WIW 4/20,22: Printed top/white jeans. Bangs with glasses--yay/nay?

So I got my hair cut a few days ago, and at first I thought it was great with the bangs but then I completely forgot about my glasses! I put them on and was worried that it looks too heavy or geeky or young looking to have bangs and glasses. I tried making a little bit of a part so you can at least see some of my forehead. What do you think--do bangs and glasses look OK on me or should I keep the bangs swept off my forehead and try to grow them out? Thanks!

This is my spring FFBO: white bootcut jeans and nude wedge sandals, with a printed tunic or banded top.
1-3. Banana Republic Trina Turk yellow/orange tunic, with matching bracelet
Paige Hidden Hills white jeans
Clarks nude wedge sandals
Dooney & Bourke yellow satchel
4-5. White House Black Market blue and white floral banded top
Paige Hidden Hills white jeans
Clarks nude wedge sandals
Jason Wu for Target straw and navy satchel
WHBM silver bangle

Yay = keep the bangs
Nay = grow them out
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  • Suz replied 6 years ago
    I actually love the bangs in the last photo. Love your new specs, too! I didn't get a chance to comment before, but these are fab on you and will work so well with the rich colours of your wardrobe. 

    From a distance, I admit you do look a bit younger, maybe. I'm not sure, though, if that would be the same IRL as in the pics. 

    LOVE your new satchel. That is the yellow I want in a bag. 

  • Glory replied 6 years ago
    I really like the bang pushed a bit to the side. I would keep for awhile and see what you think. 
  • shevia replied 6 years ago
    Both white jeans outfits look great! I think the bangs look good and you should keep them as long as you like them.
  • Angie replied 6 years ago
    LOVE the new fringe!!! It's a 20 out of 10. Don't worry about your specs at all. You might need to have them trimmed every three weeks though.

    You had me with the white jeans outfit. So sensational and fresh, I'm going to faint.

    *faints with new WHITE crash helmet*

  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago
    I think the bangs are fine with the specs although I prefer them with the small part.  I agree with Angie that you might need a bang trim fairly often to keep them above your specs.  I love both your white jeans outfits - very fresh and springy.
  • replied 6 years ago

    As someone who has a fringe and specs, two thumbs up from me! I agree with Angie, the only caution is you might have to keep them trimmed more frequently so they don't fight with your glasses. But, many salons offer free bang touch ups between cuts.

  • MsMary replied 6 years ago
    I LOVE the bangs with the glasses!  Very fun!!

    And the outfits are great!  Summery and fresh!
  • catgirl replied 6 years ago
    I think it looks fabulous with glasses!
  • Echo replied 6 years ago
    The fringe is fabulous, with or without glasses. It was a great decision to cut bangs. And the white pants with the blue top is a fabulous look. I love the orange, too, but the blue and white is just so fresh.
  • Day Vies replied 6 years ago

    I love these printed tops with white jeans. How fresh and spring but still covered up to ward off the chill.

  • goldenpig replied 6 years ago
    Thanks Suz, Gloria, Shevia, Angie, Sara, Ceit, MaryK, Una, Echo and Day Vies! I'm glad you like the bangs! Yes, I will have to be more diligent about following up for bang trims.

    Suz, those two are actually my old glasses...my new ones should be here in a couple of weeks (the pics I took were at the store when I ordered them). But the new ones are similar in that I am getting a red pair and a brown pair too! Thanks--I thought you had a yellow bag already?

    Angie--which outfit made you faint? How fun that you have a collection of crash helmets!

    Ceit, how fun that I get to be bang+glasses twins with you now!

  • Zapotee replied 6 years ago

    Geeky is hot. i like the bangs with the glasses and the outfits are fab.

  • replied 6 years ago
    Love your outfits. I think my fave is #4 and #5.
    As for bangs and glasses, I have bangs and wear my glasses a lot. it never even occured to me that I shouldn't have bangs. You look great!
  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    Keep the fringe. It looks great on you. Both outfits need to be repeated often. You are a brave girl to wear white jeans with your little ones.

  • Janet replied 6 years ago

    The white jeans outfits are a great uniform on you, and YES, Keep the bangs. I love how they look on you. I am awful about getting my bags trimmed -- that's why mine are usually pushed to the side.

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