WIW 10/31: Mrs. Incredible Curls

For Halloween we did a whole family costume and went as the Incredibles. Normally DH likes to make his own costume, but this year I convinced him to just go store-bought, because this year we have the perfect combination of kiddos to be the Incredible family--DH was Mr. Incredible, I was Elastigirl, DD was Violet, DS1 was Dash and DS2 was Baby Jack-Jack. The boys wore their masks for less than two minutes, but we got one decent picture. Super fun!

I also got my hair cut that afternoon, and my hairdresser wanted to try curling my hair so she got out the curling iron. It looked cute but it lasted for all of two hours before reverting to its usual stick-straight-ness. Fun while it lasted though!

We took the kids out trick or treating and they had a blast! Everyone loved the family costume.

Vince Camuto striped sweater (SSIF)
Vince Camuto moto leggings
Miz Mooz black wedge boots
Michael Kors satchel

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  • Inge replied 5 years ago

    That is a fantastic picture, Natalie! And brilliant costumes, I LOVE it!!-) It's always so fun to see pictures of you and your beautiful family. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Your curls look beautiful too, you rock both wavy and straight hair for sure. Excellent outfit with the pinstriped pullover too.

  • replied 5 years ago

    Such fun! I love the Halloween outfits! Go Incredibles!

    Oh, I love the second outfit, though Natalie! What a beautiful sweater and I love the edgy pants, boots and bag. Your curls are fab and really suit you.

  • anya replied 5 years ago

    Adorable :) you really are an incredibile family. 
    I love your leggings look too . 

  • Karie replied 5 years ago

    Incredible costumes for an incredible family! The curly hair looks great, and I love the leggings outfit.

  • Neel replied 5 years ago

    Oh gosh!! What an incredible family!!!! Love the costumes and the poses! Fun outfit too. BTW ... My curls stay that way for about 2 hours too ... My hair is always just straight *Sigh*

  • viva replied 5 years ago

    I love Elastigirl! She is the best female superhero ever, and so based in reality, if you ask me. Don't we all stretch as far as we possibly can to get everything done, and especially when we have kids?  :)

    I love the family outfits so much! DH is awesome -- he looks like he is having so much fun. You are a fantastic family.

  • tricia w. replied 5 years ago

    I love it! You all look fantastic!

  • Sheila replied 5 years ago

    So much fun, perfection! Thank so much for sharing, Natalie, your family is adorable. And I love the curls!!!

  • jenanded replied 5 years ago

    Absolutely pricelss! X

  • N-Marie replied 5 years ago

    OMG, that picture! Fantastic :)
    And I love the sweater and the new do, such a great look for you! You can do no wrong ;)

  • deb replied 5 years ago

    Love the family portrait. And I am so glad you got the sweater because it looks so good on you. 

  • Echo replied 5 years ago

    What a fantastic family portrait! I love the leggings, too. 

  • ClaraT replied 5 years ago

    Ok, the costumes are in fact incredible. Good job!! But I am ready to go out and buy that leggings-and-sweater outfit as-is. Super cute + looks comfy.

  • Elizabeth P replied 5 years ago

    What a fantastic family outfit! And it's good to see you getting so much wear out of your leggings. I'm afraid I've only had mine on once. Most of my tops that are long enough are still awaiting cooler weather.

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    You and your family are incredible as the Incredibles! Wow!

  • chouette22 replied 5 years ago

    So much fun! I am always blown away as to how much energy you have for such events. I was glad to just get my kids into costumes!

  • Tanya replied 5 years ago

    OMG, I adore the family costume photo!  An incredible family, and I adore that movie.  Love the sweater/leggings outfit as well, some fun texture to those pieces.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Oh, wow! So much fun!! You are beyond fab. That family photo is just adorable! What a great idea; the kids will treasure the memories. 

    Your hair looks just as beautiful wavy as it does straight. But heck, too much maintenance! :) 

  • Eliza replied 5 years ago

    Great family portrait . I can't believe how fast your youngest "grew up" (easy for me to say, right).

    Love your hair in all incarnations .

    The gray pinstripe is a super wardrobe addition. Perfection all around.

    Totally incredible!

  • O replied 5 years ago

    OMG! That first photo should be your Xmas card :D Of all your family photos, this one must be my favourite. And yes - with pun -but it is incredible!!

    I adore the curls. The whole outfit is great in fact. 

  • jackiec replied 5 years ago

    I can't believe I missed this! The Incredibles is one of our favourite family movies ever!!! So fun! You guys look amazing. I agree - this should be your Christmas card :) And your fresh curls look awesome - your outfit is fab. Love the mixed media leggings on you.

  • unfrumped replied 5 years ago

    Incredibly Adorable! I can't believe "the baby".

  • Windchime replied 5 years ago

    That is the best family Halloween costume I've ever seen! If your family had come to my door dressed like that, I would have given you every piece of candy in the house; how could I resist such costumed fabness?

    Beautiful curls; I have a friend with long, straight hair. She rarely curls it; it looks so nice when she does, but it's too much time and fuss for her to do it regularly. I really like your hair salon outfit, too.

  • rachylou replied 5 years ago

    What a brilliant costume idea!

    The curls were so pretty! Ya should have just cardboarded them with hairspray. Hehe. :D

  • Sal replied 5 years ago

    Awesome.  We just rewatched that movie in the weekend and loved it.  It seems to be one of the only animations that has not had a sequel.
    You all look perfect as the Incredibles - wonderful idea!!

  • Firecracker replied 5 years ago

    Your family costume is incredible! (ha ha!-- right?) What a fun photo. Your kids are so adorable! Good thing you took a photo of your curls right away--they did look very pretty while they lasted! Good thing you also look fabulous with your shiny, straight hair!

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