apple. I always feel like I am the only one but maybe not?!

  • biscuitsmom replied 9 years ago

    Several had said it better than I can, but I learn from each and every one of the WIW posts and also from from the opinions expressed by the wonderful ladies on this forum...Although I havent posted as often as I wish I could, I feel very lucky to be part of this incredible, kind forum :)

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